Bitter disappointment – why I gained back 40 pounds after weight loss surgery

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Mel McFadden (a patient from Beltsville, MD)

I gained about 40 pounds back of the 100 that I lost and I feel like I’m spiraling out of control. It’s been two years since my surgery and I’m really upset. I have to learn to not eat like I did before. It’s a battle of the mind.

Who would want dumping syndrome every week? I have to take imodium to counter the effects so that I can stay working. I am so happy my diabetes went away, but this dumping syndome is the worst. I know it is from any food with a lot of fat. Fat is the worst. Sugary foods aren’t my problem. I just crave fat at times and that does me in.

So if I eliminate fried foods I can start losing weight again. I’ve lost 8 pounds in one week alone. It’s a battle of the mind for sure.


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by: Anonymous

I had the bypass surgery 8 years ago, it was such a God send for me. I had no complications, but due to the fact that it was laparoscopic, my pouch was never as small as my friends' that had had the surgery.

I lost 150 pounds initially. I have regained 40 pounds over the last 5 years. Doesn't sound like much to many but it is a horror story for me. I wish I had dumping. I have no bad effects from eating anything. The only problem I have is if I eat too much at one time, my heart will race for about 20 minutes, and my doctor says that is normal.

I would love to have a revision but I know I could never afford it. I have tried WW, Calorie counting and all kinds of diets, but to no avail. Even when I adhere to them perfectly I do not lose weight. I need a miracle.

For Mel

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Mel I'm really concerned with your eating habits.

If you are eating to the point of dumping and that doesn't stop you from eating that food, you have to rethink what you are doing.

You absolutely cannot continue to eat like you did before or you will gain it all back.

You have to make a decision.

Do you really want this to work? If so you've got to start eating healthy and do what it takes to do this thing.

Some people journal their food.

You need to plan what you are eating for the day and no more.

You can eat a little every 4 hours but no grazing in between.

Do you have access to any therapy? We eat to self medicate our pain away and it would help you to work through whatever it is that's bugging you.

Are you going to a support group? Are you going back to your doctor? The best way to lose a craving is to stop that particular food period.

If you will do this you will forget the craving and be able to stop it but if you continue to eat just a little of it the craving stays alive.

Give yourself at least 3 weeks to beat the craving.

If you don't get that under control you will continue to dump and gain weight.

Make sure you are eating something good for you for breakfast too so you don't throw your body into starvation mode which causes you to gain weight.

I'm really proud of you for losing 8 pounds!! I hope this has helped.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Hugs, Y

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