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Tonya (a patient from OKC)

Several months ago we decided to use a BOGO coupon at Little Caesar’s for dinner & I went to get it. I had used this same type of coupon for the exact items I was ordering this day, but due to new employees, was having a hard time getting them to accept the coupon.

While arguing my case with them, a truck pulls up behind me. I was getting nowhere fast w/the employees- manager included. Meanwhile, the man in the truck behind me (he hadn’t been there this whole time) decides to start screaming at me, which could be heard by the employees.

At first, it was just things like, “Hurry up!” “What’s taking so long?!” & “Why don’t you just go in?!” This last one got me, because had I been behind him, I would’ve waited or pulled around & gone in. So, I engaged (as I was already frustrated w/the staff & ignoring him wasn’t working) I told him I was there first & to wait his turn.

Then, somehow, he decided to bring my weight into the argument by screaming things like: “Why don’t you just go in? It looks like you could use the exercise!”, “Go have a salad, it doesn’t look like you need pizza!” & “Why don’t you just go home to your husband… if you even HAVE one?!”

All of these comments, to which I definitely responded (he HAD made it VERY personal, after all) hurt my feelings & infuriated me more than any of the stares I get when I go out, the pointing of small children as they call out “Look at that fat lady!” & just self-loathing in general.

The staff, even upon hearing this altercation, did NOTHING to help speed things up & get me on my way & away from this bullying creep, who had also threatened to “Kick my ass, lord knows there’s enough of it!” So, after the comment inferring someone my size wouldn’t be able to/worthy of having a husband, I responded that “I do have a husband, & he’s not an ASS like you!” I also caved to the staff & ordered something I didn’t even want, just to get away from there. I pulled up to the window, crying, & asked them if they’d enjoyed the show & for the phone # of the GM. Then I went home.

I had never been so RELIEVED to walk into the sanctity of my home, away from gawking strangers! My husband saw how upset I was & asked why I was crying, so I relayed the whole awful incident to him. He immediately took the pizza from me (which was supposed to be my last pizza before surgery), grabbed the keys, and took it back. He demanded a refund & the coupon I had used & told the manager he refused to give any of his hard-earned money to a place that would let someone be treated like that & do nothing to stop it.

The next day I called the GM, who apologized & made the excuse that it was a new staff, etc. She also said she’d send us coupons to comp our next visit (which never came). I explained to her that, despite what they THOUGHT was policy, they should’ve gone with “the customer is always right” & asked her about it later, especially after hearing the altercation & the verbal abuse I was being subjected to.

I have NEVER treated anyone in such a horrible manner, no matter how long they took in line before me & how frustrated that made me, nor for any other reason. I just don’t understand what makes people think it’s ok to target someone over something so trivial & then bring the person’s weight into a situation which had absolutely nothing to do with weight at all. And those kids who point & yell “Look at that fat lady!”, I know where they learn that behavior- from the very parents who, rather than apologize & correct their child, ignore him so he’ll yell even louder, trying to get their attention.

Strangers don’t know how we became overweight or what methods we’ve tried in order to lose it, or even what limitations we may have that prevent us from exercising. Even if they did, it wouldn’t justify verbal attacks or even the way some people stare & point. In this age of “political correctness” I find it hard to believe that so many feel the obese are still fair game. It’s just so disheartening.

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