Weight Loss Plateau 10 Months After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Pamela (a patient from Illinois)

I had gastric bypass surgery 6-14-12. I have had my ups and down… Lord knows I had some stalls, but I got through them. So going on my ten months I am down 107 pounds.

Now my weight seems to have plateaued. I keep going up and down two pounds up and it seems like I can’t get past that.

I was reading other blogs, and some people say it might be the sugar intake. I have been eating a lot of fruit and fruit protein shakes, so I will lay off that for now.

If anyone has more suggestions to get the scale moving it would be greatly appreciated.



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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA , Arcadia , California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi Pamela,

It certainly sounds like you have done great since your gastric bypass. Losing 107 pounds is awesome!

Not sure what your starting weight and BMI were, but it is normal to have plateaus after bariatric surgery. Most people will plateau some, and then begin to lose weight again, even if you are doing everything perfectly.

In general, after a gastric bypass, patients have about 18 months to lose their weight.....after this amount of time the body "resets", and patients might go up and down 5-10 pounds as long as they are eating correctly.

So, if your plateau is occuring......its normal, but you certainly can take a look at what you are eating, and make sure it is low in carbs (sugar), and low in fat, and high in protein...usually about 80 grams protein/day. And, if that is all perfect, make sure you are doing some sort of exercise.

Finally, when the 18 month window is up, your body will be where it wants to be.....sounds to me like you have done great.

Good Luck,
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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Patient Responses to the Question Above

10 month weight loss

by: mona

I had MGP 10 moths ago. My initial weight was 100kg. Currently down to 62kg. Have hit a stop as far as weight loss goes. Will I still continue to loose weight? I still can only digest soups and very small quantities of food. I have very strong aversion to most foods and still get nausea. Does anyone else have the same problems? would really like to know.


by: Yvonne McCarthy

Plateaus are going to happen. I had one for 6 weeks one time. I was sure I had totally messed up. Are you tracking your sugar? Also mix up your exercise because if you do the same thing every time your body will adjust and try to put that weight back on. You have to trick your body. Great job you've done so far!!


by: Brandi Miles

I had gastric bypass on 5/24/2017. I was 301 and now 220. The problem is that I have stayed at 220 since november 2017. This seems to be a little more than a plateau. I have not read where anyone else went threw this for this long. I exercise and still eat small portions. Most of intake is still glucerna or premier protein. Is this a stall or has my body just said "enough?"

Youll be back on track soon

by: Sheba

I had gastric bypass in November of 2017. I went from 244 to 181 which in my opinion has been a aloe steady drop, and it's a better healthy look.

My opinion is try to substitute the glucerna for a high protein diet powder with no sugar at all. Change up your exercise routine, surprise your body it needs more of a challenge , build muscle mass and your body will start eating up the fat instead of muscle mass. Try the plastic suit from modells, it helps with the water weight fast.

Change your diet from glucerna to homemade blends like blend up your veggies and drink that ...mostly kale and add lemon to your water.

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