Help me STOP losing too much weight after DS surgery!

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Anonymous (a patient from WV)

I had BPD/DS surgery in 2004. At the time of surgery I weighed 380 lbs, and I have lost a total of 222 lbs (so far). My problem/concern is what can I do to keep from losing any more weight (I’m really starting to get worried).

Any suggestions or has anyone had a similar problem of losing too much weight?


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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA , Arcadia , California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi CM,

I think most of the comments so far have been reasonable.

However, I might suggest simple things to initially make sure all is well metabolically with you and your surgery:

1. Get a full set of labs, including all vitamin, calcium, B12 levels, etc.
2. See if you have a DS support group in your area.
3. Speak to a dietician who has experience with DS patients.
4. Make sure you are getting at least 80-100 grams of protein / day.

I'm sure your surgeon has put you on the path to these things, but just making sure. Data clearly shows that DS patients lose a higher percentage of their excess body weight than the other bariatric procedures.

Good luck,
Dr. LaMar

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.

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Patient Responses to the Question Above

underweight because of blockage.

by: Pat

I had my DS in 2005, and was fine,but in Nov. 2013 I had to have another 10 inches removed because of a blockage and a twisted colon. Now I am under weight and malnourished. Wonder if I will have to have a revision?

Thanks Dr. LaMar!

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Dr. LaMar, First I'd like to say thank you for your time.

Sometimes people in our community don't have quality places like this to talk about important issues and some of us give of our time to try our best to help.

Thank you especially for your kind words regarding the answers given so far.

I know I appreciate Kelly's answer and I think I can speak for most of us that volunteer...we try really hard to offer support and share our experience in order to help others avoid some of the speed bumps.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your response.

You're still at a normal weight

by: Goodkel

At 6' tall and 158 pounds, your BMI is 21.4.

The BMI Categories (click here for more about body mass index) are:

  • Underweight = < 18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Many people reach a weight a little lower than they'd like, but usually there is some "bounce back" gain of 10-20 pounds that eventually makes up for it. If you are looking gaunt, that is normal, too. It takes awhile for skin to adjust. Your common channel is a little shorter than average, but that helped you and was probably necessary to get you down to a normal weight. It does mean that you have room to lengthen it without sacrificing all your weight loss.

Increasing it to 100-125cc is a possibility without losing all the benefits of your DS. But, I would wait on that. You can take Creon which is an enzyme that interferes with your malabsorption. Some people add more carbs to their diet, but that can be a slippery slope and they have difficulty stopping when they have regained more weight than they intended. If you're going to increase the amount of food you consume, make it protein. Protein shakes are a good way to do this.

Best of luck to you!


losing too much weight

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Well, I know it's no fun losing too much weight even thought there are many of us that pray for that problem, including me.

The ONLY weight loss surgery available in 2001 was RNY.

I have to fight pretty hard to stay at goal but that's OK because I'd rather fight at that instead of fighting while I was obese.

Obviously the only 2 things you can do is try to eat more or revising your common channel and it sounds like your surgeon has it under control.

If he does that be prepared to not be able to eat as much! I hope he finds that perfect sweet spot.

I think you are on the right road!


by: CM

I am 6:00 tall, and have been averaging approx. a 25 lb weight loss since surgery in Oct 2004 (and still losing). My surgeon is seriously considering revising my common channel from 80cm up to 150cm (if I don't stop losing soon)! BTW, my labs have always been within normal range for the most part, since I have always religiously took my vitamins.

losing too much weight

by: Yvonne McCarthy

First thing I need to know is how tall you are.

The very first thing is to talk to your surgeon but I'd really like to know how tall you are because sometimes it really takes our brains a while to catch up with our body size.

I know you said 2004, but it took mine about 3-5 years.

Another thing that happens is that people that knew us heavier cannot adjust and can't keep their opinions to themselves.

Anyway, let me know your height and let's go from there, OK? Also has this happened all along or mostly lately? Have you experienced any emotional trauma lately either? Sorry I took a while to get back to you...I just had some surgery and I'm moving kinda slow you know?

Hugs, Y

DA in 2009

by: Vanessa Jones

Hi, I had DS in 2009, at that time I only list 50 lbs. Last year, 2015 I had hernia repair. Since the hernia repair I started losing weight again as if I just had the DS surgery. My primary care doctor does not understand since he doesn't specialize in bariatric surgery. Is this normal? I've also developed fatty liver, which I don't understand since I'm now down an extra 72 lbs since last year.

too much weight loss

by: Paula

I had gastric bypass two years ago. I started at 353 pounds and this morning I weigh 103.

I can not keep even liquids down at this point. My nutritional values are all in starvation stage and my bones are very brittle. I had a little fall two weeks ago but because my bones are so fragile it completely shattered my hip, they were not able to repair it, so I had a total hip replacement...I also had some kind of heart episode on in July 2016 which required a stent placement in my heart. I am very frail and weak and I fear that I am going to die and all my surgeon will say is he does not really know what to do for me.

I am afraid my body is just going to give out completely. I need someone to help me and I don't know who, I feel like I am going to wake up to that point that it is too late to help me. My Rheumatologist wants me to go to the Mayo clinic...I am currently waiting on a reply from them as to whether they are going to be able to offer me an appointment or not.

Can anyone offer me any helpful suggestions?

Still losing weight after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by: Crystal

I had the sleeve done August of 2015 at the time I weighed 303 and I'm now 135 and still losing. I'm concerned because I can't stop losing weight. I feel tired all the time. I still can't eat or drink at the same time because it hurts. How do I stop losing weight? Any comments or suggestions?

To Paula and Crystal

by: Serema

If your both still losing weight, increase your carbs or drink Muscle Milk. It helps add weight and its high in vitamins and protein and low in sugar. Add fruit a teaspoon of peanut butter for extra kick.

Too much weightloss

by: Leisa

Had DS 8/2015 at HW of 348. Lowest weight was 120. Have approximately 12-16 lbs of excess skin. I could not stop losing weight and my doctor put me on Viokase lowest dose 5x a day. Started two months ago and have slowly bounced up out of starvation mode. Have only gained 10 lbs but maintaining well.

All my lab deficiencies are resolving. The Viokase is a pancreatic enzyme that helps with nutrient/vitamin absorption. Its really helped me. I was on the verge of being permanently disabled and looking at a revision. This was a last ditch effort. I always eat my protein of 100 or more a day but also had to add carbs back in.

Gastric Sleeve

by: Nicole

I had the gastric sleeve done August 28th of 2017 and have lost 85 lbs already, I am able to keep liquids and food down fine, I have even been steadily raising my calorie intake but I seem to be keep losing. I barely qualified for the surgery because I didn't have much to lose comparatively to other surgery patients (I am 5 ft 3 in and started at 194 lbs).

I currently weigh 117 lbs and really don't want to lose any more weight. My weight loss is starting to slow since I have been able to up my calorie intake the last week or so but I have been frustrated for awhile because I can't seem to find a balance and keep losing weight.

To Jennifer

by: Monique

Jennifer what did you weigh before the wanting to lose about 55lbs and no you I don't have much to lose and I barely qualify for the gastric sleeve being that my BMI is 31. I'm 5'6 1/2 and weigh 197 (size12/14)

To Nicole

by: Alisha

Your BMI is still within normal range, so I wouldn't be too worried at 117.

Loosing to much weight

by: Amy

I had the bypass 1 1/2yrs ago. I weighed 230 when i had it & now weigh 114.

I eat what i want just cant eat much of it. Is this normal?

I dont get alot of protein.

Too much weight loss

by: Roy Martin

Duodenal Switch 2010. Male, 74, 6'3". 330 to 147 over 2 years. Gained back to 185 and stayed there for several years. Now lost to 159 and settled for about 2 months.

Eat everything possible. Get the protein at least 100 grams. Cannot eat enough. Taking Creon. Fully compliant with perfect labs.

Eating burden is too heavy and still can't gain back..I am withdrawing from 22 years of prescribed Xanax and weight loss from that is a possibility. Your thoughts ??

How to gain weight

by: Annie

Had my bypass in 2004. No problem great weight lost. Until one friday in 2010 started feeling bad felt like a bad case of acid reflux could not stop sweating. MY bowel twisted and boby when into a malnutrition state.

I quickly when from 155 to 95 and was given a feeding tube for about 4 months. Now in 2018 got weight back to 130 (I am 5ft.9) but can not seem to increase my weight. Are there any drugs are supplement that can be taken to help gain some healthy weight.

I tried eating more and unhealthy but my body just dumped it out as fast as I put it in.

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