What can happen if you eat solid foods a week after weight loss surgery?

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Sherry (a patient from Texas)

What can happen if you eat solid foods a week after weight loss surgery? The reason for my question is that I cannot hold any liquid protein down.

One week ago yesterday I had lap band surgery and today I ate about 3 ozs. of steak. I chewed it until it was mush and I feel ok.


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Am I in the twilight zone here

by: Shari

I can believe some of what I'm reading. As it stated earlier , the stomach needs time to heal . I'd you don't not follow your surgeon's instruction you are playing Russian roulette. Forgive me but thsee surgeries are not as simple a subbing your toe. I need to remember my best thinking got me here. I trusted a surgeon to cut in and change my frigging stomach. My lack of control and discipline got me here. Now is not the time to eat steak. Or anything that you are not clear to eat, BY YOUR SURGEON.

Can't tell

by: Robin

I had lap band surgery 16 days ago and I can't tell that I had the surgery. I'm eating smaller portions but I don't feel full fast. I don't go for my post op for another week I have lost 14 pounds but since starting on pureed foods weight loss has stopped. I have followed the proper protocol but I don't think I should feel like this should I? Please let me know I don't want to fail again. Thanks, Robin

Post Op

by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to say this and I don't mean to sound harsh either but if after a week you've chosen to eat steak then perhaps the band was not the right choice for you. Just over three weeks out of gastric banding surgery myself, I understand the temptation for a lovely juicy steak (I've not had a steak in around 5 months because my surgeon wanted me to lose 30kg in 3 months prior to surgery) but you need to let your stomach HEAL if you wish to lose weight. Think of it as only 6 weeks out of your life. Not really much in comparison.

Please just follow the advice of your medical team. There will be plenty of time for steak later!

lapband surgery

by: Anonymous

I had lapband surgery back in 2010 and followed everything my doctor said and my band slipped and tightened up around my stomach. So I don't know if it had gotten old or what it was but I lost 135lbs and had to have emergency surgery to remove it. My doctor and I are still trying to figure out what happened. I guess it was just one of those things

it's been hard!

by: mdr

Had the surgery on 5/6/15 start at 266 one week later 251. I was thinking of cheating like a steak. But after of throwing up I even thought about chewing only the juice out small piece of steak and throw out. But I was afraid of vomiting. It's hard but just liquid. I day I drank to fast two zipped cup back to back. So glad I didn't throwing up.. I will listen to my doctor.

I ate popcorn

by: Anonymous

I feel so bad I had my gastric band put in on a Wednesday and ate today some popcorn today is Sunday I am so scared I just read about the band slipping is it okay I promise I won't eat again but will this one time do any harm ?


by: gp

I'm 4 days post op, and I am feeling incredibly sad.everything else in okay, but feeling very sad.Anyone go through that?

Are any of you doctors?

by: Anonymous

All Just be careful everyone has got an opinion and some of them are based on nothing more than opinion or what they think is right.... if you look through different surgens they all give different advice and time scales as to when you should move on. I have been told it i have to have one week liquid, one puree, one soft and then on to solid..

I ALSO GOT TOLD I COULD PUREE FOOD BY CHEWING IT (Contrary to advice on here)by a bariatric nurse and doctor not a faceless keyboard warrior.

My advice would be... follow your doctors/nurses advice they are the experts, it is doubtful you have caused any problems and do not let the negative advice worry you.......

If you have messed up or eaten something you should not have done, revert to the doctors advice and try not to do it again.....

Eating egg whites after 1 week of lapband surgery

by: Anonymous

I was wondering would it be ok to eat egg whites after i've been liquid diet for 1 week after my lapband surgery? I've been really trying to follow everything but don't want to hurt myself by eating anything too soon. I have been having some pain in my left side alot not sure why if something is wrong or if this is normal. Havent ate anything but liquids since surgery on Feb 2nd.


by: Anonymous

I had the gastric sleeve 12 days ago and today I had homemade chicken soup and ate some chicken what will happen

Lap band slippage symptoms

by: Jeff

Hi Melissa, Thanks for submitting your question. I have created a new thread for it here:

This will put your question out to many more folks to review and answer.

Take care, Jeff

Lap band slippage

by: Anonymous

Could u describe the pains that you are having? It's been seven days since my surgery and I feel like I have slippage also. If I put my hand on my stomach, I can feel the band and it feels like it is located really close to my belly button. Is that normal?Melissa

Desire to eat?

by: Anonymous

I had lap band surgery yesterday and I started liquid diet day before surgery and for the next week. I have protein liquid, sugar free jello, pops,crystal lite broth and I feel full but still have the desire to eat?

ate solid food 5 days after lap band

by: Anonymous

The doctor told me that the reason not to eat anything was because you may not be able to handle solid food and may upset your stomach... he never told me that this could cause complications down the road. I too ate a little solid food.

I chewed well but now I know I have messed up and now I am having horrible side pain and pain in my left arm.The doctors should really explain this better to you so maybe if your "scared straight" not to eat solid food you wouldn't. I just thought it could upset your stomach now I'm scared that I may have an enlarged pouch or have slippage.

2 weeks post op

by: Caroline

Im on puréed food 1 weeks after op and that is what surgeons diet says it was fluid diet two week before and one week after then puréed food for a week next week I'm on soft food, I've not found it too hard but not wanting anything to go wrong has made me stick to it.


by: Mindy

Totally agree with Beth ! I missed the 2 weeks post op too !

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To Carla

by: Beth

I just came back to this thread and realized you described in your header that you were eating solids two weeks after surgery. I missed that earlier and couldn't tell what you were asking.I will tell you what I told Sherry -- you're being VERY dangerous with this activity. It doesn't matter how you feel NOW -- you have just increased your odds for band slippage down the road.

This goes back to What we said before

by: Mindy

You can feel great NOW but the reason for following doctor's orders and not allowing your stomach to "work" post op is to allow scar tissue to form after your surgery so it anchors your band. Just because you feel fine now does not mean it wont cause damage later.


by: Beth

Carla, you don't give enough description of what you're asking. Do you mean right after surgery? Again, if that's the case, unfortunately it doesn't matter how you feel. If you're eating "soft" foods during the time you should still be on liquids, you are most likely setting yourself up to have a lap band failure.

2wk post op lapband surgery

by: carla

what can happen if i eat regular food thats soft and well chewed? I feel great.

Also agreed

by: Beth

My anger is not directed so much about the action the actor took as it is the others that may be tempted to follow suit.

It does a complete disservice to your fellow bandster or potential bandster.

I know we all have our food issues -- I GET that.

But if you can't do something that NEEDS to be done for six weeks in order to increase your odds of keeping your band, then frankly I believe you never should have gotten one.I also believe there are those who think this is the be-all end-all answer to all their prayers and that, once it's in, they don't have to do any of the hard work.

WRONG! It is NOT a magic bullet, and some things you may want to have you simply can't because your band won't let you.

And for everybody, those things are different.However, it does NOT include whether you should be eating regular food a week out.

NOBODY should be doing that.


by: Mindy

I agree Beth, people want to "cheat" and I hate to use that word during post-op because in my opinion, it's not cheating it's going against medical advice. I agree people look for validation, they want someone to say "You will be fine for eating that steak" or the "you chewed it and that's the same as mushies" NO IT'S NOT! YOU HAD SURGERY A WEEK AGO! If you had heart surgery and your surgeon told you to NOT WALK FOR A WEEK or your heart would explode WOULD YOU? Seriously?

I tell you this is one of my biggest blood boilers! What I almost wrote and stopped myself was "This might seem harsh but I don't care" I do care BUT I'm with you, people need to hear the truth... the truth is you could have very well just screwed up your band! You may not know it for a week a month or a year but YES YOU COULD HAVE SCREWED IT UP!


by: Beth

Call me a mean ol' skeptic, but I don't think it's a matter of not being able to keep liquids down.

You and I both know from HARSH experience that if you can't keep liquids down, you can't keep ANYTHING down.

I think this is yet one more case of wanting to cheat.

I could have thought of about two dozen much better choices if it was a matter of getting something down.

I'm sorry because I know I'm really driving this home, but I worry MORE about others who really WANT to do the right thing, new bandsters who read this kind of stuff and feel they can do the same thing.

I saw it on LBT for a year, and apparently it's just the mindset of some.

They do what they want to do, look for validation, and either get it from people who are also new and think it's great or they get the harsh, in-your-face responses like mine and get mad.

This isn't about making anybody mad -- it's about WAKING YOU UP!


by: Mindy

I want to apologize ahead of time if this sounds harsh or rude, but it needs to be said. The purpose of the 6-week post op diet is not to see if you have will power, not to see if you can hold out till your post-op visit is not for weight loss. The purpose of the 6-week post op diet is this... it allows your stomach to HEAL, allows your stomach to form scar tissue so your band will not SLIP! Just because you ate it and you are fine NOW does not mean you will be fine later.

I blame this mentality on the weight loss surgery boards! People go on them wanting "Permission" to cheat or go against medical advice and they get it! You can chew anything and it will be "fine" you can chew anything and it will turn to mush. The purpose of not eating post-op is so your stomach does not WORK, so it stays at rest so you form scar tissue. So DO NOT EAT.

I suggest you call your doctor and tell him you ate steak, tell him you can't keep liquids down and get in to see him ASAP! I have slipped my band twice! I followed the doctor's rules to a T also! But no one told me that those last little bites you take that "come back up" is THROWING UP and it WILL SLIP YOUR BAND!!!!

I highly advise you to take your doctors advice for what it is MEDICAL ADVICE, not a DIET, if you want to keep your band!


by: Beth

Julie, I'm sorry you lost your band.

I've known more than my fair share of those who have lost them or have had problems.The thing is, I'm a skeptic here.

I'm a tough-love type, and I don't really pull any punches.

The fact is, the band is NOT an easy out.

You HAVE to follow the rules, or you will be in for a world of hurt.For most of us, this was our last stop on the diet train.

Surgery is a serious decision.

However, I have seen too many people on other sites over the 2 1/2 years I've been banded talk about how they cheat and do things they should NOT be doing.

This is one of those things.

This isn't even a borderline maybe -- this is a big glaring DO NOT DO THIS type of act.

Personally, I have a hard time believing this is about having a hard time keeping down protein drinks.

In my years with a band, I've heard it all.

I know how people justify their actions.

They choose to do something potentially dangerous to their band health and come on AFTERWARDS to ask if what they did was okay or if they hurt their band.

Maybe you didn't and you got away with it.

But maybe you did and you won't know for a while.The thing is, if bandsters are going to be serious enough to get surgery, then please do yourselves and newbies to this site (or potential bandsters) and follow the rules.

If you're not ready to do that, then you never should have been cleared to get one.

Those are my tough-love two cents' worth.

eating a week after surgery

by: Julie

I'm not trying to get on you or make you feel bad but I do have to agree with Beth.

Steak was a really bad choice.

If you feel the need to eat somthing solid (and I am not advocating this... you need to follow your surgeons rules) you should stick to something a lot softer... pudding, refried beans etc.

As someone who has lost their band (due to an inexperienced surgeon) I can tell you you really have to appreciate and take care of this wonderful tool you have been given.

Again, please don't think I am trying to be negative towards you.

I just don't want to see anyone else lose their band.

I almost forgot...

by: Beth

I just thought of something -- you said you "can't keep down protein drinks." Can you explain? Are you vomiting them? If so, that is another major problem. Eating solids on top of that will almost guarantee that you will have issues with your band. Also, why steak? Why not something soft? I guess I am just a bit concerned about your choice of steak.

Solids after surgery

by: Beth

Sherry, many things can happen if you eat solids too soon after surgery.

This is one of THE biggest mistakes people make, eating too soon after surgery.One thing I've heard of often from people who ate too soon after surgery is lap band slippage -- either right after surgery, and for some it even came later because the band doesn't "seat" properly.I've seen my stomach under fluro just swallowing liquid, and it really spasms and churns swallowing something that's not solid.

That's not even digestion, so it's that much worse WITH food.If you can't keep down protein drinks, then I suggest puddings, soups, Unjury, or other things that require the least amount of activity from your stomach.

Steak is one of the worst just because of the process that is required to break it down -- no matter how much you eat it to mush.

It's the digestion PROCESS that causes all the activity.If you want to keep your band, I recommend NOT EATING until you're told it's okay to do so.

For me, I think it was about a month before I could eat solids.

Band Surgery Liquid Diet

by: JLG

I had surgery on Friday, today is Tuesday. I am starving and my stomach is always growling.

I can't even sleep at night.

Yesterday I bought a can of organic vegetarian refried beans and ate a small amount, just enough to satisfy the hunger.

Today I bought a fresh organic avocado and scraped it with the spoon to paste consistency and ate it slowly.

I have been drinking broth, water, crystal light, tea, protein shakes, v8 juice, low fat yogurt, jello...everything it says I am allowed, but it doesn't stop my hunger.

The only think that did was the little food I ate.

I have not thrown up, no left arm pain, no indigestion, gas or bloating.

Do you think this is okay? Or should I stop? I just don't know what to do about the constant hunger I have unless I get some substance in my stomach.

Recently banded

by: Jenny

The comments here are fierce but the truth.

Sad -

by: happilybaker

Sadness is common.

Hormones are stored in your fat.

As your fat melts away, you may struggle with moodiness and sadness.

Also, this is a major change in your life, so as the consequences of these major changes hit home, there will no doubt be some emotional consequences.

I am only 6 days post-op on DS surgery.

I've been hit with similar emotions.

It really does help to journal your feelings.

It helps to make correlations between emotions, food, and eating that will help us make lifetime changes down the road.

Also, everything I have read has told me that there are two important thing that will help improve our emotions - drink more water, and go for a walk.

I've been putting it to the test, and it works.

Even a little extra walk to the mailbox, or watering my plants, and an additional dozen sips of water helped.

Reach out to local support groups! Good luck, and know you are not alone.

Long Time Band Veteran! I’ll answer what I can

by: Laurie

Hi all! I had the lap band put in March of 2004. I followed the post op diet and had tremendous success. I lost 100 lbs (started at 215 and ended at 115). I lost about 2/3 of that for the first 7 yrs then managed to get the remainder off. I always opted for my band to be as tight as allowable.

Mine is a long story. I chose to go to a doctor closer to me for my adjustments - I had the old band which required less liquid so I always adjusted in very small increments -instead of driving the two hours to Cedars Sinai hospital. The doctor was rushed and didn’t take enough sanitary precautions and introduced a very serious and rare bacteria into my abdomen. Side note if you have any gut feelings about your doctor or their practice GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

About 1 1/2 yrs ago I went into my original doctors practice because the bad doctor caused my port to lose it’s stitches and it flipped on it’s side sticking out. When they opened me up they found I was riddled with infection (always listen to your body - after adjustment I was having pain all the way up to my shoulder for about a week even though blood tests and endoscopy were fine) and removed my band (I cried...a lot) and then I went back in two days later for emergency surgery to clean out my abdomen, and wound up with an open wound, home nurse, PICC line, IV antibiotics etc. but I healed (thanks to my amazing surgeon).

Over the last 1 1/2 yrs I gained 50 lbs back. 😢 I wish I could have done it on my own but I’m tiny and I couldn’t starve! I looove food 😉. Back came my sweet tooth which disappeared with the band. Back came huge portions of food.

10 days ago I went back in and had my band replaced by the amazing surgeon who saved my life. Needless to say he will be doing all my fills! (If you need a referral he is the best doctor ever). I had a couple of mushy crackers in my soup etc. and so I understand the need for substance! I was only a couple of days away from mush (my diet says 0-5 days clear liquids and protein drinks, 5 days out full liquids like puréed soups then another 5 to mushy food such as tofu and mashed potatoes- no solid food for about 4 weeks). I felt horribly guilty since I’ve done this before but I think that made me more complacent.

I should be on mushy food tomorrow -but NO STEAK! I know you’ve been hammered but my husband (he has the band too) was told no steak for a WHOLE YEAR! You couldn’t have picked a worse food, and assuming you haven’t done any damage, follow the diet now. Time passes so quickly and we can do anything for a few weeks!

Here’s what I’ve learned after 12 years with the lap band. I am one of the longest most successful band stories (and you will be too as long as you choose good doctors), so much so that my renowned surgeon offered to replace my band when he hasn’t done one since 2011 and never puts one back in unless the success rate is phenomenal.

My food came back up all the time and as long as it’s not a violent vomiting (like what happens to my husband) you should be fine. That’s a signal to stop eating though! It will happen less and less as you become used to portions and feeling full but it will not stop.

You CANNOT over eat with this! Your food will come back up! It may come back up anyway for no reason...oh well! Stop for now. The bonus is you will never have that over-full horrible feeling again. You will feel good throughout the day. You will find some food no longer works for you and IT IS NOT THE SAME FOR EVERY PERSON!

Carbonated stuff was fine but fruit and some raw veggies... tough. Steak and ribs, tough. I cannot stress the importance of chewing or it will sit in your chest forever or get lodged in your band (which thankfully, never happened to me). Sit down and make it an actual meal. DO NOT GRAZE THROUGHOUT THE DAY! Liquid with food always made my food come back up on me. Don’t eat right before bed or yep... up it comes as well as acid reflux. If GERD becomes an issue loosen your band a tiny bit and sleep tilted on a wedge pillow. Prilosec is your new best friend.

I really want to address the sadness. When I first had my band I couldn’t understand why they sent me into the psychologist first. I wanted this. Afterward, I understood. I was sad. I clearly remember being starving and sitting down at a restaurant and NOTHING WORKED! All my food came back up on me and Into the bathroom I ran. Then I sat there hungry. Make no mistake about it, your WHOLE relationship with food changes!

Gone are the days of wedging a buffet and there will be times when you will wish you could eat more just for today but that’s not possible. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!

I promise the sadness will disappear as you adjust to your new normal and the weight loss and improved health will make it all worth it. You’ll have energy and feel good. You’ll fit into one seat and be happy to see old friends and family because you look great. The sadness doesn’t last; just lean into it and it will pass. You may get frustrated at times but not depressed (at least not from the band).

To avoid the inability to eat anything at a meal sitting, start slow and stay slow. Chew and put your fork down in between. Take a few seconds between bites and wait for it to go down. You will feel it clear the band and then it will get easier.

I have trouble with my first meal of the day but once the first few bites goes down it’s all good. This is not the bypass or sleeve you can gain weight back easily with bad food choices or grazing but that doesn’t mean you can’t have treats! The best part is you can’t eat much so small portions means more choices.

Watch the scale so your weight doesn’t get out of control and you can check yourself quickly. Just wait, you will feel so good in your body that the rest of this crap won’t matter, you just deal with it.

I mean I had a life threatening infection and I chose to do this again! That has to say something. Good luck to all on your journeys and if I can answer any questions I’m happy to 😁👍

New Lap band patient

by: Lori

I had surgery December 27, 2017. I have lost 23 pounds since i started my journey in June. Im excited and sometimes sad because I love food.

I feel the band was the best choice for me. I haven't had any problems besides i miss eating. Im excited to lose my weight, so I have followed orders well. Its a life change.

Solid Foods

by: Nicole

While I don't think steak would have been the best option, solids one week after lap band is not bad. It's at the doctors discretion of course, and every doctor is different. I had lap band one week ago and my doctor gave me a schedule, I am on liquids for a week and he said don't even bother buying baby food or anything like that.

Starting one week after my surgery we are going to start adding food, starting soft of course, but by then end of week two I can eat every meat except for steak.

Seeking Advise

by: Taylor

A co-worker of mine had the bypass sleeve surgery recently. After the surgery she could not hold down liquids, and she was throwing up constantly. During this time she was admitted to the hospital twice and was given liquids through a tube.

She was also given potassium, for some reason her body would not retain potassium. To the best of my knowledge and from what I saw with my own eyes, she did not stick to her diet as instructed. When she was not getting better she went back to the doctor. After some tests were ran they found that after the surgery her stomach was at a 90 degree angle.

Because of the “L” shape, she was unable to process anything in her stomach and the food she was eating was getting lodged in the space where it curved, so it caused her to be unable to use the bathroom as well. This lead to having another surgery where the doctor burned off the side of her stomach where it should curve, including the scar tissue.

Since the second surgery she felt better at first. Sadly, I know she also did not stick to the diet after the second surgery. She now has another blockage in her stomach where the food she eats is getting stuck, this is causing her to throw up when she eats.

When she had a recent appointment the said that she can either have a metal tube placed in her stomach which will eventually have to be removed, or she can have the bypass surgery with a higher risk of death because of leaking. What can cause the “L” shape of the stomach post bypass sleeve surgery?

Did her not sticking to the diet ultimately cause the blockage? If not, What could be causing her stomach to not process the food she eats? Any help or advise is appreciated.

No solid food rule is a myth based on no evidence

by: Fugitive From Doctor's Orders

I admitted to eating solid food just over a week post-op, and my surgeon was ready to tear me a new one. This fine surgeon has a perfect record of no leaks (the most dreaded complication, one that can readily kill you from sepsis), and wants to keep it that way.

OK, I said, but I did proceed to scour the medical literature for even a mention of early solid food being blamed for leaks. The result: Absolutely zero, even though I found lots of literature on leaks.

Not one article even mentioned post-op compliance with dietary restrictions. So I ask, where is the evidence?

I say there isn't any. Dietary restrictions were formulated because they seemed logical, and they became the custom and practice. You don't change what works. But is it necessary? I doubt it.

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