Did not follow liquid diet 2 weeks before weight loss surgery

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Renee (a patient from North Carolina)

How will not following a liquid diet the 2 weeks before weight loss surgery affect my surgery? It surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 25.

I was on a week long field trip and was unable to take my protein drinks and all meals were preplanned with very, very limited selections. I am concerned with my liver size.

I am 48 and feel like I have gained weight instead of losing or maintaining prior to surgery. Our meals included an okay breakfast but lunch and dinner was delivered such as pizza, fried chicken strips, and other such foods.


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Weight Loss Surgery Requires Lifestyle Change

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

Dear Renae,

The weight loss requirement prior to surgery has become more of a standard of care in the Bariatric community as it has many benefits for the patients.

The choice of liquid diet or not prior to surgery is a decision made between the surgeon and the patient.

The most important point is to start addressing the life-long eating habits and behavior that has led to morbid obesity that surgery alone will not change.

The surgeon operates on the stomach and not the mind.

Short and long-term weight loss success and health maintenance is dependent on honesty with oneself and a commitment to making lifestyle modification in eating and food choices long before and after the surgery.

The more time dedicated to change before the surgery, the better.

To your good health,
Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.


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day 2 of pre op diet

by: Heather C

I am having the sleeve done on 1-20-16. I am 6 foot and 325 pounds I wear a size 20 and I know I made the choice after following a very strict 1600 calorie per day diet for 9 months and gaining 12 pounds (while on phentermine).I am committed to the surgery and the life changes, I know that a person actually has to eat. My issue has always been eat when you are hungry, the problem is I can go all day and eat dinner and not feel hungry all day then of course I snack at night This is how I put the weight on right.

But now I have been eating 1600 calories per day, 3 meals and 2 snacks for 9 months.

As of day 2 of my pre op liquid diet, I am so tired of the six chalky shakes I have forced down and and I am hungry. I cheated and had 2 handfuls of potato chips and now feel guilty.

The broth is ok and my dr says I can have either 1 cup of salad with 2 tbsp fat free dressing and 1 cup cottage cheese and 1 cup fresh fruit.

The whey protein shake is chalky no matter how long I blend it or what i put in there. I have searched Google for recipes and nothing makes a difference.

I am making enough to drink 1 16 0z glass and I am doing this 3 times per day. It tastes and smells so bad I am literally standing at the sink and swigging back 1/4 of the glass then taking a deep breath and another 1/4 and so on until it is gone. The result lots of gas and guess what after my handful (2) of chips 3 shakes a cup og grapes and 3 bowls of beef broth today, I have a headache and I am hungry. It is day 2 so at this rate I will actually be able to have something other than broth and chalky shakes in around 6 to 8 weeks? I also smoked since 1988 and i had my last cigarette on 12-31-15 @ 11:45 pm, I a hungry and still craving cigarettes is there anyway I can sleep the next 2 weeks away?? LOL

PreOp Diet

by: Anonymous

I know it won't matter, because my surgeon does not even require any type of diet until 12 hours post surgery. Since he has performed around 8,000 gastric surgeries, I am certain he knows best.

I am 2 weeks out and feeling GREAT! No pre-diet. :)

10 days into Pre-op Diet

by: Walter

They have me on 460 calories a day, 3 protein shakes a day. I've lost 41 pounds in 10 days. I am having fat free carb free turkey meat and chicken too now because I am excessively weak. Going to the bathroom wears me out.

I was 591 starting the diet, going down to 460 calories completely shocked my body. I'm 6 days from surgery with the last two being strictly clear liquids only. Also, I get extremely sick to my stomach when I have the shakes for several hours. Not sure why. It's a struggle I know that. But 41lbs in 10 days I think I'm doing good.

Day 3

by: Emily

This is my third day into the Liver Shrink diet and I am really struggling. I haven't cheated at all and I am very proud. I think what I am struggling with is the lack of energy I have.

My pre-op diet is a protein shake for breakfast, protein bar or shake for lunch, and dinner is 3oz of chicken, greens, balsamic, veggies, and 6 unsalted crackers. I feel like this diet is really different from everyone here and I am so happy I don't have to do the liquid diet because that would be torture. Stick with it guys!! My surgery is the Monday before Thanksgiving and I know it'll be tricky to get through the holidays but we can do it!!

I have been working towards this goal for a year and I am not going to let anything stand in my way.

Shrinking my Liver!

by: Anonymous

This is day 3 of 16 of my liquid diet - I am so over these protein shakes, they make me gag. The jello & broth give me indigestion so bad I cannot stand it. My head hurts - I've lost 15 pounds already my goal loss is 30 when I started in October.

I don't know if one can survive on liquids alone.....heartburn please go away!

Please send me strength - Surgery date 11/25/15

I have to be on the liquid diet for a month 0-o

by: Cari

How did you get lucky and only do two weeks? I am 4 days in and starving here. I feel sick, light headed etc. Weight 340 pounds.

I could likely do the 2 weeks so much easier than a month. I am getting about 600 to 800 cals a day. And the docs said its fine as long as I am drinking my protein. I understand the liver shrinking being a good thing.

One of the things I am struggling with and maybe someone can explain... wouldn't being without any food for a month weaken a person? I want to survive the surgery. I passed all the tests EKG's etc... I have no major health issues aside from insulin resistance. But it still has me a bit worried.

Help? Will this get better?

I was pretty glad to see I can have a few bites of mashed potatoes every now and again. It happens to be my favorite food. I am a little nervous... But excited.

I am wondering if the month long is new and has better results? Or if it is specific to my doc. Anyone have any pointers for me... They keep telling me I can eat jello...I don't like jello... nothing is gonna make me like it. I would literally starve than eat it... and have been for 4 days now :/

2 wks tomorrow

by: Anonymous

I having a gastric band fitted two weeks time, so I'm just about to start my 2 week pre op diet.I had a choice of liquid or low cal diet and the dietitian said I could do one day liquid the other day food, but she wanted me to stick to under 800 calories. I hope I don't find it hard.

I have already been on a diet for 6 weeks now as I need to get my BMI under 50 which I can gladly say it is, so what's one more bad diet?! I did Slimfast 2 times a day & a small evening meal and in 6 weeks lost 2 stone & 3 lb (31 lbs).

I haven't found it easy, but know there's light at the end of the tunnel which has kept me going. Surgery date 19th Nov, and I am excited and scared all at once. Well done everyone on your surgery.

To cheat or not to cheat

by: Anonymous

I'm on day 4 of my two week pre-op diet....I'm so hungry and woke up this morning with a raging headache...ugh...I feel awful...having VSG on Nov. 6.

surgery on 10/20

by: klf

Hi all,

First, let me say congrats to everyone! We have all committed to a huge change in our lives! I was asked to do a 7-day liquid diet prior to my surgery and like all of you have found it very difficult! I also did cheat once and it's now better so I think because no had that small square of cheese I kept myself from going crazy and really cheating!

So as I know as well as all of you do that this is so important to success I also understand where everyone is coming from. So my thought is this if you cheated stop!! Get back on track and get down to business my dears!!!! We can do this we are STRONG and we can do it!

Good luck to everyone!!!!!

Protein Shakes

by: RS

I am finding these comments to be very comforting to know that I am not the only one who is having a difficult time with the diet.

I only have to do a 5-day liquid diet to prepare for the gastric sleeve on 10/14/15. I can't even think about the protein shakes. They literally make me gag now. I am on day 4 of the liquid diet and have not cheated. I have consumed 500 calories in 3 days and have lost 9 pounds. In 3 days I have consumed 4 sugar-free popsicles, 2 cups of chicken broth, 14 oz. of protein shake and a package of jello. I am feeling very weak and light headed and have no energy.

I know that it is from the lack of food but any liquid is starting to make me nauseous. My surgery is in 2 days and I can't wait to begin the next chapter of my life.

Day 3/10 liquid diet

by: Babybluejojo


I am on day 3 of the liquid diet. My gastric sleeve surgery is scheduled for 19 Oct 15.

Now I like milk but having to drink a pint of it at a time I am finding it a bit hard. Instead of having 3 pints of milk and 2 yogurts I am having 2pts and 4 yogurts (as it says in my booklet from hosp).

My question is can I flavor the milk at all (like milkshake mix etc) to make it a bit more enjoyable as I can see that at the moment this is going to put me off of milk for a while afterward? I try to use some of my milk allowances by making my coffee with milk but as I only have 1 -2 cups a day it is not enough to use it all.

Any advice would be appreciated!

presurgery diet

by: Velbing

There really is a big difference in the diets each surgeon prescribes. I start my pre-surgery diet on 10/6 with surgery scheduled on 10/21.

My surgeon/weight management team endorse 3 shakes, and 2 bars from an approved bari-friendly brand and one balanced meal per day prior to surgery. Had my surgery been scheduled even a month later, I would have been part of the new group...which has 2 shakes, 1 bar and 2 balanced and high protein meals per day.

Both are designed to cut back on "Cheating" as you can eat somewhat normally one meal or more each day. Nutrition-wise, the pre-surgery diet is more calories than the diet I have been following since January.

I hope it goes well.

Duodenal Switch in T-Minus 36 hours

by: ThereseT

I'm having the Duodenal Switch on Tuesday, 09/23/15 and have been doing the liquid diet since 09/09/15. I have lost 16lbs in that time and feel crappy. I haven't had any solid food in my body and my body knows it. I constantly have a headache and just over all tired feeling.

I'm scared I'm going to feel this way after the surgery because of the lack of nutrients. I'm lacking nutrients now because all I'm consuming is 700 calories per day and after the surgery, my nutrients will be worse from malabsorption. I will follow all the necessary vitamin regimens.

Has anyone had the DS ?

Not as easy as it sounds...

by: Trinaxobby - instagram me!

Hey everyone! So I'm having the sleeve done on Sept. 21st, 2015 - and I have "cheated" nothing big, just bites here and there, and some puree's. My full liquid diet is 12 days, and I cheated on the 3rd day in for lunch and dinner. I had comic con, with a group of 10 or so people.. and they all wanted to go somewhere sit down.

I know I could have taken a protein shake and what not and stayed in the car... but I ate chicken breast and broccoli... Good protein. Since then I've been so good about the diet. If ever I needed something to eat because I felt sick, which has only happened about 4 times, I eat sunflower seeds or yogurt. My surgery is now in 5 days, and I haven't eaten anything! I'm so proud.

I'll keep you updated if I remember. :) but feel free to follow me on Instagram if you have it! Trinaxobby

My 2 cents

by: Anonymous

I'm not sure how old all these comments are but I thought I would chime in. I am having a Gastric Bypass on 9/23 and have been on the Optifast diet for almost 3 weeks. It is required for up to 4 weeks prior to surgery. It is not easy and I am hungry a lot of the time.

When I have cheated it has been just a small bite of something and that's it. Nothing sugary or fast food or any of that stuff. Just sometimes I'll crave some kind of meat or salad. I find that I cannot focus, my lips tingle, and I get kind of fuzzy on such a low-calorie diet. The Optifast is high in protein. I took classes in order to get to this point and they recommend highly that you have at least 65 to 75 grams of protein a day. We can only have protein drinks from health food stores and recommended for the diet.

Also you must sip water all day long so you can stay hydrated. Very important. Liquid diet for two weeks after surgery and blended two weeks after that before introducing anything else. Dumping syndrome is when you've eaten something you shouldn't have and your body cannot process it. It makes you feel nauseous but goes away after about a half hour. Doctors find this very beneficial because it will keep you away from that stuff.

I'm scared for the surgery and scared for the recovery but know that it is necessary for a healthy life. Remember to exercise. People who don't exercise will gain back their weight. Stay strong, stay focused, and as hard as it is, stick with it. You deserve to be healthy.

its amazing what we do because of a stupid food addiction

by: hac

My LAP BAND surgery is scheduled for 9-16. Two weeks of liquid diet prescribed. First 5 days, no problem, easy peasy; last 3 days, I'm struggling. All I think about is food. Any type of food. Heck I'll eat anything.

On day 6 I caved and ate sauteed veggies. No sugar, no carbs. Just veggies. I was in heaven. "Now that I broke the seal" mentally I've convinced myself its ok to eat other things but I know it's not.

Day 7, more veggies and now added peanuts. No carbs, no sugar, but...this is such a mind !@#$%^. I'm craving more.

Today is day 8, don't want those nasty shakes anymore. I need to face reality and get back on the liquid diet.

Wow this sucks but I will get thru it, right? This is all worth it right?

So Excited

by: Kellyann

My surgery for the sleeve is scheduled on Sept 17, 2015. I have been preparing since Jan. 2015. On Aug 31st, 2015 my Dr. had me start the liquid diet. So today is day 8 and I am down 12 lbs. I have worked so hard to get to this point.

I WILL NOT cave!!!!! I have not cheated once. And I won't! I Do Not understand why people go this route and then sabotage themselves by eating.... It's 2 weeks....

Day 2 of my 2 week liquid pre-op diet.

by: Rayah

I'm having a VSG on September 16th. I was told to follow a 1000-1200 preop "mostly" liquid diet. I am allowed some soft solids like sugar-free applesauce, sugar-free oatmeal, grits, and fat-free yogurt. I really thought that making sure each meal had at least one of those soft solids would help prevent the hunger headaches I knew would inevitably come.

And yet it's day two and I have a raging migraine. I am allowed to take any oral medications that I want with exception to NSAID's or steroids. I suppose I'm lucky in that aspect. I just popped some acetaminophen (Tylenol). Hopefully that will start working soon.

To help me stay compliant, I've put up pictures of me at my thinnest as an adult (which is still quite overweight). So far it's helped me realize the pain is worth the end goal. I have an incredibly damaged back from childhood sports injuries that weren't diagnosed until years later. Getting the weight off of my back is my #1 priority now. By any healthy means necessary. Even if it feels like torture at day 2. 12 days to go!

Are you ready?

by: Anonymous

My surgery, the Sleeve, is scheduled for a week from today. It's taken about 8 months to get to this point.

I was very concerned when they told me I had to go on a liquid diet for two weeks before the surgery. I love food...and I had all the cravings...This is my 7th day on the 2-week diet. I've struggled with cravings...even argued with myself in the car as I passed all my favorite food places.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was so hard not to cheat. I felt like I deserved it...what could it hurt? The surgery was still 7 days away. Whatever I ate would be gone by then.

And then I began to think about my journey. I've worked so hard to get where I am today. I've lost 45 lbs. since January 1. I lost 11.5 lbs. during the first 6 days of this liquid diet. Did I really want to ruin all of that?

And, I thought, if I can't be committed for just 2 weeks, how am I going to stay strong on my lifetime journey? I can be strong for 7 more days! So can you!

You can make it through this. It isn't forever...the liquid diet is temporary. The positive changes you are making in your life are permanent. Get a good start to the new future you are looking forward to!

Do it for YOU! You deserve it. Stay Strong!!!!

day 2 of liquid diet. not feeling satisfied

by: Lori

So I am on day two of the 9-day liquid diet my Dr. asked for. It is hard! I have "cheated" in a way...

I actually got a few bites of the lunch I was making for my family and chewed it up to get the flavor and then spit it into the garbage before swallowing it. That seemed to satisfy me for a little bit as it made me feel like I got some of the tasty things I wanted without actually eating them.

But as good as I'm trying to be... the protein shakes, although satisfying in the short term, do not seem to want to stick with me.

I was wondering if anyone else is having this same issue??

Naughty me, didn't follow

by: Anonymous

I'm not hugely overweight to begin with, only about 30 kgs overweight, my surgeon said my liver probably wasn't fatty anyway.

He said an Optifast diet for one week only which I totally did not follow as that stuff is made by Satan. My only comment is that perhaps the type of surgery (for example mine is gastric bypass) requires your bowel to be empty, (i.e. not full of meat etc. that's being processed) that's why its liquid only?

If mine's not the liver issue, I wonder if an empty bowel is required considering he's bypassing a portion of it? He did say he just wanted me to have lost a couple of kilos prior to surgery but I've done that without eating Optifast (ewwww).

struggling with my two weeks diet

by: kp

My bypass surgery is on the 30th of July, am finding it very hard to stick to the liquid diet that I have to do 2 weeks before the surgery. Am very fatigued and fed up.


by: Babs

Hi and well done to all,

I am not sure what date this thread is from but I'm on my 2-week liver shrinking diet it is 800 calories and < 100g carbs. I will not cheat as I would be too scared it will put my RNY in jeopardy...

I think it's a good thing as it really makes you realize Portion Size :)

showing support

by: DF

My mom is having the sleeve in 4 days and is wanting to cheat tonight. She has done great on everything. She was put on a clear liquid diet.

Would this hurt her?

She wants chipotle. Light cheese, chicken, lettuce rice and black beans. Help!!!

Almost there

by: Anonymous

Well, I have 1 more day of liquid diet out of 7 days. I have a headache, my stomach is hurting sorta like gas. Weakness too. I hope and pray this feeling goes away after surgery! I'm 240lbs starting off, 10lbs lost on the liquid diet, now 230.

Liver Shrinking Diet

by: Anonymous

I am scheduled to have Gastric Bypass on July 6th.

My Surgeon has put me on a 4-week liver shrinking diet. It is for your best health and imperative that your liver has shrunk to the size needed to perform a successful surgery. My group of doctors won't even do the surgery if you can't comply with the eating and drinking prior.

How are you gonna be successful after surgery if you can't do what's beneficial to your health prior to surgery? This has been a year long journey for me with nutritional visits and many test ran. I have cleared my schedule to have this done. It's the next phase of my life.


Two weeks clear liquid diet... I can do this!

by: Jono

To boast that I can do the two-week liquid diet prescribed by my surgeon sounds pretty bold. Especially considering that I am only on Day 1.

However, this surgery is something that I have been working towards for a very long time. Yes, I am hungry today. But I have waited for too long to blow this opportunity.

I'm listening to my tummy growling and can almost hear "Eye of the Tiger", prompting me to be even more determined.

My surgery is on June 3rd, two weeks from today.



by: Anonymous

My operation date is less than two days away. My doc prescribed a 2-week liquid diet. I started a day late and stuck to it for 7.5 days then had a major relapse as I knocked over a couple fast food restaurants. I wasn't even hungry it was like my car just drove itself there.

I consumed about 3500 calories. I haven't had any food since. I'm a former heavy drinker and even though I'll go under the knife with just one slip up in 13 days I'm still a bit worried that it won't be enough. These last two days are just straight liquid, no protein or juices. I hope I didn't mess it all up...

15 days and counting

by: FNC

I started my liquid pre-op diet a week early. I do eat a small dinner. I figure I am going to have to change my life...why not start now! I am totally excited... I have had the headaches and felt sick, I chalk this up to DETOXING my body. I am glad that I have found some current postings.

I have dropped 4.5 pounds and I started this on 5-9.

Let me know how everyone is doing!!

Upcoming surgery

by: Anonymous

I am scheduled for my gastric bypass on March 4th, 2015. Today is day 8 of my liquid diet and I have cheated some. Not a lot as I do want to make sure my liver is shrunk to where it is safe. 2 years ago I had the sleeve done and also done the liquid diet. It was hard then, and it is hard now.

I just try to stick to it the best I can. Good Luck to everyone!

2 weeks diet

by: TRE

My Dr. office has a 2week liquid diet if ur BMI is 50+. For less than 50 BMI, it is small meals and 2 protein drinks a day. Still hard and still hungry. I don't think I could do the 2-week liquid only.

High protein low carb diet

by: Anonymous

I am to go into surgery on 4th May 2015.

I have been asked to go on a liquid diet but was not informed by my surgeon about a high protein low carb diet. Please let me know how important is this diet.

Day 2

by: Laura

So today is the 2nd day of my liquid diet. Don't get me wrong the shakes arent the best, but they arent super awful. I can say they filled me up yesterday.

Has anyone else had the issue where they felt sick though? I woke up with a massive headache today that won't go away for the life of me even after taking 3 Tylenol.....yes 3...its so bad I feel nauseous I don't even want to think about the shakes...I got a little bit of oatmeal (which is allowed in my diet)...but I've taken 2 baby bites and I feel sick :|

My surgery is scheduled may 5th...

I LOVE this...I

by: Taborinni

Wow! I had my RNY March of 1999 so most of the pre-surgery and post-surgery issues and tips, etc. are lost in a dim fog of memory. As such, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these posts. I'm not sure what the Dates/Years these posts were written but it is great reading.

Now you may wonder why I'm even reading here having had my bypass so far in the past? It's because I have been struggling with afferent loop syndrome (a condition that sometimes appears where an irritation or spasm affects the opening of one or more of the loops of intestines) and will be having that corrected and a possible revision of my original stomach pouch. Soooooo, I'm starting on the 2-week liquid diet tomorrow but I am so looking forward to it because it will mean relief from ALS (it can be horribly uncomfortable and even dangerous if left uncorrected).

Anyway, I will let everyone know how things went for me.


by: MrsG

I'm on week 3 of a 4 week liquid diet prior to getting the Sleeve done. Yes it's HARD. I've lost 22lbs so far. I'm almost there. Yes I've cheated a bite here or there but trying really hard not to.

cheated on my 2week liquid

by: feeling like a loser

Hello all,

Reading this feed has been good for me. I cheated 3 days on my 2-week liquid diet. Reading this has helped me get back focused. I would love to say they were low carb high protein meals that I cheated but they weren't. There are 9 days left in my liquid diet and I'm hoping that me staying on it until the end will make the difference.

Anyone know if the 9 days liquid for the sleeve will put me back on track?

1/2 through my 2 week liquid diet

by: Lula

I am at day 7 of my mandatory liquid diet and I have lost 19 pounds. I prayed, prepared, and only began getting a headache and real cravings today. I managed my cravings by drinking lots of water, making my own soups and having sugar free popsicles on hand in case I need them.

I manage to cook dinner for my kids with no temptation. I have mentally prepared and have a competitive goal to lose the most weight pre-op that my doctor has ever seen. I am ready.

I would encourage those who are about to begin to evaluate what works for you. Have your last meals before you begin this diet. I had seafood, burgers, pizza, alfredo and lots of junk food before. My fat habits are long gone and maybe that is what helped me prepare. I take my powders to work and discretely mix it in my shaker. I take some vitamins before I leave home every morning.

My husband and friends are inspired and are wanting to do the same protein shake diet. I am encouraging them to find their own diet plan because I have to do this, they don't. They can eat a low cal meal and lose.

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I, you, we can do it. At some point, your desire to transform can help you develop some mental toughness for this phase 1 of your life. If you have cheated, ok...start over and double up on water and get back on track.

Just don't quit. You owe it to yourself to keep it pushing.

It's so hard

by: Arica

My doctor put me on a 14-day liquid diet. My surgery was originally February 16.

Then it got pushed up to February 11 so I did not do the full 2 weeks. I told my doc and he said that's fine.

I am having a hard time trying to drink all that protein (70 grams/day). They are gross. But I am drinking anyway. I did eat a chicken breast with steamed broccoli last night as I got very dizzy and fainted. I hope that was OK. I've read that some doctors allow you to eat a lean meat and veggies for lunch.

Since I started the diet, 4 days ago, I've lost 5 pounds.

Does anyone know if the lean meat and veggies are ok?

liquid for five day to bypass

by: Mrs.Babydoll

I have my surgery on the 30th of December, and I been on liquid since 8 p.m. Christmas night, I'm so hungry and reading all the comments make me want to eat just a little, but I know after the surgery I want to be able to eat chips or drink a soda, trying board to hang in there.

2 days out

by: Robyn

My surgery is in two days. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I did pretty good. I was told high protein low carbs and given the choice of liquid, or food or told I could do both as long as I kept it high protein, low carb.

My surgery was supposed to be 12/4 and on Wednesday they called and moved it up to 12/1. I am very excited and scared. I was told to do the diet for one week pre-op which gave me until Turkey Day to start it and when they called I had to start immediately because it was less than a week already.

I just ate and my lap band surgery is tomorrow

by: Gypsie

I couldn't do it.

I struggled with the 2-week liquid diet for the entire two weeks sticking to it for a few days and eating, sticking a few days and eating. I've lost 5 lbs altogether.

In the mean time, I had an MRI of my liver and it is "completely normal" according to my Gen Prac.

But today I was supposed to be on clear liquids and I didn't know it. The sheet for following the diet doesn't say that and I ate a lot today.

My daughter is worried. Why do they ask people who already have a hard time controlling their eating to not eat! I'll tell the doc tomorrow that I ate and hope it's not a problem.

Pre-op diet :(

by: Cat

I am scheduled for my gastric sleeve surgery on September 23rd and I started my pre op diet on the 9th... I have cheated 2 times, I know that's horrible but I am trying very hard. I stick to exactly what they want but the last 2 days I have eaten grits one day and vanilla ice cream today.

A friend said the ice cream is ok except 48 hours prior to surgery, I just haven't had a chance to check with my doctor. I still have 8 days till surgery, will I be ok??????

I'm a cheaper & feeling guilty & Cherita post op

by: TS

1st, Anonymous: Most of us have cheated at one point or another during the liquid pre-op diet bc, well, bc it's HARD!!!!

We're so accustomed to having food & when we're prepping for our surgeries most of us are told to go a WHOLE 2 WEEKS WITHOUT! It's difficult enough to fast for 8-12 hours before most other procedures bc, let's face it, we almost always REALLY want what we're told we can't have. But, if you keep to your liquids from here out, those few potatoes shouldn't set ya back too badly, if at all.

I cheated once (on Day 1) with a fried chicken dinner, then stuck to the diet after that & did very well. I'm not condoning or saying everything will be ok if you continue cheating, but we're all human & when the smell of food is wafting thru the house (or right beneath our noses if we're cooking) it has a way of showing us how strong our resolve truly is! Get rid of the guilt. It's an emotion ya don't need to carry around.

Do your very best! As Cherita said, you're REALLY not gonna feel like eating for a bit post-op!

@Cherita: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so glad to hear the surgery went well & you're doing so great!! Yes, our taste buds & even sense of smell can change after surgery. I loved black pepper & can no longer eat it :( my stomach feels as if I've just had a Mar of jalapeños.

Keep up the wonderful things you're doing & soon you'll have to shop for smaller clothes. (I think our Dr's offices should have some type of clothing swap. We could bring in our larger clothes, & rummage for smaller ones LOL just a thought.)

Re: I cheated

by: Cherita

Hopefully everything will be fine.

Take some milk of magnesia and stay on your liquids for the next few days. I am 4 days post-op. It was really hard to try to eat anything and to try to keep up with drinking. Today I finally ate 2oz of soup (yay me).

I felt really hungry a few times today and I was happy with that because prior to that I had no appetite. My stomach is sore however not as bad as the days before. I have been trying to slack up on my pain meds because they keep me really sleepy (so far so good).

I walk around my house a few times a day and I am now walking a lot faster. So far everything is going good. I did try a few pieces of my sister's pepper steak and rice last night and it taste different.

So, yes my taste buds will be different because pepper steak is one of my favorite foods.

Im a cheater and feeling guilty

by: Anonymous

I am scheduled to have my surgery in 3 days. I was doing so good on my liquid diet...I have a history of stomach problems from diverticulitis to gallbladder disease (recently removed). I was so excited but the liquid diet is harder than I thought. I didn't feel like I was losing any weight. When most people go on the liquid diet they realize that they only eat out of boredom...but I realized I ONLY eat when I'm hungry.

So I wake up today with hunger pangs so bad that I am hunched over...I ate a cup of mashed potatoes which immediately helped the pain. But now I am really worried that I may have jeopardized my surgery...any advice?

RE "Support" by "determined in stl"

by: TS

Determined in STL,

By now you've had your procedure & I just wanted to check that everything went well & you're on the path to healing. Aside from the pre-op diet (which most of us find excruciating at first, but find that determination somewhere within ourselves), being immediately post-op is no piece of cake (sugar-free, of course ;) LOL).

We all tolerate pain differently & some handle it better than others. I'm hoping you're not having too bad a time with the pain & that your healing process is a quick one! Just remember that, while you must make sure to do some walking, don't overdo it; we don't want any setbacks.

If you're on a liquid diet right now & are bored with the few things we are permitted at this point, here's what I did to shake things up a bit:

1. When making my sugar-free Jello, I'd choose two flavors that complimented each other & mix them together, making flavors that suited my tastes, rather than the same old flavors off the grocers' shelves.

2. Pudding. 2% milk can be somewhat tasteless. I don't know if you have Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy stores near you, but if you do & haven't yet tried their 2% milk, now would be the perfect time! I've never been big on milk & always buy it at the grocers, but in a support group we were let in on a little secret: when removing the fat, quite a bit of lactose is also lost. Braum's replaces the lactose, giving their 2% that rich flavor, which makes anything you make with milk taste that much better. If you're lactose intolerant, you can use Lactaid caplets or I've heard Almond & coconut milks are also pretty good (but I've not tried them yet).

3. Broths. I don't know how the broth was at your facility, but where I stayed, it was a Ramen seasoning packet & water--very salty & basically unbearable. If you're a cook, you know how easy it is to make your own. If not, place chicken (or other extra-lean meats) in a Dutch oven or stock pot & poach the meat with carrots, celery, onion (all veggies quartered), garlic, bay leaves, & salt & pepper to taste until the veggies are soft & meat is done. Remove everything from broth, keeping the meat separate & discard bay leaves. In a large bowl w/an immersion (stick) blender, blend a bit of broth w/ veggies to a puree, separate into single servings & add unflavored protein powder, then freeze the servings individually (those Ziplock bowls are amazing for this, as well as the Jello & puddings). The chicken can be used for your family's dinner, or puréed & frozen for the next phase of your diet. Those things can all be made in bulk & refrigerated/frozen til ready to use.

Again, I hope all is well & that I've been able to give you some tips to help you along the way.

Keep us posted!

Cherita & Lisa

by: TS

WOW!! Your surgeries are both right around the corner!!

Y'all must be so very excited to get to the next phase of this new journey in your lives! Congratulations on making this decision & (for the most part) sticking with the pre-op diets your docs have you on!!

I know how hard it gets, bc I've been there, but having lost 100+# since starting this process in 9/2012, all I can say is "It is SO worth it!!"

There are things I'm learning along the way that never came up in the doctors appointments or the required pre-op support group meeting, & it's not all pretty by any means, but I have to remember that my body has been altered to work differently than intended & the doc assures me these issues are normal, for RNY patients, anyway--not saying you'll experience the same issues with sleeves, but just in case, a bit of advice from 1 who's kind of "winging it":

1. Get Gas-X strips. SO helpful when your much smaller tummy has a bit of gas buildup; with a now very limited space, ANY amount of gas is painful! Better to be prepared.

2. The smell upon passing gas may be much worse than ever, & as such, can be veryy embarrassing--even in the ladies room. I carry a trial sized body spray, so I can spare others & not be so embarrassed. A few spritzes & we're all happier. (This, I'm told, is my body finding out what it can tolerate &, though embarrassing, it's normal. 1 thing I can do to minimize this is keep a food journal & bodily reactions to help in future--this also works to find out what causes dumping syndrome for me.)

3. I'm having issues keeping my vitamin levels where they should be. I take my 2 gummie 1-a-days 2xs daily & do my B12 nasal spray once weekly. More supplements, along w/orders to eat 60g protein/day! But, these are the things some of us struggle w/post-op.

4. Diarrhea/Nausea. Again, my body figuring out what's ok/what's not. Food journal helpful here, too. The nausea, apparently normal for about 6mos post-op is caused by the part of my stomach that doesn't get food. The brain still releases enzymes that cause the "blind" stomach to secrete bile & digestive enzymes, thus causing nausea bc all that stuff is sloshing around w/nothing to do. My doc prescribed Reglan before meals & Protease, a probiotic (as found in Activia & Greek yogurt) & phenergan for any problematic nausea.

5. This is gonna sound way gross, & I don't know if you'll experience it w/the sleeve, but...anal leakage. Also caused by certain foods & usually occurs when passing gas. I wear pads daily, just in case, bc it's been my experience that I can eat a food a couple times w/o incident & the next time...BAM!! & (OOOPS!). Food journals really haven't helped much here, but I'm doing 'em anyway! Those are the most embarrassing problems I've noticed & hopefully y'all won't hafta deal with 'em.

Best of luck to you both on your surgeries. Keep us updated!!

Pre op

by: Lisa?

Hi y'all, my VSG is 3/12/14, start weight 317, now 307 and I started my pre op diet on Feb 19th 3 weeks prior to VSG date. My Dr. gave me instructions for the 2-week pre-op liquid diet:

- 1 protein shake for breakfast
- 1 protein shake for lunch and salad w/ chicken, fish, eggs
- veggies for dinner fat-free dressing or light dressing but only 2 tablespoons of dressing.

The first 4 days went great then I ate breakfast then I cheated 1 last time eating a few bites of a Ruben. I have 10 days my Dr. said to keep to the 2 -3 protein shakes and salad for dinner we should be good however I did notice with cutting out 2 meals with protein I eat very little salad and feel FULL fast.

Good luck everyone!!

Almost there trying not to cheat

by: Cherita

I'm on day 4 of my 14-day pre-op liquid diet and it hasn't been too bad. I did good on day 1, on day 2 I ate one chip, on day 3 I did good, and today I ate 1 broccoli piece.

I have to cook food for my children so it is extra hard to not want to taste the food. But, I have managed to do pretty well. My surgery date (sleeve) is March 10th. I am so excited.

I really felt bad about the little mishaps and told myself that it wasn't even considered a serving. I can honestly say that it gets better each day, I didn't be as hungry as I was in the beginning and since I got to cook, I just want to taste it and then I am good.

I have 10 more days to go and I will fight to not cheat by telling myself if I do my date will get pushed back and I definitely don't want that I am already 9 months into everything.

I'm glad I found this page, it is encouraging and it lets me know that I am not alone on this pre-op journey.


by: determined in stl

I'm on a seven day liquid diet I did good the first day(yesterday) but today I had pizza. This is hard food is like an addiction. I'm determined to stick to the rest of the days my surgery is 3/4

Jules & Jim

by: TS

CONGRATULATIONS on those upcoming surgeries!!

The 10-day diet, as I was told by my surgeon, is, indeed, done to shrink the liver so it doesn't get nicked during surgery, and there are probably other reasons, but liver-shrinking was the main thing my doc stressed to me. Jules, I'm not gonna say, "Go ahead, cheat.", but I cheated on day 1, mainly bc there was so much going on around that time that I didn't properly prepare for starting the diet; that's no excuse, I know, but there it is.

Once I'd gone to shop & stocked up on all the sugar-free Jello, puddings, & popsicles I could, I stuck to the diet the remaining 9 days. In my opinion, I don't think 2 small cheats is gonna do you in, but do stick with it as much as possible.

To both Jules & Jim, Y'ALL CAN DO THIS!!! (Yep, I said "y'all" but I'm an Okie, so it's ok LOL.)

It seems like, while you're trying to stick to this diet, everyone around you is eating something you love, or it smells like heaven on a plate (& they usually are) but I always ate in another room, alone, so I didn't have to see/smell what they were having - maybe that would help y'all as well.

I also like the butter pecan flavored Glucerna & I'd put it in the freezer until it was frozen to a slushy-type consistency; YUMMM! I felt like I was cheating, but wasn't. Try finding your own ways to cope with the temptations around you & keep repeating in your heads "I CAN DO THIS!" because you can!

It's been about 17 months since starting this process with the medically-supervised weight loss & I've lost 102# & my Type 2 diabetes, so it's absolutely worth sticking with it. Don't do anything that might jeopordize your surgery.

Best of luck to you both on those new lives that lie ahead for you, you're both gonna do GREAT!

Following preop diet

by: Lorrie

The part about shrinking your liver relates to the percentage it shrinks in proportion to its normal position and size for each person. When the doctors blow up your abdomen with all that gas and insert those five or six portals to do the surgery they need all the room they can get.

People have had surgeries canceled if they haven't done the recommended amount of weight loss which allows for that and results in a much safe surgery. I think I read 15% smaller helps the surgery go much more safely. So, it's not " liver size" per se.

Compliance with the diet is usually supported through aftercare with support groups and weigh-ins. Obviously, someone's organs differ according to their size. That's not the reason for pre-op weight loss.


by: Jim

I just kind of assumed the pre-op diet was just to show your commitment/compliance. My liver is already smaller than someone 100 pounds heavier than me, but they would be on the same 2-week regimen.

Either way, it's tough but I'll make it. I'm 10 days out, scheduled for March 4th, and I have been to the gym every day for the last 2 weeks with the exception of the day I had my endoscopy because I was advised not to, hitting the weights and doing roadwork.

But man do I want pizza lol

Did not follow liquid diet pre-op thread.....

by: Lorrie


I'm pretty sure there are a couple reasons for the liquid diet. One is that it gets you used to way less calories, also it reflects your commitment to the idea of special diet, long term on what/when to eat. Weight loss lessens the chance that your liver will be knicked or in the way during surgery.

Best of luck and, the preop diet is completely the -to me- toughest time. It's the worst. After surgery, your stomach is too sore to really want much, so gradually progressing from thin liquids to thicker to purée to solid seems like a little bit of a treat. I just keep thinking of the very tiny (because often a mouthful is all you'll be able to manage) but awesome piece of grilled chicken w/veggies and a speck of wheat pasta will be incredible! Or maybe 3! Fried clams.

Hang in there and follow what they tell you because there's usually a huge benefit to their directions.

I lost 20 pounds in 20 days after beginning the preop diet.



by: Jules

Hi all I am 15 days pre op (sleeve) and started my very strict liquid diet Jules

to "3 Days out"

by: TS

I'm so sorry I haven't been on here much lately, & couldn't offer any words of encouragement.

By now, you're just a few days post-op & I'm truly hoping all went well & according to plan. Please let us know how everything went for you & anything you may have experienced but not expected with your procedure.

Also, which procedure did you have?

Prayers & thoughts are with you as you begin your healing process! Just remember that the weight comes off at different rates for different ppl & you'll still hit a plateau here & there don't get discouraged!

Hoping to hear back from ya,

To "Anonymous" re "Cheating=no commitment"

by: TS

I am with you 100%! Just bc some of us didn't strictly adhere to the 10-day pre-op diet does not necessarily mean we aren't committed to making the required changes post-op.

As I stated in an earlier post, when I was post-op, the LAST thing in the world I wanted was food!

It's been 4months & I still get queasy at times when I see food on TV, think about food, & even more dreaded, actually enduring the sight/smells of food cooking/cooked. I'll be the first to admit that I'm still not 100% compliant, but I allow myself the opportunity, within limits, to try certain foods to see how my body reacts to it--& of course, my husband & 1 of our sons constantly tell me I'm gonna stretch my stomach back out. 1. I don't eat enough to stretch it back out & 2. 3 pieces of Panko-breaded fried shrimp aren't gonna kill me or undo the progress I've made.

I think if I'm allowed - by my doc - to sample sweets during the holidays, 3 shrimp are gonna be fine, too. I'm glad for the support, but there are boundaries & at times I feel more "ganged up on" than supported. I had already gone thru the process of discerning emotional & bored eating from actual hunger & over the years, my weight gain was the result of many meds & not enough exercise, but I get that, in some way, we're all addicted to food. It's not something we can just go without.

So, a little noncompliance here & there doesn't mean you're not gonna be successful--as long as ya don't overdo it or indulge often. Your body WILL tell you when you shouldn't have eaten something, & as long as ya listen to it, I think you'll be fine. I'm 3# from a 100# loss since I began this whole process & that's something I'm proud of & I'm NOT gonna do ANYTHING to jeopardize it.

So, if ya see me enjoying 3 pieces of fried shrimp now & then, just leave it alone. Best of luck to you.


by: TS

Laurie, you're very welcome! I now feel like an idiot bc I didn't think the 1st draft posted &, trying to cover my bases, wound up with two posts! :/

Anyway, I'm glad to be able to offer any tips to help you on your journey. There WILL be days you wonder why you had this surgery, but when those numbers on the scale are smaller & you're constantly fighting to keep your pants up as you're walking about--not to mention the thinner face looking back at you from the mirror, you'll see physical proof of just a few of the reasons you went through it & that, in turn, will keep you going!

It's been just over a year since I started the ball rolling by taking those 1st initial steps & I'm happy to say that I've got 5# to lose til I can say I've lost 100#!! (Some was lost prior to surgery.) This surgery has proven to be a wonderful tool & though I still have "those days" now & then, all I've gotta do is step on that scale (it used to be my enemy, but we've since become friends. LOL)

I have no doubt your gonna see similar results after your procedure!! Keep us updated!!

Thanks for so many wonderful pointers!

by: Lorrie

TS thanks so much for your encouragement and advice. The heating pad is a nice tip for making recovery gentler. Your input about food choices, and pitfalls to avoid, we're tremendously helpful! Thanks again so much!

@ Laurie

by: TS

Laurie, first of all, CONGRATS on your new surgery date!! Most often when a surgery is rescheduled it gets pushed back rather than moved up--LUCKY YOU!!

I also went through the whole "this is the last time I'll ever have ______" or "I wanna have ____ one more time to say goodbye to it" &, as my surgery was in late September, I was especially dreading those family holiday meals wit all those carbs (dressing, broccoli casserole, rolls & PIE--pecan & pumpkin are my faves).

Thankfully, at my post-op appt before the holidays, I was given the go-ahead to experiment with these foods --including desserts!! I ate dinner off the dessert-sized paper plates & was very careful to get my protein in there first, I also made sure I only put a few bites of each of my faves on the plate, spacing 'em out do it looked like more than there was. I tolerated everything well &, after a reasonable intermission, my hubby got me a sliver (weren't big enough to be called "slices" LOL) each of my pies (I knew my eyes would DEFINITELY be bigger than my belly!).

I ate them slowly & also tolerated them well. So, don't get it in your head that you have to say "goodbye" to ALL your faves, some will just be "see ya later." I get on Pinterest & see recipes that make my mouth water, but due to certain ingredients/nutritional contents, I think of how they can be altered to better fit the needs of us WLS patients, & post any additions/omissions in the comment section & that's basically what you'll need to do as you're able to eat a larger variety of foods--find ways to change it up a bit while keeping w/your new requirements; it'll make your transition a bit easier bc you won't feel so deprived of your favorites.

Best of luck to you!!

Congratulations Laurie!!!

by: TS

Laurie, I'm so very happy for you! Usually dates get pushed back, which can be very depressing.

I also had it in my head that "this is the last time I'll ever eat..." & "well, I just want it one more time, to say goodbye." But it doesn't have to be like that with EVERYTHING you love to eat. With some foods, it's "see ya later." I look at recipes now & find where I can make changes that won't affect the taste too much.

My problem was mainly my love of carbs & as long as I stay within my limits, I can still have a few bites of mash or mac n cheese, or even VERY lightly bread chicken etc with panko crumbs, spray it with Pam & oven-fry it (I'm also a "texture" eater; the crunchier, the better). Once you're onto solids again, learning what you can eat is a game of trial & error - & something you had once & tolerated may not agree w/you next time.

My RNY was the end of Sept & I'm STILL learning! I was dreading the holidays bc my faves were a big no-no, but my doc said I could experiment (even w/desserts), which was a real morale booster. So, I had my proteins & a few bites from my fave carbs (mashed potatoes, dressing, & broccoli casserole) & after that settled. My hubby (so I wouldn't go nuts w/portion size) got me a bit of pecan & pumpkin pie--I honestly thought I'd never eat that again! I do "cheat" now & then & snag a few fries f/my hubby or eat a couple BWW boneless wings, & sometimes I pay the price.

Just, now & during your recovery, look thru recipes & revamp your faves or go to pinterest & look up some new ones. I've got a board with recipes I've slightly altered or found on another's board. It's not all that bad, I promise, & some of your faves now may not be as appealing post-op.

Best of luck to you!!!

(Oh, after surgery I found it helpful & comforting to have a heating pad on my abdomen-something nobody mentioned but ya may find useful.)

Surgery date change....

by: Laurie

I just found out my surgery was moved from late February up to February 3rd. Just as well because too much of "this is the last time I'll ever have......game.. Let's get this party started!

@ Michael

by: TS

1st, congrats on your upcoming surgery & for sticking to that liquid diet!

As I stated in my response, things went a bit haywire for the 1st day of my diet, but that's the only day I cheated. I managed to do well the rest of the time & my surgery was successful. My doc said while my liver did shrink, it didn't shrink the way he'd wanted it to, but he was able to fold it so it'd be outta the way.

It's now been over a month since surgery &, since my pre-op appt, I've lost 60+#! My clothes are almost falling off me! Not sticking to the 10 day doesn't necessarily mean not being able to stick to a new regime after surgery bc there are definitely times your body will tell you you're not doing right by it!

Personally, the LAST thing I wanted to do post-op was eat (drink) ANYTHING! I forced myself to stay hydrated, but that's about it, then I slowly regained my appetite. The less I consumed, the less I lost, as my body went into survival mode & held onto everything it could. I'm still not 100% w/the program, as I try eating the appropriate amount of protein in carbs, but I usually come up a bit short. I'm sure over time I'll continue to press on & hit my target goals, but the smell of some foods cooking makes me ill.

Good luck on your journey! Let us know how the surgery goes! (I awoke in recovery very nauseous & kept saying I'd "never do that again!" which the nurses found amusing as they told me I couldn't. I said, if I could, I wouldn't... but seeing the results, I absolutely WOULD!)

1 thing I forced myself to do was, every time I got up to toilet, even in the wee hours of the night, I walked the hall (ironically, every time the doc came I was in bed & got stern reminders to walk...finally I was vindicated by a staffer who knew I walked at all hours; he took her word for it. LOL)


by: Michael

I am concerned - while I realize this is an old thread - I wonder about the dedication to real and permanent weight loss any patient has when they "cheat" on a two-week pre-op diet that is designed to PROTECT YOUR LIFE!

Seriously - surgeons prescribe these restrictive diets for many reasons - here are just a few:

- shrink your liver (most important)
- reduce fat around your liver (next in importance)
- to help you get a start on the permanent changes that you must be willing to adopt to be truly successful.

I am not trying to be judgmental here, but I am a week and a half into my 2-week pre-op diet and it IS hard - but having a smooth surgery, with minimal complications, is very important to me. I have lost almost 12 lbs in the 10 days I have been on this liquid diet.

It isn't fun. It isn't easy. But my success, both short and long-term is very important to me.

I am certain, if I could not go 2 weeks without violating doctor's orders, then I am setting myself up for failure (or much worse) post-op.

Shrinking Liver

by: Anonymous

Maybe everyone's pre op diet is different because we are all different weights. ex: a 600 pound man certainly is going to have more of a fatty liver than say a woman who only weighs 250. Just a thought. I have to start my pre op in 2 weeks. I am scared to death of failing at it.

to new beginnings

by: Neshelle

I am scheduled for surgery for 10/21. I am so excited and do not want anything to go wrong.

I am not over eating but I am finding it hard to stick to the liquid diet. I love Pepsi and saltine crackers. I would eat that before I would eat a meal. Since I stop eating these two things I am so hungry all the time. I believe I am also going through some kind of withdrawal because everybody is getting on my nerves.

Does anyone have any advice to help with these mood swings? It would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who is on their journey to change their life.

Almost 2 weeks post-op.....did great....!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I am 2 weeks post-op I had my surgery on Sept. 4th it went great.....the Dr. was wonderful...I loved him very kind and sweet and he did a great job....I stayed in the hospital for 2 days was out by Sept. 6th....I did a fat free diet and I was good to go...I am happy my Dr. said I did not have to do a liquid diet. I did it for 1 day and got a very bad headache.

Day 1 & I'm LOSING it!

by: TS

My RNY is scheduled in 10 days, so today I begin my diet. I've been psyching myself up for this, as I've been looking forward to surgery for almost a year & have hit snags along the way (changes in insurance protocol/doc moving/new doc office hit by a tornado, etc.)

Also within this time frame, I've become a very proud gran! Last evening was the evening I had set aside to enjoy my last movie theater popcorn & a nice dinner, then shop for my new dietary needs, but my plans quickly became those of an emergency babysitter, dinner ordered in & a rented movie...no time/room for shopping.

So, today, I'm drinking lots of water & trying to find acceptable things to eat and/or drink; it hasn't been easy & I'm so tempted to at least eat a decent dinner & start over tomorrow, as I'll be better equipped for it (hubby bought a few things after work today to start me off).

I really don't want to jeopardize myself, but I'm SO hungry!! Is 9 3/4 days not enough to shrink my liver?! Pleeeeeaaase!



I am going for the RNY gastric bypass ...and my Dr said just a diet that helped me in the past to lose weight for 10 days to two weeks but my sister did the RNY in March with a different Dr and she had to do the 2-week liquid diet....very confused I don't want this to go bad....can anyone out there help me....

Thanks, Tammy

milk diet

by: Anonymous


I have been on the milk diet for 6 days. I am wondering if it is possible to change to the food diet as I feal very week.

I have already lost a stone but lost all my energy with it.


by: jennlynn

I was never told to do the liquid diet before surgery. Only that I might want to try some of the high protein liquid options to find what I prefer.

I had a mildly enlarged liver prior, and I ate till the day before. Clear liquid only the day before, and 2oz of milk of magnesia at noon. Those were my orders.

I don't know if there are special circumstances that would require the liquid diet ahead of time. But if there aren't any, the surgeon is just putting you up to a test to see if you are committed. Either way, I would follow the orders, because I have heard of surgeons calling off surgery up to the day of for noncompliance.

Good luck, and brace yourself for after, the liquid diet isn't any easier with a small stomach.


by: Anonymous

How did the surgery go? You know without the 2 weeks pre diet? I'm also not following mine for 2 weeks. Only 6 days


by: Anonymous

I have cheated a few times my surgery is in 5 days I'm a bit worried should I re consider or stick to it for 5 days and hope for the best

Liquid diet not required

by: Joy

For those of you reading this trail of conversation facing a similar challenge; my surgery is upcoming. I've been placed on a 1000 calorie per day diet. I can eat anything I want, but have a protein target I strive for each day, so count both calories and protein.

If you are traveling or away from home, count your calories, watch portion sizes and eat healthily.

If you do this before surgery, you will not only lose weight but be better prepared for dieting after surgery. Starting now is the first step to a better you for the rest of your life.

I Cheated

by: Anonymous

I cheated twice one week before my surgery during my 2-week liquid diet and went right back to liquids. My Diet is in one week and I would like to know two things.

The first being how long on average does it take to shrink one's liver and two how much risk did I put myself in to be aborted or change the form of operation completely.


Not following liquid diet...

by: Traci

My advice to you is just like the others before to make sure they know that prior to surgery.

Obviously, your surgery is tomorrow but my advice to you is to let them know again when you get there. If it was me I would rather have that conversation up front and have the surgeon tell me we needed to reschedule then get put under only to have my surgery aborted.

There is no shame in being upfront and honest with your bariatric program. Working in the field of bariatrics I see/hear about this daily and I truly encourage you as a patient and a professional be up front and honest. Do it for yourself!

Look at this as being an advocate for you and starting this journey by being true to yourself.

I hope this helps.

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My 2 cents...

by: Julie

I agree with the other girls. You need to let your surgeon know.

There really is no continuity when it comes to pre-op orders. I had to do a 3-day liquid diet for my band, but I have a friend who is having a bypass in a month and doesn't need any sort of special diet beforehand.

As stated, the reason surgeons order this is so that your liver will not be too big.

Keeping in mind that I am not a doctor, my best suggestion for you would be to stick to liquids this weekend.

Best of luck, hoping the surgery goes off as planned.

Thank you!!!

by: Renee

Thank you for your comments Lonicera and Mindy. I actually did tell the Resident doctor who saw me at the last visit before the field trip. I had not been concerned when I scheduled the surgery and field trip until I found out 3 weeks before the trip that they were limiting our luggage (number and size).

I have stayed on the diet the last 2 days but have gained 4 pounds and feel extremely bloated. I did drink a lot of water on the trip but cannot figure out why I feel so bloated.

Thanks again.

Your doc needs to know

by: mindy

Your liver shrinking is a very important part of your surgery. It can cause damage if it does not shrink and your liver gets nicked. That being said, not all docs require 2 weeks liquids. Mine did not require any liquid diet. I have a few issues with this.

If you knew you could not follow the diet, did you tell your doc? Why not schedule the surgery for another time?

At the very least, you need to tell your doctor you did not follow the diet.

No weightloss achieved before surgery

by: Lonicera The Bandit

Renee - I would say it's too late to worry about it now anyway.

As you say, it's to reduce the size of your liver and make it easier to operate by keyhole surgery... I suppose like trying to find your way across a room with your eyes closed and find that the floor is littered with boxes you have to kick out of the way first.

But don't use that as an oh-what-the-heck reason for I'll-have-what-I-want-cos-it's-my-last-meal. They could refuse to carry out the procedure if your insides are stuffed to the gills and they judge that it represents a risk to you.

Eat as little as you can between now and then but drink a lot of fluids, not just for the surgeon's sake, but because it helps to focus your mind on what you're doing. It's such a big step. Lots of luck to you, and don't forget to come back to this website to report how you're getting on, and how the op went.

Lonicera The Bandit.

Starting my pre-op liquid today

by: Mona

Heather, I experimented with protein shakes prior to today and found that pea protein works for me. I get the unflavored one and add my flavors (crystal light and extra lemons) to make it a little tasty.

I could not do the whey proteins either and started gagging and throwing up.

I'm so glad I found this site. Feels good to know that I am not the only one out there with these issues.

Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I will be definitely be visiting here to get my encouragement.

I've been really bad and need advice

by: Annoymous

My operation (gastric sleeve) is in a week and 2 days (9 days time) and my surgeon gave me his own personalised 3 week pre opp diet, including chicken and green vegetables which were really strict and I haven't followed it one bit because it's just got the better of me, however, I'm choosing not to say anything to the dietician or the surgeon because I can't risk my operation being moved because it will cause a lot of hassle for me regarding work and at home!

If I do a pure water liquid diet from now until the surgery will I be okay? And will my liver shrink in time if I do it this strict?

i cheated

by: Sarah M.

Help I am due for gastric bypass 7 days. But I cheated today I eat a roll. I am on the milk diet for 2 weeks, I have been good until today.. will this effect my surgery.

having surgery done soon so have to start the liqqued diet very scared want to do it

by: scared

Read some of you all have been on the liquid diet but I intend to stick to it, please pray for me as I cook all the meals in the family.

I cheated Today

by: Leslie

I was doing so well on clear liquids for 2 weeks. Protein shake, water, and chicken broth.

I cheated today with a tamale, no sauce.

Gastric sleeve surgery is June 9th, an increase okay to have it.

So down!!!!

post op people help


I have cheated a few times with like a spoon of peanut butter, a lil broccoli maybe, 4 or 5 chips, all on different days. Last two days have been good.

I have 4 days left till surgery, anyone else cheat and have problems with their surgery? I have lost 74 lbs. before approval on my own. I have no problem following a good diet it's just hard to not be able to eat anything and I get headaches.

I cheated so badly!

by: LA

Hi guys, my surgery is on Wednesday I was meant to be on a liquid diet or a 1000 cal diet but I didn't do it!

It was my birthday and I was on vacation, totally my fault! I'm just worried 5 days of liquid diet won't be enough time. And to make things worse I haven't stopped smoking. I don't know whether I should just postpone it even though I quit my job and was mentally ready for it!

I'm so annoyed with myself! (Not fishing for sympathy) I just don't know what to do! Surprisingly I've lost weight but I still feel bad!?

I Encourage Everyone To Follow Diet

by: Carl Allen

Do you have to do straight liquids for 2 weeks?? NO!!!

But I recommend everyone follow a strict diet for 1 week. Then do 2 shakes (breakfast and lunch) and one solid meal for dinner the first 5 days of week 2. Last 2 days of week 2 finish strong with only protein shakes. Day before surgery 2 shakes and clear liquids for rest of day NO SOLID FOODS 24 HOURS BEFORE SURGERY ... I say this because I don't want anyone to go through what I went through.

I followed a strong diet for only 6 days. Still managed to lose weight but I ate a turkey sandwich 24 hours before my surgery. I was honest with my surgeon. Then I was told surgery could not be done because of high chance of infection due to solid foods being inside me. Follow the diet and avoid what I went through.

The feeling of disappointment was undescribable. Get a head start on your weight loss and get rid of cravings before surgery. It's worth it.

Please, do the right thing. And be honest with your doctor.

I'm a cheater ; (

by: Anonymous

I am scheduled for a gastric bypass on 06/23/16. Yesterday I had pizza, 2 small slices, and very small piece of cake and it's killing me for having cheated. I just know after I will not be eating this.

Surgery is 4 days counting today. Do you'll think I will be OK if I stick only to my protein shakes and water or should I reschedule.

Day 2 of my Liquid Diet

by: Tara

I am on day two of my liquid diet.

I have my surgery on June 29th, so I had to do 10 days ahead... 9 days of protein shakes, and liquids (no solids at all). And then the day prior clear liquids only.

The right protein shakes help a lot! The one I have is 30 grams and only 160 calories. Makes you feel full. To make things worse... I had to have my day one at a Father's Day picnic!!!

I was really good, I prepared a shake ahead of time and drank that while people ate. I am determined to get this surgery, I do not want any delays. I have already had to jump through too many hoops to get to this point, I don't want to jeopardize anything at this point.

I hope I am able to get through all remaining 9 days without any issues.


Day 3 and I feel so sick.

by: Jennyaco

This is day 3 of liquid diet and to be honest it's my first day without cheating. The problem is my stomach hurts so bad and, this is gross sorry, but now I have diarrhea and am super nauseous. Is this normal? Or has anyone experience this?

Day 5

by: Carri

I'm on day 5 and I've had pretty good luck staying on this liquid protien diet. I made sure I tried a bunch so I knew what I liked most and made sure I had all the approved snack options available. I've lost just under 5lbs.

I've worked so hard to get to this point, I don't want anything to screw this up. I'm mostly not hungry, but miss chewing and texture. That's the tough part. Only one more weekend to do this. The weekend was tough, but I know I need to keep myself really busy. The work week is fine because I am busy.

A hint for anyone. I made a bunch of foods that could be frozen before, so that way my hubby could just pull a piece of lasagna out for dinner...or I packaged individual pieces of meat...chicken, pork, steaks etc....that way all I have to do is throw a potato in the oven or something simple and hubby just grills his dinner.

Good solution for folks that have to cook for the family....good luck everyone!

Pre surg diet

by: Billie

My doctor had me on a great pre op diet:

1. AM protien shake- 8oz fat free milk & scoop pro pwder high in protien no sugar or fat
2. Lunchtime shake- the same
3. Real Dinner- 4 oz lean meat, 4 oz starch, 6-8oz non starchy veggies.

* small amount of fat or fat free dressing
* for those craving...prep a bunch of non starchy veggies...fix 'em up raw steamed, stir-fried w/ splash soy sauce...


Surgery in 8 days

by: Joan

I have been on the liquid protein diet for 6 days. Cheated by eating a boiled egg and some almonds, but that is it. I am happy that this is almost over. My family has been so supportive eve though I have been so mean! I know it's the detoxing of the sugar from my body, but I can't help it. I'm looking forward to having the surgery. I want to be a much healthier person. Already lost 8 pounds in 6 days. I will get through until next Tuesday!

My sleeve surgery on 12 Sept 2016

by: Bbye life pleasure

Been on liquid diet for 12 days now. They told me to drink 4 shakes a day, but I only drink 1-2 shakes and a bowl of Campbell's veggie broth with a few pieces of broccoli and baby carrots.

I'm 600lb and willing to do a massive massacre of my fat! Good luck all with your new life journey!

Liquid Diet starts Sept 22

by: Annie

I start my pre-bariatric surgery liquid diet Sept 22nd and will be on it for 4 weeks. Surgery is scheduled for October 20. I am on Optimist 900, having 4 shakes a day. I can also have one cup of low-sodium chicken broth per day, fat-free, sugar-free popsicles and fat-free, sugar-free Jell-O during the 4 weeks as well.

I know it's going to be hard. But I have to be in 100% compliance. I don't want to risk anything jeopardizing the surgery or my health. I have enough issues going on already.

I know I'm supposed to stop drinking carbonated beverages. Mostly after surgery obviously. Even though I'm only getting the gastric sleeve, not the bypass. I still plan on giving up all carbonated beverages. But I wonder if drinking a few Diet Cokes during the liquid diet is going to be a problem?

I don't think carbonated soda is an issue for gaining weight or helping with the fatty Liver issue, they just don't want us drinking it after the surgery as it will expand your pouch or maybe burst the sutures.

It's going to be hard enough doing a liquid diet for 4 weeks but giving up Diet Coke is already going to suck.. but I'm going to do it post surgery, obviously. I'm not going to do anything to harm myself.. but yes do you think drinking Diet Coke a little bit here and there before the surgery is still OK??

To cheat or not to cheat and cravings

by: Malinda

6 days in with no cheats thus far, but I'm having odd cravings. Not sweets, caffeine, pasta, or carbs but chicken, broccoli, and salad - weird I know. I was 292 pounds when I started in January and 262 at my last weigh-in (pre liquid start). My surgery date is set for 10/3/16.

Day 2 of liquid diet

by: Norma

It is my second day on the liquid diet and I have to say it is a struggle but I have been able to stay focused and remind myself it will be well worth it. I am scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery the 17th of October. This has been a journey and I am looking forward to the end result.

Reading this blog has helped me understand that it is in my will power to stay strong and not give into my cravings.

Good luck everyone.

Day 2 Liquid Diet

by: Marci

Just had to vent to somewhere in space, lol.

I didn't realize how hard this liquid diet would be and I am struggling with the hunger. I have cheated with some crackers today. I have read through several of these posts and I am curious how some folks can heave a healthy meal for diner during the clear liquid diet and other's can't. I would be completely happy if I could do that so my question is, would it make a difference if I did this? I do see my surgeon this afternoon so I will ask him his opinion. I am scheduled for my surgery on 10-14-16 and super excited to start this new chapter in my life and to finally LIVE AGAIN.

Sticking it out!

by: Annie

Well, I started my liquid diet on September 22nd. I have to be on it all the way until October 20th, which is the day of my surgery. I have to admit the first 4 days were hard with day 4 being the most unbearable. I was so hungry on day number 4. I was crying and bargaining with my husband, bargaining with God. I was just really going through withdrawal but it passed... it truly does get easier after about a week. I just finished my 13th day, and had lost 24 pounds within the first 7. I was shocked and thrilled at how much weight I had lost the first week which was probably mostly water but hey, I'll take it.

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow after the end of week 2. Two weeks down, two weeks to go. I'm starting to get more scared about the surgery, second-guessing it, wondering why am doing this if I should even be doing this. Even though I met the anaesthesiologist and the surgeon and I've had lots of testing done and extra tests are being done this week (like a heart stress test). I'm just going to keepon doing what they tell me to do, trying to keep my nerves in check.

I've been on Optifast 900 since September 22nd. I mix it with ice cold water and it doesn't taste too bad. If Sealtest chocolate milk is a 10 out of 10 I'll give the Optifast chocolate a 7 1/2 out of 10. I'm also enjoying sugar-free popsicles that I made myself with Crystal light, sugar free Jell-O, and I get my one cup of low-sodium chicken broth in the evening to cut down the sweetness of all the sweets.

Two weeks into it is not nearly as bad as I anticipated it to be . Hang in there anybody who is starting this - the beginning is the worst and the hardest. You can do it. I never thought I could but I am, thank God!

Starting my 2 week diet

by: Latisha

Hello my surgery is actually 10/27/2016 and I have to start my diet on the 13th. I'm also worried about the fatty liver because I came this far and I'm excited to have my surgery, I just don't want him to say that I have to wait... I'm ready to get this new beginning started.

Is there any other steps to get rid of the fat from my liver? I was thinking of taking some detox pills but I don't want that to mess anything up and I've been looking for no sodium broth but I've only been finding less sodium or 33% less sodium and 50% less sodium, so my question is will it be my best bet to make my own since I can't find any that say no sodium?


by: Mary

I get that it's hard, but post surgery life is going to be hard too and you HAVE to follow the diet or risk real harm to yourself. Maybe you should postpone surgery until you can get there mentally.

Good Luck.

Gastric sleeve

by: Teneille

Wow! These comments are really helping me prepare. I am in the final stage of my appointments for the sleeve surgery. I did not know the pre-op diet was liquid for 2 weeks. I'm determined to do this. I really want this weight off. Thanks for the encouragement ladies.

Any suggestions on sugar-free protein shakes or powder to use? Can I drink my unsweetened almond milk?

Cheated but redeemed myself 5 days pre op

by: Tee

This is one hard journey and I commend all of us for doing this. I too cheated, it was my birthday and I had 3 slices of pizza. But, I still had a week to redeem myself and I did a cleanse tea and drank my 4 packages of Optifast 900. I'm not allowed to eat besides lettuce, broccoli, celery, and cucumbers and my surgery is Dec 9, 2016.

I was honest and Doc says it's ok, still good to go no, more cheating though. I can't lie it's so hard.

only advise for 2 days

by: st

I will have my surgery in 6 days. My Dr only gave me instructions for the 3 days prior:

3 days prior eat light
2 days prior eat light if possible liquid
1 day prior only liquid
Stop eating 9 PM, 6 AM next day is my surgery

That's it...

Surgery in one month - half excited, half terrified

by: Heather Ana

Hi all - it's the end of January 2017, and I have my surgery on March 6. I start my liquid diet in a couple of weeks, and I am a little nervous about being hungry and cranky ?

Does anyone have any suggestions about what worked for them? I love the idea of making my own broth, also the idea of blending the shakes with some ice to make them frothy.

Any other tips?

End of day 2 liquid diet!!!

by: Kirsten

Wow! I did not expect this to be so difficult but it sooo is!

I've consumed 2 small yogurts, 2 tins of tiny weight watchers soup and a small glass of semi-skimmed milk. I'm having surgery on the 8th of Feb and I refuse to give in! I'm taking it day by day ?

2000/2500 Calories down to 400 is a big shock to my system and I'm STARVING, I was close to caving in tonight but I got myself through it!

Good luck all xxxx


by: Melissa

You can have sugar free jello. No red or grape day before surgery because it may look like blood if you choke. Sugar-free ice pops same as above.


by: Melissa

Lol!! I only have to do a week liquid diet!! Probably because my insurance approved me in 2 days and they had an appointment 7 days from that day. So when I'm not at work I'm in the bed trying to sleep the time away!

I also had to come off one of my fibromyalgia pills, so I'm hurting a lot more. Anyway, 3 days to go!!! Good luck to all of you.

My tip is plain non fat Greek yogurt!! Mix your protein in and add some unsweetened cashew milk and it's like eating pudding!! LOVE IT!

One day at a time

by: Jane

I'm on the 2 week diet. I am getting so sick of the sweet protein drinks I'm going to throw up just from the smell. I had to find something savory.

I used my bullet and made a delicious chicken broth with garlic powder, a dash of salt (not much), chopped up a small amount of onion and a few herbs. It has satisfied my craving. Now I'm adding unflavored protien powder to my flavored chicken broth.

It is filling and keeps me satisfied much longer than the sweet protein drinks. This will be great for after surgery but it will need to be strained.

Just keep pushing.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

by: SM

So I'm on the Optifast diet for 14 days - 600 calories, 3 x shakes a day, made with water, in the middle of winter. Great.

I can't try the bars or desserts or soups or even all the flavours due to food allergies, & I'm gluten intolerant which means I'm getting some nice effects from the one's I'm drinking as is. (Don't ask)

I see people asking about when it's ok to cheat or not.

From a Dr's surgical perspective there are a couple of really important points that we must not lose sight off.

* Going under general anesthetic is a risk.

Going under general anesthetic as an overweight person is a bigger risk. Obviously, you are overweight to be undergoing this kind of surgery so you are already at a higher risk. Chances are your heart health may also be compromised, possibly your blood pressure. Anything you can do to lower those risks is helpful, so following a special diet to lose pounds IS important.

Life & Death important.

* Liver shrinkage.

It's much harder to tell how fatty a woman's liver is than a mans. Where your surgeon is working is right above/beside your liver. The smaller & firmer it is the less likely it is to get crushed nicked during surgery (damage to your liver is really bad!).

It also bleeds like a mofo and is incredibly dangerous in terms of hemorrhage during surgery. Firm it up and reduce surgical risk.

A liver unclogged of fat is much healthier and would be a great way for your liver to be when your body starts to re-adjust to your new restyled digestive system.

* Anaethetic Reaction / Swallowing

If you're told no solids 24hrs before - there's a good reason. Your medical team doesn't want you vomiting post surgery; or even worse, if something goes horribly wrong, having partially digested food able to leak into your body's cavity!

You've just had your stomach rebuilt - can you imagine the stress on it if you vomited up partially digested food? You really could rupture something. Plus the risk of infection would be high.

(And no one wants to throw up with an anesthetic breathing tube in. BAD).

Now imagine something went horribly wrong (chances are minuscule but Dr's consider all options) and somehow your stomach disconnected from the rest of your GI tract? If you have eaten recently there's a good chance stomach contents (or bowel depending on where the break/rupture is) would empty into your internal cavity, and that is life & death septicemia bad.

Had surgery and that make you do a bowel prep? That's why.

So yes, of course your Dr wants you to be committed to a change of lifestyle post surgery; but she wants to keep you alive and safe.


Good Luck everyone. Thanks for sharing your stories - it 's been really helpful reading them.


8 days till band surgery

by: Kay D

I'm into my last week of a three-week liquid +250 class of veggies diet. The veggies I can live with ... I absolutely hate the shakes. They are so sweet, I feel like I'm drink syrup. I did replace a few Shakes with actual protein and now I'm worried that I may have messed things up. I'm down 11 pounds so far, so that's a bonus.

2nd day of my liquid diet...so far so good.

by: Azalia Chapa

I'm finally approved, yay!!! Now the fun part begins. J/k. Yesterday, first day, went well.

I'm doing a shake for breakfast which I usually would skip, another shake for lunch and for dinner a 450 calorie meal. Today still doing good but I know it will get harder as days go by. Scheduled for the 23rd Aug 17 for sleeve.

I will follow through with orders to the dot. I know my sacrifice will pay off. : )

Almost there

by: Pascale

I know the pre op diet is different for everyone. I am only 230 lbs and I have to do 3 weeks drinking only ensure. I found one kind that I like and I stick to it.

My surgery is in September 5th, 2017. Today I was thinking about cheating, anything for a piece of real food, but seeing all your comments helps me resist the urge.

We are all strong people, cheater or not we made it to this moment. We decided to take our life in hand and do whatever it takes to get in our happy place. The road is harsh but we'll get there and thank you all again for your strength.

Halfway through Pre Op Liquid Diet

by: Rachel

The first few days were ok. Now it's getting pretty tough. Plus today I began my menstrual cycle so I want to chow down on ANYTHING!! But I won't. I take this seriously. I know if I cave I will regret it and hate myself for it.

I'm doing this all of this because I love myself and owe it to myself to make the right healthy choices for a change. I will not sabotage and do anymore shameful things to myself. I gotta remember I am a strong woman!!

Beyond Nervous

by: MYM

Tomorrow I start my post 2-week liquid diet for the gastric bypass. I took these 2 past days as practice. I failed to the pre operation liquid diet. Both last 2 days started off great and I drank my liquids but then dinner came and I ate lobster one night and then chicken Caesar salad with light dressing today.

Tomorrow is the real deal and I am beyond nervous and scared of failing. Please pray for me!

I week in.

by: Alvina Garner

I have to do a 4 week liquid diet, 800 calories a day. I'm so sick of the slim-fast drinks and drinking water. I have headaches, my stomach is cramping, I feel drained.

But I need to do this. The bad part is, I have to cook for my family. It's torture, smelling the food and not being able to eat one bite.

It could be worse, my sister-in-law had to do a 9 wk liquid diet.

Good luck everyone.

Day 4 of 14

by: Shawn

I've been on the pre-op diet for 4 of the 14 days. It's hard, but it's been doable so far. Most of it's mental - I only get huger pains about once a day. I've been drinking the LaBrada Lean Body 40G Protein Ready-To-Drink shakes (trying to stay at 2 a day).

Eat broth like it's a soup - spoon and all. It takes longer and gives the mental satisfaction of sitting and having a meal.

When I get the physical hunger - I have some of the protein shake to kill the hunger pains. My partner is supportive, and so are my employees... So it's good to have cheer leaders. They even avoid food around me, but the reality is I cannot live in a vacuum.

My partner cooked dinner last night, chicken and brockley flavored rice... IT SMELLED SO GOOD.

I took tropical orange air freshener an sprayed the house over and wen to the back bedroom and took a nap (that room didn't stink).

This diet will not kill and and it's temporary. I did prep by giving up coffee and pot... but it's still hard, but doable so far.

Canada vs U.S.

by: Sher

I think that in the u.s they do a lot of ultrasounds and such to see what the liver size is and therefore assign a diet accordingly. In Canada, because the surgery is covered by the government, and a generic diet is given to everyone as they don't check on the liver beforehand. Best to be safe than sorry and follow it, especially if in Ontario.


It get's better

by: Big Joe G

I'm on day 8 of 16 of the liquid diet and I am okay. I have to constantly bring my mind back to reality that I'm doing this for my future and my family. I have to constantly remind myself that I can't stop and get 6 taco's and a Coke Zero out of fear of being turned away because my liver was not shrunk.

The first 3 days of the liquid diet were the worst, my wife and kids hated me. But, it does get better and you start to become somewhat normal again.

I do dream of food that I miss, but I keep my mind on the prize. I have lost 16 lbs and I do feel a little better. I am so not motivated to exercise, I don't have a lot of energy, hopefully this will change after surgery.

For the most part I am about 98% compliant on the liquid diet, my cheating has been a carrot, raisins in my yogurt, and turkey jerky.

I am not going to lie, this diet is super hard. There were many times that I had to leave the kitchen and go into my room and cry in a corner (j/k). I am drinking 3 protein shakes, a bowl of chicken broth, lots of water and Powerade Zero, and sugar free popsicles. The Greek lite yogurt is really good, that is what is helping me out.

Hope this helps.

Day 5 of 8 of liquid diet

by: Rosie

I am STARVING! Cooking for everyone, shopping and smelling all of those foods is killing me! I have had about 4 Ritz crackers in the last 3 days. All I want is one piece of pizza....but I will NOT do it. I have more confidence in myself than that.

I am sitting here with my stomach growling....guess it is time for chicken broth. The toughest part is going to be Christmas day one day before my surgery. I got this. :)

I am on the milk diet

by: Emily

I am on the milk diet but I am a bit worried because I have had a bit of mash potato and I am worrying if it could stop me having surgery next week.

2 week all liquid diet before Gastric Bypass Surgery

by: Jamie

I'm on day six of my pre surgery 14 day liquid diet. I am soooooooooo hungry. I have slipped a couple of times but for the most part it's been protein shakes, sugarfree jello, V-8 low sodium veggie juices, sugar free popsicles, broth, and water. I think I should be ok to go for surgery on March 20th.

Liquid diet

by: Anonymous

Do you have to have a schedule surgery to do the pre op liquid diet ?

Crazy hungry

by: Vicky

I am on my 11th day of 800cal fluids, I didn't want anyone to know I was having a gastric sleeve procedure because I didnt want anyone to think I was copping the easy way out. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

Not eating for close to a month will literally make you a little crazy. I have even this far in thought about giving up, but I have way to much invested and I want to live a smaller healthy life. Good luck everyone you can do it!!

4 days in out of my 2 weeks liquid diet

by: Cookie

Lord i never knew this was gonna be so hard .. so my doc said i have to do a 2 week diet before my surgery which is scheduled for June 12 2018 .. by day 4 I’m already sick of them protein drinks.

The soups that i have been drinking have been (Lipton) thinking that it was okay since it’s liquid... but since i am now reading everyone’s comments what is a good chicken broth ? Don't get me wrong i slipped up the first day which i feel guilty as hell .. but have also dropped 16 pounds my first time weighing in. I was 263, now i am 247 ,so I’m pretty happy.

I'ma try my hardest to stay strong! I’m very happy I found this page and it makes me feel good that i am not the only who is dying lol!

Good luck to everyone

Following Pre-Op Diet

by: Strong One

I have been on the liquid diet for 4 days now and my surgery is on 6/18/18. I think of this as life or death. If you don't follow the liquid diet, the surgeon may stop in the middle of surgery because your liver is too big. That would not be good. Don't you want the best possible outcome?

Momentary discomfort is worth the permanent gain. Just do it as Nike says! I have had a lot of discomfort, constant hunger, trouble sleeping, but I have to look at the big picture. There is a 1/50 chance of dying so don't mess up the liquid diet or if you do TELL THE SURGEON.

Your surgery would probably be delayed until you can follow the diet. Just saying.

did i mess up?

by: shayt

im currently in the middle of my 10 day liquid diet with 5 days left of it till my surgery. I had shrimp and cookies today did I just mess up my whole surgery?

16 days

by: teeny

Pre op. My doctor said to take in two shakes a day one light meal 1C fruit 1C veggies and of course tons of water and that is it.

He is pretty laid back about any kind of strict liquid only because he is realistic on how people are. I trust he will remove my gall bladder fix my hiatel hernia and sleeve surgery just fine. It is easy to do this diet because I already did it for 10 days and lost 12 lbs before I was advised that my surgery was rescheduled.

So of course I went to town and ate like a pig and have gained back 3 or so. It is ok because I was not hungry during the pre op diet and can restart in two days! crystal lite is awesome as well as decaf coffee and anytime you feel hungry grab a premier protein shake - worked every time for me.

Thanks for all this info it is great.

Pre-pre op diet

by: Juliet

Hi all,

My surgeon told me I have to lose 10kg prior to surgery. My next appointment is a week away, July 23rd, and I have not lost a thing. I'm so stressed. I've put myself on optifast now because I want to have lost something.

I do not want to be turned away. I'm so frustrated with myself. I find it so difficult to lose weight during winter. I'm hoping I can stick it out, I have wanted this surgery for years and this really is my one and only chance to have it.

Apples v. Oranges

by: Amanda

Sticking to a 2 week liquid diet does not prove anything about how we will be compliant AFTER surgery. After surgery we will be missing 80-85% of our stretchy stomach tissue which contains most of the ghrelin hormones in our body. IOW it will be easy to be compliant AFTER surgery because we won’t even be hungry. That is comparing apples to oranges. I wonder if this is some kind of unnecessary passive-aggressive punishment leveled at fat patients. What about people having other types of surgeries near their liver, like hiatal hernia or gallbladder — do THEY have to do a 2 week liquid diet? NO.

I doubt even our bariatric surgeons could follow a 2 week liquid diet. My surgeon said most bariatric surgeons are moving away from a pre-op diet because:

1-the liver shrinking thing is unnecessary with a skilled surgeon

2-being on only liquids was lowering patients’ immunity and they were getting more infections.

If ur following a 2 week liquid diet and must cheat, then do it with carb free foods: eggs, hard cheeses, natural peanut butter w/no sugar, cottage cheese, sugar free pudding, etc.

You can also take Milk Thistle each morning on an empty stomach and it will help shrink ur liver.

You can also buy DIM on Amazon which will help metabolize excess estrogen from your liver that has been set loose in your bloodstream from fat cells that are shrinking from your preop diet. This will make u feel less anxious.

If you have the freedom to do so, SLEEP thru it!

Remember to take some vitamins (with food to avoid nausea) to keep ur strength and immune system, namely a multi and a B Complex

Am having a hard time with just liquids

by: Steve

I am reading all these posts, and identifying with you all.
I'm 6 days into the liquid diet- I have had to leave work twice now because I have absolutely no energy.My job is in retail, and fairly physical.

I really think that if I could have some kind of solid protein each day, it would be a lot better.
Surgery on August 23- hope I can make it.


by: JIA

I am 4 weeks out from my surgery today Sept 18, actually less than 4 weeks if you wan to be technical. I start my liquid diet in a couple of weeks. I tried the protein shakes and can tolerate it. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks back so the broth and shakes weren't that bad, but for 2 weeks........my pallet will have to understand.

What I can say is that I have never had surgery before and will take this serious. I will give it my all to stick to the liquid diet. I want the best results possible, and the diet is really to shrink your liver. They need a 'clear' and minimally obstructed path to your stomach. not saying losing a few pounds also helps, but its to shrink your liver out of the way essentially.

So it depends and is up to you!

Replies to a few, own comments to add to the pot

by: Melissa

Hello, I am less than 1 week preop. I see some asking about diets. Every surgeon is different, but my particular surgeon gives different depending on BMI. All the way from 2 days liquid, to a couple months restriction and taper down as surgery date approaches.

In particular, I have to do 7 days only. Starting at 7 days prior is 2 shakes a day plus a high protein meal. At 2 days prior, liquid only, nothing after midnight prior to surgery.

I wanted to address someone comment about a migraine and no NSAIDS etc. Tylenol is an NSAID! Please look up any thing you question as they will not do the surgery.

I'm a nurse, and see simple things disqualify patients for surgery all the time. Dont cheat especially after midnight and if its possible, just stop all meds 2 weeks prior. I know certain things may not be possible..but 2 weeks will not hurt you on most meds as a therapeutic level will still be on your system.

This is so difficult...

by: Crazy Chicken Lady

Today is September 20, 2018 and day 2 of my preoperative diet. I am scheduled to have gastric bypass surgery on October 2nd and I am really struggling with this diet. I had to do it for a week about 6 years ago before I had the LAP- Band surgery and I had the hardest time then too. I am supposed to do a protein shake and a piece of fruit for breakfast, non-starchy veggies as desired, a shake or cup of Greek yogurt for lunch, another small piece of fruit, and 3-4 ounces of lean meat and non-starchy vegetables for dinner and a protein shake before bed. I should be able to do this but I'm finding it to be so difficult. And I'm super picky, I hate fruit and most of the veggies I like I can't have! My caloric limit is 1,000-1,200 per day so that's pretty good compared to what others have had to do. What's wrong with me?

At one my appointments at the hospital yesterday the nurse and anesthesiologist said to focus on low carb so that's what I'm trying to do but I feel like the calories and fat are too high. And I'm still starving! Today I has tuna and mayo on organic thin crisp crackers because I'm diabetic and needed the carbs for my meds and to settle my stomach- but I only ate a few and ate as much tuna as I could. For snack I had Poweade Zero and 2 apple wedges with peanut butter. Lunch was a Healthy Choice chicken and broccoli in low fat alfredo sauce and I had a small snack of Skinny Pop and cashews. Dinner was crazy because my son had open house at school and the kids wanted pizza so we went to our local restaurant where I had a cup of beef barley soup (only ate half), a cheeseburger with no bun, and a salad. I finished my soup a couple hours later and before I go to bed I will have a protein shake. Why am I still hungry?

I did get some devastating news yesterday though, the anesthesiologist said that I can't take my Phentermine these last 2 weeks before surgery and I was really counting on that. Tomorrow I'm going to try harder- I have lean turkey, salad stuff, rotisserie chicken, pickles, and protein shakes all set and of course no pizza restaurant.

And a note to everyone saying that we need to be stronger and better with our diet because it's only for a little while and we are making a major life change, think about this- after surgery we are loopy, doped up, and completely changed. Our stomachs are tiny, our hormones are changing, and we won't have the same struggle we are having now. I feel like our thoughts and feelings are being invalidated by those who try to make us feel more shame than we already do. This is the hardest part for us. This is why we find forums like this- to vent and find support, don't try to make us feel like we're less than or that we're failures for having a hard time. If we could have done it on our own we wouldn't be having surgery in the first place.


by: Xiomara

I am on my 5th day of my 2 wks liquid diet, I am having the RNY surgery is 10/8, I am struggling, I cheated by taking little bites here and there. I keep telling my self it will be ok, am I jeopardizing my surgery? Help !

Liver Shrinking Program

by: Angie Reneau

How do I keep from getting nauseated while taking my vitamins while on this program ?? I am taking Mary Ruth's Organic Liquid Day and Night Vitamins...with Vitamin D... Vitamin Citrate...and Vitamin B-12 Sublingual ....any suggestions would be great !!!!

Thanks, Angie Reneau

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