Severe Side Pain, Diarrhea and Hard Stomach 7 Years After Lap Band Surgery

by Evelyn V.
(Newville, PA, USA)

Large gap on abdomen after emergency surgery


I had the lap band for about 7 years, I only lost 50 pounds and I threw up all the time. In April 2012 I had emergency surgery due to severe pain for 8 months in my side. My doctors said there couldn’t be anything in that area that was causing me pain, so I just put up with the pain which would come and go.

Then I was out of town for the weekend and it hit hard… I had diarrhea and pain in my side and my stomach was as hard as a rock. Came home went straight to family doctor on Monday morning and he sent me to a surgeon and ordered a CAT Scan.
Nothing showed up but my wonderful lady surgeon knew there was something wrong.

She sent me to ER for another CAT Scan but this time had me drink the chalk. Within just a few swallows the radiologist saw the problem. My stomach was twisted over my lap band and was getting ready to shut my organs down.

The doctor says I’m lucky to be alive. I spent one week in the hospital with tubes down my nose, and I couldn’t eat or drink for almost a week.

Then I got staff infection. My whole stomach lay wide open. I had to go to a wound doctor who put me on a wound vac that needed to be changed daily for over 6 weeks.

It healed up, but my stomach has a large gap straight up and down and I gained so much weight over my stomach that I can’t stoop over or do a lot of other things. I have pain all the time, and it has effected my legs and knees from carrying so much weight. Now I have lumps all through my stomach… the surgeon said he can’t take them all out. I am 59 years old.

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Lap band

by: Jessica

Thank you for your story. I wish people would read things like this before they get one. I’m having similar issues and my upper GI is scheduled for tomorrow. I pray it’s not as severe as yours and I hope you are better now. Lap band has too many complications and not a lot of weight loss down the road. Although no one could have talked me out of it at the time. But my God people please please listen and learn from stories like this before getting one!

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