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Koneta (a patient from Ohio)

I am a 56 year old female had Lap-Band surgery in 2008. Before surgery, my top weight was 247 lbs. After surgery, my lowest weight was 151 lbs.

I’ve had GERD and also had dilatation of my pouch in 2013-2014 which was bad. In November of 2014 my doctor took all fluid out due to upper x-ray results. After two months he slowly started the fills again. Throughout all of this I’ve gained back 20 lbs.

I have 7 cc now but am also having pain that started in the first week of June. My doctor said it could be residual pain due to scar tissue, but I would like other opinions about what this could be, especially since the pain is getting worse. The pain is located on my right side about an inch and a half away from the port site.


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Surgeon response to "Pain Around Lap Band Port"

by: John Rabkin, M.D., Pacific Laparoscopy


In addition to your doctor's assessment of "scar tissue", your description of new discomfort adjacent to your port after a recent injection/band adjustment raises the question of possible injection of some of the fluid outside of the port or possible infection adjacent to the port.

Either of these two situations should 'declare' themselves with time: in the first case, the discomfort should resolve over time. In the latter situation, an infected port will ultimately become obviously infected and require removal to treat/resolve the infection.

If the pain persists and/or intensifies, I would return to your doctor who will be able to investigate these two alternative possibilities.

Hopefully, the pain will subside on its own and you'll be able to continue with the fills/band adjustments so that you can continue to enjoy the very gratifying weight loss that you've had from the properly adjusted band.

John Rabkin,
M.D. Pacific Laparoscopy

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Patient Responses to the Question Above

Lap band pain

by: Lori

My esophagus was engorged I was holding food like a pelican . I eat with no vomiting I gain weight then asked for a fill. The pain was extreme. Under the ex ray I was told I needed all the water removed. I'm researching that once your esophagus is swollen you can never get down to your lowest weight again. I have 15 pounds to lose is it worth taking out anf getting the sleeve. Big question of the day for me .

If the insurance company pays because medically nessaccary I might but for now it extra exercise and no carbs or sugar . I hate not having my band work . I love my band 100 pound l lost and I don't want them back. To the lady with pain it's probably your esophagus like mine swollen holding food like a pelican .

Good luck to us.

Is it dangerous?

by: Marie-Claire

I think that my port area is very sore because the fill injection was very painful and it bled a bit following the fill, which it hasn't after previous fills.

I am just wondering a) whether the fluid may not have gone into the band and I need more in and b) if the fluid is not in the band, is it dangerous being outside the band?

Pain from Bariatric port tear on right side of abdomen and waist

by: Mary

Have had intense pain (level 10) since end of Jan. 2018. Been to E.R., my doctor, CAT scans and nothing showed up wrong. Went to check with my bariatric surgeon regarding the pain and is this associated with the lap band port in some way.

Got up on the table during my appt. and the pain level 10 started and I yelled so loud from the pain that the other staff knocked on the door to find out was something wrong. The doctor said, no it's okay.

She then told me she thinks I have a tear around the port from too much coughing or twisting wrong in some way; but never the less she thinks it is Pain Neuropathy and I am now scheduled for a pain block with inflammatory medication and it should heal and then I have to have an upper GI test to make sure all the food/liquid are passing through the lap band properly. Then she is taking out half of the saline in my lap band so I don't have so many issues getting the fool to clear the lap band without it getting stuck as the decrease in the lap band opening should solve that problem.

No other doctors had figured it out at this point. So, here is where I am right now. Hope it works. The pain is something else. Worse than my pain with childbirth delivery.

Bloating and severe pain

by: Kathy Meredith

My stomach is so bloated that I look like I’m nine months pregnant and the pain is almost unbearable.

It hurts to bad around the port. Has anyone else had this problem?

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