Jeremy Peang-Meth

Creative Coordinator

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Jeremy Peang-Meth is a digital designer and strategist, focused on creating compelling customer journeys by visualizing complex ideas to delight and inform, and, ultimately, increase reader satisfaction.

Jeremy’s background in design began in architecture in New York City. Working with Italian, Austrian, and French international teams, he built commercial and boutique retail projects for celebrity clients, Milan-based fashion brands, and international organizations such as the United Nations.

As an architectural and systemic thinker, Jeremy now uses a strategic design process to build clean and beautiful interactive online user experiences.

Jeremy is the Creative Coordinator for Bariatric Surgery Source, having joined the team in 2016 to design a mobile-first strategy for the website. He has endeavored to create a friendly and engaging online environment for users to find authoritative information about bariatric surgery.

Jeremy has a Bachelor in Architecture from the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Design and continued his studies in Product Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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