Vivek Kumbhari, MD & Margo Dunlap, RN

Bariatric Surgeon & Registered Nurse


Vivek Kumbhari, MD

  • Director of Bariatric Endoscopy at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Assistant professor of medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Contributed to over 150 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and invited reviews

Margo Dunlap, RN


Vivek Kumbhari, MD

Dr. Vivek Kumbhari is the director of bariatric endoscopy at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He is also an assistant professor of medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has been practicing medicine at Johns Hopkins for five years and recently joined the medical staff at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Kumbhari is qualified in a range of medical practices, including endoscopic ultrasound (EUS). His expertise includes minimally invasive, non-surgical therapies to facilitate weight loss and the treatment of obesity-related diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes. Dr. Kumbhari also has a range of research interests and has contributed to over 150 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and invited reviews, and speaks both nationally and internationally.

Margo Dunlap, RN

Margo is the clinical registered nurse for the Concierge Weight Loss Program at Johns Hopkins. She is originally from Georgia, where she worked as a floor nurse. She then moved to Seattle, where she began her career as a clinical registered nurse in gastroenterology and hepatology.


Vivek Kumbhari, MD

Dr. Kumbhari was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He completed his GI training at Sydney’s leading hospitals and was one of the youngest ever to become an Attending GI Physician in Australia. To further his knowledge, he joined the prestigious two year Advanced Endoscopic Fellowship program at Johns Hopkins. During this training period, in addition to clinical excellence, he began to push the frontiers of endoscopic therapies gaining him international recognition.

Margo Dunlap, RN

Margo Dunlap received her Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia Regents University and her Nursing Degree from Augusta University Health in 2015.

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