I’ll take Accountability for $5000, Alex!

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Emily Gomez (a patient from Weight Lost Hope Gained )

What we ALL need.....

What we ALL need.....

So you have had surgery, you are following all that your surgeon instructs you to do. The weight is flying off of you and you are on top of the world. Your obesity health issues are diminishing and some are gone faster than the pounds!

This is the beauty of our tool. It is intended to get us back on track to living a happy healthy life. Now, that sounds great doesn’t it? Sounds like I am saying it is the magic bullet and cure all, right? WRONG!

We go through our lives being obese without any accountability except to food. We hold ourselves accountable to where our next meal is coming from and how much we want to inhale.

But have you noticed that your relationship with food before surgery has a different spin on being accountable because food doesn’t judge us? Food doesn’t tell us we are bad. Food doesn’t talk back. Food just comforts us and for a brief moment, all is well in our world, right?

Well….WRONG again!

Having a relationship that destructive doesn’t need enemies at all! Those feelings towards food only got us to morbid obesity with 100+ excess pounds to lose, a plethora of health issues, and fist fulls of pills daily just to stay vertical.

We finally realize that we are out of control and so are our habits. We diet…fail. We take diet pills….fail. We go talk to a surgeon and have bariatric surgery…..WIN!

After we have surgery, then what? Well NOW is the time to shift the thoughts about accountability to positive thoughts that will only see us through our journey in a healthy way. You didn’t have this surgery to have regain and your health issues back. ENLIST SOME ACCOUNTABILITY AND DO IT NOW!

Here are just a few ways to do so:

1) Set goals and priorties. Do a 30 Day Challenge with someone else, it is a great way to make new healthy habits. A really great one I am doing now with some other friends is http://www.chalenejohnson.com/, it’s free and a wealth of information! Help yourself by helping each other.

2) Positive online and local support of other Weight Loss Surgery patients. Be open, honest, and transparent. If you hold back you are only hurting yourself. **NOTE** If something in your gut is telling you that the support you have sought out is not positive, move away from it immediately!!

3) JOURNAL YOUR FOOD AND THOUGHTS in a diet journal!! Writing it on paper makes it solid and it sticks. We have millions of thoughts and decisions that run through our heads DAILY, make them stick by writing them down as a go-to guide and/or to-do list.

4) Speak to a Medical Professional (Psychologist) that has an objective, non-biased, and non emotional point of view. That can help you from a clinical point of view.

5) Enlist the help of positive, reinforcing, and encouraging family memebers and friends. That can lift you up and tell you when you are needing some constructive critism based on their observations of your actions.

6)Get active but don’t do it alone, hire a personal trainer or go with family and friends that you will have call cancel on if you don’t go. More times than not, you will go because you do not want to make that call! 🙂

7) Enlist those in your circle of faith. A strong spiritual foundation is the backbone of everything we do in life!

Now, get down to business, go straight to the top, you have some work to do! Get that accountability going in the right direction!! DO IT FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT! You have been given a second chance, MAKE IT THE BEST YET!!

Finish Well my Friends,

Emily Gomez (Weight Lost Hope Gained)

Bariatric Surgery Source

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