I Need Help Paying for Weight Loss Surgery

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Nicole (a patient from Harlingen, TX, USA)

I am looking for a reliable source to help me cover the cost of the Gastric Sleeve procedure. I meet all the requirements for the procedure however my insurance does not cover any part of it.

I do not have the best credit score cause I just went through credit consolidation. Can anyone give me advice?

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Information about Paying for Weight Loss Surgery

by: Jeffrey Quinlan

Hi Nicole,

First, if you receive insurance through your employer it may be worth it to talk with your HR department about adding bariatric surgery to the plan. Before you do, thoroughly review the Business Reasons to Add Bariatric Surgery to Your Company's Health Insurance Plant (you can also refer your HR representative to that page).

You should also take a look at our Financing Bariatric Surgery page. It includes several suggestions for paying for weight loss surgery without insurance, many of which you can "mix and match" depending on your situation.

The following pages may also be of interest:
- Unsecured Medical Loans
- Secured Medical Loans
- Free Weight Loss Surgery
- Is It Possible? (grants, government assistance and charity care)

Good luck, and please keep us posted by clicking "click here to post comments" below!


Patient Responses to the Question Above

21 and almost 500 pounds

by: Shabria Carpenter

I'm 21 and I almost 500 pounds and I need help paying for weight loss surgery. When u are overweight people treat u like you're ugly without getting to know you and all I want is to look on my outside how I look on my inside. Please, someone help me!

can't catch a break

by: Irene

I have been trying to get the weight loss surgery for years now and I just can't catch a break. I was on my husband's insurance for a while which the insurance company denied me twice, I got frustrated and I gave up.

Then I tried to go thru the insurance with my job, but my job has it excluded. I am a stress eater and I have been going thru a lot over the years. I am 375lbs. I have a couple of my friends that had the gastric sleeve and lap band and now my sister is able to get it thru her insurance.

The only way I could have it is paying for it myself and I am not able to do that.

Obama Care

by: Mike Z

What doesn't make sense is the Obama Admin. & First Lady Michelle has made such a statement and stressed their concerns on eating right and Obesity but yet our new Obama Care Ins. that we are all mandatory to have ! doesn't cover the surgery for the people that seriously need it .


by: Darius Davis

I need help paying for weight surgrey . my insurance won't cover it . I really need it because I am 392 pounds and diabetic high blood pressure

My life before surgery!

by: Patiently Waiting

I am a 42 year old mother of two children. I started working at the age of 16 years old. I had been a workaholic and have been taken care of my family up until March 2012. I unfortunately got hurt on my job and that is when my whole life changed. I ended up having 2 rotary cuff repairs to no avail left with hardly no strength in my dominant right arm.

I stayed on steroids for long periods of time gaining 70 lbs within 2 years, and in the meantime, I discovered that I had 2 herniated discs and two bulging disk since my incident. My life changed so quickly. My health has spiraled all the way down. I feel so hopeless. I have never cried and been in such pain before now.

I was left with no income, my arm never healed properly, I stayed in constant pain, back issues, emotional eating, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low potassium, and many other ailments. I went from being on 2 medicines to 23 and all with no insurances. I am looking to get my life back.

I have tried filing for my disability but I was denied because of my age. I never dreamed of being in this situation. but it has happened. I am asking for a new chance at life with weight loss surgery because I can not continue to live like this. I had a very active life before my incident. I know that there is a God and I am hopeful that my prayers are answered because I desperately need it.

Please help I am trying to fight for my life!

I need help

by: Kathy

I am a 44 yr old housewife. I am morbidly obese. I have been to a seminar and found a good Dr but my husbands ins doesn't cover it. I weigh 348. I am active. I watch my grandchildren. But if I don't loose weight I won't live to see them grow up. I have tried so many things trying to loose it. My joints hurt all the time. Plz help me

Care Credit

by: Seaching for years

I to have been searching for help for the surgery and everywhere I turned it is a dead end. I do have health insurance but my job has excluded this surgery.

I did get approve for credit with care credit but it did not even cover half of the procedure.

To say the least, I did not use the credit because it does not cover the entired procedure, so I am right back where I started from.

I cant afford to take out several different loans with several different entities. The payment on the small loan from care credit is $349.00 per month, go figure.


by: Sheila

I have had weight issues since I was a teen. I have tried every diet there is. I exercise still nothing. I'm a diabetic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol,. I have depression due to weight. I've tried phen phen, phenterimine you name it. If there is any help I pray you choose me. Thank you.

Need help

by: Regina

I am in need of help! I have spoken with my dr & she recommends gastric sleeve for me as she had done herself. However my husband has not had stable employment for over a year & I lost my instance coverage. My credit is horrible due to his unemployment so care credit & such is not an option. Are there any options?

Try Care Credit

by: tigerlilly

I'm having the sleeve and I'm one of the lucky ones that my work will take care of it.... but everyone without insurance who I have talked to went thought Care Credit. You can fill out the application online.


by: JE

I pass all the requirements except for the psychiatrist he feels I would not be a good choice. I have 4 other Drs saying I need this and my regular psychiatrist agrees. I have Medicare & they require his approval what can I do?I will be stuck in a wheel chair for the rest of my life if I dont get this weight off. I hate being compared to others my sistuation is unqiue. I also live with a RN. What better canidate can they ask for. What can I do to move forward? I am 58 - I have taken the psych test twice I think I passed the last time but his opinion is I shouldnt have it???

Thanks for any help you can give me

Need help paying for weight loss surgery

by: Arnesha

I have been struggling with weight loss for over 8 years now. I have insurance but it doesn't cover bariatric surgery. It makes me so sad and depressed as a single mother. I would like to know my options for help.

Self-pay financeing

by: Akasha B.

I have been approved for revision of failed RNY to DS. My insurance excludes bariatric surgery, period. Have tried multiple time to get my employer to add a rider to my policy but they will not. The finance company my surgeon suggested does not loan up to the total dollar amount required for surgery & hospital stay.

Revision is $10,000.00 however, the hospital has quoted me $26,000.00 for their portion & said that was discounted! Way higher than any quotes I have seen other say for this type of procedure at self-pay. My surgeon is not listed with CareCredit. I have a fairly decent credit score (680-700 range), any suggestions on a reputable finance company for self-pay revision? Home equity loan not an option as I just purchased my home June 2016.

Thank you in advance for responses.

More Affordable Alternatives

by: Austin

If your insurance plan is NOT covering your procedure, and you don't have the money to self-pay there are only two ways you can possibly move forward:

1. Get help paying for the procedure via loans, credit cards, friends/family, self-pay discounts
2. Educate yourself and FIND another surgeon or program that offers cheaper prices so you can afford it

I see so many people in this community who think that their only option is to accept the price they're quoted by their chosen surgeon instead of shopping around like we do for groceries, electronics, and furniture.

Here's how American healthcare costs work:

If a surgeon or program charges less for a procedure than another it does NOT mean that the quality is lower. Why? Hospitals typically set and control prices (not surgeons), and they set those prices high enough to be able to make money. To put this into perspective, 60% - 80% of the price you're quoted for a procedure goes directly to the hospital, and the rest of it goes to the surgeon and staff.

This means that you can a) find a cheaper surgeon, and b) not worry that the quality is lower.

Shop around! I've seen VSG's self-pay offers for as low as $10,500 in America. That's a very reasonable price. If you look in Mexico you can find self-pay VSG's for around $5,000, and if you do your homework you can find a surgeon JUST AS SKILLED as one in America.

My aunt and I both went to Mexico for our VSG's, and we couldn't have been more impressed with the surgeon, hospital, and results. We found a company that works with the most skilled surgeons in Mexico (http://www.destinationmedic.com) and it was SO much more affordable than in America at around $6,000.

I'm tired of seeing people not get their procedure because they can't afford it. Find somewhere cheaper, get a loan if you need to, and do it! It's the best choice I ever made.


by: Marquita Henderson

I'm a 28 year old from Chicago. I have been over weight my whole life and it has now become a big problem. I was just told I had high blood pressure and type 2 diabetic.

I don't have insurance and it's hard to pay when you don't have money. I need help bad and it's becoming so stressful that I thought about just killing myself because I'm not happy with my life. It seems like my life is getting harder, and I'm falling behind on work because I'm always so tired and the weight is pulling me down


by: Tina

I tried for surgery a couple years ago and was scheduled for an appointment for the doctor to tell me if or when I could have i. Then my insurance denied the surgery, and the doctors office wouldn't let me in even to talk about other options.

I have diabetes, which was reason to try now. I've been told that if the weight doesn't come off in 2 to 3 years, I'll be crippled because it's pushing on a weak disc in my back

I'm at ends here so depressed don't wanna go anymore need help, somehow.

by: Patrick Furlong

Hi Tina,

If you're unable to get surgery, it is recommended that you aggressively pursue diet and exercise plans. While you have most likely tried these before, diet is an effective way to lose weight if you take the right approach.

If you don't lose weight as fast as you'd like, hopefully you, at some point, can get on an insurance plan that will cover surgery. However, do not overlook the importance of diet and exercise. It can save your life. Don't be hopeless, good things come to those who persevere through challenging times.

Need to know about grants

by: Brenda

I have had a gastric bypass was wondering do I qualify for a gastric sleeve?


by: Cheryl

I am 57 yrs old and doctors told me that at my weight I am morbidly obese. I have tried for years to get gastric bypass surgery, every job I had it was not covered by the insurance. Now I am not able to work due to my weight and other health problems.

I still hoping someday I will be able to get the surgery, I just don't know where to turn to get help.

I need help paying for weight loss surgery

by: Janie O

My name is Janie and I'm wondering where I can go for help to pay for weight loss surgery? I'm over 200 lbs overweight, what I'm supposed to be weighing? I have struggled all my life with weight issues.

I have become depressed - I've tried all kinds of diet plans but I just fail. I really need to have surgery to get the weight off. I'm tired of the way I look and feel.

I want to be happy with myself. I'm going to be 49 years old in a few months I want to get heathy so I can take care of myself and not have someone take care of me. I'm asking can someone please help me please. 😢

I am dire need of help... PLEASE....

by: Cindy M Roquemore

It is safe to say that my life has had its ups and down, hardships, and good times. But most people know the hard times more than the good times. I have been fighting the battle of weight loss for far too long.

As much weight as I have lose in the past, the weight just come back on with a vengeance. Last year, I tipped the scales at 421 pounds and I loss over 116 pounds. That put me at 305 pounds and I was on high. Then all my work at losing the weight came to a holt cause I was now at a plateau on my diet and weeks went by and still nothing changed about my size or my weight. The diet pills that I had been taking like it was my new religion somehow stop working and my body wouldn't change.

So I became depressed and stressed on this matter, then the tip the icing was money became a problem. Or should i say lack of any money.

I'm 37 yrs old and I have gained back 78 pounds and I am more stressed and lost that I don't know what my next step is? The stress on my body is making me have hives around my stomach area and my menstrual cycle is totally out of whack.

I would a period one day and then be done the next day. I have been on my cycle on and off for about a 2 month now. I moved to Missouri 4 years ago to help my mother out when she was a trucker and she need someone to take care of my dying grandmother. I hesitate to put my life on hold.

So while I was taking care of my grandma I was get my diploma online schooling so then I could go to a trade school later. My Grandmother passed away and then another person that was like family passed away and I was the person who found him died in his home.

So that made me depressed and I was doing all by myself, I kinda give up on life and I didn't care anymore. I bounce back, my mom saw that something was wrong but didn't know how to help.

She tries to helps, so I found a school and we both went to tour the campus with one of the recruiters. No names.. guarantee me that I will be place in the career that I am going to school for. Unfortunately promise was made and they have not been met yet. I did my schooling and externship and passed all my class.

I will be walking the stage in may to get my degree in Dental Assistance. But yet my Externship was completed before 11/23/2017 and each day without any new about a job I get more stress out and start thinking dark about myself, like what if am not thin enough to get the job, what if am not smart enough and the thoughts go on and on.

Since then I am at my wit's end on everything. I try to eat right, I stop smoking, i do have a cheat day. Because I am a chocoholic and yes I know it is mind over matter, but this one is hard.

I just need help, please help me I will do the work that is needed. I am not going to blame anyone because it is all on me and I am so done being like this.

I want more out of life, I want a family, I want to go and do thing beside inside watching my life pass me by. Thank you for reading this... I hope to hear some positive feedback.

I was so close!!!

by: Monica lemon

I was two months from having gastric sleeve weight loss surgery and my husband loss his job and we lost the insurance! I really needed this surgery for health reasons. Can someone please help. Lemonmonica33@gmail.com

Help with paying for gastric sleeve surgery


My insurance won't pay for this surgery and I need it. My primary doctor has referred me to a good surgeon but I have no way to pay. My parents can help but can't cover the cost entirely. I see stories here about not being able to pay but no answers as to what I can do. I need to know what I could possibly do.

by: Patrick Furlong

Meet with a surgeon and discuss payment plans.

by: Patrick Furlong

This page may be of assistance:
Gastric Sleeve Revision

rou en y gastric bypass

by: Janda Bullock

Dr. has recommended the surgery i have tried for yrs to lose weight n no luck.

Now I'm in great need for knee replacement both knees n the knee dr. refuses to do the surgery until i lose weight.

I'm trying hard n i just cant get there. I NEED HELP PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

My heart health and overall health need your help!!

by: Cyndy Anderson

I need help to pay for weight loss surgery! This is not a surgery that I would choose to loose weight! My Cardiologist and General Practitioner have told me that this surgery is a must so that I can live longer. I have Medical insurance but of course it won't pay for this kind of surgery. So here I am asking for help!

why ,i have worked all my life!

by: barbara

I am a 51 year old very heavy. My heaviest weight is 406 pounds. I work every day.

The state of ga refuses to pay for the weight loss surgery. I have bad credit and cant get a loan. I have worked for the state for 20 years i need to get this weight off.

Doctors say my hormones are all messed up and my body wont release the weight.

What do i do? Some one please help me. I have insurance


by: Gina S.

1) "Obamacare" or rightfully know as the affordable health care act is not an insurance policy. Most insurances will not pay for this procedure unless it is considered medically necessary.

You will need to either pull up your states MEDICAID program guidelines if you are on state aide, otherwise each insurance company and policy will have guidelines as to what is medically acceptable.

2) You will probably need to meet more then one guideline to qualify for procedures, especially through state aided insurance programs such as Medicaid.

3) Depending on your need and local (or not so local - depending on your availability and resources), some hospitals/physicians will provide so many "free" procedures a year for those in dire needs. (Ex: I know someone who had been physically handicapped their whole life due to a spinal issue caused by a rare form of cancer.

A surgeon in her local area agreed to perform a 1.2million dollar spinal reconstruction from tail bone to c-spine for free. Mind you there were requirements to participate in this program he offered such as extra labs and video recorded office visits, he even wrote a paper on it, etc. But the pro's out weighed the con's).

4) Even if your insurance will not pay for the procedure and possible assisting device being placed, there are other things your insurance can/will pay for in order to have the procedure done, such as labs, office visits, nutritional visits, etc. So don't give up because you can't pay for it out of pocket, there are ways to alleviate some, if not a great deal, of costs.

I need some kinda help

by: Bridgett

Hello i Bridgett,i am a mom of 3 kid's and my insurance has been cut off and i am replying for it, but i am 4'9 and very much over weight for my height.

I have done everything to help loss my weight, and I really just need help or some type of way to have this surgery done please if anyone could help me, my knee's are awful due to me being over weight.

Health injuries

by: Lisa

I had a spinal fusion in 2006, which I was too keep weight off my stomach and back. Well, since then I have been in several car accidents which cause stress eating and also asthma patient so steroids for back, neck and knees and asthma.

Doctors have all agreed I am a candid for surgery but my work insurance does pay for it. Don't have any money and credit is bad dues to hospital bills and other issues. I need help based cause now my knees and ankles are deteriorating and doctors says can't hold amount weight.

What do I do?

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