Struggling with Sweets After Weight Loss Surgery

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My biggest struggle 3 years after weight loss surgery is avoiding sweets. I can’t stop eating sweets. I eat candy, cookies, cake and ice cream. I eat a small portion one scoop, bit size candy or one cookie.

I’m female 5′ 7″ previous weight 247 current 168 my lost weight was 160 almost a year ago. I had weight loss surgery 12/17/12.

The issue I have before one small portion was satisfying now I find myself wanting more. I work two jobs and to stay awake in my head I think I need to eat candy. I walk around 14,000 steps daily and I honestly think that is one reason I have not gain too much weight.

The other issue I have is that I’m never hungry in the morning. I have to force myself to eat but after 3pm I get hungry. I work in a fast pace workplace and I only get 30 minutes lunch break by the time I finish eating I don’t have time to drink. I don’t get enough liquids because I just never get thirsty.

Does anyone outer have the same sweet issues and what are you doing to control it?

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sweets are my weakness too...

by: Anonymous

I am 15 months post duodenal switch surgery and sweets have always been my weakness as well. Seems like in the past few months, they are overwhelmingly growing. I can't saturate my cravings and almost binge sometimes. No idea how to stop the cravings...

Sweets are my downfall also..

by: Jessica

I have always known that I have a super sweet tooth. I thought that having surgery would take it away. Wow was I wrong about that. In the first couple of years after surgery, I was doing okay, but it seems that lately I find myself reaching for a cookie or cupcake, I am a baker starting my own business and I always am making cupcakes. I don't know how to get back to where I am okay without the sweets. I never thought that life after surgery would be this hard!!!

sweets and salty foods are my weakness......

by: wendy

I am 8 months post sleeve surgery and I have only lost 30 lbs. 2 months after surgery I changed jobs and insurance. I had to go to a month of training for my new job which I got off track with my diet. since everyone I work with now loves to eat I have gained back about 10lbs and I am so mad at myself. I'm trying to get back on track but its been really hard. I'm going to try a pouch reset to see if that will get me back on track.

Need to get back in track

by: Chris

I'm 6 years post gastric bypass surgery. I've recently regained over 50 lbs. I'm not hungry in am and usually only drink coffee (black, one sugar) all day I try and eat small portions at meals but can't resist snacks after dinner.

always seem to be hungry

by: susan

I am 3 years post gastric sleeve. I have lost all the weight I wanted to lose (260 to 140). I now find myself regaining, now at 151. Do not want to keep regaining but seen to be hungry all the time.

Drink the protein shakes in the morning and eat a lite lunch but come dinner time I am so very hungry. What can I do to prevent over eating?

I completely understand.

by: Jeremy

My downfall is ice cream - so much so that I wrote a blog post of my own about it. We need to constantly remind ourselves that the surgery is not the cure. The surgery enabled us to get into a position to build new habits. In most cases, I've been successful. In this particular case, not so much. Good luck (and stronger willpower) to us all!

- Jeremy


by: Heather

I had surgery nov 2013. I was doing great at first but I too want sweets all the time!

I failed my surgery.

by: Jax777

I think surgery (VSG) only help me lose 30 lbs. I feel like such a failure. I eat the wrong foods and I'm slowly gaining all my weight back.

How do I reset myself? I am so ashamed. At work everyone knows about my surgery. They don't say anything to me but I am sure they talk of me. Depression is setting in. Help!


by: Lab Dragon

Interestingly enough, Sweets were never a problem pre surgery, my issue was the salty chips and deep fried foods. My weight at time of surgery in 2014 was 321, my goal weight 165. This last 6 months, the sugar cravings are nearly insatiable.

I am not sure why this happens, but I found myself up 10 pounds this morning. If anyone has a solution or reason, I would love to know.


by: Nicole

I'm 1 year and 7 months post op. If I could eat sweets and drink coffee all day I would. My body is craving it more and more. I started at 430 and currently at 320s I'm also 6 foot and larger frame. So this weight looks great on me just want to get down a little more. Trying to get as close to 220 as possible without looking sick. Any possible thing I could try to reduce my cravings?

Sugar cravings

by: Dee

I had the Gastric Bypass Surgery in 2011 and I lost 100 pounds and I have gained 70 pounds back within last 3 years! I am so hurt and disappointed in myself and I know it is because of my sugar cravings for drinks, cookies and the occasional krispy kreme donut every now and then. What can I do to kick the habit?

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