I thought it was over my struggle with food

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Paddy (a patient from Northern Ireland)

Before going for my gastric sleeve operation my weight was 29 stones and 8 pounds. Six months later I was almost 17 stones lighter.

I totally embraced my after-op program: I ate the right food and exercised and the weight flew off. I had minimal loose skin and a body I loved… a new me.

Somewhere along the way I got lost. It’s been almost 1 and a half years since my surgery and I’ve put 4 stones back on.

I’m really scared and in need of help. Can anybody help me? I can not go back to that old way of life… that nearly killed me.

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Head Work

by: Lap Band Groupie

The motivation, support, and excitement we felt when the weight was coming off eventually diminishes as we get to/near goal.

It's a scary thing dealing with a huge transformation.

It can be a difficult transition and I SO agree with WW comment that now is the time you need support.

You've shown that you can lose the weight and you know how to do it.

The other half of the weight battle though is in your head and you need to do just as much work there...get some therapy if you think it will help.

We can be our own worst enemies (self-sabotage) and if you haven't dealt with all your food issues they will come back with a vengeance.

The weight will only stay off once you've made the changes in your head...the rest you can do, you've done it before.

You've already started the hardest part...acknowledging the issue and seeking help, don't stop here.

I know how embarrassing and what a hit to your self-esteem it is to have a regain (been there many times before).

Beating yourself up is the opposite of what you need right now...you need to love yourself enough to know and believe that you deserve a new you.

You have to figure out why you felt you didn't deserve the thinner you and what is holding you back...what made you 'throw in the towel'.

This isn't a journey to goal...it's a journey for a lifetime...one that you deserve.

Best Wishes! -LBG

Support Group?

by: Waning Woman

Right now, you've got to go back to the basic way of eating that you did right after surgery. Measure your portions, plan your meals, and push protein. Now is not the time for moderation. Cakes, snacks, etc might eventually have a place in your diet, but now is not the time. If you can find a support group in your area ( or even online if nothing else) now is the time to see them out. Good Luck

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