Vomit 3 to 4 times per day 1.5 years after gastric banding

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Noha (a patient from Cairo, Egypt)

I had stomach banding surgery on 3/06/2010 and every thing was fine. I began to lose weight immediately and continued to lose until April of 2011 when the vomiting episodes began. I continue to have problems with vomiting and always have feeling of discomfort and severe constipation.

I visited the doctor who determined that there was some hyperemia and inflammation around my band with normal pylori.

My main problem now is that I can’t drink water. If I drink any amount of water, I immediately vomit it out.

Please help me with your experiences.


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Bariatric Surgeon Response

by: Dr. Marc Bessler

Frequent vomiting after Lap Band is not normal.

There can be several causes especially eating/drinking behavior.

In your situation, it sounds like either the band is too tight and/or a band slip. You need to see a bariatric surgeon soon to be evaluated.

A barium study to evaluate the band anatomy may be appropriate. I would certainly recommend removing fluid from the band so that you do not get dehydrated. A band that is too tight can lead to serious problems so please get attention soon.

long island bariatric surgeon

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Patient Responses to the Question Above

Throwing upi

by: Anonymous

I am only able to eat one meal a day and when I do I immediate start vomiting. I had the fluid removed from the band and have been hospitalized several times due to excessive vomiting. My doctor says its fine but I don't know what to do?


by: Anonymous

I have been vomiting everyday, every time I eat. This can go on for about a hour. This has been since November.

I got my lap band 06/2014.

It hasn't even been a year. My Dr told me to try to hold out for one full year.

But I am miserable. My left shoulder is constantly in pain. I wait 15 mins sometimes longer to take a drink and that comes up to. I can not hold out for another 3 months for them to decide whether the band should be taken out.

Something isn't right. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do? Thank you

Revision surgery

by: Anonymous

This started to happen to me about a year after I was banded and I finally decided to have revision surgery from the band to the sleeve and wow what a difference. In the last six months since my revision surgery I've thrown up twice. I used to throw up with pretty much every meal when I had the band. I'd look into revision surgery if I were you

I'm with Lonicera

by: Beth

The inability to keep down fluids is cause for an immediate trip to the doctor. Though we can live for quite some time without food, we can only live a matter of days without water. Even a couple days' worth of dehydration can put you into the hospital and compromise your kidneys.The number one rule of thumb for ANYBODY with a band is that the second you can't keep fluids down, you go in immediately. It might be that you need a partial un-fill. Your prior history of issues has likely caused swelling which now is not allowing proper passage of fluids. Has your doctor ever checked you under fluro? It doesn't sound like your vomiting really alarmed him or her, which in itself is alarming. A lot of vomiting can actually dislodge your band; and people that I've known who actually dislodged their band had problems swallowing fluids. You really need to go in of your own accord before you are admitted as a patient into the hospital.

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This is work for a specialist

by: Lonicera The Bandit

I fully sympathise, it sounds absolutely miserable.

But if you can't keep water down, even with constant tiny sips, and you have a history of problems, then I think it's not a case for amateurs like us to judge how to sort the problem out.

You don't say how much fill you have, but regular deprivation of fluid - which is what you seem to be experiencing - is dangerous, and I don't think it's a question for a forum, even a serious one such as this one.

You have the right to demand a proper answer on how you should proceed, before deciding whether the gastric band is actually right for you or not.

I hope you'll come back and tell us how you got on.

Lonicera The Bandit

Lapband vomiting

by: Morgan

Reading these blogs above, sitting here in Marie Calendars having a simple bowl of soup which took almost 50 minutes to eat.

I'm having the same troubles. It's been off and on for the past 8 years, lots of vomiting. But over the past week, something has really changed. It hurts when I drink water, my very small blood pressure pills I usually take around 5am, they come up when I'm back to sleep, causing me to vomit almost violently because it's bitter.

I'm really thinking about walking out of here and going to Emergency room. I want this out of my body. I feel captive. Ya, I lost maybe 75 lbs over the years but that comes with a lot of vomiting and I do chew very good.

Oh and my setting is 0, no fluid adjustment in 3 years now...I hope they stop using the Lap-band.

Lap Band Nearly Killed Me!

by: LCannon

I was never able to keep food down from the beginning of my surgery. I kept trying different things, thinking I must be doing something wrong. I enjoyed the weight loss, however, so kept it from my doctor.

Fast forward a year and a half, I am 90lbs, continuing to lose, have depleted essential nutrients to the point of a heart attack and organs begin to fail.

I finally find a new doc, as I have moved to a different state by this time. He did an endoscopy and saw I had a dialated esophagus and my band had been placed so tightly, it had nearly cut through my esophagus.

Had surgery to remove it and gained 50 lbs in two weeks! I was extremely swollen, on a bad diet and a year later, I am enormous again :(, but alive. I was going to have the sleeve, but my insurance wouldn't cover my dietitian visits in FL like they did in NE (same hmo).



by: Vicky

I had a gastric band in 2013, I vomit every day after I eat, I lost 8 stone, I had some fluid removed and gained 3 stone.

I had another small band fill, and have lost 20 pounds, I wish I had got the sleeve now.

Gastric bypass with lap band revision

by: Help me

I tightened my lap band in January. it has about 7ml but I’ve been having problems. I don’t have insurance and owe the doctors office about $2000 now. I can’t keep any food down for about 3 months I did weight 257 but now 240.

I can’t see the doctor to release the fluid cause I owe them. But I’m in so much pain I can’t eat anything. I have pain in my chest and left arm when I attempt to eat and the food feels stuck all the time.

Sometimes I cry cause of the pain right now I just want to take the fluid out myself but I have no needle. I can tolerate fluids but no food I seriously need help.

Was in same boat

by: Hazel

I had my band fitted 7 years ago and lost 10 stone in the first two years on my last band fill I reached 7.9 ml of fluid.

It felt uncomfortable to start but I thought maybe it just needed time after, I followed the rules, 1 week fluid, 1 week puree, 1 week soft then back to solids I struggled straight away from the start of fluids.

I had constant regurgitation, I would describe it as what a mother bird does for baby chick's eats swallows regurgitates. This was constant, my friends and family noticed a difference after a while I refused to eat with them I refused to go out to eat in fear of needing to go to the ladies room every 2 mins, I started to get weaker more tired I noticed a difference in my hair, nails, skin and teeth, no matter what vitamins and minerals I took I found myself starting to gain weight and became depressed.

I consulted with my doctors who just told me I wasn't following the routine properly, but I knew my body something wasn't right, I began to track my eating in relation to my menstrual cycle, I found that week one being the week before my period started I could eat relatively small amounts with very few regurgitation episodes as long as I was alone with no bra and it was food you were not worried would go cold which is limited. week 2. period week I would regurgitation anything my band felt like it was strangling my insides.

So add hunger pains to nausea, cramps, sleep deprivation and all the other symptoms of that dreaded week of the month. Week 3 was slightly the same but fluids would stay down and I would start to feel less tired until week 4 hit and ovulation began that's when things go bad to worse my entire body was one huge ache when I go to the doctors they tell me it's because I'm over weight!

Have you ever sat in the doctors office and wanted to scream NO SXXT SHERLOCK!!!
after 4yrs 15 pain medications i couldn't take, anti depressants, folic acid deficiency , vitamin D deficiency, hair thinning, teeth disintegrating, skin worse than a teenage boy, 32 and hating life the doctor referred me to a gastrologist which cancelled and rescheduled my appointment 4 times I decided to have my band removed I fought with my doctor and was referred back to my initial hospital for treatment within 3 weeks of my complaint...

Finally some action, they adjusted the band removed 1.9ml of fluid as there was no room for food nor fluid to pass and if you have tried that barium liquid regurgitating in the x-ray room not pretty...! but since I have found it a lot easier to eat small amounts, nothing to major I just passed the soft foods and started on solids and so far I have not had an episode.

My story is long and I'm grateful if you have taken the time to read even with my poor grammar and punctuation, but I really wanted to share my story. Ask yourself...

Is it all the time or at certain times?
Can you eat bad foods.. Cakes and biscuits, chocolate?
Are you struggling because you thought this would be easy, the pros were the only list you read when considering the surgery?
Was it medical necessity or vanity?
And finally is your being sick a fear your eating the wrong foods and your scared to lose weight so your blaming the band but really it's your fault its all in your head?

These are all the questions I asked myself daily, would I change my weight loss choice... NO. would I have spoken up during my band fill yes don't always agree with your doctor you can feel your body they can't you know how your body works and your band is now a part of it, don't feel they will reject your input they won't and if they do they are not very good at their job?

Again thank you for reading and posting your stories they have helped me many times knowing I'm not the only one I'm not alone in the struggle, I hope my story helps someone and if not at least I told it.

Same here

by: Lynne

Hi i suffer from not being able to keep even water down sometimes and keep been sick all the time. Started after surgery.

The co i used was a private co and have gone bust, the new company said they only took the rights of the co name nothing else and cant help me.

Gastric band

by: Anne

I've had my band for 1 year now every thing has been great until now I had a top up about 6 weeks ago.

Everything was great until last week i had teeth treatment and was on tremadol pain killers and could not eat for a week.

Now when i eat or drink, I hurt and I'm talking a sip of water or a teaspoon of water

What has happened? Help.

At rock bottom

by: Margaret

I had my band 12 years ago. Lost 7 stone then over a number of years crept up a bit but I was happy with that. Always sick quite a lot though.
Since April LAST YEAR I started unexplainingly losing weight. Meals no different to usual. Today I have lost a total of 4 stone 5 pounds !

HOWEVER I can’t eat but I am desperate as I can’t keep liquids down either. I feel sooooo thirsty and ill. I tried to get an appt with my consultant ( it is private but don’t know how I am going to afford it and it is a long way from home.) the soonest I can have is 12 October !!!

I have explained that I can’t keep liquids down but no one will help me get an urgent appt!

I am at rock bottom and starting to think that the pains I am getting ( occasionally ) may be my heart. No one listens.

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