8 years post-weight loss surgery and out of control!

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Denise (a patient from Long Island, NY)

I had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery 8 years ago and went from 300 ponds down to 160 pounds. I maintained a 140 pound weight loss for 5 years and had a tummy tuck and arm lift to remove excess skin. What a great feeling to go from a size 24-26 to a size 10!

My confidence soared and my life changed. I think the more comfortable I got, the more relaxed with my diet I became. I lost 140 ponds by not eating fat, sugar, cards, and by not snacking between meals, but after 5 years all my old habits gradually came back…along with 40 pounds and out of control feelings.

I am back to eating until I am sick, eating when not hungry, eating fast food, following different diet plans for a week or two and then falling off the wagon and gaining what I lost plus some. EVERYTHING I did prior to weight loss surgery!

I feel out of control.I am so afaid of gaining more back. I went back to my surgeon and his only advice was lap band over my gastric bypass!!! WHAT?! I do not want another surgery.

After an endoscopy, he claims my pouch is stretched out again! What can I do without getting another surgery? I know any diet works, but right now I feel so out of control with binge eating and that feeling of what diet do I try next! Any advice?


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15+ years post-op RNY

by: Kimmee

I'm struggling too! Top weight 367 lbs.

Lowest wt 219 lbs., 9 months after surgery - then back up to 315 lbs. 4 years ago.

I was able to get to 160 lbs. through rigid weigh/measure food plan with no sugar or flour.

I maintained a couple years, and now have gained 50+ lbs.

So grateful to come across this post.

Even though it's been more than 15 years, a recent endoscopy shows my pouch is intact.

All my efforts to reverse the effects, yet it's still there! I have to return to post-op diet plan.

Simple as that may sound, it's very challenging for a food addict like me.

Thanks for sharing everyone!

11 Years post ruin y bypass

by: Raecali


I'm 11 years post gastric bypass surgery and I've been reading a lot of people out there gaining weight back after 8 years. I too gained some weight back around the same 5-8 year mark.

I want to say tho I just went bank on the post diet. I did liquids for two days soft foods for two days and then I went on the straight-protein diet. I'm happy to say that at almost 12 years post surgery I'm doing great. When I had surgery I weighed 284 and got down to 116 and stayed there for the next 4 1/2 years.

I then started to gain weight back. By year 8 I had gone back up to 225 that was it. I had to buckle down and I did loss 24 pounds and stayed at that weight for the last 2 1/2 years, stable but still not loosing. The last few months I've been back on the drill - two days of liquid IV to sell food and staying on diet three pier protein lean no carbs no sodas exercise lots and lots of water and of course my vitamins.

I'm happy to say I'm at 182 at almost 12 years post so you can do it but first go on the liquids and then a soft I'd help shrink your pouch back down so you don't want to over eat feel hungry.

Good luck

Can't eat

by: Anonymous

I had a revision due to ulcers in May. I haven't eaten anything more substantial than apple sauce cup 3 total and a few Popsicles. I get violently sick from nausea once I begin eating anything substantial like a piece of an egg or even Soup.

I weighed 241 at the time. I weighed 410 ten years Ago after first surgery.

Now I'm down to 200 in less than 40 days. I don't want to go on food "pump" again like 10 years Ago. Went down to 150. They put a food pump in stomach and fed me through that way for 6 months.

Do not want to go through that again.

Any advice a d please don't say "eat!"

Another comment that should help

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Something brought me back here and since I last answered I have written a blog post about regain that I believe will be very helpful to anyone dealing with it. It's called "Take off those regain glasses and turn it around". Here's the link I hope this will be of some help to everyone.

Hugs, Yvonne

Same situation here:-(

by: Anonymous

I just read what felt like my own story. I too after 6 years maintaining a 100 pound weight loss...have regained 60 pounds. It all started after I got married (comfortable) and then had twins! I can't blame it on my munchkins because after birth I went down to where I maintained for 6 years. The 60 pounds came AFTER the first year of their life. They will be 2 in a couple of months and I'm so embarrassed to think it's hard to keep up with them because of my weight gain. I feel like a complete failure and know what I need to do but don't feel the motivation I need to do it. I won't even go back to my old surgeon because I'm so embarrassed and afraid of what they'll say or think of me. I'm writing this now crying because the emotions are surfacing when I just kept it all inside.

My husband is a USMC veteran and struggles with severe PTSD. A lot of stress is involved (in part why I've gone back to my pre-surgery days of medicating with food) but aside from all that he's so completely in love with me that he doesn't see the weight gain.

I'm in the Los Angeles CA area and would love any type of support group that could motivate that fire I know is deep inside me to get back on track for the sake of my children. I want to live a long time for them and myself. I deserve this.

wanted to add....

by: Yvonne McCarthy

I wanted to thank this site, Bariatric Surgery Source, for providing the communication to help others.  

As it turned out, Denise read my blog post and the video and commented on my post.  I did another blog post.  

I just want to give the credit here.

Here's the post.

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I am back on track and on the path to losing the weight I regained!

by: Denise

WOW!!! Thank you so much, Yvonne! This was just what I needed!!! Thank you so much for directing me to your site and your friend Gina!

I watched that video and read her story and saw myself! I was 300 lbs. before my surgery on June 29, 2004. I lost 120 lbs that first year and another 20lbs the second year post op. I worked that program perfectly for 2 years and was like a new person. 140lbs down and wearing a size 10 from a 24/26! The attention I was getting was amazing! I actually had men holding the door for me and pouring coffee for me at the local 7-11! WHAT!

At 300lbs I had been invisible! How you can be so large yet see-through, unbelievable, but at 160lbs, all eyes were on me when I went out and the attention I was getting felt awesome for the first time in my life. I was always the fat girl with the pretty face since I was 6 years old, so this positive attention was something I wasn't used to. I was being told I was beautiful! Not just my face, the full me!

Unfortunately, the more confident I got, the more I slowly started to test the waters of my pouch. Hmmm, I can eat the cheese & sauce off the pizza, lets see if I can handle the crust. WOW, it causes some discomfort, but not too bad. I just ate crust and cheese for a few months and then thought I’d test again! Let's add the rest of the slice. Not bad! Kept it down!

Gradually testing for 3 years eventually led to being able to eat 2 full slices. I continued to play the “Let's see” game which resulted in a 42-pound weight gain and feeling inside me that were worse than before I had surgery. I did maintain a 100 lb loss, but I slowly watched that 42 pounds creep back on. I went from size 10 slowly back to buying 12s and low 14s which are tight!!! I refuse to buy a 16!

Well, feeling totally out of control, addicted to carbs, snacking and grazing nonstop, and an emotional basket case, I felt it was too late. I had life-threatening surgery & took advantage of that gift! I lost 140 pounds and took it for granted! I THOUGHT it was too late! A surgeon told me I needed another surgery - lap band over my gastric bypass pouch!! WHAT!!! No!!!

I know in my heart & this is a quote from Gina that rang so true to me, “The only revision I need was a revision of my mind!!!” With that said, last weekend I spent reaching out to anyone and everyone online who had experience with WLS weight regain. I spent the weekend preparing my house & fridge with everything I needed to get back on track. Well, I am happy to report that after only 5 days back on track, I have regained control and lost 6.2 pounds over the past 5 days! I know this is the beginning, but after reading about Gina and watching that interview, I KNOW it is possible to lose the weight I regained plus more to get to my goal! I am 8 years post-op, but that's ok.

I CAN DO IT!!! With your support.

Thanks so much!

Time to stop the insanity!

by: Yvonne McCarthy

There's a saying...do you know what the description of insanity is? It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

It's definitely time to stop the insanity.

I know you're thinking "I've gained 40 pounds and don't see the point in going back to the way I used to eat." The point is this..if you don't go back you will gain more.

I'm going to include a link to a blog post about my friend Gina who regained 70 pounds after never getting to goal and finally did at 9 years after.

It's never too late and it can be done.

Here's that post. I see you are from Long Island.

There is an excellent support group there called LIPO and you can find info about them at liponation.org. Going to support meetings is so important because you have to be accountable. There is way more info out there about food addiction and many other things that are the real problem.

I had surgery almost 11 years ago.

I also have a stretched stoma but even with that I am still ahead of a normal person because I still have malabsorption and I still have a smaller stomach.

The way I look at it we get surgery to get back to normal and when we are we have to act exactly like a normally thin person does.

You can find many reasons why you can't do it but until you start with the reasons you can, it won't begin. I stayed at goal because every moment I started to gain I decided it just wasn't happening and I never went back to sugar, junk food and processed foods.

You need to talk to others in a support situation so you can get help with why you are using food to self-medicate your pain away.

We have a disease and feeling any shame at all about regain only sucks the life out of us.

Decide right now you want to do this, go to support group and throw out all the food you shouldn't eat.

I can't keep offensive food in my house either.

My heart breaks for you.

I try so hard to encourage post-ops to please stay in support groups and please speak up as soon as you see a problem but we feel shame and isolate.

Those are two things that will kill us.

I hope you'll contact LIPO.

The founder is a very good friend of mine and she's good at what she does.

Let me know if you have any questions about what I've said.Hugs, YvonneP.S. The surgeon offered a revision but if you don't change what you are doing you can out eat the revision too.

Many insurance companies won't even pay for a second surgery.

Weight/ Health

by: Tina

I'm having not only weight but also health issues. I'm 14yrs out from my Bypass surgery. My top weigh was 451. I got down to 160. I developed Ulcers but got that in control with medication.

I did gain some weight back recently due to having some health issues that are causing me to be nearly bed bound. I'm up to 220 now. My body is breaking down on me. It all started in February with a trip to Emergency with a fever that ended with being there for 3 days. I ended up with an infection from having my teeth cleaned 2 days prior. Now, my Liver has Elevated Enzymes I'm having Digestive problems, Migraines, Random Fevers, etc.. and at first the docs thought it was Lupus but that was a negative. Now I'm getting tested for an Autoimmune Diffency. My vitamin levels are low, but I take a boat load and have been for years. I've tried many ways of taking my vitamins and to get them in my system. But have always had problems getting them to obsorb well. I'm 51years old and usually a very active hard worker. I have 2 jobs work 6 days a week. Now I'm pretty much bed ridden since February. And to add I go and break my foot dropping a lid on it, and that's taking almost 8wks to heal. I feel like a limping accident. Ha! I try to make the most out of this but it does get a bit stressful. "I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired". Thank you for letting me rant.

Always hungry

by: Lyle kominsky

I am 10 yrs out from rny, went from 360 to 167 and lately I am always hungry every 2 hrs on the dot. I if I don't eat I feel like I'm going to pass out get light headed. I eat about 4000 calories a day and delivery. I have never worked out to loose the weight ever. I'm not even a diabetic don't know what's going on. I can eat candy, ice cream and don't get sick even when I drink weight gain shakes.

Weight regain after RNY includes wine

by: Anonymous

I am 8 years out RNY. Am 73 years old. Drink wine daily along with cheese+crackers+snacks. Started at 260 got down to 145. Now up to 210. I know why Im gaining. Wine, plus snack continually in evening. Was walking a lot but back issues caused drastic drop in activity. Still working so have to get up and out. Am very depressed about weight gain and feeling like I cant manage my body. Any others experiencing similar?

10 Years Post Op Roux En Y Gastric Bypass

by: MikkiSue

I am so glad I found this post!!! Reading all of the comments I felt like I was reading my own story.

I had Gastric ByPass on August 26, 2006 and at my highest weight I was 213 pounds.

I am 5 feet tall.

A year later I was 118 pounds.

I started to have medical issues, like fainting spells, dizziness, severe vertigo, and severe deficient anemia which required multiple blood transfusions.

I eventually met with a dietician, and started to eat more protein, veggies, and fruit.

I was really just suffering from lack of nutrients.

I got up to a healthy 128 pounds and stayed there for about 5-6 years.

Then the bad habits begin to slowly creep back in...I went from not drinking sodas and alcohol, to drinking 3-4 Coca Cola's per day, wine almost daily, and late night snacks like donuts, cookies, and candy.

Today, I am 160 pounds and I had to put down a slice of cheesecake to type this post.

I have been reading a lot of post on other sites today about "reseting my pouch", and I think that is pretty close to the same as the post surgical diet.

I am very excited to know that it has been successful for people with as many years post op as me.

Tomorrow I am going to try to reset my pouch, and do the 5 day reset.

I need to loose 25-30 pounds to get back to my "best weight" and I owe it to myself to do just that! Thanks again for the encouragement!!!

5 yr Post Gastric Sleeve

by: Melanie M.

So glad I came across this post, Ive been slowing gaining for months now, hightest weight was 230, lowest 169, and maintained for 2 years. Now I'm back to 198-202 and it doesn't seem to matter how well I eat food wise, I am still gaining. I am a paramedic and a fairly active person.

I will definitely be trying the rest you all are mentioning. Thank you so much for telling your stories, I have been so depressed thinking how could I let myself get to this point again! I don't want to go out in the community because I feel people have noticed it too and are looking at me like 'What happened to her".

Thank you again for posting and giving me motivation to go forward and know that there is a way around this and there is something that can be done.

2 years post op and regained half what I lost

by: Molly

I feel the same way. After having sleeve surgery 2 years ago and losing 100 pounds, I've gained back 50 pounds!

Is it possible to go back to the early liquid phase and "start over"? I was so happy when I lost weight but once I started adding carbs to my diet and a summer of too many celebrations, I'm so depressed.

I know it will be hard but if anyone has been able to re-lose after a significant gain I would love to hear what you did.

Thank you

by: Molly

Thank you to everyone who commented here. I am seeking surgery and looking at all the options as well as how to succeed once I do get it. Reading the struggles you've all endured to maintain, especially several years out, tells me of the work it takes even after surgery. I want to set myself up for success and reading about each of you really helps me to do that. So thank you! And I'm praying for a positive outcome for us all :)

RnY 17 yrs out

by: Linda

I had the RNY procedure in Nov 1999, beginning weight was 237 and my lowest weight was 140 lbs, which made me look sick. My weight stabilized at 150 and I wore a size 8. But this past year (2015) I have gained 30 lbs and I am miserable.

I am excited to learn about the pouch reset. I know that wine and beer are the reasons for my weight gain and, of course, being able to eat more than I ever could. I am determine to lose these pounds I have gained. I am happy to know I am not the only one out here struggling with weight gain after bariatric surgery.

Weight Gain

by: Jamie

It's been 5 years since my surgery and I have lost 120 pounds. At my lowest I weight 135 lbs, now I weigh 180. I need to lose 40 pounds - do you think the pouch reset work?

My ex-husband's insurance paid for the surgery but my insurance does not cover it. I know I gained because of snacking on potato chips and picking up old habits like late night eating. But, I have not had a potato chip in 19 days and I plan to keep them out of my diet. I also started following a pescatarian diet. I had diabetes before surgery and I don't want to deal with that again.

8 yrs post opp

by: Sharon

I am so pleased to find this site. I am 8 yrs post-op from full gastric bypass and in the last 8 months I've gained 14 pounds. I feel out of control... I never ever want to be fat again! Until now, I've chalked the gains up to menopause and prescription drugs. I had my ovaries removed June last year and I'm only 46. Where do I find the diet to reset my pouch please?
Thank you in advance.


by: Heidi

I am post op 6 years. My heaviest weight was 285 pounds at the age of 25. I had laparoscopic gastric bypass on my 28th birthday. I lost a total of 114 pounds which was 21 pounds away from my goal weight...which I never saw. I had another baby the day before my 30th birthday and now at the age of 34 I have regained 81 pounds. I am only 33 pounds below my starting weight.

I have no support groups in my area that I can go to due to my work hours. My family all has health issues and weight issues and they don't do anything to help themselves so they can't help me. I know my issues are lack of exercise and I don't drink enough. Not much makes me feel sick. I too am a grazer. I feel so tired and run down all the time.

I recently started to try to add my vitamins back in to my daily routine after going years without them. I just don't know where to start. Not only do I need to get my butt in gear for my own health but I need to set a good example for my three children and I just don't know where to begin. We recently moved in with my parents because my husband and I separated. My parents are both diabetics and eat horribly but my dad is so picky with what he eats that he won't change the foods he eats because he doesn't think he will like anything else.

I just need to find the energy to get my butt off the couch and having a desk job doesn't help. These posts are really inspirational and I need to do something for me. I want to be a success story!

8 Years Post RNY

by: Juanita

My weight was 250 I am currently 130. I have not gained weight. I do have some medical issues that cause my stomach to feel bloated, which causes my back to hurt. I also had bleeding ulcers and was transfused. Now I have a low hemoglobin. My insurance has changed to none and my surgeon passed away. I can't find help so this site seem good.

9 years out


Wow! It's amazing hearing some of the stories and able to somehow, relate to each and every one.

My starting weight was only 218 and I got down to 123. I looked so sick at 123, that I felt the need to try and "sabotage" my weight loss because I had zero control of losing weight. So I started drinking pop to try and stretch my stomach out. I know when I tell my story to people, they think I'm crazy for doing that. And thinking back... I think I was crazy, yet desperate at the same time. I went from one extreme desperation to the next.

Now, 9 years later, I have gained 50 pounds overall. My weight gain states around the 5 year mark. I was able to maintain a 123-135 body frame for 4 years. Then "life" happened and stresses took over and I started drinking wine almost on a daily basis. I'm one of the lucky ones, I am still not able to eat a regular meal. I still get sick

If I eat more than 4 bites of most things.

I am all for restarting your pouch. Just like they preached in the pre-surgery classes, it starts in your mind. We must take back our body and our control!! I know I can do it and I believe you can too.

God bless!


by: Michelle

Hi Everyone,

I was just reading about everyone's struggle with weight gain and was wondering if anyone regrets having the surgery?

I'm considering the surgery and would love to hear peoples thoughts.

Thank you.

Lifestyle NOT diet

by: S.B.

It makes me sad to see so many seeking help and looking for answers that should have been given to you prior to surgery. I had such an intense nutritional education prior to my surgery and it is ongoing, as is our journey.

Of course, I struggle too, I am human! I was actually researching long-term side effects that may develop years post op when I came across this site.

I want to remind those who struggle: WLS was not a magic or quick fix, nor was it the only step needed on this journey. Everyone has a different origin of their obesity, but we all can understand the struggle and need to remember that a big part of this journey is our mental and emotional being! If you suffered from an eating disorder before, you still have it! It's a mental health issue just as much as a physical issue. Emotional eating, binge eating, self-sabotage (regardless of motivation) are all symptoms of various eating disorders. Getting back to basics is vital, but you should also meditate on what other resources may be beneficial to your recovery and maintenance!

Back to basics is what my surgical team calls the "diet" you are looking for. It's not a diet though. It's a foundation for the lifestyle you should have adopted pre-op to prepare you for the life of a WLS patient. Part of the foundation is to physically detox you, but it will also shrink your pouch and be a sort of reset as well as provide the limitations you should be aware of.

No starches: no sugar, no pasta, no bread, no potatoes, no rice. Do not try to evade these rules by intaking brown rice or sweet potatoes as a "healthier option", they aren't. They are still starches, which are to be avoided. They still swell in your pouch and pass much slower than most foods which cause your pouch to stretch and you to feel sluggish.

Your priority is lean protein, nice dark greens, less starchy vegetables (Google for index), and high fiber intake to balance the protein.

Follow the rules of separation of food and drink. Many surgeons say only 30 minutes in between is adequate, I find that for me personally it takes about 2 hours to feel ready to drink after eating or vice versa.

Portion size matters, for everyone stretched or not! If you aren't able to eat 3-4oz there may be a problem! If you can fit more, there's obviously a problem! Portion is the size of your open palm. Half lean protein, half non starch veg. Prioritize protein if you can't fit the whole hand! At least 60-90g of protein a day is extremely important!

This will help you stay on track and not eat unnecessarily. Start with liquids only, it will help shrink your pouch faster and will get you back on track! Extra lean, little to no sugar/high protein shakes and at least 1liter of water a day will help you in all ways!

Get those steps in! You have zero excuse to not hit your 10k steps a day! At a very slow pace you can hit all those steps at once in about 2-3hours, so spread throughout the day should be easy. Doing laundry? Stand up and step in place while you sort, fold, put away. Doing dishes? Step in place as you wash. Taking a shower? Step it out! Want to watch tv? Go ahead but get off the couch and step it out! Dance stepping is so much more fun, so get creative!

It's not so easy if you are looking at it like a chore. Doing this plan lost me 70lbs before my surgery, and I lost my qualifications to get it, but my surgeon permitted me as a preemptive purpose because my origin of weight was medical. I know this works well, and it is perfect for loss and maintenance!

For those of you with food issues, restrictions, etc, it's not an excuse for anything but to get creative! I'm a pescatarian with allergies and some sudden onset intolerances that are usually associated with post-op WLS that are turning me into practically a vegan. It's a huge obstacle but we have so many on the market options nowadays!

It's extremely important to keep up on your bloodwork! If you have some unmonitored deficiencies it could really harm you and may be the cause of you getting off track! Anemia is a big issue for people like us and the lethargy associated with it will prevent you from activity and it's a domino effect into your eating habits.

If you struggle with intake you need to be seen by a Bariatric surgeon. There could be serious underlying issues! I had 3 internal hernias (intestinal) that are telescopic in nature and therefore went undiagnosed until I almost died.

And while sites like this can be a great source of healing, and understanding, and care, they can also be a detriment. Don't enable each other's bad habits. It's so very easy to do and I see so much of it happening.

I hope this has been helpful! No offense was meant to anyone, I tend to be more blunt than people are comfortable with, but I think it's important in this situation. I wish everyone luck!

Remember: it's a lifestyle! You have to change your life if you want the hard work to pay off.

Not necessarily

by: The Muser

Similar pattern of weight gain 8 yrs post roux en y gastric bypass. My husband and I are retired and together 24-7. He sees exactly what I eat...no different from when I weighed 140. Now I'm 210. My metabolism is dead, due to age & gender (I'm 55). I'm going to increase my exercise to see if it's even possible to increase my metabolism at my age. Fat metabolism releases estrogen; estrogen fights certain female cancers. I'm beginning to think it's God's way of protecting me.

13 Years Post RuNY -- Losing Weight Again

by: Welsh Meadowcroft

Started researching whether it was easier to lose weight regained after RuNY Gastric Bypass, as I gained 80 lbs of the 130 I lost and found this site.

Like many posting, life happened and I quit exercising and following my new life.

I'm one of the lucky or unlucky depending on your perspective who can eat rice and pasta (smaller amounts) and don't want to have the surgery again and lose that ability.

I'm also 61 now and don't want to start over at this age.

I finally got hold of myself and started on Nutrisystem and back to exercising daily.

In 12 weeks I've lost 28 pounds and finding it rather easy despite all the talk about how difficult it is to lose weight after 40, let alone 60.

I'm wondering if we Gastric Bypass survivors have an advantage over others due to our "new" pouches and lack of yo-yo dieting for a time? I encourage each one of you who are struggling to find a weight loss plan that you can commit to and do it.

I feel much better, I'm not tired anymore and don't take naps.

I don't want to struggle with weight and the issues associated with it in old age and am hoping this time I will keep it off.

Good luck to all!

15 Years and sinking Fast Need a Life Ring

by: Bobby

I have been reading the comments of many people. I had gastric bypass surgery in 1990. That lead to many other surgeries to follow. In the end, I had it reversed and while it was reversed the Doctor stapled my stomach. Like all you I did lose weight - 350 lbs. down to 189 lbs. Long ago I stopped caring about myself and devoted my life to assisting and helping everyone else simply to avoid my failures. Yup gained the weight and am now at 290 lb.

My health in the past year has gone down hill. Stomach pain, quick weight gain, my coloring looks gray and every day I feel weaker and weaker. Seen numerous specialists, waited months to get help.

The other day the lightning hit me and I realized that all this waiting is a cop-out, that there is information, blood work, and the internet - I can fix myself.

So if anyone has a book I could read regarding proper diet for bypass people that would be a great start. Thanks.

Pre op

by: Antoinette

I see a lot of comments here about weight gain but what about other issues like osteoporosis or ulcers etc. I am deciding between a bypass or sleeve. The sleeve seems to have less issues down the line but my surgeon is recommending a bypass due to my diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Any advice?

6 Years Postop Rny

by: Tina

I started out at 394 pounds six years ago and within the first year I had lost 210 pounds. 90 pounds of it was due to starting the use of drugs (meth) in 2011 only 6 months after my surgery. I quit the use of drugs 2 years later cause I was looking really sucked up and sickly. A year later I had only gained 10 pounds from the quitting of drugs with was awesome because most people gain an extreme amount from quitting that drug.

Well, I ended up getting pregnant, which I thought I could not have any more babies. I went from a size 14 to an 18 and from 184 pounds to 225 pounds. My current goal now is to get under 200 pounds again, a small goal right now. My eating habits are my enemy as I am a grazer when I am stressed or bored. I have gotten really tired and have a lot of back pain again because of my weight gain plus my self-esteem has gone down again. I am starting the gym today slowly to work my way back to fitness and I am going to start drinking protein shakes again twice a day and having a controlled diet with lots of protein in it. I am already taking all of my vitamins needed.

Wish me luck!


by: Cheryl

First of all, I thank you so much for posting this and being so honest. My surgery was 5 yrs ago and I was 267 to start and got down to 140. Very similar to you, however, I gained 60 lbs back and all the old habits have come back and I have the same worthless feeling about my out of control self the same as I did before the surgery.

I am totally ashamed to even go out in public because people actually treat me different and look at me differently. It is such an embarrassment and plus I feel like such a failure. I could really use a friend like you who seems to be the only person that I can relate to. I would really like to hear back from you and maybe we can try and be support for one another. That would mean a lot to me because I just feel so alone with this. I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.

Would love to hear from you.

Cheryl in Canada

5 yrs out

by: Loretta

WOW! I am so glad I found this. Everyone was calling me the incredible shrinking woman and people I hardly knew would stop and talk to me. Now that I have put back on almost half what I lost people say nothing. My self-esteem is shot. But now I know it's normal and I'll get back on track.

Rebound after bypass

by: Vila

I am coming up on 10 years post RYN and was getting frustrated at my eating habits/weight gain... and I have decided to take action! The quick version of my story...

I have been overweight since the moment I was born, and classifiable as obese/morbidly obese since the age of 9. At that point, I was diagnosed with severe Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and one of the amazing thing (sarcasm) that it did it mess with my insulin levels. This meant no matter how active I was or how much I dieted I would struggle to lose an ounce and anytime I did, a gain of 2lbs was just around the corner.

This created a slew of other problems (severe depression, sleep apnea, hypertension among others) all by the time I was 16. It was at that point that my PCP and I decided that the only real chance I had at achieving any type of normal health was surgery. However, at the time no doctor in my area would even begin the pre-op process before the age of 18... so I waited ... and waited .... and gained weight... and gained weight.

The boiling point was the day I graduated high school, I was 372 pounds and could not walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. At that point I was starting all of my pre-op requirements which included going to a cardiologist, who basically told me that if I kept going at the rate I was, I was about 5-10 years away from a heart attack ... and I would post certainly die prematurely. This just reconfirmed my confidence that a gastric bypass was the only way to save my life.

The surgery went well, and for the first few years everything went fantastic. In my first 3 months postop I lost 80lbs and I had the surgeon tell me I needed to take in more calories (WHAT??? EAT MORE? that's something I had never heard in my life) I continued to eat and drink according to the surgeon's recommendations for probably 3 years. No soda, alcohol, fast food, simple carbs, mindless snacking... none of it.

In Jan of 2010 I hit my lowest weight of 229 (a 144 lb loss) but bad habits were starting to creep their way into my life. I was in college and working full time (at a local pizza joint... how's that for temptation) and before I knew it I was back to eating pizza, wings, fried stuff, deserts, eating when I wasn't hungry, and drinking while eating. My weight gain from 2010 through probably late 2013 was pretty slow and steady; surprising for how bad I was eating.... as a side note I think it is important to mention that I didn't even eat like this before the bypass... I was constantly dieting, and I lived on salad and grilled chicken for years with no results.

So it was not even that I started back to old habits, but that I created new horrible habits. By early 2014 I was hovering right around 250lbs, which though I would have liked to have been 230, 250 was livable (I'm 5' 10). The real problem started when the weight gain was no longer slow and steady and before I knew it I was up to 280 in a matter of a couple of months. I decided it was time to get serious, and I joined one of those expensive medical weight loss places. It did work for a while, and by late summer 2015, I was back down to 255lb. However, their high protein diet along with my hx of RYN led me to be hospitalized with acute biliary colic (a gallstone stuck in the duct) and I had to have emergency removal of my gallbladder (which had 20 some stones in) and the stone that was stuck.

As part of the recovery process, the surgeon asked me to not go back on the really high protein (ketone producing) diet for at least 4 weeks to allow my body time to heal. Once I went off for that, I never could seem to get motivated to start back and every month since then I have seemed to gain a few pounds (though my eating habits are not as bad as they once were) Flash forward to two weeks ago (late March 2017) and I have finally hit my breaking point... I need to do something about my weight (I'm back up to 282) in talking with people I got the advice to go talk to a bariatric surgeon about doing a sleeve over my RNY and I considered it..... and then the preverbal lightbulb went off!

I had surgery as a last resort because I was physically unable to lose weight despite trying like hell, and I have proven that post surgery I can lose weight when I apply myself. I don't need surgery, I need to make a conscious effort to modify my lifestyle to lose and keep the weight off. Don't get my wrong... I have never once regretted having a RYN because I know that there is a real possibility that if I hadn't ... I would not be here right now. But it took me 10 years to figure out that it also gave me something that I never had before ... an active choice regarding my weight and health.

The day that I realized that I went to the web and started looking for total wellness programs/doctors in my area, and I found what I am sure is my partner going forward. It is a comprehensive weight loss center in my area where they don't just put you on some crazy diet and pump you full of appetite suppressants. They have doctors, nurses, dietitians, and even a behavioralist all there to support real life and lasting wellness. I am optimistic and excited to work with them. They did recommend that I take a prescription to aid in weight loss but it was going to take some baseline testing before I could start... so over the past two weeks while working on getting all the testing done, I followed their advice and I already lost almost 3 pounds in like 12 days without starving myself.

Today is day 4 of the meds; prescribed Belivq XR 20 mg daily and I feel like it is just enough to add some added support in combating cravings. I will keep you posted, but after reading several other people's entries I just wanted to share my experience and maybe even motivate someone that they can take control of their health!

Struggles with complications

by: Lori

Hello everyone, thank you for sharing your path after surgery.

One person asked if anyone has regret, I do. I was not unhealthy before gastric bypass surgery and I have been unhealthy ever since. Two years after surgery I found out my surgeon was learning as he performed surgery and he was no longer allowed to be your support system or give you any advice.

A few years later I was introduced to another practice and discovered that my throat is too large, my pouch is too small, and my small intestine is too large food stops in my small intestine at a bend. I could have experimental surgery to see if the issue could be corrected, my response - no thank you, I was experimented on enough!

Starting weight was 285 and lowest was 202, like others I have gained weight back and at 260 again. I struggle with stomach pains all the time, doctors do not want to touch me once they find out who did my surgery - 2 actually told me no one wants to clean up his mess. My OBGYN was doing exploratory surgery for some pains I was having in my lower stomach (ended up needing a hysterectomy 37, no children) and said she would take a look at the pain in my upper stomach while in there. I had staples that were straight, the poking I kept telling Dr's I was feeling, she spent 4 hours removing adhesion's that were closing off my intestines.

She called a surgeon to remove the adhesion's while I was open but no one would come assist her, thank goodness she cared about me and the pain I have been in! 5 years later, here I am with stomach pain that placed me in the ER, no adhesion's the CT scan shows but I needed to see a GI doctor right away.

GI Dr could not have cared less and said it is IBS and take these pills. Pain and feeling like a failure have me at a point of I couldn't care less about myself, I will not hurt myself physically as I have a 2-year-old pup that I love to death.

But I am unable to locate help. Where do I go, what do I do?? Has anyone else experienced these things? Or have the same issue I have with your throat, pouch, and intestine? If so what do you do and what have you experienced? I had surgery in 2005.

Thank you all for listening to my issues in hopes to find some suggestions.

12 yrs Post Opt Jan 05

by: YJ

Hi everyone!!! Not at all too happy that we are all struggling with many different types of issues after the many years on our weight loss journeys :(

My pre-op weight: 256. The lowest weight I came down to was 129 in 2010. I stayed around that weight until 2012. But slowly and steadily it began to creep up.

I admit I did a lot of outings with friends that helped out with the physical activity. However, along with my partying came a lot of drinking, daily drinking, whether it was wine or a few cocktails. My eating habits went from eating small meals throughout the day to barely eating due to getting full fast with a few bites and even feeling sick afterward, even when making the healthier choice. The favorite things I never gave up were CHEESE AND SODA. I never felt uncomfortable when eating cheese or drinking soda.

For the most part, I tried to not deprive myself of anything, as long as it was a sliver and didn't make me sick. Just tried to stay away from greasy foods, most carbs, and sugars.

Last year, after a few of life's setbacks, I began to notice my health changing - my hair wasn't growing, nails were brittle, felt fatigue all the time even when I rested. I couldn't go up the stairs without being short out of breath. I even regulated my drinking habits, but it didn't seem to matter.

I went to the doctors and turned out my hemoglobin levels were extremely low. He told me that for the rest of his life (lol funny guy) I will have to do IV IRON INFUSION. So I went ahead and did 4 Iron transfusion back to back, the last two suffered allergic reaction and ended up in the ER.

I must say though I feel a hell of a lot better than last year at this time. However, I feel it's coming down once again bc tingles in my hands. I'm also gaining lots of weight even when I don't eat much, which could be one of the problems. I'm at 192 when in December I was 178.

I decided tonight to get on the internet and research regarding my weight gain and I'm so happy I did and I'm not the only one because it's scary. I'm only 38 yrs old. I will definitely be doing the "DIET" with some of you :)

10 years out

by: S DeConda

Well, I was right at 300lbs at the time of my RYN, and over the first year lost down to 160lbs and then over the next year 2 and 3 with hard work and exercise I reached my lowest weight of 139lbs (for those of us who fight for every pound notice NOT 140-- it was 139!! :))

During that time I got a divorce - which possibly helped me reach 139 also, a custody battle, but my silver lining was meeting the man of my dreams! We were later married and have been now for 6 1/2 years. But from 2010 at 139 I ballooned all the way back up to 178 - gaining back 39 lbs.

The crazy thing is... I have never stopped exercising... I was still going 3-5 times a week - pretty intense cardio... couldn't figure out why I kept gaining.

I finally met someone who told me about the zone diet.... BOY, it worked for me!!! I went from 178 down to 160, but that is also with changing my workout. I now go to OrangeTheory Fitness where someone helps kick my ass every day--- I workout 5 times a week. I have now hit a plateau but that's my fault-- I need to seriously zone again.

Everyone zone can be a way of life it works!!!

so, why am I on here???? I had an EGD done this past Friday checking the status of my ulcer. I have stretched my pouch!!! After 2 days of crying and feeling as though I have defeated myself I am looking for others who are struggling and what they have done.

Tomorrow, I will be putting zone on hold and doing the "pouch reset" diet for 5-10 days. I believe I know why my pouch grew - soda/beer. I have resolved that it is out of my life... but now to fix the problem. My doc said this can be reversed, has anyone been down this path??? Did it work for you?

It's tough to think of a few days with liquids only, but trying to keep my eye on the prize. I have been told that at 139 I looked too thin - I am 5'7" and large bones anyway-- I would be happy with 150 and ecstatic with 145!!! If anyone can tell me their results with pouch reset I would be most appreciative!!!


by: ELynn

Try this - some call it the reset diet others call it a full liquid diet. Do this in a supervised program. Do not worry about not eating anything as you will get all the nourishment and supplements from the protein shakes. I was on this for 2 years under close supervision.

Put a star on your calendar for every day you do well and if you have a day where you needed a little break, put two stars on the calendar. Talk to yourself, praising all the other days that worked. Strengthen your resolve and if necessary give yourself a big pat on the back when you walk by that table filled with food or say "No thank you" to the offer of one candy or just a bite.

Get out a picture of yourself when you were young, and when your brain goes negative speak to the child in the picture with encouragement and love because you deserve to treat yourself with the same love, respect and kindness that you give others.

5yrs later gained 90% of weight back!

by: Shybee

I had gastric bypass in 2011 at 330lbs. My lowest weight was 215 lbs after 10 months. I stayed at 225-230 lbs for 2 years, but the past 1.5 years I have gained back 60 lbs and I’m extremely depressed because of it.

My advanced practice nurse had me try the post-op diet but I failed at that too. I do not want to have surgery again but feel totally lost.

Support Group

by: Janice Kelly

Ok I know exactly where you are. I’m 8 years post op. Lost 140 lbs, down from size 26/18 to 10! Kept it off for 5 years, then slowly creeped back up to a size 16 pant, dresses 14.

I stopped fast food, sodas, and sweet teas! I looked at my old journals and my bariatric hospital manual. Made myself do a pouch reset and now I’m like a week 5 & 6 post op patient. I’m back in wonderland!

I’d creeped up to 210! Now 186, 11 lbs from the doctor's goal of 175, but I need to get back to 165 and even to 55 this time!

Join my support group that I started last January to help others as I helped myself. Goal setting for bariatric regain on Facebook.

To: can't eat

by: Baronsmom13

Talk to your doctor about Zofran. You can take it and then eat while it's working. Eventually, you'll be able to eat without it because your stomach will have acclimated to solid foods.

Healing mind, body and spirit

by: JoJo

I am about to begin the process of getting approved again. I've been through this before, however, I backed out before surgery realizing I could lose the weight on my own with a healthy diet and work out plan. I lost over 100 lbs and have gained over half back. I've come to understand that I am a food addict, a compulsive overeater.

Years of different diets and I always gain the weight back. I believe gastric bypass will be no different if I do not heal and become whole in all areas, mind, body and spirit. While I'm going through the 6 month approval process I'm also working a 12 step recovery program to recover from food addiction.

I want to live, be healthy on all levels and regain full mobility. I believe if we do not address the "why" we eat, the "how" is temporary. I believe this surgery can have great impacts in the most positive ways, IF it is taken seriously, the diet and supplement plan followed for life. It's a lifelong commitment. If anyone is having trouble with staying committed, you might want to look into recovery work to heal the physical and mental addiction.

I am learning so much about myself in this work, surrendering to a power greater than myself for support is truly powerful.

Worried about old eating habits post gastric

by: darrell Warrington

It might be best to get to the cause of these habits returning. Try a good psychologist or kinesiology or both.


by: rose

I had a gastric bypass 16 years when I weighed 300 and got down to 170 lbs. I kept that weight off for 5 years. I started replacing over eating at first with compulsive shopping, then spending money, then drinking.

Drinking is what really caused the problem of weight regain. I ended up in rehab and AA meetings. I then started to over eating again after going through rehab and I regained all but 50 lbs.

The weight is causing me heart problems so my cardiologist sent me back to the bariatric doctor to see if I could have a revision of the gastric surgery. I was told that they were not able to help with surgery. I did have an upper GI exam and found out that my pouch is in good shape and I had not stretched it out.

After talking to the dietitian I now have a plan and tomorrow I start a five day pouch test. I'm getting back on the program. I am looking forward to getting my weight off again. This time I plan on going back to doctor a least once a year.

I think its time I take responsibility for my actions. I would go to a support group if there was one in my town. I live in a small town and I have not been to locate a support group. I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories. I see now there are a lot of people in the same boat as me. I hope everyone has a great day


by: Zoraida

Hello, i am 8 yrs post operation. I started of at 240 pounds and went down to 115lbs in less than 5 months.

I am currently 135 pounds and any time i attempt to eat I become very nauseous. I don't wanna lose anymore weight.

Any advice?

7 years vertical slleve

by: Joyce

I had the sleeve 3/22/2017 lost 90 pounds now regained 30 pounds and wanting to lose again. Anyone tried to use the reset? My problem is sodas all day !!!!

8 years post weigh loss out of control

by: Eve

Weighed 284 and lost 50 lbs before surgery. Found out I had barett's esophagus, so surgery at 234lbs got down from size 22 to 6. I lost my mom one year later, my dad then one year later, and my husband of 40 years had a heart attack.

After his heart attack, I focused only on him. I stopped taking my vitamins and everything in one year. I gained 20 lbs so now up 40 lbs.
And of course the doctor forgets I started at 284. As far as he is concerned, I started at 234 so now I have gained from
145 to 185. So he thinks that I have gained 50% of my weight back.

I have tried everything to get going again until I watched You-TUBE Thomas DeLauer about fasting Im on my 6th day lost 11 Lbs. Doing 21 day fast you are just suppose to drink water no minerals vitamins etc.

Because I had a Gastric Bypass I'm taking my vitamins plus Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Flintstone vitamins, stool softener, iron slow fe, citracal calcium. After 5 days felt like quitting but biggest effects come on day 10 & 11.

I finally had to surrender to the fact that I am a compulsive overeater and no surgery is the answer...

by: jp

I have the same weight loss with surgery and then gain back a few years after as I have read here. I was 347 lbs. Had surgery and got down to 156. Then pushed and stretched my pouch until I could eat any and everything and ate my way back up to 218.

I found Overeaters Anonymous and am back down to 152 and have kept it off for two years.
I have never been this happy or healthy when it comes to my old ideas and behaviors around food.
I have an eating disorder and had to face that - I am so glad I did.

7 Years After Surgery

by: CJ Shudson

I lost 120 pounds and have regained 30. My surgery was in 2010. I want to go back to high protein drinks. Can anyone recommend some brands that are high quality and good tasting? Thank you!!

gained some after 7 years

by: John

I've gained 15 pounds after 7 years out. Was 350 at time of surgery down to 187, Now at 202. I bounce up 5 and down 5. Mostly stable at this point.

I would like to weigh 155 but can't seem to lose anymore. I'll keep trying, don't ever want to be that big again. Think of what you went through and how far you've come.

Don't give up.


by: Miriam

Had surgery 10 years ago. Before surgery I was 280, after surgery 160, now back to 240...so depressed. Has anyone heard about the over-stitch procedure?


by: Sarah

Listen, I did the Sleeve January 2017. I am getting ready to approach my 1 year doc visit and when I saw him back in July 2017, he said you are doing great keep it up and I bet you hit 140lbs by your one year!

I started this journey at 271lbs, size 18/20 plus...I am now 148lbs a size 6 in pants, and small or medium in shirts/dresses something I would never imagine myself in again. It's all about dedication and hard work, it's not a judgment free zone - be aware, lots of people will ask if you are ok, some point it felt like 60lbs dropped out of no where, then I was hospitalized for losing my gall bladder and having pancreatitis this set me back in weight loss and no gym time.

I spend an average of one hr a day, three times a week in the gym so nothing super krazy! I did NOT have a horrible amount of lose skin and found a great cream by Perfectly Posh to help with "thighs" and its working awesome to firm and reduce as I don't plan to do any plastic surgery at all.

I follow the program to a T cause of my personal time and financial investment. I did NOT have a huge support system, but most places have one available to you if you use it wisely. I do NOT see what/who other people see, the mind set of getting used to the new you is probably the most difficult task to me.

I am approx. a month away from one year I am 8lbs away from the docs suggested goal of 140lbs. I weigh less now than I did when I got married over 20 years ago - I feel AWESOME.

I have watched 5 good friends go through surgeries; some stuck, some did not. It is merely what you make of it, so know you are worth it and stick to it. I feel I have saved myself by following the program 100%, low or no carbs and low or no sugars has made me feel great and shows in my blood work.

My hardest challenge has been taking daily vitamins (hope that doesn't haunt me for slacking), watching relationships (male and female) change before your eyes, watching how people treat you. I see many re-eating old habits, I see many drinking soda or drinking with a straw I stay away from all of that.

My hardest issues were pasta and ice cream. I have found "sugar free and home made" ice creams that I treat once in a while at a much smaller portion size that is very satisfying and I actually sadly lol don't like past anymore. It may not be healthy but I hate carbs now, I see them as the enemy so it has helped me drastically, if a carb is not in my healthy drink or a taco I don't consume it and that has helped.

I would do this venture again with some minor changes and I would encourage anyone with a strong will and determination to do it. You will regain a self esteem you never thought you were missing for sure but be prepared for the outside worlds change of view on you as I feel it's the hardest even if you don't care what others think. I don't enjoy extra "attention" I did this for my health, had many stomach issues prior to surgery.

Research your doctor and insurance company before making decisions, try and have at least one true friend and family member who will keep you on point and be ready to spend money on a new wardrobe. I found a great local "used place" for in between sizes otherwise would have been more expensive.

18 Years After Surgerty

by: Robin

I had my surgery in Oct 2000. My starting weight was 252. I lost 100 lbs with 7 months. My lowest weight was 135 and I looked sick at that weight but according to the doctors that was my ideal weight.

The first couple of years were really rough. Could not eat anything for 3 - 4 months post surgery then was admitted to hospital for dehydration. I would throw up anything that was not chewed 100 time, or ate it too fast even liquids. I had 3 endoscopes done and even had a balloon done to stretch the hole going into my pouch.

About a year after surgery they discovered a gastric ulcer which I have take Nexium everyday for the past 17 years for. I have really not had any other complications with exception of throwing up to this day if I do not chew food well or eat to quickly. I still cannot eat a "meal" and do better little meals all day long.

After 18 years I have pretty much leveled off at 160lbs. The last 2 weeks I've been experiencing bad stomach pains about 1 hr after eating. I feel like I have plugged the hole going into my pouch almost every time I eat something.

If I manage to suffer long enough and don't throw up I get a weird feeling when it is "dumping" out of the pouch causing me to feel very nauseous and my mouth watering severely. What in the heck could be wrong so many years post surgery? I have not went to my bariatric doctor in over 15 years. I moved out of the state where my surgery was done and have never had any problems or reasons to find one close to me.

Has anyone experienced these problems? I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you!

big weight gain after bypass

by: Nette

As my journey started down the path of weight loss, went from 295 to 150, I was deliriously happy even euphoric.

BUT THEN got cocky and found i could eat anything i wanted and didn't gain weight. That is, for awhile then the dam broke, so to speak.

Started gaining it back but couldn't control my eating habits. Now i'm around 250 and feeling depressed and hopeless. My self-loathing is at an all time high, because I did this to myself.

I did not conquer my disease of overeating, caused by stress, fatigue, anxiety, loneliness even in a room full of people. At orientation I remember the surgeon saying to all of us "What you come into this with, you will leave with". I didn't get the help I needed beforehand and now I am paying the price, dearly.


by: Nicky Parker

I'm gaining weight slowly and want to try this reset pouch I've been reading about.

What does it involve? Please someone shower some ideas for me. Many thanks

Help yourself

by: russell mitchell

Drink 3 protein shakes for one day, then the following day drink two more protein drinks followed by a 6to8 oz chicken breast. Your sleeve is reset now, take advantage of it and get your head straight.

Age and bariayeic surgery

by: Jan

Are people having weight gain who have had bariatric surgery before age 50?

Binge eating

by: Kathleen Hutchinson

I also started binge eating ..I started at 255..jan.2011..plateau 128 for years perfect...then I start losing again 106 now size 0...too thin.. I binged..at 111 in 2 wks...can use a few lbs however I am scared to gain...any advice or suggestions?? Xo

by: Patrick Furlong

Meet with a nutritionist or dietician to establish a consistent diet you will follow and maintain your desired, healthy weight.

by: Patrick Furlong

Meet with a nutritionist or dietician to establish a diet you will follow to maintain your desired, healthy weight.

I am 14 years out and during last 3 years, regained 50 lb! POUCH IS STRETCHED, ACCORDING TO SURGEON. QUESTION. SEE BELOW Have lost 23 lb in a year, but have started eating candy again! Worried!

by: Susan Snowdon

I am 14 years out from a roux-n-y gastric bypass and during the past 4 years (until Jan of last year, when I was able to start losing again), I gained 50 lb by eating totally unrestrictedly. My surgeon did an UGI (abnormal: POUCH IS STRETCHED and food goes thru really quickly!) and LGI Followthru (normal)

My question is: Once a pouch is stretched, does the person get even FEWER vitamins absorbed than before? If that is the case and if it is a lot less nutrition, I WOULD consider the revision surgery my surgeon suggested we should consider after re-doing the tests in 3 months. Yet, I know that I am a food addict and that NO REVISION will correct what is in my head. I'm working hard on it thru OA, Weight Watchers and talking to friends who have had gastric bypass at about the same time I did (2003). So, it would be worthless to have surgery if I was just going to stretch out the pouch again.

THAT'S WHY I MUST KNOW WHETHER I HAVE STARTED TO ABSORB FEWER VITAMINS AND OTHER NUTRIENTS SINCE I STARTED GAINING (AND STRETCHED MY POUCH.) All complete blood counts are normal, including my calcium levels with citrate and my vitamin D3 levels. I guess that's the only way to tell whether you're getting enough nutrients, altho here's a tip for everyone. A new hospital tested me for "MICRO NUTRIENTS". It, too, was a Complete Blood Count (CBC), which is comprehensive, but it can detect minor deficits, unlike a regular CBC.

I just read for the first time posts here about "resetting your pouch." Russell Mitchell told how to do it: "Drink 3 protein shakes for one day, then the follow day, drink 2 more protein drinks, followed by a 6-to-8 oz chicken breast. Your sleeve (mine is a pouch) is reset. Now, take advantage of it and get your head straight."

Bariatric surgery

by: Mary Pressel

I was told to go back to the beginning steps of eating after surgery. It shrinks and rests your stomach.
So far it is helping.
Maybe one of the free seminars would help also.
We all fall off the wagon. Just get back on and try again.
Good luck. God be with you.


by: Jeannie

Google pouch reset. Commit to it. See your doctor and make sure it's ok. Good luck

R-N-Y 1997 and complications

by: JC

If I had it to do again, plus when I am asked which surgery I would recommend it would be the adjustable laproscopic banding. The adjustable banding procedure has almost no complications as compared to the sleeve and roux en y. I have managed to barely survive every possible complication there is with the roux en y procedure.

The first complications came from adhesions which I had major surgery for. I developed severe dehydration, severe anemia and bilateral pleural effusions plus ascites. All these things were missed by the physician who performed the actual surgery but I was in the ER almost dead a week after seeing him from multiple bowel obstructions that I was symptomatic for two months before I saw him.

I developed umbilical hernias which had to be corrected. I developed severe anemia from iron deficiency anemia repeatedly. And I also suffered horribly from incompetent doctors. I has very low hemoglobin while my primary was out of town for a month. Her replacement doctor wanted to try shots of iron instead of infusions. I was trying to hold on to my job during all of these health issues that were just about killing me.

The injections did not absorb. My levels went 0.1 percent up and he decided to continue the shots which were painfully ugly and they tattooed my skin because the gal giving them was slamming them in. I tried telling him I think it went up that tiny amount because I was eating liver with every meal. When my lab draw came out light pink I knew from being a healthcare provider (pulmonary medicine) that I was in serious trouble.

He still wanted to try another shot. I told him I'd be dead before it was time for the next shot and I was so weak I could barely stand. My doctor was due in the next day and she ordered immediate iron infusions.

Since I wound up having a complete hysterectomy within a few years I usually can manage to oral consume enough iron now except I suspect a pulled adhesion internally caused me to bleed. I had 7 blood transfusions. When I'd eat it would pull the adhesion just enough to bleed.

I have also developed ulcers where my esophagus enters the pouch. My esophagus has completely stopped working. The only thing that moves food into my stomach is gravity. My gastro-enterologists have said this is a terminal condition. I reflux all the time.

I now have bronchiectasis and frequent pneumonias. If I happen to catch something like influenza A (I'll never take another flu shot!) you can bet I am going to develop another pneumonia. Since I specialize in respiratory conditions, I do not know what the usual mechanism of death is from gastro complications. I know choking to death is often the way an MS patient will die and I suspect this may also be the way for most of those whose esophagus has quit on them.

I have reflux so bad I have to sleep sitting up. There is nothing to be done for it. I am allergic to the little blue pill. I take pantoprazole, but if I take it too much or all the time I get terrible diarrhea. I at least take it as much as my body tolerates.

The GI docs want me to try bethanechol to move the food along the GI tract. It works but it adds to the diarrhea when combined with pantoprazole, plus it has the nasty side effect of the sensation of urinary urgency (even if the bladder is empty). The throwing up didn't bother me so much but developing a zenker afterwards was miserable and scary when they would narrow my airway at least until they burst.

When they burst it's easy to freak out about inhaling the nasty contents. I developed a severe vitamin D deficiency which was entirely missed by my primary. My beautiful teeth started to decalcify but my dentist caught it.

He had only ever seen that with chemo. My doctor figured the white rings forming at the base of my newly translucent teeth meant I had calculus build up. It wasn't calculus.

I developed chronic fatigue (3 weeks after immunizations) and severe fibromyalgia (also 3 weeks after another immunization) plus arthritis and I went from mild osteopenia to severe osteoporosis in about two years time. It takes 5 years to recover from chronic fatigue and the recovery is extremely slow.

I supplement with 3- 1000 mg capsules of resveratrol for energy and 3 largest dose (I can find) CoQ 10 caps a day. I consume a huge hand full of pills daily but it is what I have to do to get out of bed each day. I do not absorb regular iron ferrous sulfate.

I must take ferrous gluconate but found biglycerated Iron absorbs the best. Sublingual B12 may increase my blood levels of it but my body doesn't seem to use it like it does the B12 injection. I give those myself with a tiny insulin needle and it's not that hard to do.

I also found with all the calcium I was taking that my body just sloughed it off. I had to change to calcium citrate blended with a 2:1 ratio of magnesium. We all have to have D3 and magnesium to absorb the calcium too. I used to frequently develop severe D deficiencies.

The green oily capsule most pharmacies dole out in prescription is D2 not D3 and our bodies have to convert it to use it. A month later most people are deficient all over again. Always check because most pharmacies give out D2 even when the script says D3. I buy mine over the counter and take 15,000 I.U. per week after megadosing for 2 months.

BTW I was screamed at by my doc for taking so damn many vitamins until blood tests showed up how I was so deficient in everything. Vitamin A got super low at one point too. I take 25,000 IU at least once a week.

Oil does not absorb especially in those of us who had physicians who took out our gall bladders while they were in there because they figured they'd save us a surgery later. All my A,D,E, and K supplements are dry emulisified vitamins in powdered capsule form. They are the only ones that absorb.

I finally saw a bariatric nutritionist and he said always let it go in one ear and out the other when any family doctors say not to take vitamins. When I crave carrot juice I know I need to look at my vitamin A levels.

If I crave cheese I need to look at calcium levels. If I crave chocolate and refried beans (any beans) it's magnesium. If I crave pickles and acid foods it's time to look at iron levels.And when I am ornery for no apparent reason it's usually vitamin D. The last lab draws show I needed more vitamin D3, which explains my crabbiness. But he said other than that I was doing better than most people.

I feel like I am a slave to my handful of pills every day, but I am alive and healthier than I have been in years. I got to where I called my local hospital a hotel because I was in it so much. It's going on 3 years now since my last admission, hurrah! But the GI docs tell me this esophagus thingy is terminal.

I just lost another 4 pounds without trying. My last GI doc said I could eventually go on a feeding tube if my unwanted weight loss continues in it's downward spiral. I've been there and done that I can do it again if I have to. I have a grandson who thinks grandmas are fun and I want to be with him all I can until it's my real time to go.


by: Paul

I had gastric bypass surgery 8 months ago and have lost 50kg (110lbs). I can't eat anything that is not soup consistency, every time I try and eat solid food I have intense pain or it gets stuck and I throw up.

I eat very small bites and chew it until it is smooth but it doesn't matter, I wish I had never had this damn surgery, I have lost a lot of weight but I was much happier when I was fat. I have no energy and just feel miserable all the time, meal times have become a time of stress and anxiety and do not look forward to it at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated on what and how I should eat, I need nutrients.

Miserable Paul

by: Jeanette

That is absolutely not the way it should be. Get an appt with your surgeon ASAP. You definitely have an obstruction, swelling or something else has gone wrong. Good Luck!!!!!

Revision surgery

by: Sid

You can get a revision surgery, they have one can the Rose you can search google for it.

Mental and Emotional Struggles NEED to be address too

by: Jaw

I really feel for you and people who are feeling "out of control" that you might need to seriously work on the mental and emotional aspects of eating. You need to find a tool to address these issues, just like the surgery was a tool for the physical.

But if you are having these feelings still 5 years plus after surgery than you need other tools to handle the mental and emotional. ie therapy, group therapy, over eaters anonymous, food addiction etc. Good luck everyone

Heartbroken and scared

by: Becca Malard

In 2004, April 4th 2004 and you don't forget a day like that when you've had gastric bypass surgery that helped you go from 500 pounds down 297 I was so thrilled so ecstatic that I made my one first big goal. Since my daughter was born, I had put all the weight on me up over 200 pounds from 155.

I lost weight over 10 years. When it all stopped a year-and-a-half ago I was put on some medication for my disabilities. I gained 57 lb in a year. 😭 I'm really not sure if my insurance is going to cover another surgery or not, but please pray for me because if I'm fighting a losing battle all I know is I can't live like this.

I just pray to God that they will do another surgery to help me I'm 56 years old we all know it's hard to lose weight past 40 when you have hypothyroidism, which I have three medications that are causing me to gain weight.

If anybody knows the answer please let me know.

Out of control eating

by: Darlene

I had gastric bypass in 1989. I went from 319 to 198 and never got smaller. I stayed down for 5 years then started gaining weight. I never had the pain everyone talked about if they ate to much.

Now I eat everything in large amounts. I really want to change and at 71 now is the time. My husband died this last thanksgiving day and we were separated but I have been eating more and late night even more so. Any advice to turn this around would be appreciated.

Just started pre op diet I have Type 2 diabetes

by: Teresa

Less than 24 hours on pre op diet and I had such severe reaction I almost went to the hospital. BS dropped and I was so dizzy I thought I was going into a coma!!! I grabbed some crackers and ate them.

The dizziness subsided somewhat, but still there. I already have anxiety issues! Now I'm scared to death they won't do the surgery or I can't tolerate it. Anyone have this symptom so soon?

Gastric bypass and menopause

by: Liz

Hello.. I had gastric bypass surgery almost 11 years ago at the age of 42. Everything was great and I felt like a new woman until menopause hit.. Is there any correlation between the two?

I hardly eat and e exercise 6x a week for an hour and my clothes are starting to feel snug... Can my surgery have anything to do with having every symptom I can possibly have? I'm still thin but I feel so fat bloated and old.. I'm almost 53..anyone?

I've gained all my weight back! I'm 7 years out

by: Vicky Harford County Maryland

I am soo glad I googles and found this page. I have gained all my weight back. I work from home and I only go out to pick my son up from HIgh School sports and to the grocery store. I've had a lot of health issues over the last 10 years.

Having gained all this weight back has really put stress on my health. I didn't notice my diet change too much. I am on medication that causes weight gain "Lyrica".

My legs and feet soo swollen. I am soo grateful for everyone of you, I feel your pain and you feel mine. It's like I am soo disappointed in myself, can't stand to look at myself etc...I am going to try some the suggestions here.

Bad Habits

by: Denise

I’m 8 years post op and I’ve started gaining a lot of weight back. I’ve gained about 30lbs, most of that in the last year. After reading some of the other comments here, I can definitely relate to a lot of the same issues. Especially the change in eating habits. I used to be really good and strict with what I would eat, but gradually I’ve started pushing the limits.
I’ve also moved here from Australia, so I’m not able to just go to my Dr for an adjustment, and I’m not sure how expensive it is over here to try and find a new Dr.
I decided to post on here mainly for some support and advice on how to get back to my old eating habits and lose this weight. I appreciate any suggestions!!!

Weight loss and years later

by: Mary

Hi... I'm very nervous about getting surgery and removing part of my stomach. I need to lose 85 lbs and my fear is year later will I be prone to medical problems?

you are not alone, but there is a way to get back


Hello, each person is different and has different reasons for eating. I was 300 in 2005. I had the RYN, lost 150. I kept that off for 5 years then slowly started to gain weight. In 2016 I was at 205. I decided to myself, that I had put my body through too much trauma to simply go back to how I was. I had a great surgery, but am left with the worst smelling gas and bowel movements. Also, sometimes I get the most horrific pain from eating a food that just did not agree. I can bloat up and look 9 months pregnant with twins lol. However, I am not alone on this.

When I toped the scale, I was not ok but was not going to go on some fad or restrictive diet that I would not be able to maintain. What I did worked, I am not saying that it will be the same for you. I cut out butter, I was a butter LOVER, with the butter went the bread with it. I started to move my body. I did not force myself, I just started to walk and got a lightweight and would do a little with my arms.

I also started back with a vegan protein shake mix. I realized that these made me feel full a lot longer. I get mine at Costco and they have a superfood mix in them. They come in vanilla and in chocolate. I add Costoc Vanilla soy milk and some ice with lots of cinnamon and it is really good. It also calmed the gas, bloating, and smelly bowel movements. I increased my protein by allot.

I would have chicken, tuna, salmon and lots of veggies. I then started to make a soup with tons of veggies and an entire Costco rotisserie chicken and eat on that when I got hungry. I take a daily Vit with lots of Vit D. Make sure you are getting your magnesium because most Americans are deficient. I take really really hot baths and read for 30-60 minutes each day.

I do this for pleasure then found out that it burns lots of calories, opens the pores and makes me sweat. I take lots of fluids and get hydrated. I then just slowly started to walk more and more. I would do an easy yoga session on Netflix. The more changes I made the better. I eat 6 small amounts daily with 3 snacks. I like to eat and I don't like being hungry. I pre-cut lots of veggies and eat them with a local homemade ranch.

I premake all my food otherwise when I am hungry I will go nuts. I also let myself have something if I want it. Good luck. I am 5 foot 10 and am now down 30 pounds to 175. I have 10-15 more pounds to go. The first 30 took me two years but that was purposefully. I was NOT going to Starve!

just to add to my last post

by: teresa

I forgot to add that I also began counseling so that I could address the low self-esteem and what drove me to eat myself to death in the first place. I would highly recommend counseling, meditation, yoga, walking and positive self-talk.

14 yrs post op RNY/ back on track

by: Kelle

I had RNY in 2004 and my top weight was 500 lbs. At around the two year mark I had gotten down to 230, the lowest I ever got. I slowly regained weight over the years and stayed at 280 for years basically eating whatever I wanted and not exercising.

Now at 45, I’ve gotten back up to 310....I believe I’m in Perimenopause. So, I’m overhauling my lifestyle to get back on track to being healthier.

I am a food addict from an alcoholic family which was full of chaos. Everyone in my family struggles with some sort of addiction and we all have anxiety conditions. I am working with my therapist to address psychological and emotional issues.

I just saw a nutritionist last week and was put on a 1200 cal a day diet. I’ve started going to the pool at lunch to do water walking, jogging and swimming for 30 minutes. I’m journaling, vision boarding, praying to the gods....you name it. Trying to take a holistic approach. I have no idea what’s going to happen but I am shooting for solid, positive change.


by: MRW

I had RNY in 2011 - started at 250 lost to 170 and was very happy at that weight. I am 5.8 and most charts say that I should weigh 135 but at 170 i was a size 10 and was very active. I was power walking 4 miles daily and doing pilates 2/3 times per week.

I was drinking pretty regularly on the weekends but was still able to maintain at 170, for the first few years. Then all of the sudden I got a boyfriend, stopped working out as much, started drinking more, and gained 30 lbs.

I felt so out of control. I gave up drinking alcohol 2 years ago but that alone did not help with weight loss. I havent been able to get back into a regular work out routine but I am working out more than I was..... its been a struggle.

Im stuck at 200. The real problem is I am dealing with depression. I can not decide if its hormone related or what but I am 52 and just started having some perimenopause systems. I am reluctant to try antidepressants.

I also drink a lot of coffee and think I might be developing an ulcer. Im rambling - but real ? is - has anyone else started feeling depressed? It seems worse since I gave up alcohol - which I know makes NO sense.


If I MUST after, surely I CAN before.

by: Fat Lady

Why can't we eat the amount allowed after these surgeries BEFORE the surgery and watch the weight fall off. Why must we go through these horrors and diet for life afterward ? I am fat. I have cut down my food servings lately. In a few weeks, when I have adjusted to this I shall reduce the amounts again. I think if I can do it when I am FORCED to do so after surgery, surely I can try it now. I have read the stories in this website and am so sorry for those writers, but I thank them for writing their story.

It has made me more determined to stick to my smaller serving. Best wishes to all of you.

Another way?

by: kkat

Time to get out of the matrix.

It's not your fault because diet culture affects us all, but it sounds like it's time to jump ship.

Read Dietland.

Read Health At Every Size.

ANY study by Linda Bacon.

Challenge the doctors.

If they tell you you'll die because you're overweight, ask for the studies and the proof - there aren't any! If you get off the diet train and find peace with food your weight WILL stabilize.

Even if you don't believe it now, isn't it worth a try? Imagine not having to be in a constant struggle.

Freedom is amazing.


heres why you my be putting it a back on

by: pb

Anyone who is crazy enough to allow/ want surgery on an organ which is perfectly healthy/ functional is crazy and stupid/ misled.
All you have to do is fast periodically.

e.g. 6 x 4-7 days of water fasting per year , each fast preceded by 2 days of one smaller meal - say 600 cals max - per day. After each fast 1 x day of one small, light meal- poached eggs/ piece of fruit perhaps?

Then go live your life for a while - but no sugar or snacks which just make you hungry.

All problems sorted - the first part of the first fast is the hardest - but get thru it - the rest are joyous . You look forward to them. And can plan fasts around social events .if you must, eat starch instead of
sugars and wheat -. It is easy peasy - this from a previously obese ex type2 , now cured for 4 years. When i did this 4 years ago my medics were stunned and did not understand and tried very hard to stop me.

They said i would be on increasingly higher meds for life , pumping in more and more insulin. I check where I am once a year - all blood markers wonderful- weight top end of 'normal' - and I enjoy a few pints on a pub night out on pretty much all non-fasting weeks - and holidays - a few drinks in day and substantial evening meal with beer and wine with friends. The specialist diabetic medics and my GP were bewildered.

6 years post gastric sleebe

by: Cathy

I had gastric sleeve 6 years ago. I weighed 270 at my highest and the lowest I lost down to was 129. I am now at 138 and I am happy with this.
I do eat all the time, but I eat whatever I want to.

I don’t see how all these people gain so much and some all their weight back. I just did not realize it was possible. When I overeat I feel like throwing up and nothing goes down. To me, it is impossible to overeat.

I am so sorry for all of y’all that have regained weight. I hope for getting it back off.

Thank God

by: Laura

Thank you all for posting. I’m 8 yrs out of my rxy and after losing 150 I’ve gained 60 back. I’m miserable and embarrassed. I feel like a failure and I’m extremly embarrassed.

I preached the “it’s not a quick fix it’s a lifestyle change”, “ this is a second chance at life” to all the negative nelly’s. I exercise 3-4 days per week and though I have not maintained the gb diet to perfection my diet is quite healthy (80/20).

I still drink bariatric advantage protein shakes. I work in healthcare which almost makes it worse. Knowing what I know I feel like a fraud. My psyche is in the game my brain and body are not.

Thank you all for posting. I’m going to look up the links you all provided!




Thank you all for making me feel like I;m not alone or the only one that has failed at this journey.

2010- started at 403- gastro sleeve
lost lost 175 pds

2016- panniculectommy
removed 26 pds of excessive skin

2018- gastric by pass with no sleeve revision done

regained a total of 60 pds and feel like a total failure

I'm out of control because of feeling in denial, mad, rebelious and not dieting or exercising at all :)

Feeling lost and don't know where to jump start again

Disgusted with myself

by: Tracy.

Beginning weight was 300. I had lap band and was down to 180. I was happy with my size and weight but miserable.

Every bite that I ate came back up. My band was always 2 tight and I was restricted 2 liquids or too loose and i ate everything and gained weight. My weight was up and down up and down.

Two years i put up with it to enjoy the low weight. I went back to my dr and complained I am miserable. They took the whole fill out of my band in preparation for a revision.

I gained like crazy. At 255, I had a revision to RNY. That was 5 years ago.

I have lost and gained the same 20 lbs for those entire 5 years and was 254 last March. I'm currently taking contrave and am 222.

I also feel like I have no metabolism. I don't remember the way I felt at 300 but I'm scared that its still a possibility. I'm considering seeing a surgeon to make certain my pouch is ok etc. As much as I hated the lap band before, I would totally get a new 1 on top of my current surgery. I want to feel as good as I did at 180.

In Philly

by: PJ

I appreciate everyone's story, mines is quite similar, i had my laparoscopy bypass in Feb of 2006, I was 279, I went down to 177 (was very proud and loved ME), that's a total loss of 102 lbs, then I started gaining weight back in 2012; now its 2018 and I weigh 225 (smh).

This is so not fair, to go thru a life changing event to becoming obese again was just a waste. It should have been told to me the set backs. I now don't know what to do or how to lose this weight gain of 48 lbs. I am very unhappy with myself and my self esteem is so small. I have resulted to drinking and that put more weight on you (from the sugar)...If anyone can offer suggestions, it would so be appreciated.

Struggling PJ in Philly

You're not the only one. 👍

by: Candice B.

I had Roux-en -Y back in 2012, and went from 334 to 227, but needed a Band Over Bypass procedure 2 years later due to a stretched stoma & total stall. After a year of struggling with zero loss, my surgeon determined my band had slipped up and was choking out my esophagus, causing vomiting and issues in taking in EVERYTHING.

Soooo, I had band removed and revision done in July 2015, and lost only 20 more lbs. I work on my feet 4 days a week, and have gone through every food scenario imaginable, gaining back to 235 right now.

I take Gabapentin for nerve pain, and feel that has become my enemy in the weight loss journey. I can't NOT take the meds and can't figure out what else to do. Liquids, starvation, what? I just don't know.

I honestly barely eat and can't lose another pound. I'm desperate. My BMI is back to 39, and I NEVER GOT TO MY 185 GOAL in the first place. I'm so frustrated, and any one with ideas would be amazing. I intake less than 500 calories a day and some days less than 350.

Any ideas?

Hungry all the time

by: Pepsy

I'm not post op for one year I was weighing 255 lb got down to 160.

I'm always hungry and wanting to eat what can I do.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Surgery 5 years ago

by: Shirley dillard

I had Gastric Bypass Sleeve Surgery done 5 years ago and I have gained about 100 pounds back before surgery I weighed 413 pounds I lost 184 pounds in total after surgery and I held it off for at least the first 3 years.

I went down to 242 lbs. Now I’m up to 350 and I’m really struggling. I still don’t eat a lot because I don’t like to get that sick feeling so when I feel full AND I’m at a comfortable feeling I push my food away I don’t like going to the gym.

But I still would like to loose my weight back. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

I’ve lost a lot of taste for things I use to like so in some ways that helps.

12 Years Post Open RNY, with Complications/Revisional Surgery and Bowel Resection

by: Stephanie Todd

To cut the chase, I was 350, I had major complications and got down to 213, that after a partial revision. 9 years later, I had a "revision" but that was actually a bowel resection.

Today I weigh 357. I don't eat a lot, but I can eat a lot if I want too. I am going to die in a nasty, painful death if I dont lose the weight.
Surgery is out of the question. I have NO metabolism. I have NO immune system. I have constant reflux. I have to lose weight, I have to have to.

Any help. Not another story, actual suggestions. Please. A specific type of doctor maybe, an endocrinologist. Any hope. Thanks

Time to take control

by: Tracee


You're back into "fat brain" mode - where you're using food to avoid dealing with something. You need to figure out what it is, and deal with it!

Until you do, you will stay in this mode and gain all the weight back.

Start tracking your food again, and tell yourself "I DON'T eat that" not that you can't eat it.

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