Post-op bariatric weight gain (after gastric bypass surgery)

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Tristan (a patient from USA)

I had the laparoscopic gastric bypass when I was 38. I lost about 190 pounds in just a little over a year’s time! I have been mainly eating proteins and kept the same weight of 165 pounds for about a year.

The problem is that I reached 3 years post-op and I began to gain some weight back… about 20 pounds in six months time. I don’t really know why, since I eat mostly proteins AND I exercise. I guess it’s because I am able to eat more and perhaps my body is absorbing certain things instead of discarding them. Perhaps there is some water weight gain? Some muscle? Not sure. And I don’t know why it goes up and down about 4 pounds.

All I want is to drop ten pounds! I eat very little bread in my diet. I don’t drink coffee or tea at all. I cut back on the skim milk since milk has too much sugar in it. I don’t do fast food or candy bars or ice cream or desserts. My diet is ice water, raw vegetables, low fat cottage cheese, oysters, tuna, salad, nuts, seltzer, lean meat, nonfat no sugar added yogurt. Sometimes I eat hard cheese or some wheat bread but only about once a week.

I walk 1-3 miles a day and I do aerobics every other day for about 15 minutes. I am disabled, so I cannot endure a rigorous workout. I am unable to run or jog. I walk and I do the best I can with tae bo at home.

I increased my water intake and I lose no more than 4 lbs. Then in 2 weeks those 4 lbs return. It is stressful!! I wake up and my weight is the FIRST thing on my mind! It makes no sense since I am still wearing the same clothes and people say I look skinny and they see no weight gain.

MY plan is to simply return to what my surgeon originally told me to do right after I had surgery: Have only clear liquids for nearly 2 weeks. Then I will move on to soft foods like cream soups, poached eggs, sugar free pudding… I heard that someone else went through this and he lost about 20 lbs. So that’s my plan of action. Hope this helps me and anyone else reading this and looking for ideas!

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3 years postop gastric sleeve

by: Anonymous

I read your concerns and yes, you will gain back your weight if you return to old habits. If I followed your daily examples I would be 20 lbs. lighter.

I found out now to NEVER EAT BREAD BUT ONCE A MONTH, KICK THE COFFEE AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETERS COMPLETELY, NO ICE CREAM IN THE SUMMERS. It is true to clear liquid fast for two weeks to cleanse and you will see a big change of course, but will appreciate it.

Is it hard to do this of course, but it is worth it.

Weight seems to come back in the mid section first so this is a great way to lose it again and to gain control. I prayed my way throughout this process as I did before the surgery.

Hope this honesty helps someone.

Fluid only diet before surgery

by: Lonicera The Bandit

Sorry, I've only just seen your query.

Surgeons expect you to go on a liquid only diet before surgery.

They tell you it's because a quick drop in weight, though normally not recommended, has the useful effect of shrinking your liver, which means that laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery is made easier for the surgeon.

Less maneuvering round your organs.It's also not advisable to present yourself for surgery with your stomach and intestines crammed end to end with last minute binge food.

Anesthesia causes nausea as you come out of it, and believe me you don't want anything for the nausea to work on! There is a psychological dimension too - it prepares you mentally for what is to come.

You won't have to crash diet any more, but after surgery you have to really take it easy and drink liquids until your insides heal.

A run-up to surgery with mainly liquids is a great help here.Finally, it's a gesture of faith, demonstrating to yourself that this time you mean business.

Does this help?Lonicera The Bandit

two weeks b4 band removal surgery

by: Theresa

Why do I need to drink only liquids prior to band removal? Anyone have the answer? I asked the nurse but she did not have a straight answer. I have had bleeding ulcer in my stomach and need to get the band out asap. T

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