I have lost 215 pounds since my gastric bypass surgery

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Lori Armstrong (a patient from London, Ontario, Canada)

My life is considerably better since my surgery although I have been unable to work to my full ability because of complications.

I had the RNY Gastric Bypass. My beginning weight was 395 pounds and I currently weigh 180 pounds. I was able to lose 100 pounds just following the bariatric diet plan prior to my surgery. I changed my lifestyle which allowed me to be successful where I had failed so many times before. I chose to have my surgery even though I had been so successful because I wanted to lose more of my weight.

I lost 100 pounds the year before my surgery and another seventy pounds in the six months following my surgery. I lost the other 45 pounds from six months to two years after my surgery. I still continue to lose (although that is a concern now) at a much slower rate. I continue to lose about a pound a week.

I am part of an online support group of patients who had their surgery at the same hospital and have become quite good friends with a number of local people who have had WLS in a variety of locations. I believe the support of people who are experiencing the same or similar things is a must for anyone considering having any kind of WLS (weight loss surgery). It is without a doubt a factor contributing to my success.

The most significant health issue that has improved for me is my arthritis and mobility. Prior to my weight loss, I could not even shop without sitting to rest multiple times. Grocery shopping was agony. I took the doctor recommended maximum dosage of ibuprofen every day. I now take no ibuprofen and am incredibly mobile. I love it!

Although I’ve spent a significant amount of time in the hospital over the past two years, I would not change my decision to have WLS. My life is amazing. I was a very happy woman prior to my surgery and had an incredibly fulfilling life, but now I am a part of that amazing life and live it to the fullest (instead of sitting on the sidelines watching my friends and family members live it to the fullest).

It hasn’t been an easy path to walk and I’ve worked incredibly hard to be as successful as I am, but I honestly wouldn’t change my decision.

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safer alternative

by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your outstanding weight loss. I'm glad that you haven't regretted your decision despite the complications. My friend told me about this Formula she is using Roca Labs. She says it creates a gastric bypass effect and a safer alternative for surgery. Would really want to find out more about it.

Tried a London support group

by: Daisy

I tried a London Ontario support group and it was a giant fail. Unfortunately, I did not find the members to be all that supportive. I asked if someone would like to start a walking program with me.

I had 2 separate people offer to but did not do a follow through. In fact, they stopped responding to my questions about when and where. I know they did not leave the group as I saw them posting all the time. When I would ask questions, they often went unanswered.

Not exactly all that supportive. Such a disappointment from a group of people who share the same experience of obesity.

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