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Morning sickness syndrome after weight loss surgery

by Olga M
(Amarillo, TX)


The doctor said that morning sickness syndrome after weight loss surgery was very rare, but I have been in the hospital twice with it and am still suffering from the nausea and vomiting.

I have no appetite whatsoever and haven’t had since the surgery. I am still unable to drink enough water or protein to feel better and am nowhere near getting enough food to sustain me.

I have lost over 80 pounds since October 4, 2011. I feel so disappointed as the doctors can find no reason for me going through this. They gave me the above name for this, but I can’t find any research for it.

I am further disappointed as the doctor who did the surgery is in another city but has an office here, but just literally would not do anything except tell me to go back to Dallas to his hospital so they could handle it. I was in no condition to drive six hours to get to a hospital that wasn’t accepted by my insurance.

I was able to find a doctor here that has helped and am very grateful to him.

I feel so disappointed as the surgery that I thought would allow me the energy to feel better has made me so sick instead.

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Morning Sickness (Nausea)

by: Traci Baker (Bariatric Life Coach)

I’m going on 5 years out from gastric bypass and in the beginning I found that certain vitamins I took would make me nauseous along with certain types of proteins. Have you talked to your dietitian about alternative types of proteins and what types of vitamins you take along with the time of day you take them? Have you asked for nausea medicine to help you? I couldn’t get my protein in from solid foods for a long time after surgery and many liquids made me sick to my stomach. After trying various types of protein drinks I finally ended up going back to ISOPURE which is what I was given in the hospital. You either really like it or hate it but for me it’s the one that I could sip on all day long that didn’t make me feel worse. Each bottle had 40 grams of protein and I focused on getting in 2 a day. I always filled my glass with ice and let it sit for a few before I would drink it and each day I would drink a little more. I’ve also experienced dehydration which always made me feel 10x more nauseous which required trips to the ER for IV fluids. If you aren’t getting enough liquid you can become dehydrated and sometimes the only way to get that is from an IV. It can become a viscous cycle when you are nauseous you don’t want to eat or drink which can cause dehydration which can cause nausea. I didn’t feel good for a long time after surgery and my advice is take it minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. Continue to listen to your body and reach out when you need to.I hope this helps.

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3rd response

by: Yvonne McCarthy (BariatricGirl)

From third doc. These guys are in the top of their field. I would like you to email me. I am in Dallas and perhaps can find some help for you. I sent the owner of the site a message to give you my email address. Here’s the 3rd response. “Never heard of this – sounds like an odd explanation from the doc.”

another answer

by: Yvonne McCarthy (BariatricGirl)

Here’s the second opinion I got. “Hey Yvonne. That syndrome doesn’t exist. I think she is lacking nutrients/food. No wonder she feels this way.” I hope to hear from doc #3 very soon. Is this helping you at all? Hugs, Y

First response

by: Yvonne McCarthy (BariatricGirl)

Here’s the first response I’ve gotten back in answer to your post from a bariatric doc. “Not really a syndrome but people who had morning sickness are more likely to get nauseated after gastric bypass. This usually passes. Often it is from the ketosis of early weight loss and would get better if she ate. BUT this would have to be worked up completely.” I hope this helps a little. Were you pregnant before and did you have bad morning sickness? I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from the others. Hugs, Y

Morning sickness syndrome

by: Yvonne McCarthy (BariatricGirl)

What kind of surgery did you have? I’m almost 11 years out and never heard of this. If you had gastric bypass and you are throwing up a lot you could have a stricture. Again I AM NOT A DOC. I’m going to email three of the best bariatric docs in Texas and I will ask them all if they have ever heard of this. How far are you from San Antonio? I am worried about you so I’ll let you know what I find. Hugs, Yvonne

I am dealing with this now, any advice??

by: Thea

I am experiencing this “morning sickness,” my doctor has not been able to identify the cause. I know this is an old post, but if you by chance read this, advice is appreciated.

Gastric Sleeve has done the same to me

by: Amanda


I had the Gastric sleeve 2 weeks ago and I have constant nausea like morning sickness 24/7 too. Did time help you overcome this?

I have no energy either and eating is a chore. Trying to keep up with fluids to help stay hydrated. Not sure what else to do. GP appointment is Thursday. I am in Australia.

Morning sickness - that's me

by: Sarah

I suffered severe morning sickness when I was pregnant and now its happening all over again after my gastric bypass. I am in hell and nobody can help me with this.

Please, can someone assure me this will pass? I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

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