17 Years After Gastric Bypass & Gained 60 Pounds Back

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cwilson9666 (a patient from Burleson, Texas, Johnson County)

In 1998, I had a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass done. I was 277 lbs the date of my surgery. I lost over the next 6 months down to 145 lbs, for my frame I was happy with that weight.

In 2002, I gave birth to my daughter. I was 225 the date of delivery.

I was able to loose back down to 180-190 fluctuating over the next 7 years.

In 2008, due to personal issues I dropped in 2 months down to 155 lbs.

Over the next 2 years I gained back to 180-190 again.

In the past year (age 49) I have slowly gained back to 200-210. I have dieted, increased my protein intake, increased my fiber intake, exercise, and my metabolism just converts it to fat. I hate it.

With the weight gain since 2011, I have had chronic constipation. I go 5-10 days with out a bowel movement. I have started using Laxatives now every 4-5 days just to have a bowel movement.

I have since developed hemorrhoids and have excruciating pain because it will not just regulate, it becomes diarrhea. This has become such a horrible way to live.

I have tried to purchase Insurance privately and I have been turned down the second they find out I have had a weight surgery. I have had several Companies tell me that I might can get coverage through a group policy only.

Unfortunately, I am a nurse and I am not offered insurance with my company. I tried to find out about the Affordable Care Plan for Texas and neither one of the companies offer coverage for a revision or any weight surgery at all. They just offer high deductibles and premiums.

So this is where I am now, if anyone knows of an Insurance Company that might pay for a revision, please let me nkow.

If anyone has any advice about the constipation issue or how I can lose some of my weight, please feel free to let me know. I appreciate any help, advice, or information you maybe offering. That is a synopsis of my story…..God Bless and Good Luck to you all.

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normal at last

by: Anonymous

hopefully this will help with the constipation issue. I tried all kinds of different remedies Colace, miralax, laxatives of all kinds. I suffered all of the same things you are suffering.

Finally someone who has not had this surgery suggested that I try milled flaxseed two to three tablespoons per day. She sprinkled it into foods that she ate throughout the day. I however mix mine with a activia light yogurt and 1 cup of mixed berries blueberries, black, and red, I eat this everyday for breakfast and have not suffered constipation ever again.

Give it a wk see what happens.

RNY August 27, 2009

by: Susan

I read your comment and empathize with you.

I am a RN also (disabled) and had surgery on 2009.

I lost from 280 down to 121 but now up to 297.

I started back on stage 4 March and have lost from 213 - 297 and now I'm stalled.

I walk 2-3 miles a day, journal all I eat.

I get hungrier and it seems impossible at times.

It was so easy at the beginning... I have Medicare but the doctor here won't take Medicaresyients for revision.

I moved from the state I had my surgery (CA) to (OK).

I have visited the bariatric center here and it seems more like a big money racket.

I either pay up front or no revision... Their diet is so different then what Im use to and I have to buy there food.

It is difficult to go to a support group (I went regularly in CA) because of the diet difference and it is do big.

I am fortunate that I have made a friend of my surgeons nurse and can message her but then I don't like to over burden her either as she has a life outside her job.

I don't care about being 121 (it would be nice) but I would like to see 130--140 again.

How to relieve constipation

by: Lise

I sympathize with your constipation issues. I had the same issue during my first year after surgery. During that time, I tried almost everything... Milk of Magnesia, Restoralax, Laxtulose laxative from the pharmacist, and others. but they all gave me severe cramping, so I stopped. I tried these up until I found something "natural" that helped without the cramping. In the beginning I started with a handful of cherries and that worked wonders, but then winter came and they were not available and I began to constipate again. Then my hairdresser told me about beets and so I started with 3 to 4 slices of beets, but this gave me some cramping so I reduced it to 2 and that did the trick. I then added the porridge, then added milk with 1 tablespoon Nestleys Quick, and vegetables/fruit and now I am very regular! Yeah!!! My routine is this: I faithfully have a glass of milk (skim or 2%) with 1 tablespoon Nestles Quick within one hour of rising; then an hour or two later I have 1 pouch of instant oatmeal with water (plain/not the flavored ones) with a small handful of raisins for breakfast; 2 small beets or slices sometime during the day either with my salad at lunch or some time in the evening; and/or a handful of cherries depending if they are available.

These all help get me going. I am very regular now...sometimes going 2 to 3 times a day.

I also increased the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat daily. Good luck to you!

Same boat

by: Shelly

I'm sorry to hear of your struggle. When I read your story I thought I'd forgotten submitting it as my own! All the #'s matched: 17 yr old Surgery, 60 lb gain, Metabolism ZERO, 140 lbs low weight... now 206. My bariatric surgeon told me to see the nutritionist & have an upper GI endoscopy scheduled to rule out a fistula.

My insurance is Anthem BC/BS & they will only pay if I have fistula or some other medical condition that interferes w/the surgery's mechanisms. I'm going to ask nutritionist about a "Pouch reset." I have to do something - I do NOT want to be morbidly obese AGAIN. Best of luck to you.

Gastro Gastric Fistula

by: Gena

I’m 17 years out and gain back 60 pounds, started having severe pain, vomiting and severe diarrhea.. had an upper GI and found out that I have a fistula. I am scheduled for surgery in June, however pain and diarrhea seem to be getting worse.

Anyone else been through this and can give advice?

regaining weight after years of out from surger

by: Karen

I am have gastric bypass in 2004. I have lost 100 pounds. My weight has started to go back up. I don't want to gain weight back. I am not sure if a need revision to my surgery. What do I need to do?

Near identical story - have ideas!

by: Misti

I'm 17 yrs out after my roux-en-y also. I left the hospital at 310 & in less than 3 years I dropped to 125. Unfortunately, during that time I was in a car accident that messed up my back, resulting in a failed back surgery. Even though my exercise amount went down, I stayed around 130-140...up until 2 years ago.

Now I'm pushing 170-175 & at only 5'1, I'm back to being obese. Thing is, nothing... NOTHING changed in my diet & exercise! I've gone through every test & doctors can find no medical reason.
So, I was sent to a Nutritionist (who is also a weight loss surgeon) & because my stomach is still the same size as they made it 17 years ago & under the required BMI, they won't do another surgery. SO, they put me on Metformin, Phentermine & something similar to the KETO diet.

It's been an impossible start. I've spent 17 years programed to NOT eat fatty food & NOT eat when I'm not hungry. How the heck am I supposed to get down 1200 calories per day, most of that made up of healthy FAT? On top of that, I'm so constipated (have been for years) that the sight of food causes me pain.
BUT, this is what they swear will work...KETO with a few alterations.

No fruit until I'm halfway to my goal.
No root vegetables.
No beans.
No sugar or sugar substitutes EXCEPT Stevia. (However, research says Monk Fruit extract & Erythritol won't raise blood sugar levels either so I need to bring this up with the Nutritionist.)
Only 45 grams of Carbs,
75 grams of Protein...that leaves *blah*,
80 grams of Fat per day.

So, the constipation...
Flax seeds, whole or ground, in everything.
Real butter mixed in Beef broth - drink it. (I haven't been brave enough to try this yet.)
Finally, get a prescription for Lactulose 10gm/15ml Solution, 2x daily as needed.
PS. The Metformin will also help with this!

I've been doing this (without cheating) for 2 weeks & I'm getting "regular", w/no cramps typically caused by laxatives, & I'm down 10lbs. That's probably water weight, but hey, it's a start!!!

I HOPE this helps! A friend of mine has been on the regular KETO diet (moderate cheating) for 6 months & she's lost 40lbs.

Good luck & God bless!

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