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Our Mission

At Liberman Advanced surgical, our program is carefully structured to support you through every step of your weight loss journey and beyond. Our highly-skilled staff is compassionate, thorough, and supportive and will help ensure you reach your goals.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Resolution of Type II Diabetes
Resolution of Sleep Apnea
Lowering of High Blood Pressure
Reduction in Heart Disease
Decreased Back and Joint Pain

Dr. Liberman named to “Americas Top Doctors” 12 Consecutive Years!

The results of bariatric surgery are more than just numbers on the scale. It can alleviate or “cure” your health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and heart disease.

Importantly, losing weight can have a huge impact on your emotional well-being. Come in and see us! Together, we will figure out if weight loss surgery is the right option for you.

About Dr. Liberman

Dr. Liberman was fellowship trained in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles in 1995, Dr. Liberman has been delivering state of the art laparoscopic, breast cancer and bariatric surgical care for 20 years.

Recruited from San Diego by The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Mark Liberman has been providing world class care in Naples for the past 16 years.

Dr. Liberman served in the U.S. Navy – retiring with the rank of captain.

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Liberman Advanced Surgical
Patient Testimonials



Dr. Liberman inserted an intragastric balloon to help me lose weight and improve my overall health. My highest weight was #180. At the completion of my six months, I weighed 139lbs., and I have remained within 5 pounds of that weight. Dr. Liberman and his staff guided and educated me in the ways necessary to successfully increase my commitment to exercise and learn new eating habits. I encourage each person to view each day as an opportunity not to be wasted while on your journey.



I went from 370 to 225 in one year, however for the last year I have been at a steady 240 -245 same waist size. It’s a lifestyle change which is always in progress. I try riding a minimum of 100 miles a week weather permitting. I also enjoy short 2-3 mile runs once a week and weights in my garage. NO soda, little to no bread, no pasta , no sugar and always mindful of what I eat. Yes I still enjoy Vanilla Ice Cream!

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