6 Mo. After Gastric Sleeve: Warnings & Successes

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Mia (a patient from Oregon)

I had some pretty major complications after my gastric sleeve surgery (I blew out some staples in my stomach, probably from rushing my solid food choices) and was very ill for months.

I had a stent put in my stomach to allow me to eat without food leaking out the injured areas where the staples had blown. It was in place for 3 months, and I was unable to eat because of nausea for much of that time. Consequently, I lost a LOT of weight fast and didn’t have a very typical post-surgery experience.

After 3 months, the stomach had healed and the stent was removed. My appetite immediately returned and I felt great. I was able to regain my energy and strength, but although it was a severe way to do it, my appetite was definitely reduced by the experience.

Six months later, I can’t remember the bad part of my post-surgery experience. My energy and spirit have returned full time! I feel great and love the changes to my life. I have a new body image and no longer “hide” from being viewed in social situations.

I had a hard time giving up my favorite clothes, but as I gradually replaced them with new clothes (DO give thrift shops a try….you’ll be amazed at the great bargains and clothes you’ll find there) I was able to donate them and feel great that someone else would be enjoying my old favorites.

It’s impossible to really describe that your emotional health and cravings will be changed after surgery. You really will feel differently about food. You might mourn your old relationship and pleasure of eating food, but honestly, you probably won’t miss it as much as you think. Even if you think you’re going to go all out on a special treat, your new small tummy will keep it in check. So gradually, the anticipated pleasure of eating gets a new perspective.


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Mia's experience with sleeve

by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting! I have found your comments extremely uplifting!

They also answered some of my questions, concerns, and fears, (e.g. Favorite foods) your relationship with them and, most importantly, can still enjoy without feeling deprived. I was never an overweight person but after a car wreck the injuries, drugs to this day to deal with (30yr battle)!!

Marriage, menopause etc. my weight/health got worse! Self-image plummeted. This impacts every aspect of your life!! Work and social! I feel more comfortable w/my impending surgery.

Thank You!!
Marie Kenyon!


by: NLS

I am 3 months and 1 week post op gastric sleeve. I have had many complications. I regret having this surgery because I'm sick everyday.

I was doing good for the first month or month and a half. I started walking a lot and the weight came off fast. Then I started having trouble eating and drinking. Had severe pain and nausea. Did not eat for over a month. Did not drink for a week. Went to the ER and was hospitalized with malnutrition, low potassium and magnesium, and dehydration. Was not taking vitamins during the month of not eating because I would throw them up. I was throwing up every day while in the hospital. Since I had nothing in my stomach, I was only throwing up bile. I felt so bad.

After 1 week I was finally diagnosed with gallbladder issues. Went to surgery to get it removed and was released from hospital the next day. Problem is I still felt awful and could not eat or drink. I was still throwing up bile. Couldn't keep anything down and in extreme pain at surgical site. I had to have help doing everything. Finally I went back to the ER and was admitted a second time for another week. The smell of food made me throw up. The doctor said he ordered every test he could think up and everything looked fine except for the MRI which showed a collection of fluid at surgical site. No treatment. I was given so much IV fluid that I became swollen everywhere. I had to complain several times to each nurse before they told the doctor. I was put on lasix for fluid. Was given 3 tap water enemas, Protonix, Zofran. My legs, part of vaginal area, parts of arms are numb and have been since my 2 hospital stays. I have been home from the hospital for a week and a few days and my body is still numb. It doesn't affect me walking but I have night sweats on my legs only at night. I am scared and don't know what is going on.

My doctor drew blood last week to check for abnormal levels but no results yet. Four days ago, I stopped eating. Couldn't eat. Realized I was constipated so I took 2 five mg Dulcolax suppositories and one Colace around 5pm. No results so next day I took one more Dulcolax and one more Colace. I started throwing up bile again and got very, very sick. Today I am still not able to eat but force myself to drink water and a Powerade. I'm scared and just feel like if I don't get this under control I could lose my life. Tried some soup today but was only to take 4 sips of it. Before I was able to eat way more. I can't eat at all now. Only drink. I have not had any protein in a month and half which is when all my problems began.

Any advice? What should I do? I'm so stressed about it.


by: Mary

I would get a second opinion at a different hospital. A new set of eyes, something is definitely wrong. Don't wait do this ASAP.

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