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Raymond (a patient from McCallen, Tx, USA)

I went into surgery at 330 lbs – when I went under for surgery I thought I was having gastric bypass. During surgery it came to be known that my intestines were positioned wrong for the surgery, so I had to settle on a gastric sleeve instead.

It was awesome at first. I lost 100 lbs in one year. Then it all came down: I found out I had cancer, lost my job, had marital problems… all my old eating habits came back. Stress and alcoholism went right along with it.

I did the atkins diet, but it’s hard when your family is not doing it and the wife encourages “cheat weekends”, which is how it started.

I am slowly gaining weight and 14 months after surgery I weigh 260 lbs. I am depressed and hungry all the time.

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Weight Regain after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee

Hi Raymond,

I want to applaud you reaching out for help and support with your weight regain concern. I believe that you have done very well considering what you have gone through. Although you have had weight regain, you are successful, your tool is still working. :)

You have not only survived weight loss surgery, but you have overcome so many of life's challenges.

Weight Loss Surgery is not a pass/fail test, its a process that entails ongoing engagement of mind, body and soul!! Losing weight is only a small part of this whole thing.

Managing stress of life is what's challenging.

Weight Loss Surgery is a "tool" that you have for life.

Taking care of yourself with the help of additional tools that others have mentioned are so crucial.

Please consider joining a support group for WLS patients, these are correlated with long-term success with weight loss.

Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.


Patient Responses to the Question Above

My Biggest Fear Has Come True

by: Carol

I had gastric sleeve surgery in April of 2013. I started out at 210 lbs but I'm only 5 feet I lost 55lbs and thought I was going to lose more even after practically starving myself! Now almost 3 years later I had been maintaining but now I've gained 8 lbs. I believe you are going to gain weight no matter what because at first, you're starving your body then once you are able to eat again you are obviously going to put weight on and it sucks!

I've been maintaining through exercising 3 times a week but have been sick & not able to exercise so I think that's why I've gained some weight.i'm so afraid of gaining my weight back but makes me feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one struggling.

I wish you all the best.

I'm Trying

by: Anonymous

Today was my first day back to the diet given to me by a dietician. She told me that the overeating and weight gain is me going back to eating carbs and sugar. For some reason, I thought that since I lost 80lbs from 220lbs, I can now eat and not regain weight. I was wrong. I gained 6 pounds in one month. If you look at me, you can see that I am a size 10 now. The trouble is that I was a size eight after weight loss. So I went up a size.

I am so disappointed that I did not continue with the diet given to me. She also says that the reason why I am overeating is that I do not have enough protein in my diet and my body is searching for some form of fuel - the wrong way - through carbs and sweets. That is why my blood pressure goes down every time I eat something sweet. Which it didn't happen anymore after the surgery until now. I went to the ER this weekend because my blood pressure was dangerously low and I was too dizzy to stand up. I learned my lesson and back to my protein drinks and eating nuts such as almonds, sunflower/pumpkin seeds, raisins, and flax seeds, along with fruits and vegetables.

I prefer this form of daily diet to eating meat, which I dislike now as consequence of the sleeve surgery. Many healthy foods I previously liked, I no longer enjoy. Things taste strange to me now. I think I lost my sense of taste (up to a certain point) after I had the surgery.

Wish me luck. I do not want to continue gaining weight. I look really good now and to gain weight? No!!

Just Starting my Journey

by: Laura

I am just getting ready to start my journey down this road so I have been doing as much research as possible. Listening to YouTube videos, reading blogs, anything I can get my hands on. I have opted for the gastric sleeve because I have Lupus SLE, Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia. I have fought my weight all my life, I have been on that YoYo rollercoaster like so many of you.

The one thing that sticks out in my head from the counseling sessions in my pre-op sessions with the doctors and dietician counselors that I have been talking with is that this surgery is just a "tool" for my weight loss success, it is not a permanent fix. They have told me that ultimately it was up to me to make it work for me. It was going to mean a lifetime change of habits I have created for myself, and that if I was not ready for those changes, even this surgery was not going to keep the weight off.

When I first starting reading all of your stories, I was scared, I have invested the past 6 months into the pre-op (not to mention the financial investment). But I am ready to invest the life changes necessary to make those changes. I know there will be bad days and bad decisions along the way, they just cannot turn into throwing it all away and turning back into the lifestyle that got me to where I am now.

Disapointed and angry with myself

by: Anonymous

I had surgery Sept. 2014 and lost 80 lbs from 220. I was so happy to be able to buy clothes from the regular rack instead of plus size. I lost my job in 2015 which led to depression and overeating, especially sweets.

I have now gained 20 lbs. My clothes are too tight on me and I feel that I will regain all the weight I have gained and maybe a little more. I blamed it on the antidepressants I am taking, but I know it is my daily intake of tea with milk and sugar and two donuts. It is so good. Do not believe that the craving for sugar will be gone after surgery. On the contrary in my case. I drink and eat these because it is easier to swallow. Slider foods are the worse for those who have the surgery.

I am so disappointed in myself and feel that the surgery was not worth it if I can gain the weight back.


by: Anonymous

I am currently looking into getting gastric sleeve surgery.

I have been obese my whole life. I am 205 lbs now, but short. I have tried so many diets and really feel it is time to move ahead with surgery.

I stumbled onto this site while trying to research about weight regain after gastric sleeve.

I think one of my biggest fears is losing and getting so happy with my new weight, but then regaining it all back. Some of your comments make me pretty scared because I've already lived a life of yoyo dieting and back and forth with weight gain. It makes me hesitate to go ahead with surgery, knowing the weight will come back. What are your thoughts? Do any of you regret it? Is it possible to keep it off once it's lost?

Gaining Weight

by: Marie

I am almost 4 years out from having the gastric sleeve.

My beginning weight was 555 lbs.

I dropped down to 326 lbs. which was a 224 lb. loss.

Even though I was still obese I did feel much better and was pleased that I could finally go to any store and buy clothes.

Well, in the last year I have gained 50 lbs.

My pants will no longer button, my back is hurting again and I am very depressed! I have never been able to really exercise of walk because of damaged nerves in my feet that was caused from years of obesity.

My appetite has increased, but I still cannot eat what I used to eat.

What exercises can I do to help eliminate this weight gain and get me back on track? I NEED HELP!

Measure, weigh, drink

by: Anonymous

I had the gastric sleeve 1.5 years ago. 1 lost 145 lbs. I still measure food. It is very important to walk and I do at least a mile per day and exercise. What helps me do the walking is taking the dog out every 2 hrs for about 15 minutes, at a steady pace. She has lost 8 lbs too. (The vet was impressed she was an overweight dog).

I still drink tons of water, eat protein first, veggies next. Try to eat only good carbs! I also still eat my mini meals (like 5 grapes w/ a measured spoon of peanut butter, or 2 tbl. low fat cottage cheese with apple slices, or egg salad w/low-fat mayo. on celery, tbl. sunflower seeds in non-fat yogurt.) Sugars (from sodas, alcohol, or glutens which break down into sugar) are not my friends..they are high empty calories, so I avoid them because they cause dumping for me.

Only on special occasions, as I am able (because I still have some digestive issues with meats); I eat tacos (no shell), Subway sandwiches - as a salad (no breads-ever) - they are MY WEAKNESS and they SWELL UP IN MY STOMACH not allowing me to eat the way I am supposed to, plus, they are what leave me hungry. Protein, Protein, Protein and I am good, and rarely pizza when I do, no crust, chicken no skins. These are all areas of hidden calories, and old habits we fall back into.

Hope this helps. Keep hydrated! Keep on keeping on. Be your own best friend. You deserve the best you can be for yourself because your conscience is your guide.

Listen, it is you speaking.

weight gain as well

by: Anonymous

My two year mark is in two weeks.

At first, I lost weight, then it slowed down, then came to a halt, then the weight started creeping back on.

Now I've gained 15 pounds.

Yes, I make bad choices but I still eat less than pre surgery, but I can definitely eat more than first after the surgery.

This sucks.

My big question to you is, has anyone mentioned if your body still needs the B12 supplements if you're obviously trashed your surgery? I haven't been taking those regularly either.

We moved shortly after my surgery and I don't have a local doctor to talk to.

Just wondering.

It happened to me too...

by: Eduardo

Had gastric sleeve surgery in December 2007, at 364 lbs, 4-5 months later I was down 120 lbs and got stuck... started drinking again, was stable (not gaining) for a few years... then in 2012 got divorced, and between dealing with the divorce and the stress of my job, gained 80 lbs...even after this, I found the best woman in the world and relationship-wise I couldn't be better.

A few months ago I did the Atkins diet and lost 45 lbs, but I have traveled too much in the last 4 months and gained an astonishing 33 lbs in a very short period of time (in fact, I think I'm the only person who has traveled to China and gained 20-25 lbs in a month)... this is crazy! I know I have been drinking and not dieting, but I also know that I can lose weight if I stick to a low carb diet and exercise daily.

I never went to a support group, I imagine that would've helped... but at the end, it's my own fault. We need to be strong and acknowledge that we gain weight very easily, and eat/exercise knowing that its an essential part of our lives from now on, if we want to feel healthy and slim. I started my low-carb diet again yesterday, as well as an exercise program (began with a 45-minute brisk walk), now back to 308lbs, but feeling positive that in a month I'll be 280 lbs, and in a few months I'll be 240lb.

I'll see what I can do after that... but now that we have failed ourselves, we need to stand up, dust ourselves off, and regain our lives back... it's up to us. We won't get anywhere feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to make drastic decisions and move on forward...Hope I can inspire some of you to not give up.






I was told I wouldn't be Fat again-WRONG!!

by: B1WittyOne

I had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy done on 9/23/2009 I lost a remarkable 140lbs going from 320 down to 165 size 26 to size 8/10. I felt on top of the world!! Had a 5 year plan got a total hip, bought a new truck, wanted to ride cutting horses and most of all find me a new husband! However 3/8/2011 I became permanently disabled due to CNS LUPUS which I suffer from intractable chronic migraines. I did well until the disease advanced. Within the last 2 years I have gained 40 back. But this last 6 months I am now into a size 18! OMG I am disgusted with myself and its out of control. I can't get on my horse, had a date yesterday, he won't be calling again. Have already been suicidal, over that. Can I do Revision surgery? The weight gain has brought the Lymphedema symptomatic, just feel so ugly now. I paid cash for my surgery. Now on Medicare/Medicaid.

Someone please help me...I am so lost.

All the weight is back!

by: Fat again

I had sleeve surgery in 2012. I lost 70 pounds. I wanted to lose more, but lose turned to gain! I weigh 10 pounds more than what I weighed before surgery! I try to use excuses for the gain: depression, depression and/or epilepsy medications I take, but I know it's from "grazing". I need something to light my fire!! I am sooo depressed to be so fat again!!!!

Weight gain

by: Anonymous

After such pain after the surgery and enjoying the freedom of being thin again i reeeally have to get myself together. Weigt gain and not fitting in new clothes is depressing. I'm not going to guve in but having trouble knuckling down and getting serious. Seems we are all having this problem, so anytips please-anyone?!

Weight gain after gastric sleeve

by: Mad as hell

I thought I had it down pack was down to 138lbs and then my mom go sick and passed I got BREAST cancer and depressed now I have gain 33lbs back and mad as hell. I don't drink so it must be my depression meds. How does one get back on track to lose the weight again. I feel hopeless.

lost and depressed

by: C.Griffin

I to had the gastric sleeve. I was so excited to see the results. I thought finally I will get to enjoy life as I should. New me, new grandson life was going to be good And then it started as I lost the weight I got no support from mY wife. Life just happened no one's fault but my own.I failed. Now I want to do it over with a different approach. Is this possible

Keep the faith! Dontgive up,youre worth it!

by: Anonymous

Sosorry to hear allyourproblems, and more, just awful my husband tries to subotage my diet allthe time, and i find it hard to resist at times. Yu just have to say enough is enough and make yourown dnners,thats what ido. Sit with he AAa and see.if it is for you r not, noing to lose,lease go k i thinkit will help you it seemson thispage many people will be behind you if you need help/vent, take advantage of it.

I felt bad that noone told me that you put on weight afterr such a huge operation, owreise i would have gne to the bypass. Ges we are allin the same boat now .... Good luck, be strong for yourself, like i smaid wehave to get some self worth and do it for ourselves.

Depressing results for everyone then?!!

by: Tenniscrumpet

So my question to you all is-were you told about the oossibility of regaining all/nearly all. I wasnt! The chance of getting another obsession (if any sex would be good!) , luckliy i havent but did catch myself having a bit more wine thanusual and stopped that. 2 large glassesof wine equals a large hamburger folks so keep that in mind.

5-2 diet is a good one, my friends lost loads and looks so fantastic so will try that, got to try something before its too late.

Feel for you all,i really do, after going thrusuch a painful procedure , its not fair. I am sure i have strettched the pouch they made, not sure how much, would like toknow though.

Gastric Sleeve Problems w/addiction

by: Anonymous

I had Sleeve surgery 6 years ago being one of my doctors first patients to have it. I was very happy with it for 4 years was never hungry still had great restriction. Then I was stupid enough to start drinking? Why never did before and now I find out about re-directed addiction who knew?

It crept up on me slowly and before I realized it I began to gain and now only 30 lbs away from my pre-surgery weight, I am now an alcoholic & insomniac. Does anyone know if alcohol puts weight on more quickly because of the surgery? Trying to get tough and sober but what a battle now with duel addictions.

Pray for me

Weight gain after surgery.

by: Tenniscrupet

When i had thesurgery my dr said, thereis no going back, i thought meaning thats it. Now i have gained and iam devasted, and i have a husband that tries to lead me astray cause hes a food addict. I am so disappointed,like many i thoughti couldnt gain e webht afterwards. Its such a mental game, how people treat you when youve lost the weight, how you feel about that and react to it, there should be councelling offered.

My mechanism if i have ne, is just to remember the pain after the surgery. I am just trying to get inton athought system of "come on, take control" but not quite there yet. Not sleeping at all doesnt help and its well known , it makes you more hungry. I just feel cheated, i was hoping for a permanent solutio. Its well known at you just relace the obsessionwith nother,so got that to conentd with too.

weight gain

by: Nellie

I had the VSG Sept 2012..I have regained too..I was 344 and lost 100lbs or so..I got down to 220..I am now at 249 and it sucks to put the weight back on..I gonna start the 5:2 diet to see if it helps along with cutting back on carbs and incorporate fruits..I snacked a lot so I know I did this to myself. I think once I can cut the carb cravings and stop sweets I'll be ok and start loosing again. I bought a lot of greek yogurt for protein and will see how this goes..Good luck everyone..we can do this!

Weight gain

by: Crumpet

I had the sleeve and found that not nly do i like biscuits now weird as i was never bothered before, after my weight loss everyone has been sabotaging me. I was so overwhelmed and thought i cant fight this anymore. I have put on 5kilos, a lot in your mney! And like everyone else, feel disappointed with myself , depressed.

Tried some clothes on and they are tight, e worse feeling ever. I am amazed at how many women have gained, i didnt think we could gain so much. I know the op was a tool but to gain so much again, makes it seem hopeless. Back trying to lose weight, and realise now-this is my life from now on....reading other proples blog has inspired meto try hard though, so thanks everyone. Cant drink more than two glasses of wine at parties now or i am drunk, thats annoying!

over-eating again!!

by: Anonymous

I had the sleeve Oct 2010 lost 170. pounds went down to 148..however I am a coke cola addict and started drinking it again.. I'm up to 160 pounds again over-eating when I'm not even hungry drinking coke instead of water.. I can't seem to control myself .. need help need someone to shake me up to reality will be up to 300 pounds soon lacking willpower


by: Anonymous

I had weightloss surgery in August 2010 and lost 110 pounds from 240. Now after four years I have gained back 85 pounds. Stress is really getting me down. My job and coworker bullying is really making me depressed and I feel like a failure. How can I get back on the weightloss bandwagon again with all this going on and then the holidays too. I feel heartbroken with the sacrifices made to get this surgery done and know that I have done this.


by: Anonymous

I had weightloss surgery in August 2010 and lost 110 pounds from 240. Now after four years I have gained back 85 pounds. Stress is really getting me down. My job and coworker bullying is really making me depressed and I feel like a failure. How can I get back on the weightloss bandwagon again with all this going on and then the holidays too. I feel heartbroken with the sacrifices made to get this surgery done and know that I have done this.

Also Gaining

by: Anonymous

I had the sleeve in Jan 2012. I lost 85lbs wonderful.. now I'm putting the lbs back on & inches. my clothes are getting tight... after reading all the above I see how important it is to get control... I have become do addicted to sweets.. I cant seem to get through the day w/o Ice Cream !! its my drug !! As of today I will STOP the madness & get back on track . I don't (cant) go back to the person I was.. I hated being fat.:(

Please help!

by: Anonymous

I had the sleeve surgery two years ago at 337 pounds and went down to 260 pounds in less than a year. I was very happy considering I had to take a $13000.00 loan to have the surgery due to not having insurance. Well after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and sciatica among other things, I was put on Lyrica & other meds.

Now I am back to 300 pounds. I am extremely depressed and feeling that was a complete waste of money that I am struggling to pay back and most importantly decided to put my life on the line for no reasons whatsoever. I went back to the Doctor for advice, he thinks I should get the Lapband now except I cannot afford anything being on Disability with a very limited Income.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I can really use some!!!

Thank you

My heart goes out to you

by: Anonymous

To everyone gaining, I'm so sorry. The only thing that works for me most of the time is to eat protein first or where protein is 75% of the meal. It keeps me full for a long amount of time. I know they say that a 10-20 lb gain is normal but I would try to stop it and not let it get any higher first and foremost and THEN try to drop it back down. The most important thing is to stop the gain NOW. The snacks I allow myself are half a protein bar, an ounce of beef jerky, and sometimes I'll have a slice of swiss cheese with it.

To Imgaining 2-I would have the duodenal switch if I regained 60 lbs after my VSG no doubt about it. Yes the sleeve is the first part of the DS. You might need the malabsorption to help lose and keep the weight off permanently. You've done a darn great job losing so much weight and you've kept off a lot of it but I know you want to stop the gain. Please please look into the Duodenal switch revision surgery. I don't know where you live but check out and try to find the recommended docs list to find a surgeon.

It was fun while it lasted...

by: ImGaining 2

I went into surgery at 437lbs on 7/7/07. I lost a total of 227 pounds and felt and looked amazing (in my opinion). Now, I'm in my 6th year after and have gained 60lbs back. I feel like a failure! I hate looking in the mirror, I'm ashamed, and I'm always hungry!

I was told I would NEVER feel the sensation of hunger again because the gland that produces hunger is removed with the must have regenerated like a starfish arm!!! Can this procedure be performed a second time? And isn't the Sleeve the first procedure of the 2nd part I need to get that second part performed?

The depression makes me want to eat even more...its hell.

I get it...

by: Ashley

I had the gastric sleeve done a little over two years ago. I lost 120 pounds but have gained back 20.

It has really torn me down and caused some depression. I went thru and had this very scary life changing surgery and it was great till the weight started to come back on. Even tho I am still down 100 pounds I am not happy and very disappointed in myself. It has also caused problems in my marriage. It is a daily battle and struggle and although I haven't experienced cancer, I did lose my job as well. Stress will do crazy things to your mind and body no matter how hard you try.

I try to look at the positive and remember how far I have come. Just remember, you lost it once, you can do it again. Don't quit, don't give up. If you even think about quitting, think why you started to begin with.

I wish you all the best and have faith that you will get back on track in no time :)

weight gain is the pits!!

by: the canuck

Hi everyone, I totally get the feeling that we went though all this and lost, and now it's creeping back on. I lost 60 lbs 6 months after surgery and now 20= has come back on. Such a drag! To be honest, I have not been exercising bec. I felt so great at being little..ironic..I do want to get back into swimming, must do it for me! Anyone else have any hints? I promised myself this would not happen again, yet here I am...

Back on Track?

by: Anonymous


I too had surgery a year ago. I also had the gastric sleeve. Weighing in at 260 on surgery date...I have since lost 80 pounds. I can tell you that I too have started cheating and have found myself gaining a few pounds here and there. It's hard to get back on track but I refuse to give up. As I hope that you don't give up either.

Make it a point to put yourself first. If you give yourself 30 minutes a day to take a brisk walk...that will help. Choose to make good choices one meal at a time and before you know it you will be back on track.

Best of luck to you!

We are here to support you!

by: Traci

My heart goes out to you for the struggles you have faced in your life.

Many of us struggle with food on one level or another and at different times in our lives.

Food has always been a comfort to many of us and life altering events after surgery can lead us down the slippery slope of returning to our own behaviors.Do you have a dietician from your program that you can reach out to? I would encourage you to find a weight loss surgery support group where you are comfortable, can be honest and you will meet others going through the same type of issues.

We all have weight gain at some point post operatively.

Other areas of support would be Overeaters Anonymous and alcoholics Anonymous.

Transfer addictions can get very serious and I encourage you to seek professional help.

This is very common in our WLS community.

There is a blog post from a psychologist that I have worked with many times so please do feel free to go out and read it.

You can find a link to my blog on the right side of this website.

It's listed under Bari Bits.Please know that we are here for you.

Reach out to your WLS community of friends for help.I wish you the best of luck and please let me know if there is anything I can do! Best of luck and remember to think positive, look how far you have come and take some time to reflect on why you started this journey.


by: Waning Woman

Right now, you're floundering in the dark and it's hard to put one foot in front of the other. I cannot begin to understand the pain that you felt with your cancer diagnosis and loss of job, but I know that something like that can take down anybody at anytime. You are no different than me or the millions of us with weight loss surgery, I just haven't had to face your challenges.

I'm no expert, but I think that talking about it is an enormous step. Find a weight loss surgery support group and you will be surprised how many people will share your tale of life challenge and transferring to another addiction.I have the sleeve and we are almost the same amount of time out.

The good thing is although you may feel broken, your tool is not broken. Your sleeve hasn't gone anywhere. You already know that low carb works for you, so if possible get all non low carb foods out of the house.When I am struggling, my husband eats carbs on his lunch break at work, NEVER at home. You are going through a lot, so you will have to pull together as a family to make this happen. You just gotta do it. You CAN do it.

Waning Woman

Don't lose hope...

by: Yvonne McCarthy

I am out of town but will check back with you. Would you consider attending AA? Many of us cross addict and AA can give you some tools that will help with alcohol and food.The sleeve is an excellent surgery (I had gastric bypass) but there is so much more to this than surgery. You need some tools to get into recovery right away. Bless your heart. I'm so sorry you're struggling. Let me know what you think about giving AA a chance.

Hugs, Y

Gained 35 or so back

by: Carrie

I had the surgery (VCG) in Aug 2011 and went from 210 to 145! It was great! I was in a size 8 jeans and medium top! Then slowly started incorporating all foods. It started with one cookie, then some chips here and there and then coffee and creamer and then alcohol!

My husband passed away suddenly in March 2014 and my brother-in-law handed me a glass of wine to calm me down and suddenly I became a little wino! I only drink a glass or two, and not every week, but now I have cravings for sugar and crunchy snacks even though I can only eat about a child's portion for meals (including the carbs)!

I need to reset my system but don't know how! I want to be able to have the coffee and wine in moderation but need to scrap the sweets and snacks! My size 12 jeans and busting at the seams and I'm refusing to go up to a 14! I need help now! Could I go back on the post op diet without affecting my health?

Gastric sleeve

by: Gaining weight has anyone found a solution

Hello all I had the surgery in November 2011. I lost about 130lbs, since then I maintained my weight up until this last year when I gained 30lbs. I have started portion control but, again, I'm always hungry, never full, and I feel like I'm going to continue to gain?. Has anyone figured out a solution? I've reached out to my surgeon I'm considering the bypass surgery.

weight gain after sleeve

by: pinky

To all that have regained after the sleeve, get back on your water and protein.

I had my sleeve 12/11/15 and have lost 100 lbs. About 9 mos after surgery I gained 4 lbs, after all the money it cost me ($12000), and the pain I went through, I wasn't going to go down that slippery slope. I started back drinking my water which helps the hunger feeling. Proteins first (60g a day) and my snacks come from Wonder Slim (protein chips)

I hope this helps someone. Good Luck to you all!

Go Back To The Basics!

by: Naeema

So...I was sleeved in February of 2014. Lost about 80lbs after it all. I started at 322 and dropped down to 245 ish. That took me about 8 months to a year. I was so content with that, that I started to just eat as normal. That included fast food, desserts, anything I wanted. And I didn't gain ANYTHING. I could not eat as much as everyone else or I shared food with my then 4-year-old daughter. And that made sense to me. but then at about two years out, I would gain maybe a pound or two, and immediately I would go back to the basics... the following day would be my protein shakes to start my day, plenty of water, hard boiled eggs, etc. and I would drop those couple of pounds again. This happened for about a year. And that may be the reason I never gained a lot. Which brings me to my third year.

It's 2017, and I started out at 256! So I have gained about 11lbs. My job is having a weight loss competition. I knew it was coming so when I gained my usual couple of lbs, I did not care. I just knew I would have it in the bag. Once it started, I lost 7lbs the first week (water weight). But then after that, the scale didn't move or I would gain. That was because my body was so used to maintaining. The lowest weight I have ever seen since surgery was about 245, never below that. So even when TRYING to lose weight I kept yo-yoing between 245 and 249. Frustrated, I have done sooooo much research on weight gain and the gastric sleeve. I have read so many forums. One thing kept sticking out to me, it was the 5-day pouch test. I was skeptical at first but read more about it. Although it is tailored for bypass patients, it is beneficial to sleeve patients because it restarts everything. Not only your stomach but your mind. It changed me back. I lost 6 lbs after the pouch "reset" and now I am on track. I am down to 239 now which is a number I have never seen since having the surgery. I now crave protein first - eat lots of salmon, eggs, all seafood, chicken breasts, etc. I also snack on Polly-O mozzarella string cheese, greek yogurt, peanut butter, almonds...the pouch test made me want things that are GOOD for me. And so, now after 3 years I am continuing my weight loss journey and looking forward to my 230's, 220's and so forth. My goal is 199 because at my height I would look anorexic weighing any less lol.

So my advice is to look into the 5-day pouch test. Just google it. It will take you back to day 1.

Best of luck!

Change in Hunger Pattern

by: Jim Z.

Had my sleeve in May 2015. Went from 366lbs straight to 270 in one year. Felt wonderful. Had no hunger at all during the first year then the hunger began to return. In the fall of 2016 the hunger was manageable and I gained ten pounds or so but I wasn't at all worried. But now since Oct of 2016 my hunger has gotten MUCH worse. Every two hours it's as if an alarm has gone off - "time to eat now". I've gain 30lbs so I'm back to 300lbs. Clearly my hunger hormones have fully recovered and my overall hunger is as it was before the operation. I'm restricting carbs and hope that will help.

In my opinion what these weight loss surgeries do is shock the delicate hunger hormone system into dormancy but the body always adapts so after a year the symphony of hormones that causes hunger rebuilds and recovers and that's when keeping the weight off becomes a battle.


by: Lisa G.

Some here might benefit from Bright Line Eating. If compulsive behavior got you to a high weight, no surgery will cure you of that complex emotional and psychological set-up. Check it out.

Gaining and it is my fault

by: Donnie Girl

I had the gastric sleeve in 2015. I lost 30 pounds myself prior to surgery and then 70 after surgery for a total loss of 100 pounds. I went from 324 to 224 pounds. I never had any real changes after surgery, no pain, no throwing up and no major feeling of restriction. Don't get me wrong I was restricted but didn't have any issues with it. Initially I also felt like my cravings were inhibited.

I was a good girl and tried to stay within the low carb plan for a while but slowly started easing lots of carbs back into my life and I don't exercise. Fortunately I am apparently doing just enough that I have only gained back 5 pounds but that is too much, especially since I wanted to lose another 30.

I can't really blame anyone, I have not had any major crisis in my life. The only crisis is that I won't keep carbohydrate crap out of my mouth. The one little problem I have is that my thin husband likes goodies to eat and I have no will power if I see him eating it. I also think there is a small part of him that doesn't mind me being heavy because he feels more secure that way (This is just my guesswork, I have no real proof =) ) But even that is not his fault, he can't make me do anything, I make the choices.

Anyway, my advice to anyone considering the surgery is to realize that you will have to change your life style FOREVER and if you don't the weight is coming back. It all sounds rosey and you convince yourself you're ready to do everything necessary but it takes will power which we have already proven we don't have!

On the other hand, 1 1/2 years out and I am still down 95 pounds and still feel 100% better than I felt two years ago. I want to keep trying and I have to keep trying but it is not easy.

Me too!!!!

by: Stephanie

Oh wow you are telling my exact story. I'm in a panic now and know that I cannot get any bigger otherwise I will lose my mind. I am so paranoid about being heavy again and about the health risks that come with it and about the way my clothes are fitting now, I've gone up three sizes.

I may even have developed diabetes since I've been gaining weight! I am contemplating taking one of those appetite suppressants but I'm afraid to get the brain fog that comes with taking most of the major appetite suppressants that are non-narcotic.

I have started hiking 3 miles at a time and I'm going to increase my workouts and focus on the Atkins diet as well because I'm losing hope and everything else.

You're not alone

by: GeminiGem

I feel your pain unfortunately. This July makes 3 years since I was sleeved. Initial weight loss was drastic! 150 lbs in less than a year but now...😕

My household is full of skinny people that "eat fat" and even though I have the best intentions to stay the course I fail almost daily. I've only gained back 10 BUT I can't lose it!😤😤😤 I also suffer from depression & anxiety which clearly don't help.

I figured to get myself back focused & with my 40th birthday in 5 months I started a vision board with the outer border trimmed with every single dreadful "fattest" picture of myself I could find, inside border with my progression photos so far and the rest I've filled in with pictures of my goal body until it forms a bullseye. I hung it on the wall at the foot of my bed so its the first thing I see when I wake up & the last thing to see before I go to bed.

I also put a smaller version in the kitchen JUST in case I feel myself slipping, it serves as an eh'em "gentle" reminder of where I came from. At that point whatever snack I THOUGHT I wanted is no longer appealing. Maybe something like that may help you.

I sincerely wish you the best. We went through so much to get where we are ya know - do we really want to revert back? You were brave enough to make the decision to have surgery & then actually go through with it (it took me YEARS) to work up the nerve - that takes balls dude - you got this! 💪💪💪

Stretched Your Sleeve?

by: Desperate in Texas

Has anyone here actually stretched their VSG? Is anyone able to eat like they did prior to VSG?

You Still Did Great

by: Scott

70 pounds is awesome. Give yourself some credit. Things will get back on track for you and you will get the weight back off!


by: Yvon

It has been more than 18 months since my surgery. Lost over 80 lbs. I started to plateau after about 12 month. The dietitian told me to add more carbs because that is why I was plateauing so much.

Even though I was loosing inches the scale did not move. So I added good carbs, more of them and now I am gaining and losing the same 5 lbs. Still losing inches but not as fast as I was in the beginning. I have worked hard to get where I am and I do not intend on returning to the fat I left behind 18 months ago.

I exercise daily 1-2 mile walks. I drink 60 oz of water daily, sometimes I add caffeine free flat coke to the water. I do drink white /red wine on Friday's. And occasional Friday and Sat. too.

I usually get about 60-90 grams of protein daily. I am still eating only a cup of food at each sitting. My dietitian told me to increase my eating to every two three hours. If I snack it is on nuts, protein items, occasional fried foods. Rarely do I eat a fast food places. And I do mean rarely.

I use to keep a daily calorie count and prior to speaking to the dietitian I was getting in 800-900 cals daily. The dietitian suggested getting 1200-1300 daily. I have read many articles, doctors briefs about plateaus. One common ground all are in agreement about is that they will come and go. And providing suggestion as how to overcome them is as many ways as it is Doctors.

I am returning to my surgeon to see if there are any other things I can do to reach my goal of losing 40-45 more lbs. I have gone from a 3x to a Lg in regular women sizes. So I am very proud of that.

I know this is a tool and I will have to continue to eliminate bad eating habits. I just feel adding the cals to 1200-1300 and adding carbs have added the weight increase.

I have started on Bone broth, I read that will help to decrease the hunger. And I will be decreasing the 2-3 hours eating to eating only three times a day or less and the rest protein shakes.

Any advice is welcomed.

HI everyone! So happy to hear your comments!

by: cynthia

Wow! I thought I was the only one! It is so nice to hear your voices and share the same experience! I had a gastric sleeve done in Mexico in 2008. Lost 60 lbs.,was super ecstatic..this was amazing and felt 110% and stayed ideal weight for 4 years. Then, slowly, slowly, each time I stepped on the scale (not too often as I did that most of my life before the VGS!!), a few pounds 3-5 had been put on..I joked to myself "Wow..imagine being able to say I really need to lose 5 pounds or ten pounds..all my life it has been bigger numbers!.

So here I am 10 years post-op. and considering having another VS done. What are you thoughts? The price is less than the first time, I am weighing the roux-en-Y or the sleeve agin but am a little afraid of the roux..seems extreme and the post-nutrient and dumping sound a little scary..Like all of you, I also feel incredibly sad that I have to face this again, I thought I had "fixed it."

I do like my sweets and chocolate and I still know that I eat less quantity than most. The restriction in amount is what really made the weight come off so easily the first time. I was just full faster. Now I can eat about twice as much as I could the first few years after surgery. Sigh.

another Sleeve???

by: Yvon

How is it possible to have another sleeve? Half of the stomach is gone already.

Creepy Creepy Regain

by: Isabella

P I kind of feel dumb. I had such good results but I worked hard for them and two years three years in I decided I could have a little bit of whatever I wanted. I also did a good amount of drinking. and now I'm up 25 lb and I'm destroyed. So to all you newbies, don't believe you're different because it can happen to you.

On a brighter note I'm trying to find a way to get back on track about doing super extreme only liquid. I kind of forget my macros and I could use a visit to a dietitian... hang in there, everyone! ♥️


by: Aleshia

I had the sleeve in March of last year 340lbs, 5’11. I hit 198lbs month 14. My goal was 212lbs. Over the last 3 or 4 months due to schedules, weather and any other excuse I have not been getting workouts in and have been eating “conveniently” and am currently back to 212lbs. Doc told me that around that 18 month mark it is typical to have some regain and then level out.

I DONT WANT TO BE TYPICAL! Maintenance is challenging. I CAN and WILL be successful with this tool. You all can too. Someone said, “it’s not pass/fail” but I think it is.

Every choice of what I put in my mouth. Every decision to get moving or stay sitting. Every portion I put on my plate. Sending out successful vibes to everyone in this journey and receiving yours!

Given up

by: Anonymous

I am only two months out with my gastric sleeve and have given up. I am back on diet pills because it’s the only way that I am not hungry. I have been highly depressed since surgery - breaking into tears several times a day - which is so unlike me.

I am eating a fraction of what I was pre op and only lost 2 pounds last 6 weeks - total of 14 pounds I guess since surgery. Still have a lot of pain and with the depression and no real weight loss just feel it was such a waste of my time.

It’s a constant fight with my 24/7 hunger - yes I am walking 10k steps a day and eating 3 small meals with protein. Snack is a quarter of an apple or pear. Just feel so defeated 😕 when I see my friends 6 months in and lost 6 or seven sizes and I’m still wearing the jeans I wore to hospital for the surgery.

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