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Fran J. (a patient from Vernon, IL, USA)

My husband and I were morbidly obese for most of our lives. 2 years ago I underwent gastric bypass surgery and 2 months later my husband had the same procedure. He lost over 260 lbs and I lost 180 lbs. We were very large!

Our daughter is only 13 and has been obese the majority of her life. She loves food, just like me! I believe that if we had this surgery sooner we could have been active sooner and am thinking that this could be the case for her. She grew up with a dad in an electric wheel chair and a mom who could barely get around.

I spoke to our doctors about her having the sleeve procedure, but they shut me down as soon as they found out her age.

She is a cheerleader (the one that holds everyone else up). She participates in track 100m in 33 seconds (she is slow) and she weighs 264 lbs at 5’5″. I love her and want her to enjoy life, I just wish that there was a procedure to help with weight and cravings.

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by: Dr. Gilberto Ungson

Hello Fran,

First of all, congratulations on your weight loss and taking the steps to live a healthier life.

At Mexicali Bariatric Center we have a weight loss surgery program especially designed for teens.

Our experience has been that all aspects of their life improve after the procedure, not only physically but also emotionally.

Your daughter is currently morbidly obese and in 2-3 years, when many local practices will start considering her for surgery, she will only be heavier and could have possibly already developed co-morbidities related to her weight.

I do not feel there is any need to wait to have surgery until she gains more weight (thus increasing her surgery risks) as long as she has already fully developed and her growth will not be affected; Tests and evaluations are done prior to surgery to ensure that she will be a good candidate for surgery.

We work with a psychologist and nutritionist to aid in the process along with the rest of the medical team to ensure the best results possible.

Further, we find that when parents have had weigh loss surgery they are able to better support their teens through the process making them more successful.

Do not give up.

If you feel this is a good option for your daughter, there are good surgeons with experience in teen weigh loss surgeries that can help.

If you are interested in discussing further, please click here to contact us.

Dr. Gilberto Ungson

Mexicali Bariatric Center

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Dr. Gilberto Ungson

DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.

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Please help!

by: Georgina

How old do you have to get a gastric balloon as I am 16 with a BMI of 30 and I don't feel comfortable going out of my house!

Please help.

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