The Realities of Weight Loss After Lap Band Surgery

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Beth (a patient from Virginia)

I got my band November 21, 2009. Pretty quickly I lost 30 pounds, and then it slowed down to where I had “only” lost 75 pounds by last spring, more than a year and-a-half later. Over the summer and fall, I regained 32 pounds of that. I was nearly to “onederland,” and poof, here I was with tighter pants and underwear again.

What went wrong?

Well, one of the realities of having a Lap-Band (and other bariatric surgeries, though I am not familiar with them) is that yes, you CAN re-gain weight. It’s one of those little secrets that few (if any) surgeons tell you. It is not only possible, if you’re not careful, it is also likely.

My weight gain came from stressors that hit during a very hard, hectic semester. I take full responsibility.

I went from exercising five to six days a week to zero, and I made horrible choices and radiated towards sliders (foods that are typically horrible for you that, ironically, slide the easiest through your band). I spent about 16 hours a day either at school, driving to and from school, or doing homework for school, so the most exercise I got on an average day was walking to my bathroom or kitchen. Granted, there was walking across campus, which started getting harder and harder as my body went back to sedentary mode and I gained that weight back.

You see, your band is a tool. I’ve met too many people online who were shocked to realize that they didn’t lose 100 pounds in six months. Not only does that rarely happen, but if you don’t eat right and exercise, you will lose slowly or not at all.

Additionally, the band isn’t meant to do all the work FOR you — it’s there to help you do what you still should be doing: eating well and exercising. The band is not a free-for-all which allows you to eat pizza and McDonalds every night (even in smaller portions) and lose all the weight you want.

I think that information gets lost in the excitement of doing something so drastic and permanent which we believe will be successful. Sometimes it is simply not relayed by your doctors.

And sometimes you may not want to hear it because you focus on the promise some doctors make that you can still eat whatever you want (barring things that WILL get stuck and give you problems). You CAN — but you may not be happy with your results, which leads you to not being happy with your band.

I have a friend who was on a wait list and was then bumped three days before surgery who was mentored by a lot of us who had been banded. She wanted her band, and I KNOW she listened to what we had to share; but it didn’t really hit until she had her band for six months and started experiencing the very things we warned her about. She said she went in with her eyes wide open but STILL felt as if she wasn’t prepared. She didn’t really “get” what we were saying until she experienced it herself.

I hate to alarm any of you, but there are a number of us who have become a tight-knit group of Lap-Band friends, and most of us are struggling in some form or fashion. Many have lost and are still less than they were pre-op, but then their progress stopped — though not at a number they are happy with. We chat every single day, have food and exercise logs to make ourselves accountable to each other, and recipe threads, and still I see everybody struggle.

The fact is, the problem was never IN our stomachs — it was somewhere else within us: Our heads, our hearts, our self-esteem maybe. The band only helps us accomplish the PHYSICAL part of whatever our problem is that got us fat in the first place. It can ONLY control how much food you put in your body; it does NOT choose WHAT you put in your body.

If I were to offer one bit of advice after everything I had to say here, it is to do whatever you need to take care of your head, your heart, or your self-esteem. Whatever got you fat did not get taken out when they put your band in. That issue is still there, and it WILL rear its ugly head somewhere during your journey if you’re not careful.

See a food counselor, see a psychiatrist, make sure you eat well, journal your feelings, journal your food, ensure you get some exercise in your routine, drink plenty of water, find a friend to buddy up with to share how you feel or to be your accountability partner — whatever you need to utilize your tool to its fullest extent.

You may even find that you might have to dump some friends. But that is another story. 🙂


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The Realities of Weight Loss After Lap Band Surgery

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee

Hi Beth, Your post is terrific. You really captured the essence of many of the issues related to issues of weight regain after Lap-Band surgery. Addressing emotional, psychological, and physical issues related to obesity is essential to good health of mind and body and long-term weight loss success with any weight loss surgery. In the absence of a healthy and balanced approach to eating and living after weight loss surgery, the weight will often return! An additional tool thats been shown to support long-term success of WLS patients is support from peers in a support group. Many people never really start attending support groups! A well run support/education group is critical and often not emphasized enough. Most Bariatric Surgeons/hospitals who perform WLS do hold some support groups. Also, I provide FREE online support groups as a supplement or in case someone is not able to attend their surgeons support groups.Best Regards,Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.


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Banded Plication

by: Joe

I had the lap band with gastric plication (a free add-on to my surgery as part of the study) on 12/26/2014.

My preoperative weight was 451 lbs.

I was a self-pay patient, investing $12,500 in the surgery.

One year post surgery, I now weigh 295.

4XL shirts and a 54" waist before the operation.

1XL shirt and 40" waist currently.I was at 285 before the holiday but became laxed in my diet over Christmas.

The ten pounds came on quite quickly.

I have not had a fill done since August but think I might need a slight tweak to get back on track.

I have only had two fill's since the operation.

One was much too tight and had to be released.

Very satisfied so far with my decision to get banded.

5 day pouch test

by: Kelly


I've never heard of the 5-day pouch test. What is it? I had my lap band put in on April 6, 2009. I went from 250lbs to 112lbs. People kept telling me I looked "too thin" and even that I "looked sick". Stupidly, I had my band loosened to get everybody off my case, even though I really felt fine. I was still eating, but I think it was just such a change from 250lbs. Anyway, I got up to 125 and maintained for a couple of years.

But this year I have gained 30lbs! I am not happy with myself at all and I am having a very difficult time getting it back off. I take a lot of medications that cause weight gain, but I have to take them. Does anyone have any suggestions to jump start my weight loss again? My Dr. does not want to tighten my band in fear that something could go wrong with it.

looking for some like minds

by: KJB

This morning I got on here to find some information if other people have had the same issues as I have. Weight gain after the band. I read all your stories and I am so inspired. I have been at a place lately that was my loves ever.

I had my lap band about 5 years ago. I had lost over 160 pounds I keep it off until about a year and a half ago. I was happy and working out. People treated me different and I was full of life. Then I started having trouble with my band. I got depressed and here came the eating and the guilt. Then the yoyo dieting, which we all know does not help. Skipping the gym, which I loved before it helped with so much.

All of this had affected my relationships with loved ones too. In love two months I am up to get a sleeve done. But I find myself not very motivated to do what I need to do before I get it done.

Can anyone help?

My Daughter

by: Anonymous

My Daughter had lap-band done a year ago. Well, about a week ago she could not eat or drink anything. The original surgeon said to wait for 7 days. I begged her to go to the ER to be checked.

They said if she would have waited she would have died. Well on Thursday she went and the foreign object needed to be removed SOON, an ambulance ride to another hospital later, and surgery to remove it and she is doing well. The band was cutting into her esophagus and stomach, this was life-threatening. I still have my daughter THANK GOD. 5 incisions to remove it and comments about it being placed horribly wrong.

I live 1200 miles away from her and feel helpless, my mom and aunt are with her again thank god, we have a great family.

This !

by: Anonymous

Thank you

lap band has a 5 years success rate

by: Anonymous

I had my band placed in April 2007. I lost slowly. I took 13 months to lose 76 lbs and I vomited every meal after only 3 or 4 bites of food. Then, in late 2011, I, all of a sudden, put on 10 lbs. Then menopause hit and I put on another 30.

Filling the band no longer worked and the daily vomiting had stretched my esophagus to the point it lost muscle tone. In 2012, the doctor that had placed the band passed away and a new doctor I went to told me the band only has a 5 years success rate. I asked about having a sleeve procedure and he told me he wouldn't guarantee I would lose any more weight and complication rates go up by leap and bounds for someone who already has a band. I had to remove some saline in an effort of getting muscle tone back in my esophagus.

Wish I would have kept my fat wardrobe, now.

What's Up with Lap Bands?

by: Dawn

Hello: I've had my lap-band since January 2007.

Like a lot of you, I lost 65 pounds when it seemed like the band stopped working (2 years ago).

I've gained back 45 pounds.

I decided to get a new doctor because my port had dislodged and I had no restriction.

The doctor who put it in talked to me as if it was my fault.

The new doctor just saw me a month ago and last Thursday I got a fluro-fill (a fill under x-ray).

She found that I was fully open (although I never found out why) and she had to fill it with 3.5cc.

That's a lot.

I now have restriction and I'm hoping I will start losing weight again.

I'm not looking to be a size 6, but I would like to lose the weight I gained.

I'm still not convinced that lap-bands are all their cracked up to be, but I need to work with what I've got.

Good Luck!


by: Anonymous

I did really well the first couple years after my surgery - It will be 7 years this November.

I do believe food is an addiction.

The lap band was my reminder to quit eating when I felt full. I depended on this tool to get me past the addiction.

Two years ago, I felt little to no restriction and I went back to my old ways.

Over 30 pounds gained and above a weight I said I would never be again.

Discouraged, disappointed, with no support from the Dr. In fact I don't plan to go back to see her knowing I will get lectured. How do we begin again? Where do we find the encouragement, the support and understanding? Yes, part of it is in my head. Where do we go to get whatever it is out of there!!

Is there Hope or am I hopeless


I had my surgery in 2013 I did really well the first year lost 89 pounds but last fall 2014 I let the stress of my job get to me, I got to where I did not want to eat or drink and did not want to exercise anymore and I have gained 30 pounds back, I want to know if there is hope and if so I do I get back to loosing. Thanks for letting me vent. Thank you all so much.

after my band

by: Anonymous

I have lost about 57 in 8 months is been hard but is my health and I have to finish this journey, for my grandchildren. I don't know why I'm stuck I do the same eat the same I get to the gym 5 times a week, now Iwant to know if this is it??? I only have about25 to 30 to get to my goal, help anyone


by: Anonymous

I have not been banded YET...however...I have researched and researched the procedure. I do find a common denominator between symptoms you will have and unsuccessful weight loss..etc..but the lack of weight loss stories always ends with some type of "I fell back into eating bad things and too much" ending.

What I believe in your comment to be way off base and quite an offensive declaration is "Whatever got you fat did not get taken out when your band was put in." How on earth can you know that about anyone? I for one am overweight, but being overweight is a newer thing for me as I was forced into surgically induced menopause via total hysterectomy at the age of 33. Before I was able to have children. It was then with the drastic metabolic change, drastic hormone changes, and being in the feeling of being in the body of someone twice my age.

So, what made me gain weight/become overweight IS because something was taken out and away from me. You should never make those type of statements and assumptions. Everyone's story is different. I was an athlete, USTA ranked tennis player...I have never had an addiction to food and I am not an emotional/perpetual overeater as you obviously are. My body worked against me, as I stated, I did have something..a big something..taken away from me.

I wish everyone would just let people be people and not assume everyone will or is just like YOU!!!!!!!

Chronic pain

by: Anonymous

After struggling with my weight for years I had lap band surgery in May 2012 at the age of 60.

I lost 20 pounds before surgery as my doctor recommended and with several set back from knee and hip surgery I was down from 257 to 195 in 2 1/2 years.

I tried to watch what I ate and exercised four times per week and had regular doctor visits, but it was slow going.

During the holidays I let myself go a little and gained back 5 pounds.

In January 2015 I further injured my back and knee causing terrible pain which prevented me from exercising.

I'm now up 10 pounds and am depressed and afraid that I will regain all the weight.

In the same boat

by: mrs_pic

Hi! I was banded in Dec. 2008.

It was a slow weight loss at first, but then, bam...the weight was coming off like I'd never experienced before.

I was not,however, healthy.

I had a really hard time with fainting, vomiting, etc.

I actually lost over 125 pounds.

Because of some of the issues I mentioned earlier, the surgeon ended up taking all the stuff out of the band.

I've gained over 60 pounds back.

It's a struggle for me each and every day.

I have a difficult time with getting my head on straight...and that's what it is.

I never did "see" the skinny me...and boy, do I ever hate what I see now.

Anyone out there think they can help me get back on track!

Lap-band Removal after Weight Gain

by: Dawn

Hello All! I got my lap-band in January of 2007.

I lost 75 pounds in all (not near my goal weight, but it was still good).

I was at my lowest weight in December of 2011 and it has just gone up from there.

I did everything right and the weight keeps rising.

My self esteem is not great because I really liked myself and felt like I could take on the world single handed after I had lost the weight.

I noticed how I could eat so much more than I used to and I talked to my surgeon about it.

He just kept handing me fliers regarding good eating habits.

That didn't do anything and after getting my last fill, I'm still able to eat 4 slices of pizza in a single sitting.

That doesn't sound like the band is doing its job.

I've done some research and I'm learning that when I got a lap-band it was all the rage.

Now the lap-band isn't considered the best weight loss surgery out there.

They've also improved the design since 2007.

I'm seriously considering getting my lap-band removed and going for the gastric sleeve.

I'm planning on talking with a surgeon later this month and we'll see what comes of it.


by: Easternshoregrl

I was 317 pre op in 2008. Sx Feb 2009. Hit Oneder land 2012 for a year.

Had a major GERD issue so my dr. took out 1ml. Gained 4lbs.6 months later, had a fill & started going to the gym 3X a week and biking 6-8 miles inbetween 2X a week. Gained 6lbs and was quite stressed disgusted and angry and worked out even harder. Didn't lose an ounce but also I was able to finish meals. Fall of 2014,I hurt my back and couldn't exercise (plus it got cold and couldn't bike) Gained 10lbs in 5 months. Got back to the gym for a few weeks, then was in a car accident last month and now I'm in physical therapy 3X a week for neck and back injury.

I am afraid to get on the scale.

Eating full meals, barely any restriction and also eating things I shouldn't be eating.emotional eating I call it but I'm an addict who is frustrated.

Going to see my Dr. tomorrow for a reality check. 318 to 194, last weighed myself 214.

A Band of Friends

by: Anonymous

I brought my tennis shoes to work with me and I am headed to the gym after I clock out. I need the support of others in the same place I am. I have got to lose this 40 pounds I have gained. I need to get my mind set back to the place where I believe I can do this. I believe I have an addiction, just like an alcoholic or a smoker. I did it once, I can do this again.

No results with lap band

by: Amanda

I had my surgery in October 2014 I lost 8lbs the first week after surgery from the liquid diet for the 1st week after, them another 8 lbs the second week from only been able to eat soft food..

I have not lost a single pound since.

I have completely changed the way I eat, no more soft drinks, sugar, butter, I have changed everything to fat free/ sugar free Or light.. I have made changes, I now walk 3 times a week & am also more active. My band is now up to 5cc & I still feel no restriction, I never did eat big portions so no difference in the amount I eat.. I have not lost 1lb since my 2 week after the surger & here we are almost 3 months after surger feeling no restriction, no difference in portion size that I eat. & hungry & he'll all the time because I'm not eating anything but no fat low fat I paid $17,500 for this lap band surger & I'm beyond humiliated when ask why didn't I get the band & the looks of shock on people's face when I tell them I did. I'm diabetic, & it was just getting out of Controle & not able to get it under control I started packing on the weight & my endocrinology did nothing to help other than tell me I needed to stop sitting on the couch eating candy all day.

My sugar was in the 300 range but was climbing higher buy the week, my thyroid was getting worse & I was blowing up to realize many months later my prescription dose my idiot dr had made a mistake on my prescription & went 6 months before I realized my dose was wrong Last year in December I had a massive hemriatic stroke & was not expected to live with the as high as my blood pressure was & my sugar level but 9 days later in critical ICU I made it. Month after for my check up & brain scan by neurosurgeon recommended to have the lap band done immediately because I needed to loose weigh, bring my blood pressure down & get my diabetes levels down. I'm a ticking stroke waiting to happen & I can't loose weight What do I do. I paid 17,500 for a procedure to get the weight off & it's not Why

not for me

by: Anonymous

after reading comments on gaining weight back, I realized it won't work long term for me either. I have a real eating problem. Its a psychological issue that surgery can't fix.


by: Anonymous

I feel like a xsmoker or alcholic. Just one cigarette, just one drink. That didnt hurt anything, just one more and then just another and another. Just one more bite. I dont feel full, just one more. Oh, that bite went down okay. How about just one more. Then before I knew it, 40 pounds of the 100 I lost is back. How do you get back on track? How can you get your mind and your stomach to once again agree to quit and walk away from the table?

gained back as well

by: Anonymous

In 2007 I had the lap band surgery, and did lose 80 pounds right after but it was not easy, not at all. I did gain back as you still have to watch what you eat and that is the problem. I need to go back to my healthy weight and place and therefore need to loose 20 pounds. It is sooo hard.


by: Anonymous

I had my lap band in 2007, my highest weight was 285, I lost 75 pounds after the band and never went back up to 285.

However, it is a daily struggle for me, never thought it would still be so difficult after the band.

I gained 25-30 pounds back and like to lose that again. I go to the gym 5 times a week, I try to eat healthy and mostly cook at home, maybe eating out 2 a month. I constantly think about how to lose the weight, and it is just like before, trying all the things out there, but I know mostly counting calories, sometimes I just give up and then eat all the chocolate in the world and after I feel awful for doing so.

Then I return to the regiment....... it is exhausting....... I really feel happy at 210 - even though it seems high for many, for me it is great and I look and feel good.

I never had any health issues as I do a lot of sports.

Gaining - lots of problems

by: Lisa

I had Lap-Band surgery in Jan 2008 and I lost 60 pounds but over the past few years I have gained all of it back.

I have had my band adjusted numerous times, both filling and letting out.

Right now I have a very hard time eating dense foods.

Can't eat steak, pasta, pork, bread, raw veggies, anything that is high in fiber.

Therefore I eat mostly slider foods.

I have suffered from malnutrition of certain things such as calcium levels and iron anemia.

The lack of calcium has caused my teeth to deteriorate and I now have a very hard time chewing things enough to go down easily.

My Dr wants to take out band and do sleeve.

I have EXTREMELY bad knees and need them both replaced.

I walk with a cane at times because the pain is so bad.

I really don't know what to do.

I'm just totally confused. :-(


by: Anonymous

I also was shocked with my weight I gained 2 pounds and i freaked out I was ill a week or so and didnt watch what i was eating your comments have really helped me get back on track I didnt get a flll my last visit but i feel i need one to remind me to keep that food journal and remember that this is only a tool thanks again

Banded and gaining

by: Anonymous

So grate ful to know I am not alone! I was banded February 21, 2011 and lost 90 pounds over the course of about 18 months.

Recently I have regained 14 pounds.

I could blame it on life stressors, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sons wedding, gravely ill father, self destructive behavior of one brother etc., but I know what the real reason is... I am totally addicted to sugar. I have been sober for over 25 years, so I know I have plenty of will power; however, I find my addiction to sugar is more poisonous to my soul than alcohol ever was. I admit I am powerless over sugar, I must let go.

But I won't because I am so deep in denial. I need a sugar addict meeting. I see it, I hear it, I know it, but I won't let go. Argh it is so frustrating.

Weight gain after lap band surgery

by: Debbie

I, too, am a member in good standing of those who have gained weight after lap band surgery.

I was banded Dec 2009 and had great success until about a year to year and a half ago.

I started out at 330 pounds and actually for a brief period of time, got to 167.

I was very sick then; I wasn't keeping food down, became severely dehydrated, etc. I couldn't keep even water down.

They ended taking stuff out of the band. Now I have little if anything in the band.

My last dr. visit was in Mar of 2013.

They suggested perhaps gastric bypass which my reply was NO.

I agree with the author of this original post; I think there's something going on with me.

I just don't know what.

I HATE the way I look and feel right now.

I just don't know where to turn to next.

If anyone wants to keep in touch to work together to get the weight off, let me know.

I do know that I'm not exercising nearly enough now.

I will begin teaching again in a couple of weeks, which will allow me less time to do that; I just need to make time for it~no excuses! Anyone with help or advice, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Back to fat

by: Anonymous

I had lapband surgery Sept 2008 and by the summer of 2009 i was done 122 lbs at 150 and a size 8/10...i loved it and admittedly didnt do much exercising. I got addicted to still being able to eat what i pretty much wanted and STILL lose weight quickly ( who doesn 't enjoy that) but I steadily started gaining weight towards the end of the summer of 2012. I kept telling myself a fill would cure but I didn't realize was that I was overfilled and steadily stretching my stomach. I knew I could eat more but it really did sneak up on me. I took the band for granted and I feel soooo stupid and now events that I was looking forward to showing off my slimmer figure ( like my 20th class reunion coming up next month), I'm panicking bc Its like I never lost the weight. I have started "wogging" walking and jogging and i enjoy it but my shame, boredom, and sadness still leads me back to food.

I do feel better knowing orhers are experiencing the same but i still feel like a failure and fear that I will never get it!!!

Me too

by: Tina

I had the lap band 7 years ago I lost 50 pounds but have gained back all but 10. I was vomiting constantly with small amounts of food once the lap band was adjusted I was never able to loose weight. I too feel like a failure but I agree with Dee just having others share makes me feel I am not alone Thank you.


by: Dee

I am so grateful to find this discussion. I lost 112 pounds and kept 95 off four years. My band slipped and I had to have it drained so it could return to the proper position.I regained 50 pounds in about a year and feel sluggish, fat and frustrated. My PA told me they wouldn't recommend the band for a person like me now, after all their experiences with it.

I have had the band refilled again, but have yet to lose a pound.

I would so much like to get back to my lowest weight and feel good again! I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one who has had problems like this. Thank you everyone for sharing!

You Go Amanda

by: Harley Diva

You go Amanda. I agree with your response completely!

behaviour modification -

by: Anonymous

I lost 90 pounds by exercising my butt off and making a complete life change.

Its not rocket science.

you have to make a life change, you can still get fat again if you continue to eat and behave the same way after the surgery.

you ALL know this.

so why allow your body to be opened and modified in an unnatural way?choose food like it were fuel for a car.

make everything you put in your mouth count.I am 55 MINUS 90 POUNDS and maintained the same weight for 12 years and have a body fat of 18 percent with all kinds of muscle - I do weight training and power walk and do sprints.

In the beginning I couldn't do a single sit up or walk a block without losing my breath.

Now I look 36 and I feel 19 and my doctors are amazed when I go for checkups. I have absolutely no health issues. I am also a vegetarian and take vitamins and health supplements.

I'm not a special case.

I workout and care about what I eat.

and take special care to NOT EVER EAT PROCESSED foods.

this includes all the diet stuff they sell on the market.

you are a sucker if you think they have anything special to make you lose weight, they don't have anything that isn't accessible to you at a grocery store.

If you can control you weight with normal healthy foods, portion control, and get up off the couch and from behind the computer and do some strenuous exercise, I'm talking sweating your butt off, If you aren't sweaty when you finish exercising, you didn't do it right.

If you do all these you will lose weight, keep it off and be healthy not just thinner.

surgery to lose weight lipo etc is not taking charge of your own life/body and choices.


Can u start eating to much?

by: Anonymous

I had mine done in Sept. 2008. I lost a total of 130 but had since gained about 15lbs back. My pant size has not gained, but it feels like my stomach area has gained some. Also, I think that I have been eating more than I used to.

Even though I sometimes do not keep it down. I feel like I have gained since my head has been bursting for about 3wks straight cause of an auto accident - having head trauma. It is like my head hurts and I eat a bit to get rid of the pain but then I may not keep the food down. Can my head trauma be the cause of this weight gain that I'm feeling?

Please help I love my size for me. :(

Pounds Slowly Creeping Up

by: Elle

I was banded in May 2009.

My heaviest was 356, and I got down to 268 in about 9 months with the band.

I maintained that loss until about six months ago, when the pounds started creeping back on. An adjustment is not the answer, because food still gets stuck if I take too big a bite, and the band still gets tight around 'that time of the month'. I am seriously thinking above band removal and getting the gastric sleeve.

Had I known about the sleeve, I would have had it as the original surgery.

I was in denial about the portion sizes I had been eating pre-surgery.

Post surgery just looking at a platter full of food or a buffet would make me physically ill.

Now...I can fill a plate again, and slowly work my way through the full meal.I realize that I don't eat because I am hungry.

I eat to fulfill other things.

Like boredom.

Food has been a comfortable friend that I could always rely on to make me feel better.

I still need to change that relationship!!! The writer of this post is SO RIGHT! We have to deal with the REAL ISSUE that is causing us to eat the wrong things! I know that I need protein, veggies, and water.

But I eat cheetos puffs by the bagful, and hot chocolate chip cookies.

Those items always go down. Always.

I need to get back to basics.

Broken band, Broken spirit

by: Anonymous

I was banded in October 2008.

So excited! Then, I started going in for fills.

I went in over and over, each time still so hungry afterwards.

Over a year later, I was told my band couldn't get any more saline, it wasn't safe.

The PA decided to order my records from the facility and found that I had a 14cc band, not a 10cc band that females usually get.

Once they knew they could put more in, I finally hit restriction in November of 2009! I received even better news on Christmas eve... it was confirmed that I was pregnant.

I was overjoyed! ...until the morning sickness, and my band tightening due to the additional swelling.

The pressure closed up my band, I couldn't even swallow yogurt.

I asked them to remove 2cc from my band to make sure that I had a big enough opening to take me through the pregnancy as the baby grew.

I had only lost 55lbs, and without my band helping me, but I knew my band would be there for me once I was done with having a baby.

I went in 4 months post delivery, and wasn't able to do flouoscopy as I was nursing.

They only gave me 1cc because of possible body changes.

NO ONE TOLD ME that my band was missing fluid.

I should have had 8.4 cc's of fluid, but it was down to seven.

That was the last week of December 2010.

I couldn't afford the fills or time away from work, so I waited until I was done nursing to return.

When I went back in May, I told them 1cc should get me where I needed to be.

I was told at that time I only had 5.4 in my band, and at the prior visit the year before I only had 7.

I was shocked. They gave me 2cc more and ordered me to return.

Went back two weeks later and I was back to 5cc.

I met with the surgeon to discuss removal, and he thinks that the band needs to come out and I need a DS because I can't lose weight with a band or sleeve.

Like this is my fault.

I didn't see him ONCE in the year I was hungry. I never saw him, he just looks at numbers in my chart and decides that I'm a combo band failure/patient failure situation.

His only saving grace that keeps me going back is his low mortality and low complication rate.

I never felt like I was a worthless fat person until I met with him after the band was broken.

Gained back 20 lbs....HELP!


I had my Lap Band on March 3,2010.

I lost 50 lbs and was so motivated and excited.

I was going to the gym 3 times a week and felt great.

I then had a lot of stress including work and personal issues and started to slack off at the gym.

The weight started to gradually sneak back on.

I then had a knee injury which then the weight gain continued.

I have gained a total of 18 lbs back and am very frustrated.

I am not really watching what I eat like I did and and am a stress eater.

I still have 55 lbs to get to my goal.

My knee is healing slowly and am looking forward to getting back to the gym.

My advice to others that have gone through the same thing is to get whatever help you need to keep on target.

I have tried it all but the only thing that really works is watching your diet and exercise.

all my own fault

by: gordana

I had my surgery 14 months ago and at the 12 month mark had lost a very impressive 52kg - that's about 110 pounds.

I was finally able to walk into stores that stocked regular size clothing my husband was over the moon and i was looking and feeling great. I hired a maid and started lunching with friends and spending a lot of time being sociable, and who doesn't love a great mochaccino? Well, I have put about 10 pounds back on. I never realised house work was such a great workout. My new clothes are starting to be a bit uncomfortable and everyone is commenting. I find I can eat normal sized meals. I'm not sure if all I need is another adjustment or if I should do the 5 day pouch test. I really don't want all my hard work to go to waste.It was not easy - as you would all know - to get to this point.

I dropped from 137kg to 85kg and never want to go back, but my head is forever thinking about food and its always the wrong food. I got to a point about 6 mths after surgery were food was the last thing on my mind how do I get back there? HELP!


by: Maggie

I lap banded in August 2009, Lost 65 lbs very fast - never lost the last 40.I was 245 lbs and went down to 180. But I held onto my original loss for 18 months.

Then this summer I had knee replacement surgery and slowly gained 30lbs during the rehab period.

Why? I have trouble digesting meat fiber protein and had to learn to live with the band but started to use carbs that go down easy and not exercise.

The band is a tool and can be useful.

You have to learn how to use it and move!!! This is tough. I am now on a 1200 calorie diet and walk 1 mile a day and utilize protein first in my meals and foods that work with the band.

I think a big part is the followup and support from the bariatric group.

It was really not useful or constant.

I'm sorry

by: Beth

Omg, Tim, I'm sorry to hear that! Regardless of how dumb I've been, I've always maintained a weight lower than I was at my highest.

I'm very thankful for that.

But yes, to have gone through a surgery like we have, only to gain back nearly half of what I lost was pretty sad.

I'm sorry to hear you gained back almost double! WOW! Did you not have restriction, or were you just making bad choices? I'm thankful that, with hard work, exercise, and even a "diet," I'm within five pounds of my lowest banded weight.

I began at 290 and had gotten down to 215.

I then gained back to 245.

I am now 221 as of this morning and hoping to bypass my 215 "marker" in the near future.

gained lots of weight

by: tim

After my lap band I quickly lost close to 100 pounds, was much healthier, etc.

Then without really knowing it or just being stupid or taking it for granted, I slowly but quickly gained the 100 back plus another 80.

So I started out at 313, got down to 213, and now I'm 380 or so... I was shocked to get on scale.

I had the band removed at about 280 pounds.

I miss the brief period of time when I was much healthier and people treated me with a lot more respect.

I feel completely stupid and wish someone would have given me an intervention or something.

Getting reinflated, good idea or bad?

by: Charisma

I got banded in July of 2007, I was suffering from major depression and in no way ready for such an undertaking. I lost 40 lbs pretty quickly, but I couldn't give up the bread and pasta that I wasn't supposed to have, and that November my band slipped and I had to have emergency surgery, after that I had it deflated and went back to my normal ways.

Needless to say, I gained the 40 lbs back and now have an extra 40 weighing me down on top of it. I am the fattest I've ever been and miserable about it. I am in a much better place mentally and emotionally and have been doing a clean eating diet for a couple weeks that I've seen a small amount of success on, a whole 5 lbs, but I am always hungry, so even though I'm eating healthy, I'm eating a lot.

I called my old surgeon and have an appointment scheduled for two weeks from today to see if I can be reinflated. I'm just really nervous, I'm afraid I might be making a mistake. I'm afraid even inflated I won't lose the weight I need. I'm not looking for a miracle anymore, I know I'll never get down to my dream weight of 160, but if I could lose 100 lbs and at least be under 225, I would be happy.

Long post, sorry, not even sure why I'm making it, I guess I just hope I'm not making another mistake.

Total Agreement

by: Ms. E

I just wanted to say ditto to the blog I just read!

I got my band several years ago. I lost weight initially, but when I started slipping back into old habits, the weight came back with a vengeance. I had to wake up and take responsibility for my weight, not blame the Band, the doctors, or anyone else. What I do or not do is my responsibility.

I'm honoring my body now with exercise, and drinking plenty of water. I'm also more conscious of what I put in my mouth. I make better choices.

Thank you to the person who wrote so passionately that I had to respond! Be encouraged those of you have gotten a band or considering one. The Band is not the miracle worker, but it is a tool you can learn to use as a tremendous help! Be intentional, be successful.

Blessings to all!

Gained weight after lap band

by: Lindy

My story is like so many here. In December of 2009 I had the lap band surgery and I lost a total of 70 lbs. I didn't make it to goal but was 29 pounds away. I felt good & of course the self-esteem was so much better. I had an awful surgeon who is well known for his bad bedside manner. He literally scolds people that begin to add some weight. He was so arrogant and demeaning that I didn't do follow ups after the third year. I didn't cry in front of him because I wasn't about to give him any satisfaction. Just didn't go back.

Every single day I think about my weight and how I wish I was back at the weight I was then. I have regained all but 21 lbs. I am the apple shape so everything goes to my stomach & I feel like I look pregnant.

I would not do it again knowing now that there is some issue within myself that makes me turn to food for comfort. At one point I did think about getting the sleeve but decided I would not have any other surgery. My dilemma now is if I shouldn't just have it taken out. There is no saline in it and I would like to have it out but really don't want to go through that surgery. I am now 60 and getting a bit Leary of any unnecessary surgery.

Glad I found the site and will keep reading. Best of luck to all.



I had my lap-band in 2008 because my Dr. suggested this would be the best surgery for me. I originally was going for gastric bypass & wish I would have stuck with that. I started at 213 pounds & only got down to 187. Nothing else.

My goal for my age & height was to get to 140. That never happened. I never had that full sensation they say you should have & endlessly went in for fill after fill. I told the Dr. I never felt full. Instead of listening he just sent me on my way.

My insurance didn't cover these type of surgeries so I self-paid. $12,000 later & I am the heaviest I've been 230 pounds. My disappointment doesn't even express how discouraged I am.

I would never suggest the Lap-band to anyone. Especially after seeing my Dr last year having to pay $150 for office visit plus the band fill that still never worked. My Dr said that some people have success but most don't. Well, thanks for telling me this now. Especially when he was the one who suggested it became felt I would have huge success on getting to my goal weight easily. Never happened.

My husband feels I should just have it removed & it's been something I'm thinking of but I would have to pay out of pocket for this too unless I complain & can get my insurance to cover it as medical & say I'm having problems with my stomach or something. For anyone thinking of having a lap-band please rethink & do lots of research.

Glad I found this group board & others in the same mess I'm in. Biggest mistake I ever made.

yes good point

by: trish

I agree, I don't think people realize the band doesn't fix what you put in your brain for years.

Being 48 I struggled with and was stubborn about taking anti-depressant meds. I had a great relationship for the first time in my life with a wonderful man but was still behaving like a fat miserable person.

I said to myself it was time and started meds, with that and the band I feel like I am good. Might not work for everyone but is working for me. I am taking a combination of Wellbutrin and Vyvanse, like I said not for everyone, but just wanted to share.

Really, Starving a Hungry Person

by: John

Obesity is caused by poor nutrition. We crave minerals and a mineral-poor diet isn't satisfying, even if it is tofu and bean sprouts. Forcing a person to heal after surgery increases this nutrition vacuum. It is a miracle that any weight is lost after this surgery.

We digest food in this order carbohydrate, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and last minerals. Any disruption to digestion stops the process and flushes the system. Most of the time what few minerals make it into our food leave with our food because we stopped our digestion with some habit that lowers our stomach acid.

One last caveat, most carbohydrates contain phytic acid an anti-nutrient that binds to minerals keeping them from digesting. So, eating carbs when you don't need to and with other food is a good way to get fat.

11 Years in...

by: Katherine

I got the lap band in 2006, I was 18 and 330 lbs. Fast forward to 2017, I'm 29 & 155 lbs and I've had two kids. However, for the last couple of months I've been struggling. The band slipped & I have gained 15 pounds. I have a balanced diet, I am just eating more than the band allowed. I get very hungry and I know it's more of a mental battle than anything. I haven't been able to speak to anyone about it because people just don't understand. Thank you all for posting. This is helpful.

Lap Bans

by: Yvette

I had my lap band 3/2013... loved it... lost 80lbs the first 8 months. Met my goal weight even exceeded it.

I LOVED it..I miss 2017 had a slip so bad it had to be emergency removed. My stomach was to scared to save the band so I now have to wait a year before I can get it again. Problem is I'm gaining weight like crazy...

Considering a Gastric Sleeve. So I'm keeping up with this blog so I can get some thoughts. Glad I found y'all.


by: Teacher in Texas

I had my band placed in 2008 after having previously undergone a hysterectomy for uterine cancer in 2007. Scared to death by my oncologist who said, "Cancer loves fat," I tried unsuccessfully to lose the extra 60 lbs. I was carrying on my 5'1" frame, so I went for the band without hesitation.

I went from 170 to 115 in about 11 months. It was a joy to go back to the same store over and over again to purchase first a 14, then 12, then 10, then 8, then 6, then petite small size of pants. Yes, I vomit (I call it "spit up" since it really does stay long in my stomach) when I eat fast, especially at restaurants.

I try to avoid this "pressured eating" by ordering soups and softer dishes when I go out. At home, I spread my meal over an hour or more going in and out of the kitchen and "grazing." I eat everything I desire, especially fried seafood, baked potatoes, pasta, tres leches and cheesecake; I even drink a Coke a day.

I do not, however, crave things that could be non-compatible for the band. I do not enjoy thick bread or pizza anymore; I never eat red meat. Moreover, when I exercise or walk for extreme hours, I will often develop a temporary stitch in my left side which disappears after a night's sleep. I have had two fills over the last 10 years and remain between 107 and 115.

Every day I am grateful for having a successful banding. I do believe it is because I carefully selected a surgeon, Dr. Ganta from Austin, who had a solid reputation across the medical community. My daughter preceded me in having a band by Dr. Ganta at the age of 19. She went from 203 to 120 within 15 months and has stayed there easily with 3 fills over 10 years.

Again, we eat whatever we want, but we only eat about 1/2 or even 1/3 of the proportions we used to eat. We don't think about food all the time as we did before the banding; our aches and pains have left us. We are healthy and happy.


by: Brenda

I had lap band in 2010 it took a long time to loose 86 lbs but that was my choice. I have had my band filled as much as I can and I maintained my weight now for maybe 3 years. My question is , I would like to lose 20 more lbs and I am not sure how to go about it.

I am disabled with a severe spine injury and exercise is pretty much non existent. I am still eating very small amounts . For example if I were to have a sandwich I would only be able to eat maybe a quarter of it and then I would be finished.

Other than making better choices of what I eat, I'm not sure how to lose this weigh. Can anyone give me some advice. Please keep in mind that meat, bread, pasta and rice I have much difficulty keeping down.

In regards to ‘Wrong’...


BS. The article is honest. I’ve had my band for other 10 years, lost over 100 lbs and now after having the fluid removed from my band have gained 30 lbs back in under two months.

Maybe you were an athlete and hormones (natural or therapy) led to weight gain... the band won’t fix that. The band is to prevent people from overeating... so if your weight gain is from a slow metabolism vs over eating, it’s not going to help you.

This article was dead on for myself, and every other person I know with a band, sleeve, etc. Don’t get offended that people assume you have an eating problem if you’re getting a band, it’s what it’s purpose is - to prevent overeating. Now I’m struggling with an unsupportive partner, he prefers me fat. When I was losing weight uncontrollably I complained, I was afraid. Now that I’m gaining at such a fast rate, I’m complaining about that, I’m uncomfortable, my clothes don’t fit.

I’m pissed off at myself. Today I heard he’ll be happy if I’m ever in a place to just be happy, yeah me too, buddy.

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