Is Your Gastric Bypass Pouch Still Working Properly?

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I had gastric bypass surgery six years ago. Sometimes I feel like maybe it’s not working as it used to.

How can you tell if it’s still working properly? Is there a test you can do?

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Response: Is your Gastric Bypass Pouch still working properly?

by: Alberto Aceves

Hi Dorothy,

We do many revisions on gastric bypass surgeries and there are a couple of things that may be happening.

What we see most often is that the stoma (opening between the stomach and small intestine) stretches and food goes into the small pouch but goes out into the intestine almost instantly so you can eat too much. The pouch is usually small but since the stoma stretched, you do not have any restriction so it seems like the pouch is large. To confirm that this is your issue, you can have your pouch and stoma checked with a barium swallow x-ray.

It is normal for the pouch to stretch as time goes by but it will never get to the size you had before surgery.

In the revision to gastric bypass we sometimes do need to make the pouch smaller but invariably the stoma needs to be made smaller to offer restriction.

Dr. Alberto Aceves

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Dr. Alberto Aceves

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i feel as tho i can eat much more since my operation.

by: dorothy

The amount my stomach holds is almost the same as before my bypass. How can this be and what can be done about it, it wasnt the band, it was the bypass I had done.

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