5 Weeks After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: My Experience So Far

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Jennie (a patient from Texas)

I feel great! The first two weeks were not good for me because I have low tolerance to smells and foods normally and everything tended to be “more so”.

I had NO pain after surgery. I am not an easy one to wake up after surgery but that was my only issue. Went home the same day. Was eating ice chips right away.

Popsicles! Popsicles! Popsicles! (sugar free). I did try to start foods too quickly. Although I am ok now, the liquids were just making me sick and I was not able to drink the soups and juices from the dr. office because of my weird taste. I noticed my stomach didn’t like anything warm or hot (like the broths and soups).

It takes so little to over eat! I chew a lot and try to slow my eating, but you will not be happy with yourself if you eat even a little too much.

Believe me, you will be so full anyway, way before you think you are.

My only upset is that I am only down 16 pounds in 5 weeks with nearly nothing in my stomach. I don’t understand it. I DO get my 60 g of protein a day though.

If anyone is interested in a good drink and bar…the Premier brand tastes the best to me.

Anyway, right now, I would do it all over again. So wishing each of you well and happiness in your new journey!


Patient Responses to the Question Above

Thank you!

by: Amy P

I am 5 weeks post GSS too. I did hit a plateau for a bit at week 3 (coincidentally I got dehydrated at this point and wound up back in hospital for a few days). Now I am back to losing weight again. So far this week I have lost 6 lbs in the past 4 days. So glad to have found this board and see other peoples stories.


by: Niecy

Well I had the sleeve on 4/27/16 and I been sick every day, can't eat are drink any thing. Throwing up every day all day back and forth in the hospital. I don't know what to do.

weight loss

by: Xanni

I'm glad (but not really) to see that you too have only lost 16 lbs in 5 weeks. My first week I dropped 14 lbs! After that, it's been very slow and even gained a pound back. I don't understand it. I am following diet and all that entails...and walking 4 miles a day (just over 2 weeks out) and how could I NOT be losing weight?? It's a bit discouraging. :(

I'm loosing great


Had my surgery on June 8 2016 almost two weeks and I'm down 40 Lbs. I feel great. I'm discouraged that I haven't lost more. All I can say is premier protein drinks and flavored water. For my meal I eat a can of cream of chicken soup mixed with beef broth, if I get hunger pains during the day sugar free pudding or jello or I take some peanut butter on spoon and slowly lick it like a Lilly pop and I'm loosing good

Bypass post op 5 weeks today

by: K

I am 5 weeks post-op today. Surgery was on 08/15/2016 and I am feeling fantastic. I had very little nausea and no pain.

I am able to eat salads now (chewing everything to a pulp) and I limit myself to one protein drink a day if I haven't met my 70 grams (required by my doctor) of protein. I am down 32 pounds so far and am walking every day.

I have been losing quickly but I think it is beginning to plateau. I did have a few pound gain during my "time" of the month, but it quickly came off. I assume it was all water.


by: Kp

Hi Jennie,

Don't be so hard in yourself, you are doing everything right so the weight will eventually come off. Everyone is different when it comes to losing weight. You're having quite long walks daily too and don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat, so you are probably building muscle and in turn the muscle will burn fat. Protein is also a muscle builder, so combined you'll be nice and toned in no time. All the best with your journey.

5 weeks post op GSS

by: Justine

Had my surgery on 9/12/16 and am down about 47lbs, so far. I came home heavier from the hospital probably from the fluid they give you.

If I even slightly eat too much or have air mixed into my stomach I get horrific pain right through to my ear. I can't imagine that it's overeating because sometimes it is only a couple of ounces.

I did plateau at three weeks but that disappeared soon after week three. I am plateauing again but chalk that up to getting my period today. I find I don't lose as much the day after I exercise a lot. I think it is water retention when you are using muscles you haven't used in a long time. I do not regret it at all.

Sense of smell

by: cyberdiva

Wow! Thanks so much for including the sense of smell situation. OMG! I haven't seen that many people mention it. I am five weeks out and certain scents still irritate me and "turn" my stomach.

Vsg weight loss

by: Melissa Camposano

Hello All,
I had my vsg June 27th, I'm about 5 weeks out from surgery. I do feel hungry every three hours or even two hours sometimes. My heaviest was 240 I'm down to 210. I haven't lost any more since I've been 210.

I am pushing protein like crazy. I expect to go down to 165 but I've still got a long way and at times get discouraged. Any tips would be helpful. I also at times have no clue what to eat! That's the worst part. I have been having cheese and hummus and low fat soups, stuff like that.

Depends on the original weight if perdon

by: Pilar

Good evening, guys.

I am about 4 weeks out. I had my surgery on the 7th, of September. I have been told that it depends on the person's original weight before surgery that dictates how much weight that you will lose.

If a person is heavier, exam: 300 lbs and over in the beginning, they will lose a lot more weight and faster than a person below 300 lbs. I have lost 14 lbs, but I weighed 230 lbs at my surgery date. I eat 5 times a day, and try to get as much protein as I can a day.

Some days are easier than others. I feel that I am at a stall, but I have lost a lot if inches. My family could tell right away.

Bariatric Bypass PO 4 week

by: Luz


I had my Bariatric Bypass the 11 of December, 2017. Tomorrow I will have 4 weeks. I've been pretty good, but I have vomited around 4 times already.

I been following the book rules. Today since tomorrow I will be 4 week in, in the book it said that I can starting eating tuna. The book said 3 oz. so I put on a plate 3oz but when I started eating right away I got that pain and I tried not to vomited but couldn't help it.

It's been really hard for me to drink my water intake and have the amount of protein that they want you to do. How do people do it? I'm so sick of the protein. I try drinking water but in no way do I get the 64 ounces they want you to.

I am faithful to my Fusion vitamins though. So far, I feel good I'm just scared of eating. I guess I will do another week of pureed stuff.

I don't know what to eat any more. I can eat cottage cheese but by now I'm so sick of it, I can eat slice cheese, Pudding and it's weird but I can also eat green olives I just chew them up very good so far nothing happens when I eat them but other than that nothing else.

I tried fish baked for many hours so it was very soft and I got sick too. Not trying that any time soon. I will quit on the tuna too. Any suggestions what can help me would be greatly appreciated.

5 weeks post op VSG

by: Ally

I had a 3 WEEK stall but I started walking briskly and more lbs started to come off. Just walking made the difference. I am 5 weeks post ok and I feel great!!!!! No metformin!

Always feeling hungry!

by: Tori

I had my vsg a week and a half ago and I always feel so hungry! Its making me crazy. Im down 21lbs which im happy about but the protein shakes, water, soup, jello and ice pops are not satisfying me at all.

Im only supposed to have 6oz of the protein shake a day but by noon ive already finished 11oz and still very hungry. Im going to my 2 week doctor appt in 4 days and really hoping to add tuna and scrambled eggs to my diet!

5 weeks out

by: Marlon E Aguilar

I'm 5 weeks out. I had my surgery on 1/18/2018. I have had to start adding bananas and honey to my protein shakes. I can't drink it without it.

I'm only able to take at most 4 or 5 bites of whatever I'm eating. That worries me... However I've lost 48 pounds and I feel Amazing!!!

2 1/2 weeks out

by: Amaerd

I had my surgery 2/5/18 and now I am 2 1/2 weeks out and I've lost 37 lbs. (20 in the week prior on the liquid diet) I had a little pain and nausea the day after but none since. I've been walking a lot more and in a few weeks, I'll start some light weights. I'm on a soft diet now but I can only eat about 4-5 spoon fulls. I eat protein always. Fish, tuna, I haven't tried any chicken or turkey yet.

My nutritionist advised to eat protein 1st. I also stay hydrated. Water with lemon drops or diluted diet grape juice.

I feel so good I would do it again in a heart beat.

4 weeks out

by: Twallace

I did my surgery February 23, 2018. I lost 20 pounds so far. 5 lbs a week. I cannot take anymore of those protein shakes so I eat tofu, cottage cheese and yogurt all day.

Tofu works for me and for that I am grateful. I am still eating soup, I have tried lentil soup, split pea for protein and re fried beans with cheese my stomach agreed with that.

I cannot do rice or rice products. I had 1 episode of dumping, and that's when I ate rice cake.
Other than that i take my vitamins and calcium as recommended and exercise "walk" everyday. Not too much but about a 1/2 mile. No more high blood pressure pills or metformin.

I don't have no acid reflux "GERD" any more!! yay me!

I am 5 weeks out today.

by: Connie Wilson

I am eating anything I am comfortable with. I tolerate eggs, chicken, ham, cottage cheese, chili, saltines.

I still get stabbing stomach pains when I eat to fast or to much. Swimming 3-4 days a week. My clothes tell me I've lost 20-25 pounds.

I feel pretty good, although I have trouble with diarrhea. In addition, I am tired all the time.

No regrets.

Gastric Sleeve

by: Lynda

I'm in the beginning of my 5th week. I'm down 19 pounds. I did have a plateau in week 3. I don't think I was eating enough.
Make sure you get in all your food, and drink . It will come off
Be patient, as I tell myself!!

Never felt better!

by: Patricia

I never felt better. I expected the worse, but didn't have any discomfort or pain. I only felt healing on the inside. I was on broth, jello, crackers, popsicles & Snapple. After 1 week drainage tube was removed & blood thinners discontinued.

I was losing 1 pound a day. I increased my meals and added baked chicken & fish with steamed veggies. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Grits, eggs and wheat toast& apple juice. Incorporated new & different foods on a weekly basis.

Walked for 15 minutes and then 30 minutes from day one. I started losing as I prepared for the surgery & have lost 35 lbs. Dr approved me to start back weight training, senior exercise linedancing, lifting & yard work. I've always felt good after the surgery. You just have to follow the instructions of Dr.,dietition,psychologist & nutritionist. I read my books and studied for a year before surgery date.

sleeve 3 weeks in

by: Maria Carrion

I had surgery may 17 2018 by may 30 I had dropped 27 pounds.

I have some discomfort in my neck area like pressured. I feel tired from time to time but other than that I'm good.

I am growing sick and tired of my meds; they are tasting horrible.

30 Days Post OP

by: Mark

When I read all these comments I feel much better. I had a rough couple of weeks right after surgery. I got severely dehydrated and had to go back to the hospital where they found a couple of blood clots. That explained why i was having the pains when I tried to eat/drink.

I have been on blood thinners and feeling so much better. Appetite is back I just have to retrain myself to eat slowly and wait 30 mins to drink. I questioned why did I do this, but now I feel like it was absolutely the right move. I'm down about 35 lbs and have much improved blood pressure and blood sugar.

Patience is the key along with finding your new norm.

Stay the course

My 5 week sleeve..

by: yolanda smith

I am post-op 5 weeks in a couple days, and if I stand too long I get it stomach aches. Some days I could eat a lot of soups or liquids. I'm trying to soft foods .and right now I'm doing some juicing. hoping that I'll be able to keep that in and to be honest the premier from Costco..😐 I love the flavor of the caramel. But it doesn't love me back !!

It makes me sick to my stomach .every time I drink it. Because of the milk that's used in.m it if they had caramel in a powder. I would buy that and use my almond milk or cashew milk or coconut milk any kind of those milks. They don't bother my stomach.. but the regular milk cows milk..Omg !! It makes me Sooo sick. I can't eat cottage cheese.

I can't eat cheese. I can't eat any dairy, meet, so my protein has to come from a sick stomach when I drink one Premier..Ugh 😣😣 and then I use my other powder in my coffee so that way I have chocolate protein coffee.

Would I do it again ??🤔🤔🤔🤔heck Yeah !! Also like you I'm only down 15 to 16 lb in 5 weeks in a couple days. Hopefully my Plateau is over.

Now they say on the first month after surgery, the first month you plateau and for a while then you continue on so good luck on your journey hope your Plateau is over.

Have a good day !!😁😀

Feeling good!

by: Joey

I had surgery July 3, 2018, and I feel great. I stayed one night in the hospital minimal pain and was released the next day around noon. On the day of my surgery, I weighed in at 224lb I had a follow-up appointment on the 4th and I weighed in still at 224lb so no pounds gain or loss.

On July 17th I will be 2 weeks post op as I write this today I down 15l lbs. At first, I experienced head hunger really bad and could not figure if I was starving or it was my mind telling me I was hungry. My doctor explained in time that will past that I am not hungry. He was right it did past but I do experience hunger pains from time to time. I am now allowed to have the protein shakes and like the premier shake and GNC Lean Shake today I did become so hungry that I tried instant mash potatoes it was wonderful it was like eating a steak.

I ate a little to fast and it upset my stomach a little but the pain passed very quickly. I can also eat applesauce, yogurt, sugar-free fudge pops, broths, and the strained 98% fat-free cream soups. I am starting to walk about a mile every day and will add on new things weekly.

Glad I decided to do this!

Start week 5 on Thursday

by: JM

So glad you are doing well. Each time I eat my stomach aches. Not sure why I don't eat mush at all.. I wish the after eating pains would go away.
Good Luck I am from TX as well

4 weeks post gastric sleeve surgery

by: Rosa Delgado

It’s been 4 weeks since my gastric sleeve surgery and I feel horrible!! I am always really hungry yet I can only drink Premier Protein shakes twice a day! I can’t even drink broth or any soup for that matter!

I regret this surgery with all my heart! I wish someone would’ve been honest with me and told me how painful this surgery is! Had I known what I now know....I would’ve done good old fashion exercise and diet!!!

I do NOT recommend this surgery.


by: jenny

i am three weeks out today and every time i eat i have the worst pain under my breast right in the middle. I am at a loss of what I am doing wrong.

They have added hyomax to my rx list and i take it three times a day.plus a previcid. Any answers?

5 weeks post op gastric sleeve

by: Shelah

I am 5 weeks post op gastric sleeve, 17 pounds down, now nothing.

I eat barely anything all day, however, I do eat the right things. The only problem I have is the protein drinks, just can't get but 1/2 of one down all day.

I get so nauseated with the taste, I just can't handle it. Will I start losing more weight and when?

I get so discouraged when I see post that show 50-60 pounds down.

6 weeks post sleeve

by: Marianne

Post-op recovery, after I came out of anesthesia, I had the worst pain ever! I was screaming in pain as I came to! I have extremely low tolerance for any type of pain and they were apparently unprepared for my pain experience. They tried multiple pain meds, including fentanyl and none of it took the pain away completely. They relented and gave me a self-administered pump for my IV and I was finally able to get it under control.

I was discharged the next day and started drinking my protein drinks : organic Tara’s Whey, Dark Chocolate made with organic full fat goat’s milk. I was losing a pound a day until I plateaued at 4 weeks. I was bummed, but I knew that couldn’t last forever and the plateau broke after 4 days. I haven’t exercised at all. I just hate it and I hate sweating! 😓 The good news is I’ve lost 26 lbs. I’m reserving exercise for a serious plateau, to jumpstart my weight loss.

One problem that brings me online, after climbing stairs in 3” boot heels yesterday as the office’s elevator was out 🙄 and then descending them with my hands full, in the same heels, I think I hurt my stomach because I felt pain, like a pulled muscle, on my left, mid-abdomen, just below the rib cage. It only hurts when I move certain ways, inhale deeply, hiccup, cough or stand up from sitting without using my arms to push me up. I haven’t had any issue with over-eating or poor eating habits, I eat deviled eggs, cheeses, Boar’s Head maple glaze turkey, Genoa salami, roasted peppers, kalamata olives, and my yummy shakes for breakfast to boost my protein intake.

I can eat and drink without any problem, I don’t have any nausea, I’ve never vomited post-op, no fever, no tachycardia. Still, I’m concerned about damage/leakage. I pray it’s nothing that serious or even anything that requires intervention. I caught a case of sepsis nearly two years ago and I get paranoid about infections...I sent an email to my surgeon earlier, so we’ll see what comes of this.

Any good vibes and prayers sent out on my behalf are very much appreciated. Thank you all and God bless!

Don’t despair

by: Lynny

Please don’t despair if your weight stalls even if you are exercising. It is because you are exercising that the actual weight loss may stall. You are strengthening your body and laying down healthy muscles. This is partly why you are feeling good and full of energy. Muscles weigh more than fat. So try taking measurements of your torso and limbs. Feel how your clothes are looser. This is your body rejoicing in being freed of the burden of fat.

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