Feeling hungry less than a week after gastric bypass surgery – is this normal?

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Holly (a patient from CA )

I had my gastric bypass exactly a week ago to and my recovery seems to be a bit odd… let me give you a few examples.

1. Less than 48 hours after surgery I was able to consume 40oz of liquid before 10AM… Everything I read and people that I have spoken to have told me I will find it hard the first few days to consume my liquids because my stomach is so small I will feel full. All of my nurses commented on how well I was handling liquids so fast.

2. 3 days after surgery I noticed even with drinking all of the liquids I was feeling hungry. I drank a protein shake and it took the edge off. An hour and a half later, I was hungry again, and by noon I had consumed 24 oz of broth, almost a liter of water and 4 popsicles plus 55g of protein.

3. 4 days after, around noon I ate a plain 10oz greek yogurt. I was very fearful of actually eating, but I was so hungry. I did not feel full afterward, but I was no longer hungry.

I am now on day 7 and I will see my Doctor tomorrow it really has only gotten worse… Is it possible the doctor did not perform the procedure correctly?

Also, I should note that by my 5 day post-op I was ready to return to work. I stay in my office most of the day, but I still find it odd the way this has unfolded.

If you are going to comment on how I should not be eating yogurt, please keep it to yourself I know how my body was feeling.


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Hungry so soon after surgery

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee

Hi Holly of California,

I'm hoping you are fully recovered from your surgery and are able to enjoy the holiday.

Weight Loss Surgery does not take away hunger, but people can feel satisfied quickly depending on what they eat.

Right after surgery you were on liquid which is why you were hungry, the liquids go right through!

To use your new tool to your advantage, EATING protein is going to be essential.

Protein will stay longer in your new stomach/pouch and give your satisfaction that fluids will not.

Be sure to separate eating and drinking, about 30 minutes. Would love to hear about your progress.

Best wishes.
Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.

Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA , Arcadia , California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi Holly,

Congrats on having your gastric bypass. Most of the time, patients don't have a lot of hunger initially after surgery.  

However, once in a great while we have a patient who does feel hunger immediately. Even when eating or drinking one can feel hunger. Just have to remember to be cautious with your new pouch as best you can. Having hunger eventually after any bariatric surgery is normal. The key is that most people will feel full with much less food.  

So, you hopefully will feel some fullness as you advance to regular protein foods.Finally, get in to see your surgeon.

Good Luck,
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

(click here for Dr. LaMar's full bio & contact info)

DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.


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Patient Responses to the Question Above


by: Anonymous

So I see all the frustration with post op being hungry, etc.

Not gonna lie I was there a few months ago. I was so hungry I was crying!!! I am currently able to eat anything I want, as much as I shouldn't be saying that, but in a sense it must be a relief to know soon enough u will be eating normal again. I had surgery 5 months ago and I make not the greatest decisions with my choice of food.

But on the plus side I've lost 65 pounds! I don't encourage you to go eat McDonald's or pizza, etc but I will say a little now and then doesn't hurt! People have their own opinions, that is mine. I do not and will not deprive myself. Yes I get that I put myself through this and it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but I have come so far and I'm still dang proud of myself!

Still hungry... and now depressed too.

by: Donna

I'm about a week post op from Gastric Bypass and I'm starving. I'm on an all clear liquid diet and before the surgery I was sure it would be a piece of cake. However, all I can think about is a piece of cake!! I'm so hungry and depressed. I thought this surgery was going to subside the hunger? Why am I still hungry???

Feeling Hungry

by: Anonymous

I'm six days postop and I have already tried some solid food however I make sure it's extremely soft or in the case of chicken or fish I chew chew chew before I swallow.

I have only done it on two occasions with chicken and fish the rest was like scrambled eggs and cottage cheese but I just couldn't take it all liquids anymore and my stomach didn't seem to of minded that much.

Today I notice I'm hungry and I haven't taken any pain pills although it's between a level 3-4 when I'm moving only.

So far I have lost 16 pounds but I'm pretty sure that's because I haven't been eating anything just sticking to liquids and protein shakes. (Mostly) I have gotten out the past two days to go walking with my husband and dogs.

At night it hurts to get up out of bed so my husband tied a rope on each side of the footboard so I can pull myself out of bed that helps with the pain a lot.

My biggest fear is that I will stop losing weight when I transition to regular food.

I know diet and exercise is key however in the past that only has got me so far and then stopped.

Good luck to everyone this is definitely not an easy way out.

The beginning

by: Anonymous

I am 3 weeks post op, and I'm still feeling a little tired. I am 30 lbs down since my surgery, Not feeling as hungry as I thought I would be, but can't wait to eat something simple as scrambled eggs. I went from having a Lap Band to Gastric Bypass b/c I felt I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Praying that this was not done in vain, so I MUST work this off. Not as easy as it seems, but it will be done. Good luck to all!! This is a start to a new beginning!

Hunger after surgery

by: Annie

Hi Holly I know exactly how you feel I too was constantly hungry. I'm 49 days out which I can finally eat but when I was where you were I was not able to stomach protein shakes so what I did was I ate tuna in water, sugar free jello and Greek yogurt. I also ate Lipton soup broth and a little bit of moist puréed mashed potatoes and sometimes chicken. I lost a pound a day which made a big difference. Hope that helps!!

Be u

by: Anonymous

Listen I have struggled since the day I came home I 100% know how u feel I have felt hungry ever since I am 3 months post op and I can literally eat anything without a problem, I mean I get full fast but I seriously can eat just anything, honestly it's heartbreaking bc i know this surgery wasn't a cure all and doesn't stop u from eating anything but I for sure thought it was supposed to help more than it did. I remember how much pain I was in and cried literally every day for a week and thought was this not worth it should I just have not done this? But once I got on the scale I saw that I was 53 pounds lighter and I have never ever felt so happy in my entire life!! Basically your gonna feel hungry I don't care what people tell you it's not in your head but guess what your gonna loose your weight no matter what! And that's rewarding enough I definitely don't sit around and eat but when I do eat it's not always the best of choices and I'm still loosing weight like crazy, mainly I'm pointing out that I don't wanna see people beating themselves up over this self control is such a hard thing it's almost like the addiction of a serious drug addict it's not something u can control over night it takes time, some longer than others , and that's ok eventually your gonna be at what u believe u want and it's gonna be so amazing for u! I'm almost there it's hard with cravings but it will pass over time.

Your all beautiful keep up the good work!


by: Anonymous

6 days out of surgery. I'm hungry. I've already started eating solids. I hope I'm not messing up my pouch.

so glad it's not just me

by: Anonymous

I am four days post op. I have been hungry since surgery and have been tolerating all liquids, as much as I feel like consuming with no issue at all. I fell zero restriction. I could eat two popsicles right away and drink as much broth as I wanted. Am wondering if my surgeon didn't do something right? I find it very interesting that no one has been able to supply answers to this problem that obviously occurs in more people than I initially thought. And no, for the jerks out there, this isn't head hunger.

Is something wrong?

by: Dave

I am 13 days in after gastric bypass, and since day 6, I have been able to consume as much liquid as I choose without feeling full. All of the information about how different I would feel after surgery has gone for naught, as nothing since the procedure has been textbook to me. I am wondering if this is because I lost 60 lbs before my procedure and am accustomed to <1000 day.

Hunger all the time

by: Annie


I'm actually on day 5 of my sleeve surgery and I'm hungry CONSTANTLY!! Still, haven't felt that "full" sensation that everyone else feels. I can tolerate the shakes, the jello, the broth and even the Popsicles but cannot tolerate the plain water without crystal light because I feel gassy and feel some kind of acid reflux coming up.

I thought this wasn't normal but after reading everyone else's issues with this surgery it's comforting knowing I'm not the only one. Btw I felt hunger on day 2 and my body didn't tolerate anything at that time but still felt that empty sensation in my stomach. When I first started drinking protein shakes on day 4 (couldn't stomach water nor protein shakes prior to that because I was experiencing really bad vomiting) I wanted to chug it down.

Sips are a little difficult for me because it makes me have more gas then I did prior to drinking anything but I guess the key is tricking your brain into thinking you are not hungry.


by: Anonymous

Soooo I am alittle over one month post op and I literally am hungry all the time I feel like I have no self control I have been eating non stop and idk why I need some serious help I thought I was supposed to feel full and all I feel is not full enough I'm having a very serious hard time and need some serious help please no judgments that's not what I need I have been eating more food than I would like and for some reason I can't tell myself no it's heartbreaking


by: Kurt

1st hour after surgery. Running around no problem. 1-2 weeks. Doing garden work outside drinking broth 4 oz. A day. 3-4 weeks. Collapsed. Can't take more than 4-6 oz of fluid per day, I need 1 bag of IV fluids daily or I'm nearly confined to bed. Not able to get fluids or protein more than 4-6 oz daily @ 4 weeks. But, I can eat ground up burger and bites of chicken washed down with ketchup no problems. 2-3 oz of poultry per meal. 2 meals per day.


Please email if u know. I had sleeve bypass surgery. Thank u very much.


by: Anonymous

I'm with some of he other commenters. I am almost 8 months out , felt hungry from day one. I have lost very slowly and have pretty much stopped weightless for the last 6 weeks. What is this tool supposed to do for us? Mine isn't curbing hunger or restricting intake. I'm vitamin difficienct (despite taking all my supplements daily) exhausted, hungry and still over weight.

I think I over drank

by: Anonymous


I'm at 9 days post op sleeve surgery. I have been taking my liquids about 80 to 90 grams of protein and lots of water some time sugar-free jello and sugar-free ice pops. My concern is when I got back from my walk I was thirsty and I forgot about some sips I drank two big gulps of water and I didn't feel anything. When I have my iced pop I could have two one after the other.

Did I mess up my pouch? Oh and I also get hungry but its cause of all the food that is around me. I have to cook for my kids. So it's hard to cook and not eat.


by: Anonymous

I feel like I've been more depressed lately than anything is this normal??


by: Anonymous

I am one month out from surgery and I can literally eat anything I want. I thought I was supposed to feel full faster, but I don't. I can eat full portions of food with no issues. I am trying to make healthy choices and eat smaller portion sizes, but it is hard.

If I was going to have to do this anyway, then what was the point of the surgery? Is my pouch too big? Does the food go straight through? What is wrong with me? I switched from lap band to gastric bypass and I am wondering if the lap band removal affected my pouch size??

I have lost about 25 pounds, but most of it was during the first couple of weeks when I was mainly on a liquid diet. My nutritionist said he had never seen a case like mine and didn't know what advice to give me.

I feel so discouraged.

Just Remember

by: Anonymous

I am 9 months from my surgery and have lost 160 lbs.

First of all, yes, I too was hungry shortly after the surgery and still get hungry about every 2 hours.

The thing to remember is that Bariatric Surgery is just a tool not a cure.

The main thing to focus on is to prepare you mind for the change you need to make for the rest of your life.

My main focus has been the amount of calories my nutritionist recommended for healthy weight loss.

I will eat that amount of calories hungry or not.

I try to eat only healthy foods and drink plenty of protein shakes which satisfy my hunger. Remember for you surgery to be worth it you must change your mindset and realize that you must never eat the same way you did before the surgery.

If you don't do that then you will be doomed to fail.

We can all do it.

It's not easy but it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself and your family.

Good Luck everyone.


by: Concerned

I am 8 days post op sleeve gasectomy I felt starving the last few days I have noticed I haven't really lost much weight but I have followed my diet the right way I'm having a hard time getting all the protein in right now, I'm mainly concerned that I haven't lost as much weight as I am suppose to, how much weight should I be loosing a week?? Please anyone help I also keep thinking I'll never get real food again it's a bad mind set but when ur starving it's hard to think otherwise

still hungry

by: Anonymous

I am a year after the gastric bypass and so frustrated. I am starving and need to eat every 2 hours otherwise I am weak and dizzy. Have gained 2 kgs in the last 2 months

hungry 2

by: Anonymous

First I would ask all of you...are you still losing weight? I'm going on 3 months after my sleeve and the past month is getting harder. I did lose nearly 60lbs but I too do not want to ruin this journey. I do feel enlightened by Hide the doughnuts Beth..old habits and head hunger make so much sense! Well yogurt...my surgeon after a few weeks put me on 3 shakes and 2 yogurts I could barely get in my liquids....but still have my yogurt everday!!


by: Anonymous

I am a year after a gastric bypass. I am starving. I need to eat every 2 hours otherwise I feel faint. I get up at night to eat. I remain a mystery to the doctors. I am so very frustrated.

Same Problem!

by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue as Holly! Tomorrow, I will be one week out from surgery and I am starving! I can drink as much as I want with no feeling of fullness. I started day 2 with Greek yougurt and did fine. Then, I was able to eat poppyseed chicken casserole, spaghetti, or whatever my family was eating. I was careful to only choose a 2 ounce portion size and to chew very well, but I felt as if I could have eaten as I did before the surgery! Did my surgeon do something wrong?? What is wrong with me??


by: Joy

It's been 7 days post op on a sleeve and I started feeling hungry on the 5th day. I take a lot of meds at night and dont have any problems. Havent had any problems either. I am just hungry. I had a few spoons of greek yogurt today but dont want to get off the regimen and am just sucking it up. I thought we werent supposed to feel hungry or get sick or something??? I will call the nurse on the team tomorrow.

I'm hungry too. Twelve days aft bypass

by: allan

I don't get it. I wonder if because on days three and four after surgery, they were feeding me mashed potatos and couscous in error even after I questioned them. They had me on the diet for people,with no teeth, not no stomach. When I left the hospital, they gave me the liquid diet. Now at day 11/12 I think I'm supposed to eat "pastes" which I am. I don't get to see a Bariatric person until 22 days post surgery. I feel just like im on a diet.

I am hungry!

by: Lynne

I AM IN MY 4TH DAY AND I am so hungry that I am getting scared, I have added 1/4 cup of protein twice a day witch helps, but I think my doc. Did some thing wrong.

Not Wanting to Eat

by: JMD

It has been 6 weeks after my bypass surgery. I am NOT hungry at all. I do not want to eat. Is this normal? I dont even want to force myself to eat or drink. Will this hurt me in the long run?

I'm hungry too

by: Valerie

I had surgery 2 weeks ago, at first I noticed I could take in more liquid then I was told and seemed hungry more often then I should. Now I just started pureed foods....but I'm having a problem. I'm still hungry, very hungry. I'm following the diet closely, not drinking after a meal for 30 minutes, eating everything I'm suppose to, measuring everything, getting about 80 grams of protein in, taking all my vitamins but believe me I'm hungry.

I tried just to see for fun how much liquid I can handle and I can have 2 cups of soup broth and a tall protein shake, and I'm still hungry, I feel like I can still fit way more in. I'm so disappointed and discouraged, I don't know what to do. I see the bariatric team on the 25th but I need help now, I feel like I could eat more and am having trouble controlling myself, I don't know what to do.

Still hanging in there, I haven't gone off course yet, for how long I don't know. I also sip water constantly, it's not helping either.

I too was hungry days after my Sleeve Surgery

by: Anonymous

I know exactly what your saying. The 1st day home I couldn't tell if I was having bad gas pains or hunger pains. I did have a lot of gas but when I drank my liquids I felt better for about 1 hr. then it starts all over again. By day 3 I was up every 2 hours drinking at least 6oz. of broth, tea, popsicles or Miso soup and could not figure out what people meant by the "Full" feeling. I never gotit yet. Today I am day 6 Post Op. & hungry. I mixed 5oz. of a Vanillia Creme Protine shake (bought from Target) with a 1oz packet of Original Cream of Wheat & 1cp water. I had atleast 1/2 cp of that because I didn'twant my stomach to freak out. It's been 2 hours now and nothing bad has happened. I'll be having more of that later because it was actually really good. I still am wanting to know when this "Full" feeling is going o hit me.

I think tomorrow I'll be ready to eat some blended Beef Stew. Yummy. (I'm just kidding for those of you w/out a sense of humor)

I find that odd!

by: Anonymous

I had gastric bypass one week ago. I still can hardly drink more than 2oz at a time and feel really full! I feel hungry but not for liquids! today is the first day I finished a protein drink and it took me all day!

Hungry Too

by: Sheryl

I had gastric bypass seven days ago. I have been hungry since the 2nd day. I too consumed bottles of protein shakes, water, broth, etc. I finally called my surgeon. He said my "pouch" is swollen and the fluids are going directly to my small intestine. I am still not able to begin soft solid foods yet for another week. I am so hungry and depressed.

Feeling hungry

by: Yvonne McCarthy

First I'm glad you've seen your surgeon and I hope you told him/her everything including that you came off of clear liquids.

I'm not going to gripe at you for that...it's your body.

There is a reason for each stage and they should be very open with you about why they have these stages and what can happen if you go against the program.

WLS is not magic and you will have to follow a program.

If you don't you'll either experience problems or regain.

That's up to you.If you eat something and you don't feel full but you're not hungry it's because you will have to teach yourself a new way of feeling full.

Well you don't have to teach yourself but it will eventually become the new normal.

I hope you got some answers.

It's always best to call the surgeon's office for concerns like this because they have the knowledge of various experiences to share with you.

filling hungry after bariatric surgery

by: Anonymous

hello, I feel the same way you do! I had my bypass surgery 12 days ago and no problems. Don't get me wrong, I am lucky however; hungry all time. It does not take me the hour and a half to eat and I never feel full! What is wrong with me?

Limited advice

by: Beth

Hi Holly.

I'll start off by saying I can't offer any advice or suggestions about your bypass because I had the gastric lapband and no absolutely nothing about the rules of bypass.

However, there is something we do and will share in common which I only put out there as something to think about.When I have proper restriction, I don't feel hunger OR fullness, which can be good and bad for a multitude of reasons.

However, I DO suffer at times from "head hunger," where my head tells me that I'm hungry when I'm really not.

When you couple head hunger with the physical habit of years worth of having eaten more than we should have, we can run the risk of not really listening to our bodies properly.I'm not saying you are doing this -- I'm just tossing that out there so that you will be aware of it.

Head hunger still hits me nearly three years after banding, and if I'm not careful, I could allow my head to dictate how much and how often I eat.Just food for thought, as it were.

Barbaric Weight Loss Surgery


I have had the weight loss surgery 3 months ago and am never hungry. If I drink I can't eat, am lucky to get 32ozs of liquid done and 1 meal down in a day. Good luck and hope it works out for you.

It's only been 6 days since gastric bypass and I've had food I'm not supposed to supposed to eat and nothing has happened

by: Scarlett lacayo

I had gastric bypass done to me and it's only been 6 days and yesterday on my 5 day I had mashed potato and I was not supposed to eat mashed potatoes yet, only liquids for at lease a month. I also eat a Croqueta and I made sure I chewed it like 40 chews before I ate it so it wouldn't go harsh in my stomach and thank god nothing's happened to me yet. So is there something wrong with my Stomach????????? Help I need answers.

Feeling Great!

by: Nora Dennington

I am surprised by a lot of these comments. My doctors at Weightwise in Edmond Oklahoma do not allow any soft foods until 2 weeks out. They keep us on at least 96 Oz or more of liquids for 2 weeks to include, water, POWERade Zero, Propel, broth, sugar free jello/popcycles and decaf coffee/tea as well as V 8 Splash. I also can have up to two protien shakes a day if I feel the need but they don't count toward my liquid required consumption. There is a reason for this liquid diet. It is to allow proper healing of the surgery. I had the Gastric Sleeve 2 weeks ago and my husband had Gastric Bypass 7 years ago (with no problems). I have not felt hungry and neither did he. He lost 180 and was required to gain 20 because he was too thin. He has done well this entire time although he can eat pretty normal now but doesn't overeat. 2 weeks out from the Sleeve, I have lost 16 pounds and start soft foods tomorrow (scrambled eggs, refried beans, Danon Light Greek Yogurt, 2% cheese to include String Cheese). This is for 7 days, then I can add in flaky fish and dark meat Chicken for the next 7 days. Then I begin my new eating plan of 2 bites protein with one bite of vegetable. Three meals per day with no snacking so I will be able to get my clear liquids in. Absolutely no fruit until I've got to my goal weight and then very limited. I am never to have starchy vegetables, bread or fatty meats. I don't understand people on this site eating mashed potatoes within the first week, especially since potatoes and bread is a culprit to our obesity in the first place.

I wish everyone the best of luck and remember to do the first 2 weeks right so the surgery heals and doesn't leak, which will land you right back in the hospital and is not fun! (I know of someone who had leakage after the Sleeve. She didn't use the same facility as I did.)

Me Too: Feeling Hungry

by: MelonBubbles

I'm 5 days out from surgery and already want food. I do get full relatively fast, especially when it comes to broth and protein shakes, but I'm nowhere near the 'don't want food' point. I'm hoping this is just head hunger. I've lost about 10 lbs since surgery, but I don't feel like it's 'melting off', you know? In fact, between yesterday and today, there's been no movement on the scale.

Anyway, I don't intend to break the liquid diet (I see my Surgeon in 5 days to be advanced). I'll ask her what's going on, but feeling hunger this soon is really disappointing. However, I won't complain too much. My goal weight is only 60 pounds away and I think I can make it.

I thought I was just a full fledge FATASS

by: Eileen

Well, I had surgery on Wednesday 6/15/16. Literally the second day I was hungry I just couldn't tell with the gas pains. I got discharged Friday and I was fearful of eating anything even though I was starving. I cheated on my liquid diet one day I had 1/2 a bacon strip and that felt great. On another hungry day I served my kids some cereal and had like 2-3 spoon full of that. And last week I made breakfast for the family and I stole some eggs from that.

Friday afternoon I went to see my surgeon and he was really annoyed with what I had told him (even though I didn't really tell him everything). He told me that I could die if I kept this up. If I encountered leakage I could be hospitalized and in an ICU for 10months ect. But what can I do if I'm starving all the time?!?!?

I'm frustrated and feeling down because my husband and I got in a fight due to the outcome of my Drs visit but I feel like he just doesn't understand what I'm going through and that HE'S regretting my surgery more than me.

But in conclusion I'm just starving and weak and dizzy and all I wanna do is sleep.

I can't hold anything down...

by: Lucia

I had surgery 6/30/16. Actually I had a revision from the same surgery (GB) I had 11 years ago...long story. My recovery was great, I remembered the old diet so I complied, I didn't over eat, no issues, no complaints, everything from before all came back to me...piece of cake second time around.

Then Saturday 7/23/16. I gave myself a treat of orange soda. Yes I know, tisk tisk tisk. Since then I have not been able to keep ANY food down. Sips of water I have to take. I can barely take my everyday medications and vitamins. Since Saturday I hadn't had any food. I even tried to go back on just liquids. Same thing, all came back up. The very small portions of food I have tried, I've had to yack.

Called my doc, waiting for a call back.

Anyone else have this issue? I am super surprised because I did not have this issue 11 years ago and this time I was doing great. Until Saturday.

I'm miserable, not because I can't eat (maybe a little) but more because it was not my choice to have this surgery again. It was the only option I had. Now, I can't eat, I don't know what's wrong, I'm worried I messed something up internally....

This surgery is a great tool, but we have to watch what we eat and how much on a more intense level than someone just trying to loose weight or watch what they eat. We can't cheat on this. Its set. Its my fault, that dame orange crush!!
Any info would help.


This will pass

by: Stacy

I got my surgery 6/6/16 (sleeve gastrectomy) and I was absolutely miserable for a long time. I was hungry (I had a 2 week liquid preop diet and a 5 week post op liquid diet) regretful, thirsty, and depressed. I didn't go into it thinking it was an easy fix but I was repeatedly told that my hunger would be suppressed and up until week 8 post op I was STARVING...not the type of starving I would feel when I went the whole day without eating (pre-op) but like I was never satisfied.

I had a hard time with anything I put in my mouth, including water, even when I was hungry. I tried broth or anything that was part of the strict liquid diet and it gave me hiccups, reflux, stomach bloating and pain. I thought "Well great! I'm hungry and even if I want to have liquids it will just make me feel worse."

Of course, we all know that after living years off over eating and making bad choices my feeling of hunger caused me to keep trying even though I felt worse after. I can now take in more water (still not enough) and eat solids better. 8 weeks post op I was down 40 lbs and now I'm 11 weeks post op and I'm down 51 lbs. I have taken a bite here and there of things I shouldn't (French fry, fried dough, and all my fried weaknesses) but only 1-2 SMALL bites...over time your brain will realize that taking a few bites will fill the small stomach you are left with. I hope all the best of luck and just keep pushing through these hard times because you will get to a point and realize you are happy with your decision :)

Gastric Sleeve on 6/6/16--

by: Georgina

I saw my surgeon on Thursday and I have lost 65 lbs. I wasn't hungry at first, but now I will be 13 Weeks post op tomorrow and I will be honest - I snack all day because I'm always hungry.

I snack on pita chips, almonds, and unseasoned sun flower seeds. I can eat like 5 at a time and the pita chips only 2 at a time. Just hang in there, your appetite will be increasing but once you train your brain that your stomach can only hold smaller amounts of food now it will get easier to feel satisfied.

Me too!

by: Jane

I had my veg 3 days ago and I'm not feeling restrictions or food aversions...very upset. I'm drinking in normal to large sips but could easily gulp. I made my kids dinner and cried because I had to completely force myself not to eat it. It sucks! I've read that nerves could be severed and the stomach could still be numb? But I'm more worried I got a botched surgery.

Feeling Hungry


It's been eleven days since my gastric bypass surgery. I've felt somewhat hungry on a day here or there but having one too many bites made me know when to stop. So even if I would like another bite or still feel hungry I stop.

I'm on pureed foods but I feel like I need more vitamins. I haven't taken any since surgery, but I was told I would be called and we would go over what I needed and when to start. Good luck, and I hope mind and body catch up!

feeling hungry too, going to metabolic DR in several weeks

by: V

I just had gastric sleeve last Wednesday. Its been 5 days and im so hungry that I'm dying to eat something. I have yet to feel full, but if I sip too quickly, I get a sharp pain. I'm keeping on the clear sugarfree liquids diet, but it's not easy. I know I have to hang in there.

BUT before I decided to get the sleeve, I was referred to a metabolic dr to see if I had "metabolic syndrome". I'm not a doctor so pardon me if I messed up the name, but basically they said a lot of folks who turn to WLS dont know their metabolism is wacked and there are some things they can do to fix it. I had made an appointment with this metabolic dr but they book 6 months out, so it has yet to arrive. I never cancelled it, and I'm planning to go, and see if they can do anything in addition to my WLS to keep me from ruining it. If my hunger keeps at this level, I fear I will stretch the sleeve out and be back where I started.

Good luck everyone.


by: Ms. Albuquerque NM


R&Y Gastric Bypass Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, H/B-Hypertension and BMI over 40.

Surgery Dated: 10/17/2016 and now two months post-op. Pre-Op check in wght 209 as of now 190 lbs = a 19 lbs wght loss.

Although I feel great, I also feel as though my pouch wasn't made small enough? Very DISAPPOINTED & FRUSTRATED due to constant hunger?

I never feel full or satisfied, I had been drinking 2-3 "Premier" 30grams banana cream Protein Shakes per day but the cost? has pressed me to buy the Walmart 1.3 lbs "EAS" soy Vanilla Powder Protein with 1% milk.

I also take my CELEBRATE bariatric multi-vitamins daily, Calcium+Vit D, Garden Of Life "Vitamin Code" B complex.

I absolutely do not regret my surgery by any means but my protein cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, eggs, chicken, salmon, sardines, shrimp, mackerels, turkey and fruit diet isn't taking the hunger edge off.

MAKE no mistake about it this isn't a brain/head hunger my?foot! This is real stomach hunger.

I'm more hungry after the surgery than before the surgery.

All I seem to think about is ?food. What? can I eat next???

Any suggestions please help.

Quality over quantity

by: Mary

I'm 12 days post-op (loop duodenal switch). I too have experienced hunger pains. I am a researcher and found that sugar alcohol, carbohydrates, and fat will cause hunger pains because they are absorbed quickly into the body and cause your sugar level to change. This causes hunger pains because your body needs more food to balance the sugar.

Now that said a high-quality protein drink with eliminate these hunger pains. Don't get me wrong it's HARD. I have never craved FOOD real FOOD so much in my life. But instead of listening to my head I'm trying to pay attention to how each new thing I try physically effects me. Find a protein drink with whey protein isolate or soy protein isolate with at least 15g protein and 5g of sugar or less and less than 1g fat. I am currently using nectar protein powder. You can add the unflavored version to broth as well. Are my cravings being curbed by this? NO! But physically I feel amazing. Take it slow, slow, slow. Treat your new stomach the same way you would treat your newborn baby, because that is what your stomach is most like.

Hope any of this helped.

PS. I want pizza lol. But that's how I got here, so never again. I'm learning to fall out of love with food.

Answer to feeling full

by: Dawn Hopper, PhD

The old feeling of fullness is changed after bariatric surgery. Although you never paid much attention to that feeling of being 'satisfied,' when it's no longer there you DO miss it. For some, it translates to hunger. Since many of us gauge our eating based on that sensation, its absence leaves us confused.

One way to end this sort of torture is to relearn a feeling of fullness. You do this by eating the proper amount- no more and no less. Then sit quietly and concentrate on the sensation you might have in your stomach. It takes a while but eventually you will associate a new feeling to your fullness.

What's wrong

by: Dan

I have the exact same problem. I had my surgery on Feb 28th, 2017, just a few days ago. I recovered so well they discharged me early, did my upper GI test to test for leaks early, hell, the night of surgery, I was waking my required 2 laps around the nurses station every 2 hours as directed, only I was doing 4 laps every 2 hours. I had absolutely no pain that required me to take the pain meds, I have never had any nausea, I drink my 64 to 94 oz of approved fluids and I am $#$#@#$ starving. WTF?


by: Slimpickings

I thought I would be less hungry than I am. But when I eat something soft like soft noodles, puréed veggie soup, oatmeal, cereal soaked in milk and hummus I get full really quickly. I'm seven days out and introducing myself to small portions of soft foods plus protein shakes and waters. I'm down 10lbs and I would be fine if I could lose 10lbs a week for a few months. I was 230lbs and my goal weight is 145lbs

Bring it!

Are you drinking enough water?

by: Wenda

The dizziness and weakness that comes after surgery happens if you are not getting enough fluids. No matter how much food you put down, if you aren't drinking enough water you will experience dizziness.

Protein is the best for keeping you full. If you are constantly feeling hungry, it might be good to start a food journal and find out how much protein you are getting on a daily basis. Apps like MyFitnessPal make it super easy to calculate your protein intake. Aim to meet the protein goals that were set by your dietitian or surgeon. Once you can puree soups or eat real meat, you will find that protein from actual food is way more filling than protein bars and shakes.


by: Ruby

I can only compare this hunger to the severe hunger pangs I had when I was pregnant (btw I'm not). The day after surgery I was suffering from severe hunger pangs. I had to hit the button to release pain medicine to stop the feeling.

Today is day 5 of post op and it's a little after 4am and guess who's up because of those darn hunger pangs. Ugh! I literally feel like I'm starving. I drink my protein shakes 3x a day and have purée for lunch and dinner. I don't understand. I hope my surgery wasn't in vain. Someone please help!!!

A response to Dave

by: Another anonymous

Dave, I am wondering the same thing. I just messaged my Doctor two minutes ago asking. I feel pretty silly. It seems as though I am complaining about not having any trouble Lol. Did you ever get any answers? Have a good day. :)

It's also a matter of what you eat.

by: J.R.Neumiller

If you consume sugar or carbs - sugary soft drinks, juice, table sugar, breakfast cereals, breads, potatoes, rice, beans, grains, hush puppies, etc, you're going to create more problems for your system to resolve. Your pancreas doesn't get a break from producing insulin, your liver stays full, and your fat cells never reduce their resistance to insulin.

If you are hungry all the time and not losing weight, it's because you're eating carbs and defeating the purpose of the surgery. Carbs not only spike insulin, they create intense cravings that are only sated by MORE CARBS.

It doesn't matter your pouch size if you don't eliminate sugar and starch carbs. (Green carbs are fine, white are not.) You will not lose weight and you will not curb hunger if you don't eliminate those carbs.

For those eating anything but still losing - it's a calorie game. At the end of the day if you take in more than you expend, you'll gain. If you expend more than you take in, you'll lose. But that will change the more your body adapts to your smaller portions, and your food choices will catch up to you, and you won't lose/will start to gain back those pounds.

For those having to eat all the time or getting dizzy, that's a malnutrition problem and is more common with the bypass rather than the sleeve. Your problems are not easily resolved. Eat more protein is all I can suggest.

The ultimate goal of any weight-loss surgery is to get to a point where the caloric intake is the same as the expenditure, AND to not eat foods that keep the liver full of sugar and cause the insulin to flow and keep the fat cells resistant.

Please research the Paleo/keto/LCHF diets to get a better idea of food choices, because the body doesn't react the same way to all foods.

Also your total calories - no matter what the food - always matter, (because it's ultimately a calorie game.) Carbs are the BEST WAY to pack in high caloric, fat-resisting glucose that prevents your body from burning your fat stores. You don't change WHAT you eat, it won't matter how little of it you eat.

Gastric Sleeve surgery 11/20/17 and stomach is growling and I'm hungry

by: Beckiess

I have been advised to only have clear liquids (broth, sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello, water with Crystal Light if wanted from surgery until 11/30.

I am able to drink from a straw and swallow normal volumes of water without issue.

My problem is that I AM STARVING! I cannot even imagine doing another five more days.

Why is it that others with this same surgery are allowed protein shakes and yogurt? Is this okay? It is not head hunger either, my stomach is literally growling.

Can someone tell me if I would be doing damage if I added protein shakes or yogurt at this point...at 6 days post? Help!

by: Patrick Furlong

Check out the doctor response below:


Me too... Always hungry

by: Gerri

I had the sleeve almost 2 yrs ago. I've lost 65 lbs but gained 30 back. I'm always hungry. I eat what i want. Nothing bothers me. I hate it.....

Empty not hungry

by: Martyn Paul

I am day 8 out from gastric bypass surgery. The first two days I just couldn't consume all the liquid and shakes the dietitian recommended. But it's easier everyday.

There are times I feel empty, but it doesn't feel the same as hunger used to before the surgery. Haven't been tempted to deviate from the recommended diet basically because I went into the surgery viewing it as a pretty serious step and I really want to make it work.

I am fed-up of the taste of the protein shakes though and looking forward to progressing to a diet that's a bit more diverse. Currently it's protein shakes, smooth veggie soup, plain Greek yoghurt, small amount of fruit smoothie, pureed fruit and small glass of soy milk.

Hungry after surgery

by: Shanty

It's been 3 days since my gastric bypass. I am hungry, but not starving to were I want to eat a meal. But this broth is horrible because it doesn't have any tast to it. Does anyone have any suggestions? And am I the only one feeling this way after 3 days?

Surgery in 2007 and still hungry


When I woke up after RNY I had two thoughts: I'm still alive, that was nice, and, I'm starving why did do this? Everyone I spoke with prior to the surgery said they never felt hungry post surgery. I have been beyond hungry since the RNY. I initially lost over 200 pounds and have put back on over 70. I eat until I feel ready to burst, but still not satiated. I try to eat sensible, e.g.fruits, vegetables, protein, some carbs are the norm for me. I haven't had ice cream, pizza, fast food (unless no choice) for over ten years.

I get the impression the professionals on this list have no idea what many of us are going through. I was never this hungry pre-surgery, but feel like a starving person post-surgery. I do my best to eat what I "know" is the correct amount - rather than wait for a sensation, but in the long run human nature takes control.

I drink the recommended amount and at the recommended timing, I tend to eat dry proteins when available first and side dishes later. I've been hypo-glycemic all my life so I do eat grains to hold on to the sugar. Here's an example of my immediate problem, one English muffin should fill me up but it doesn't. A second, Or half of a second, fills me so much I'm miserable - yet still hungry.

There must be a way we can medically lower hungry pangs to make this RNY workable long term.

Same problem

by: Leslie Keith

I had surgery last Wednesday, I am 6 days post op and have the exact same issue you describe. I am almost hungrier than I was pre surgery. I am doubting my surgery worked! Did yours get better? I hope so!

Did Bypass Work?

by: Desperate

My top weight was 413. I’m only 5’2 so there was definitely a need for change. Depression over the loss of my 11 month old daughter to SMA was a major factor in my weight gain.

Realizing I still had to show up for my second child, I decided to get my health in order. I had challenge after challenge trying to get insurance to pay for my bypass surgery. In the year it took to get approved, I’d gone from 413 to 296.

Imagine my disappointment when now 3 years afyer my surgery, I’ve only lost an additional 45 lbs. I’ve majorly changed the way I eat. By no means an angel, but definitely miles away from the behavior that got me up to 413. Exercise is hard, as I am in need of double knee replacement surgery. There has to be something else wrong though.

Any ideas?

So hungry!

by: FreetheSkinnyGirlWithin

I am five days out from my gastric sleeve surgery and I am so hungry! I cheated today and on day four with hummus. I lost 25 lbs before my surgery, but gained 11 lbs while in the hospital eating only ice chips! I haven’t lost any of the hospital weight. This whole experience seems like it is working backwards.

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