Gastric Sleeve After Repaired Lap Band Slip

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Debbie E. (a patient from NSW Australia)

I have been banded for 4 years, successfully losing 30 kgs (66 lbs) and putting my Type 2 diabetes into remission.

Approx 12 month ago, my band slipped and was put back into place. All has been good, until now.

Apparently, I have developed a pouch. My surgeon doesn’t think it is repairable although I have been on shakes and pureed foods for 2 weeks now hoping this will help. He says he thinks my band will need to be removed, which has made me feel very down and disheartened.

I have also heard of people going from band to sleeve after a period of time, but my surgeon says that its not a good option because scar tissue can cause complications.

Is this the case? What are the statistics? Please help.

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Surgeon Response to "Gastric Sleeve After Repaired Lap Band Slip"

by: John Rabkin, MD

Debbie E.,

Many patients who have bands that slip/fail do very well with a subsequent vertical sleeve gastrectomy (aka gastric sleeve/VSG). Although the operative risks are slightly higher in these patients as opposed to patients who haven't had a previous bariatric procedure, the added risk is minimal and doesn't negate the benefit of the revisional bariatric procedure in these patients such as yourself.

If you have your band removed, I would definitely consider having the VSG performed at that time, or subsequently at another time if you regain the weight that you've successfully lost while the band was in place.

John Rabkin, M.D.
Pacific Laparoscopy

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