Non-Scale Victories for Bariatric Surgery Patients

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I personally founded ‘Scale Whores Anonymous’ (we’re all about weighing yourself more, not less I could dazzle you with my WL spreadsheets, but that’s another blog), but as much as we celebrate those new lows on the scale we need to find other things to celebrate along our journey… it helps so much to keep things positive.

In the Weight Loss world, we call these ‘Non-Scale Victories’ or ‘NSV’s”. When the scale isn’t moving or you’ve had a long plateau, it’s a great thing to find some good news to celebrate. You have to be ‘aware’ (my mantra on my journey) though, to even find/see the good news and you have to be deliberate in choosing to celebrate them it’s a choice to be positive. Pay attention to the other small victories in your journey and you’ll keep the journey positive ESPECIALLY when the scale isn’t moving. Let’s look at some examples of NSV’s:

– Measurements: The first, and most important one, is to keep track of your body measurements along the way. It’s great to see that you’re still losing inches even when the weight isn’t moving.

– Photos: Learn to be a Diva. Get lots of pics of yourself along the way so you can really compare the changes. Looking back is a great way to see and appreciate how far you’ve come.

– Compliments: Start learning how to take them graciously and don’t deflect them because you’ll be getting more!

– Treatment from others: We obese often are invisible to others that all changes with weight loss. Be ‘aware’ of the small changes.

– Sizes: When you’re not losing weight, it’s time to go shopping and treat yourself to something new. Getting into a new size is a big NSV!

– Fitting: At the amusement park rides, into the seat on the airplane, into a regular seat belt.

– Bad Moments Turned Good: Your pants fell down, your ring fell off, your bra went concave and your coworker noticed it’s an NSV.

Diet: Are you following the rules? Work on one at a time and make them a habit. Track it if you need to. Did you finally get in the required amount of protein first for a month, and now it’s easy?

Exercise: Set some exercise goals and celebrate when you achieve them.

Your Health: Be aware of health changes ask your Doc when you go in what number your blood pressure has to be at to come off the medication you’re taking and make that a goal (less salt, more exercise, etc.). Or maybe you’ve been meaning to ask about adding some meds that you know you need but have been avoiding (getting healthy can also mean taking what your body needs).

– How You Feel: Start being ‘aware’ of this. Are your knees or feet still hurting as much?

– Habits: It’s the small things. Again, being ‘aware’. Think about your own old small habits and work to change the negative ones. Do you know get your own glass of water even though someone is standing in the kitchen?

– Food Issues: One of the hardest things we all need to work on all along our journey. When you’ve won a personal battle over any food issue, celebrate it.

The next time you’re feeling down, because your weight isn’t, come back to this list and think hard about all the other victories that you’re having.


-Lap Band Groupie

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