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Molly (a patient from Hoiday, Florida USA)

After long consideration and for various reasons, I opted to have gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. It was mid-November of 2011, and I had just turned 61 years old. I was obese, of course, but otherwise in reasonably good health, with the exception of a bad heart valve.

Nevertheless, my Cardiologist gave me the “go ahead”, so off I went. Skip the drama of the first months and the stuff everyone already knows they can expect.

This is my final result…

Today it is mid-March of 2013. It has been about 16 months since the surgery. I am 5’8″ inches tall, and at my peak weight, I tipped the scales at 240. I wore a 3X top and up to a 22W jeans. I was FAT, rolls around my middle, even my arms and legs were fat (I got that way over 10 years after a failed back surgery, but that’s beside the point). I wore a 44 DDD bra and size 10 panties.

Just rising from a seated position was difficult, getting up from sitting on the floor needed assistance, and I was short of breath from the slightest exertion. I felt horrible, ugly, distorted, disgusting and truly suffered from self-loathing about my condition (I have always been a vain woman).

My long time boyfriend, who is younger than I, never once insulted me about my weight, but I know he didn’t like it. I was thin when I met him, and he watched me turn into an unhappy, unhealthy person who didn’t want to be touched, AT ALL. Yet, he hung in there with me and was concerned yet supportive of me having the surgery.

Today: I weigh 149 pounds. I’ve dropped close to a hundred pounds.

I wear a size XL top and size 8 jeans! My panty size is down to a 6. My bra size has dropped to 40 D and the cups are actually loose! And, they are perky now! (I love that) Even my shoes are a half size smaller now.

My stomach is flat and for the first time in over a decade, I can tuck in my shirt and wear cute belts. I am able to wear super high-heels again, and I love shopping for and wearing high fashion. I never leave the house any more without dressing up, simply because I enjoy it so much!

I get compliments from total strangers all the time, people say things like, “You look so nice, Ma’am” and “How do you keep your figure so slim?”

I am the first one to admit that I had the surgery. I recommend it to anyone who fails chronically at dieting.

You don’t have to live fat. It’s a wonderful life when you love the way you look. My outlook and demeanor are so positive now. And I no longer mind being touched. I have nothing to be ashamed of anymore!

I must add that being fat for any length of time makes changes to your body that don’t just go away because you lose weight. For example, my lower abdomen has a moderate amount of loose, empty skin. It sort of looks like I’ve had multiple pregnancies, when in fact, I’ve had none.

If I decide to have a tummy tuck, I believe I will drop down to a size 6. I can wear a two piece bathing suit, but the bottoms have to be nearly waist high to cover the excess skin. But, that can easily be remedied.

My upper arms are also rather wrinkled now, but it doesn’t stop me from wearing sleeveless tops. (I live in Florida, it’s a necessity!) And I will choose a longer shorts length, like Bermuda or Capri length, because my upper thighs aren’t exactly taut. But, considering my age, I don’t think it’s out of line with the way most women’s bodies are.

My point is that IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to make the change in your life. If I can do it in my 60s, then anyone can. I would love to be able to add some pictures, of me before and after, but I always hid from the camera, and if somebody did manage to take a photo of me when I was fat, I would destroy it. I wanted to be invisible at that weight.

For your own sake, please don’t hesitate to have the surgery done. Anyone can manage the ridiculously low price they charge in Mexico, if you’re really serious about losing. They will even finance the surgery, so there are no excuses.

The journey is difficult, no doubt about it, but the joy of good health is worth it. Get going!

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Thanks for sharing

by: Gwen

I read your post and it encouraged me. Our stories are so similar. Height, pre-surgery weight, and age. I was thinking maybe I waited too long? Not anymore. After reading your post I feel that I want a chance to do some of the things I use to do without this excess weight.

I will be having surgery in the next 27 days and I'm not only hopeful but excited too. Your post made me realize that my dream is a possibility. Thanks for sharing.

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