GERD after the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve)

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Waning Woman (a patient from Dallas, TX)

I underwent the VSG, Gastric Sleeve, in February of 2010. Other than an incident with dehydration, my first few months were free of physical side effects.

Around month three or four, I experienced an episode of choking upon my stomach contents while sleeping, but I thought that was just because I’d eaten too close to bedtime. In fact, I’d eaten in the bed and went right back to sleep.

A few weeks later, I noticed that I was having heartburn a few times a week. Up until that point, the only time I’d ever had heartburn in my life was during my pregnancy.

I took a few over-the-counter antacids, but that didn’t seem to help. The heartburn kept getting stronger and more frequent, so I tried acid reducers like ranitidine, cimetidine, etc. Eventually, it got to the point that the only thing that would manage my symptoms was Prevacid, a proton pump inhibitor (ppi).

As long as I take my ppi daily, my symptoms of GERD are pretty much under control. Not eating within an hour and a half of bedtime and sleeping with my head elevated have also helped with my symptoms.

If you’re experiencing acid reflux or GERD after your Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, you’re not alone.

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Expert Responses to the Question Above

Response to GERD after Sleeve

by: Marc Bessler, M.D. Professor of Srgery, Columbia University, NY

Dear Waning Woman,

Perhaps the biggest problem with sleeve gastrectomy is that it can aggravate GERD in those who have it and cause GERD in some who don't.

It is believed that the increased pressure in the stomach after sleeve is part of the cause but also the anatomy of the stomach adjacent to the lower esophageal sphincter is changed during the surgery.

Often reflux improves over time but for some that is not the case. If medications control symptoms, quality of life is good and there is no change in lining of the esophagus there is no absolute need to do anything.

Some however will not want to take daily medication, develop Barrett's or inadequate weight loss. In those cases, careful evaluation is advisable. A barium study to evaluate the anatomy of the sleeve can help. A hiatal hernia that was not seen at the initial operation or that develops afterwards can be one cause.

One option that will eliminate reflux in 95% of patients is revision to gastric bypass. Anyone with Barrett's should seriously consider avoiding sleeve gastrectomy and having a gastric bypass instead.

Those with reflux that is not well controlled or who do not like taking the medication and lifestyle changes required to control reflux should discuss options with an experience bariatric surgeon.

I hope this helps.
Marc Bessler, M.D., FACS, FASMBS

long island bariatric surgeon

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Patient Responses to the Question Above

Thank You!

by: Anonymous

I found this website because I was trying to find out if anyone else had been experiencing what I had been going through. To my surprise, I found out I was not alone. I found myself choking in my sleep and thought it was because I'd either fallen asleep while eating or fallen asleep too close to the last few bites of food I'd taken.

Then I come here and someone pretty much typed those exact words. So far, thankfully, I really haven't had heartburn or acid reflux but I will take the advice and suggestions mentioned here and just keep an eye on things, sharing too with my medical team.

Thanks again for helping me to not feel alone in this experience!

response to post reflux after 7 months

by: Wendy

Hi, I read your post and I have been having same problems as yourself. I have excessive weight loss, hair really falling out and skin problems. I have bad acid reflux, I am on 3 ppi tablets a day to manage this but I am getting a lot of pain when trying to eat. I am 5 months after op and still on soup, anything else I get mega pain. My doctor isn't really listening, I have had 2 endoscopiess done, a barium x-ray, but food seems to get stuck.

I have to now see psychologist, as they don't think operating will help. I also have a slight kink in stomach due to scar damage after op.


by: Anonymous

After my procedure I was given the rx for omeprazole, I take 1 40 mg per day, if I don't a cup of coffee will effect me, works very well


by: Anonymous

I am at 6 weeks after surgery and found in the last week that everything i eat is causing bad acid in my throat. Very uncomfortable.I was told to take two prilosec a day. I have never had this problem before. Driving me crazy and making me feel sick:)

Avoid drinking liqui Yogurt before bedtime

by: Anonymous

I underwent the VSG, Gastric Sleeve, in February of this year (2015). Other than an incident with dehydration, my first few months were free of physical side effects.

Around month three or four, I experienced an episode of choking upon my stomach contents while sleeping, but I thought that was just because I'd eaten too close to bedtime. I had taken my nighttime meds with liquid yogurt (BAD IDEA!!!).

I am taking 50mg of Nexium at night.

Last night I took my night time meds with soda water.

I settled in to watch TV and dozed off.

All of the sudden, I woke up with a weird taste in my mouth.

I stood up, walked around, and the bad filling subsided.

Not eating within an three hours of bedtime and sleeping with my head elevated have also helped with my symptoms.

I wish my Dr. was more of a Dr.

by: CJBavaro

I went to the local bariatric clinic. They came highly recommend by my GP. I wish I had done more research than I actually had done. Being 54 years old I wish that I'd never had it done. I had the sleeve. Knowing what I know now, I can't believe that my bariatric Dr. didn't fill me in on the pros and cons of having Gerd and then having bariatric surgery. I would have gone for the bypass instead.

I've told my Dr. That I have Gerd but it seemed to me that this clinic is more of a herd round-up before the slaughter. Like I was pushed through an assembly line.

Now after more research, it looks as though I my go for bypass if I can't get my Gerd under control. It has gotten several times worse than it was. It was actually under control before surgery. Now it is though it has never been treated. I'm afraid of forming scar tissue from the stomach acid of worse yet, cancer.

Getting Off PPI

by: Anonymous

I had sleeve surgery in Feb 2014 and it's the best thing I ever did.

I have been intentionally Losing weight slowly so that I can learn how to adjust my eating and exercising habits - after-all I still wanted to enjoy food as it is so much a part of our lives and social being.

Anyway, my Dr. prescribed a monthly prescription for Omeprazole, which I did not understand until months later what it was actually for. Once, I understood the long terms effect of taking a PPI, I wanted to get off it.

I understood from research that coming off a PPI is very difficult and take months, but I was very determined to do it. I am a testament that it can be done, but it takes a lot of work. I used alternative holistic supplements to help ease me off the PPI.

I started taking licorice root and a Tablespoon of Braggs Apple Cider 2-3 times a day and a daily dosage of probiotics.

The licorice helps with digestion, the ACV helps create an acidic environment in your stomach that aids in developing digestive acids and the probiotics helps replace your stomach with good enzymes.

I reduced to taking the PPI every 3 days, but for me that was too slow, so after a week I went cold turkey and just toughed it out.

I also slightly changed my diet and temporarily have reduced/eliminated coffee, spicy foods, sweets and milk products.

I also found reducing/eliminating heavy meats and other foods has been helpful.

Everyday, I am having less associated chest and esophagus pain (burning, coughing, feeling of fullness, etc.).

I a month out now and it's much easier for me to eat without interference from reflux.

I will say thou, that I have to really pay attention to the basics - like eating smaller meals, chewing my food completely and drinking while I am eating - all the things we are advised to do before sleeve surgery.

I would not recommend going cold turkey like I did - amore moderate weaning plan is probably the better option, but you can stop taking PPIs.


by: Golddustgal

I had VSG 2 1/2 years ago, lost the weight, and had no problems other than acid reflux.

Dexilant is the only medication that stopped it.

Dexilant is expensive, but I was able to get a discount from Dexilant, paying about $30 out of pocket.

But after a year the discount expired and a month's supply was $128 because my insurance won't pay toward Dexilant.

My PCP has given me a prescription for Omeprazole, but it doesn't help a great deal.

I now sleep elevated and don't eat for 3 hours before bedtime.

And I try not to eat much at dinner, making it more difficult to get in all my protein daily.

VSG is still the best decision I ever made, but I hope to try a different medication when I see my PCP next.

Sleeve and Bile Acid Reflux

by: Anonymous

In July 2015 I will be two years out. I had no acid reflux for about 6 to 7 months out. Afterwards, I started to experience it. For the last two weeks I have been feeling bile reflux. I'm feeling depressed and I'm looking for answers. I want this to stop without having to get another surgery. Has anyone had any success with getting rid of the heart burn. I feel it every single day, the nastiness in my mouth. Does anyone know of any supplements that can help with heart burn? Please.


by: Anonymous

I have had the sleeve surgery and now was told I have Gerd? I do not have heartburn but I do have choking and coughing all the time. for the last 6 months. nothing is working ?? I need some one that can give me answers


by: gary

26 yrs ago I had a gastric bypass stapling, for the last 2 years I been suffering from acid reflux, can't sleep in bed if I doze off after eating the food comes up and literally chokes me can't breathe it also cause me to wheeze and get wicked cold chills to shaking point now they want to do a revision bypass taking out half my stomach, its risky because of previous stapling and scar tissue this procedure will require food going thru small intestine

Anyone had this done before a revision? After so many yrs I'm 65 yrs old.

Acid reflux gastric sleeve

by: Anonymous

I had my procedure done in Mexico in August 2011. Due to persistent acid reflux, I was recommended to return to Mexico for a replication. Didn't notice any difference in follow up from dr either. Pretty scary!

I purchased an adjustable bed and gave up chocolate, wheat, and caffeine. It helped significantly, but I continue to take a Zantac max strength every night before bed. Went to Germany in October and started eating everything again although in small quantities and I can't get through the day without a Zantac and I wake up at night choking on acid. I recently started tasting I'm concerned but drs don't seem to care since they didn't do the surgery...

Coughing and choking in GERD patients

by: Shivaree

I am awaiting gastric sleeve for GERD and gastro paresis. I see by the posts that it is not a sure thing, but to the anonymous post about the coughing and choking...for 2-3 years I had chronic cough and was diagnosed with and treated for bronchitis repeatedly...the treatment would work for 2-3 weeks and right back to coughing again. I decided to go see a lung doctor and lo and behold in 5 minutes he had the answer, I was having Fungal Lung infections from the GERD acid coming up my esophagus.

Once treated with anti fungals it appeared less often but the GERD and slowed digestion does cause it to come back. Also an endoscopy revealed Barrett's esophagus which I believe causes all the choking and feeling of an obstruction in my wind pipe or throat. Check with your doctor or a lung specialist to check for fungal lung infection or the Barrett's esophagus. If the Barrett's esophagus becomes severe enough there is a surgery that can be performed but I was told they have to get the GERD under control before considering the surgery.

I wish you luck and hope this information was helpful to you.

reflux still 7 months after surgery

by: Anonymous

I had a vertical sleeve in dec.

I am loosing too much weight.

I have constant pain in my throat and chest.

feels like something is stuck in the middle of my check and hurts through to the back area.

I have severe reflux at times, where after eating 6-8 hours later I will wake up with stomach acid coming out of my mouth.

this will send me into coughing spasms.

I now have light coughing spasms which are hard to control more frequently.

My Dr. was going to check on possibly having my sphincter checked, but its been two weeks and have not heard from him.

I have lost a lot of weight and have no muscle.

I look malnourished and feel that way also.

I have a hard time drinking and eating.

I have tried to increase protein but with the pain its not working. I take the proton pump meds, I can't even imagine what it would be like if I didn't.

Any one had this bad of a problem and found relief.

the dr says I may need a revision to gastric bypass. I have lost a lot of my hair, my skin looks awful..I have regrets about the procedure.

7 months post- op with GERD

by: Anonymous

I'm experiencing GERD. I've been on the recommended postoperative antacid, however I'm still having trouble with it. I see my Bariatric Nurse Practitioner this week, hopefully we can find something to help! It's bothersome, and has made me think that perhaps I should have gone with the RNY vs the sleeve... Can't change this now, and I sure hope I find a med that works! On the flip side I'm no longer diabetic nor do I have hypertension!!! Once I get this gerd under control I will be a happy sleevester again :D)

Thank you

by: ChuckAnn

Thanks for your insight. I'm having surgery in 4 days and am being obsessive about getting as much info as I can re problems before I encounter them! For once my OCD is really going to pay off. :-) I have complete confidence in my surgeon but not in myself to stay calm and be prepared. Thanks again!

Stomach acid post-surgery

by: Molly K.

I too have had excess stomach acid and even some vomiting of stomach acid.

I often wake up with burning stomach contents in my mouth.

It is so bitter and sour that I'm afraid it will dissolve my teeth! I tried all the over the counter antacids too.

Nothing was strong enough to really quell the acid and keep it neutralized for more than a half hour or so.

Besides, taking pills or capsules of any kind make me horrendously nauseated and often cause me to vomit.

Not good for a new Sleeve! The PPIs, like Prevacid and Prilosec can cause severe osteoporosis with extended use, so I am afraid to take them every day.

Being an older female, I already have weak bones and I sure don't need a broken hip on top of everything else.

Because I had my surgery in Mexico, I had no one to follow up with.

I finally consulted two local Gastroenterologists, and neither one was any help at all.

They ignored me when I told them I can't take pills without usually vomiting.

They just gave me a blank stare and told me to "take pills." A total waste of money to see both of those "specialists." My best remedy to date is Liquid Zantac.

It is a syrup, you only need a teaspoon full, and it is very easy to swallow.

I have never thrown it up.

It stops the acid immediately and seems to last longer than any of the pills did.

It doesn't make me nauseous, either.

Best of all, it is a H2 blocker, so it doesn't rob your body of Calcium, you can pretty much take it as often as you need it.

I am having excellent results with this product.

It is really cheap too... a huge bottle is $4.00 with a prescription.

If you can get your hands on this product, I highly recommend it for persistent and serious acid.

Best of luck to you, dear.

I am finally feeling better and for the first time, not sorry I did this to myself!

RNY Bypass

by: tammy

I see that a lot of people here are saying they wish they had RNY instead of their surgeries. I had RNY and have terrible heartburn. It doesn't matter what surgery you have, they all can get GERD or heartburn. Nothing helps. They want to revise the location of my intestine, so another surgery.

Severe Acid reflux after gastric sleeve

by: Anonymous

In 2006 I had the lapband and lost about 70 lbs but after they filled the band with the maximum fluid I was unable to eat or drink anything. I was like this for 2 months until I saw my doctor, he did the barium test and realized we could take fluid out but that I would gain most of the weight back. He then suggested we remove the band and replace it with Gastric sleeve surgery.

So, November of 2008 the band was removed and the sleeve was done in the same surgery. I went from 320 to 175 pretty quickly. I had dehydration and would pass out but found out a few years later that it was just the heat I was anemic (iron), which I've never been outside of being pregnant. My doctor gave me iron via IV because taking iron pills would cause constipation, but I'm finally healed from that after a few treatments.

Fast forward to 2012, I'm sitting down watching tv and just finished eating and started having a sensation of not being able to swallow. I saw the gastrointestinal doctor and she did a barium swallow and said nothing was wrong and that was that. I went back to my bariatric doc and he said I need to go back to gastrointestinal doc. I found another doc and he did a few test and told me it was all in my head and that I need to see a psychiatrist...I was pissed. I felt helpless and depressed. He gave me Nexum and other meds and none worked but I dealt with it because it seems like nobody could figure this out.

I had good stuck in my chest, I would vomit acid and my food. Sometimes I had to make myself vomit because I could barely breathe because the food was stuck. I have gas allll the time, I burp alllllll the time, my like loud beltch with a gurgling sound. I get dizzy and can't think straight. I finally went back to that doc where he did a colonoscopy, barium swallow, had me swallow a pill with rings in it to see how long it took to pass and another endoscopy. During the barium swallow I'm gagging and vomited it all up and yet he said I'm good.

The rings supposed to pass on 1 day mine took 4, I told him it also takes a week or more for me to use the bathroom, yet he said he found nothing. So I dealt with it and remained miserable and embarrassed while eating or drinking in public. I would wake up choking several nights and would always have cough drops each night to help me get back to sleep after a few hours. I saw him again and he pretty much gave up. I was recommended to a new bariatric doc who did a barium swallow and endoscopy with in days of seeing him and he immediately saw that I have scaring tissue but that I have a narrowing below the surgical area that cause the food to come all the way back up to my throat.

I'm in the process of getting approved for gastric bypass surgery because as 1 of the doctors stated above there is a better chance of not have reflux with bypass and it would bypass the narrowing area. Not many people has had all 3 surgeries and I'm nervous. But I can't continue to live this way. My quality of life is not healthy this way. I'm guessing since my food is not digesting and I rarely use the bathroom is the reason I've gained 25lbs back, because I didn't gain any weight until this happen. My weight was steady at 170 for 3 years until this issue so I'm happy there is finally an answer to my problem.

GERD. Is happening all night long

by: Lindsey

I have had my sleeve surgery just past a month ago now and the GERD is happening all night long. I try to get my water in and it seems if I have pasta or salad I get it very very bad to the point I want to throw up and get rid of my food. Has anyone had the same issue if they eat clean salad or cheese or most soups

3 Bariatric surgeries

by: Sheryl B

Hey everyone,
I have had all 3 major weight loss surgeries...

First, I had a lapband implanted in 2006, in 2008 the sleeve, and on June 30th, 2016 I underwent bypass surgery.

This last surgery was because of the issues I was having with digesting and swallowing, as well as the severe acid reflux. The surgery didn't work to fix those problems, I only lost more weight. Because I still had issues digesting and was vomiting up my food, my body went into starvation and dehydration mode and I passed out.

I went to the hospital and they admitted me to get 5 emergency bags of IV fluid. The next day the doctor did an endoscopy and could barely get the camera down my esophagus, all the scar tissue and surgeries caused my esophagus to close up so they had to dilate it about 3 weeks ago. It worked, but they told me I may need to have this done a few more times.

I'm going in again tomorrow but at least I feel better and they FINALLY found the issue. I know I may need to get it done a few more times but at least it's outpatient and I know what the issue is.

Thanks for having this group to allow me to share my story. I pray this may help someone not have to go through a lot of surgeries like I did. Have your doctor check your esophagus and see if it's closing up. You know how you feel and you just have to tell them.

Many blessings to you all.

Buyer Beware

by: Jules

I, too, had my surgery in Mexico. I have had great results however, I now have GERD. It started within a week of surgery (I thought it was pain from the surgery) and has been a nightmare for me ever sense. I was prescribed Nexium by my regular doctor. After taking Nexium (it worked well for me) for 4.5 years I learned I have kidney failure. So to sum it all up, I am trim with kidney failure. I eat very small meals, I now use zantac and drink coconut water/ coconut milk mixture which seems to help.

Post op heartburn and reflux

by: Joe

I have had gastric sleeve surgery and have bad reflux and heartburn and I found Nexium 40 or Somac 40 works really well!

Hope this helps!

Sleeve and Acid Reflux

by: Terri Baldwin

I had a VSG surgery in 2008 and actually had no major issues or stomach problems for years.

Fast forward to 2016, in the past year I noted more and more frequent acid reflux, especially at bed time.

I started sometimes waking up due to suffocation and constriction of my throat with burning from the acid.

I also started to develop frequent lung infections and my doctor often stated they were viral infections.

I have had severe symptoms for the past 5 weeks starting February 2017.

I was even pulled out of work due to the chronic coughing and hacking and my lungs are quite irritated and lots of post nasal drip.

All therapies have failed and was put on a total of 10 medications to address lung issues.

I was sent to a Pulmonary specialist this week and for the 1st time EVER I was told that I may have GERD or LPR due to the acid reflux which may be due to my VSG.

I am being sent to a GI Specialist for further evaluation.

After reading all these postings and reading information on GERD and LTR, although I am not a medical professional, all my symptoms point to these 2 culprits.

I use to love to snack in bed prior to dosing off, but I have stopped doing this.

I also cut out certain foods and I will not eat past 6 or 7 pm.

I am already feeling some relief from this.

I hope my posting helps, it appears I was misdiagnosed as having lung issues when the hacking and irritation and infection of the lungs are symptoms of GERD and/or LPR.

Post-op Gastric sleeve surgery and issues

by: AJ

I had the sleeve 1-29-14. Have had heartburn the entire time. My doctor said comeback if I continue to have it daily. I saw my local VA doctor and was prescribed Omeprazole. I take it daily and it helps; now only occasionally.

Thank you all for commenting! I now know the things I can do myself; not eat 1-3 hours before bed, sleep at an incline (actually just purchased adjustable beds), I drink Lactaid and have reduce other dairy, increase my enzymes and probiotics with vinegar and yogurts.

BUT I will NOT give up my chocolate! and I will get another endoscopy to see what is happening inside; I do not want cancer.

Stomach pain and acid buildup

by: John

Had the gastric sleeve 5 yrs ago and for the last 6 months I have been getting pains in my stomach every time I eat.

My question is since I had the sleeve is it possible that my stomach walls are getting harmed and causing all this?


by: Bubbles nibbz

Omg I have acid and reflux and I'm only on my 3rd week. It's really hard to handle and no matter what I drink, its still there.

I cant even eat. It feels like knifes coming down my throat and stomach. I wish I never did this. Too late now. 😣


by: Anne-onymous

I had my sleeve done in June of 2016, I've never suffered gerd before in my life! I can't remember if it started right away but the doctor gave me famotidine, it has been a godsend!

Thankfully, I only take it when it gets really bad, maybe now only once or twice a week. Although this week I've already taken my second one and it's only Tuesday!

Even with the gerd, I'm glad I got my operation.

When will it end

by: Gloria- fed up

I had my gastric sleeve done in 2014. Lost maybe 70lbs, never lost as much as I wanted. I exercised, I ate right, but the weight just wouldn't come off. However, I started getting acid reflux extremely bad.

I started taking tums thinking it was just gas and it would pass. (Nope). So I took over the counter omeprazole, it worked for a few hours. But at bed time it got worst. I had to mostly sit up to avoid strangling, the burning sensation in my throat was unbearable.

There would be times when I would just cough up saliva, but appeared to look like acid (not really sure) . No matter what I eat, the acid reflux happens. My primary physician put me pantoprazole, in my opinion it does nothing. At least with the over counter stuff I would get at least and hour of relief.

She started me on iron pills because she said I have anemia, which does what, keeps you constipated (wow). So now, the acid reflux, can't digest anything, constipated, my Dr. Suggest adding more fiber, like taking benefiber.. something else to add to my daily suffering.

My throat is so irritated, I try eating ice, freeze pops anything to stop or in my mind cool down the burning. If I have to go back and have a revision to my sleeve and do the gastric bypass I am so willing if this will give me relief.

Oh yeah and the weight I originally lost, has come back, so my dr put me on weight loss pills, which makes me sick. And the weight is still not coming off, because whatever I eat seems to be hanging around (so to speak). So I take a laxative once a week to avoid the constipation, but that and all this other stuff is just not normal..

Any suggestions, any help would be greatly appreciated? I apologize if I offended anyone with the words used to describe my issues.

Is it GERD?? 7+ years out with VSG and now YIKES!!

by: Sherri Katnic

Hello everyone, ad to whomever started this page, thanks for creating this BLOG,

I have been reading everyone's responses..

I had surgery over 7 years ago... a vertical sleeve gastrectomy and have been having issues when eating... MAJOR chest pain that feels like GAS and then burping that never ends until it is relieved... this is now nearly everytime I eat and it is awful!!! and painful and super annoying and at many times even embarrassing...

I take Famotidine and have been taking it for a long time with no issue but now it really does not help that great.. and so I am left with all of this GERD issue which what I think I have...

what do you all think??


Severe and constant acid reflux nine years post surgery

by: Julia S

I had gastric sleeve surgery nine years ago and had no significant side effects until this year, following a bout of pneumonia. My wheezing and coughing never went away once I was over the pneumonia. Five months later my internist (who was on the bariatric surgery team) put two and two together that my bronchial congestion was caused by acid reflux.

I wasn’t aware that I had GERD at that time but within a week I started noticing an acid taste in my mouth after every meal and it has gotten continually worse. I have cut back on dairy, wheat, coffee, chocolate, onions, garlic, tomato and spicy food. I am on Omeprezal twice a day and Zantac with no relief.

What would cause the GERD nine years after gastric sleeve surgery? I met with the bariatric surgeon and he said he would recommend a full gastric bypass. I was a bit shocked by that at first but now I am willing to do just about anything.

I literally have an acid taste in my mouth 24 hours a day and it gets worse after just taking a bite of food. And I have a frequent cough and bronchial congestion as a result. Any other advice?

Acid Reflux

by: Stacie

I am 9 weeks post op from my sleeve. I have pretty much eaten normally since about 5 days after my surgery. I avoid red meat and anything carbonated, though.

My reflux isn't horrible, except that I've never had it before the surgery, except during pregnancy. My Dr. gave me a prescription, it does the trick, however, I'm not thrilled. I might have this problem forever.

I'm not a pill taker or one that wants another surgery. I don't eat several hours before bed, either. It just comes and goes, maybe a couple times a week. Should I be concerned?

Gastric Sleeve

by: Worst decision in my life

Not only did I not lose any weight with this procedure, I've lost half of my hair, now a lot thinner, had to take B12 shots and Vit D deficiency. Acid reflux was another complication (never had before surgery) that I live with every day and take meds for that after every meal. The pain after eating every meal is very intense , especially in my chest. I also may have an autoimmune disease due to this procedure also.

I have nothing positive to say about this procedure and shout it from the mountaintops if anyone wants to know. I can't even say I feel good because I lost the weight either. Lose, lose for me and the worst decision I have ever made.

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