Dehydration and Volume Depletion After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Waning Woman

My recovery was really pretty painless, but I did experience dehydration and volume depletion after weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve surgery).

I had a c-section with my son, and it was by far more painful. I was off of my pain meds before the week was up.

But I had difficulty getting in my daily fluid allotment, and with losing weight as fast as you do in the beginning, it is VERY important to make sure you stay hydrated. Upon standing, I experienced a blackening out of my field of vision which was one of the first clues that I wasn’t hydrated enough, although I didn’t know it at the time.

Orthostatic hypotension is the medical term, and although it is unsettling to experience, it isn’t life threatening. One day though, it took nearly a full 30 seconds for my vision to come into focus and it was that day that I had a scary ordeal.

I experienced shaking, panic, and I couldn’t focus. My neighbor called my surgeon and when he returned my call, he told me that it was probably volume depletion. Anesthesia, having nothing by mouth before surgery, and not taking in nearly enough liquids after surgery contributed to this very scary experience.

Make sure that you sip, sip, sip and don’t worry too much about protein. It is important that you find a liquid that you can tolerate and keep down during the early weeks.

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by: Lisa

I was sleeved 9/29 and since then I think I have met my required 48 oz water maybe twice. Went for recheck Monday and was given a liter of fluids. Beginning to feel weak and today my blood pressure is abnormal. 120/110 pulse 100. Hope it stabilizes over weekend. I will continue to try and get fluids but protein intake has become issue as well. I am sick of drinking it and the nausea this creates frequently turns to vomiting. Forget getting require 6 meals a day in.

Surgery March 13

by: Sylvia

I am post op gastric sleeve , 4 weeks. Can not tolerate putting anything in my mouth. I understand the need for hydration, vitamins, etc. I vomit everything I put in my mouth. Hope things get better.

My experience after surgery

by: Anonymous

My main issue is getting the medicine I have to take down and keeping it down. Between trying to stay on track with enough protein it's getting down to always feeling nauseous and I'm feeling so bad I'm just frustrated. I try to drink water even that is getting hard to keep down!

Can't get fluids down


I don't drink 64 oz of fluid in any given day and now I'm expected to do it post op. I had my sleeve 6/23/16. I also got my gallbladder out at the same time.

I have post operative swelling so now matter what I swallow I have extreme cramping and pain. I'm trying my best but I can't get more than 32oz of fluid a day. The doctors office called to check on me today and my follow up is the day after tomorrow. I'm getting very discouraged and frustrated. I'm weak and tired.

I need and very much want to get over this hump. Any advice?

Keeping hydrated is critical

by: Marilyn

My gastric sleeve surgery was on 7/15/16. I was doing well while getting hydration in the hospital. As other's have said, had trouble getting in enough fluid plus proteins. 6 days out feeling pretty well I tried a creamy soup. It upset my stomach & got diarrhea which quickly depleted hydration. Although I felt ok when I went to bed, I woke up at 5am disoriented, dizzy, and vomiting. Went to the ER I was so bad. It was the result of dehydration.

If you are not able to eat or drink go to hospital to get saline. I never realized how important it is. If you are having a hard time getting both protein & fluid. The best I've found is Isopure at GNC. Make jello with it or add whey protein to diet jello.

I can't stress enough how getting dehydrated put me back in the hospital. And it is easy for that to happen.

Gastric Sleeve

by: Nay

I had my surgery 9/2/16 and have been super sick and nauseous. I've been unable to eat (period). I am regretting the surgery because I am so nauseous all of the time. I can't wait to get off of the full liquids and over this hump.


by: Ingrid Jones

I had my gastric sleeve surgery on 9/14/16. The only problem I have is getting enough fluids into me. I am taking my medications fine, eating fine, very focused on what I am eating and how much, careful to wait 35-45 mins. after meals to drink. I am not very hungry most times but continue to eat small meals. Fish and oatmeal goes well with my diet, but my energy is very low sometimes; never liked water to begin with but will have to try harder.

10 days post-op BpD

by: Debra

I'm so glad I'm not the only one having difficulties. I can't stop vomiting, can barely keep water down, and certainly can't get the elephant vitamins down that I need to take. I really want to get through this but it is really quite difficult at present.


by: Misti

I'm diabetic and had sleeve almost two years ago. I have dumping if I put any kind of sugar in me. Sometimes I have low blood sugars and to get it up I have to drink OJ and I eat some candy or icing to get it up quick, then I'm up all night dumping (pooping) happening right now.

I've tried a million things and nothing helps. Talk about cleaning you out, plus gas ⛽️ all the time, sounds like a bunch of ducks behind me. I'm eating really good, meats still don't go down. I do my vitamins and have lost from 337 to. 207. 130 pds. I long for that 199 but I've stopped losing.

So give me advice!!! Thank you. ????????????

Gastric Sleeves

by: Dona Fraser

I've had my surgery on 7/7/17. It has been quite an ordeal. I've had a hard time taking in anything. Every thing comes back up. I won't say I regret having the surgery but it has been tough.

Gastric sleeve

by: Margaret

I had the surgery on 8/2/17. I'm just beginning to have an appetite. I've been eating cream soups and they stay down.

The problem I'm having is drinking enough. A friend of mine suggest I drink water out of the small pill cups like the samples you get at Sam's. I drink 3 every 10 to 15 minutes. It really helps to get the fluids in although I haven't quite worked up to 64 ounces.

It's an ongoing journey. I break the vitamin in half before I take it, also the calcium w/vitamin D. I think it'll get better soon. I don't want to loose weight to fast. I haven't had a BM because I haven't had solids until today. I hope it gets better for everyone.


by: Mr. Kofii

I had my sleeve surgery on 8/21/17. I'm 4 weeks post-operation and I have problems drinking my recommended water and protein intake. I stay thirsty, mouth dry, breath smells, skin dry, tired, not hungry nor thirsty, but I know I need to drink something. I don't like the creamed soups in the can, taste horrible! I can't stomach low-fat stocks. So I don't eat anything.

I will try to force these liquids down to get hydrated.

empty Saline. drip post op

by: jjo

I am concerned that my saline bag has not been changed. I am in the hospital recovering from sleeve op. Twice i mentioned please changing the bag but no saline.

And no water of course. I thought hydration was very important. Am i wrong? Did others have an empty saline bag for hours? Wish i had someone to talk to now.


by: Alicia Whighams

What other drink I can use without sugar. I can only get down about 3/16oz of bottles of water on my job. I'm using propell sticks for now. But towards the end of the day about 5pm I'm drain. I have no energy.


by: Theresa A Husted

Is it ok to fly 2 weeks post op?

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