Burning Stomach 7 Days After Duodenal Switch

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I had the duodenal switch 7 days ago and the pain isn’t too bad, my stomach just burns really bad. Any advise?


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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA , Arcadia , California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi there Burning Stomach,

Congrats on your bariatric surgery!

You have taken the first step to getting healthier for life.

Your stomach is now about the size of a banana, or a thin long tube. Bariatric patients, no matter what type of surgery they have had, can certainly have some postoperative gastritis which can feel like burning.

Try taking some antacids, either Tums, or Pepcid.

Finally, let your surgeon know what is happening as well. He/She needs to know if something is not going right with you.

Good Luck.
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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Surgeon Response to "Burning Stomach 7 Days After Duodenal Switch"

by: John Rabkin, M.D., Pacific Laparoscopy

Dear "7 days after duodenal switch'"

It's very common to have incisional discomfort after a surgical procedure such as the Duodenal Switch (DS). The magnitude of the discomfort varies from individual to individual and, in large part, is dependent on the surgical approach, laparoscopic versus open surgery.

From your question, I'm uncertain as to the nature of your discomfort. "Burning" at the incision(s) wouldn't be unusual. However, if you are having a "burning" sensation "inside" your abdomen ("stomach"), this would be slightly more of a concern, but still may be within the expected post operative symptoms provided that you're not also experiencing other symptoms such as fever, chills, palpitations, nausea, etc. As long as the "burning" sensation is subsiding over time, I wouldn't be overly concerned as it will likely resolve without intervention.

You may find that you have less of the sensation depending on what foods/liquids you consume as well as their temperature: you can "experiment" and see what foods/liquids you tolerate best. You may also have some relief with the use of antacids, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), or H2 blockers.

If the "burning" sensation is persisting over time without improvement and/or increasing in severity, I would arrange a prompt review with your surgeon to address these symptoms.

Enjoy your weight loss!

Best regards,
John M. Rabkin, M.D.
Pacific Laparoscopy

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DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.

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Burning Stomach

by: Tonya

Congratulations on your surgery!! I wish you the best of luck in attaining the goals you've set for becoming a healthier you! My doctor, & I realize each doctor has his/her own particular protocols & the different needs of the patients must also be taken into account, but my doc sent me home with enough Carafate to choke a horse. It helps with heartburn, acid reflux, etc. It tastes like a liquid version of a Tums & works extremely well for me. Hopefully your doc can find something to ease your discomfort. I don't hesitate to call my doc about ANYTHING I've not experienced before bc this is almost as new to me as it is to you (Roux en Y, 9/24/13), when he's not available, it helps that his secretary also had this procedure about a year ago & can often set my mind at ease by relating personal experience. Again, congratulations & best of luck!

always keep in touch with your doc

by: Yvonne McCarthy

No one can give you better advice than your doc. Make sure and call and talk to the office and just tell them what's going on. They are there to support you and they will have the very best answer possible. Congrats on your surgery!

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