Not Losing Weight After Bariatric Surgery

by Jan

I had surgery on October 20th, and in 6 weeks lost 30 pounds. Since then I have been hovering at the same weight (up 2 down 2) and am wondering why it won't go down!

I am getting my liquids, vitamins, and as much protein as possible on less than a quarter cup of food per meal. I am walking at a fast pace 2 times per day for about 15 minutes. WHEN WILL THIS END?? I'm wondering if there is something wrong?

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Which surgery
by: Jeff

Hi Jan,

Which surgery did you have?


not losing weight
by: Jan

Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery

Not Losing Weight
by: Her Moojesty

Maybe if you examine the type of food you are getting. I noticed that I stop losing if I get even a drop of sugar. I had a sleeve in November, lost quite a bit of weight during the clear liquid stage, but once I could get the protein shakes and soft diet stuff, the weight loss slowed.

I ate a lot of sorbet and fruit bars, and the sugar kept me hovering. I'm pretty sure it was the sugar.

In any event, I sure wish you luck, and don't be afraid to contact the surgeon. This is what I worry about, because I got mine done in Mexico, and I sure am not going back there. No doctors around here really want me as a patient.

Her Moojesty

not losing weight
by: Anonymous

thanks for the advise! I will try to watch my sugar intake and see if that helps, although pretty much everything I eat is low fat and unsweetened. I have been told by friends that my body is just adjusting. I'm not sure how a person can eat so few calories and still not lose weight, but I will be seeing the doctor for my 3 month check up in a couple of weeks.

not losing
by: Yvonne McCarthy(Bariatric Girl)

Don't worry too much. Right about the same time as you I went through a 6 week stall and didn't lose a pound!! After that it started falling off again. Do watch sugar. It is horrible but I feel like that if you are not losing (and you are following rules) that you are just in a stall. Not to worry and make sure to drink/eat something for breakfast so you don't throw your body into starvation mode OK?
Hugs, Y

by: jan

Thanks! It's good to know that it isn't hopeless...
I hope it's just a stall. How upsetting is that? It's so good to have encouragement from everyone. Thanks again!

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We are the same! NEW
by: Sue

I had the surgery on Oct 11th, and I too lost 30 pounds but I have been stuck for 3 weeks. I lose 2 gain 1, lose 1 gain 2. I eat about 500-800 calories a day and about 60-70 grams of protein. Seriously, I am depressed, I don't understand how I'm not losing weight. I do not eat any sugar and my carbs (oatmeal) is around 40 carbs a day. I hope I'm in a stall and will get out of it ASAP! Yesterday I walked 3 miles and gained a pound. When you get out of your slump please post when you start losing again. Good Luck!

Same here! NEW
by: Carol

I had gastric sleeve surgery on 10/14. Lost 42 lbs from my first meeting with my surgeon but for the last 4 weeks I've gained 4 lbs. I go up a pound, down a pound. I don't eat anything with sugar in it, keep my protein levels up and am eating 500-800 calories a day. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

Me Too! NEW
by: Anonymous

I also lost 30 lbs (this is the total of before and after surgery) and then went into a stall. I'm on my 2nd week of going up a pound or two and then down a pound. I am tracking my nutrition on so I know I'm getting my protein, watching the carbs, no sugar, and between 600-800 calories. It doesn't make sense, but I hope it will be temporary. It seems EVERY diet I've tried, including Adkin's and Weight Watchers, I hit a stall after 30 pounds. With the other diets, I gave it 3 more months before quitting. Then I would gain back 30 plus another 20. This better not happen with the surgery!

To everyone! NEW
by: Yvonne McCarthy (Bariatric Girl)

If you are following your program don't worry. Like I said in my other message my stall was for 6 weeks straight. After that it starting coming off fast. Just keep doing the right things and the weight will come off. At the same time make sure to form good habits right now because when the honeymoon period ends it's not as exciting so you can fall back into those old habits.

Not Losing Weight :( NEW
by: Anonymous

I lost 20 ponds, the first month after sleeve surgery. Now its been 6 weeks after that and I haven't lost a pond. I am taking soft diet and adequate protein. I am feeling depressed, as I was told by my doctor that the weight goes down maximum in first 3 months only.

by: sweethime

I had surgery on 9/15/14. I've lost 35 lbs. That's 5 months. I haven't lost a pound in almost 2 months. I've lost a massive amount of hair too. I take in my protein. I eat under 1000 calories a day. No sweets or sugar. I'm done. I feel desperate not to mention that I'm a diabetic and it goes from too low or sometimes high. This was the whole point to surgery. Depressed. Anxious. Not good....

For Sweethime NEW
by: Yvonne Mc Carthy (Bariatric Girl)

It's important not to stress because that messes with your body (and your head) too. You can literally slow down your weight loss by mega stressing and worrying. See yourself getting to where you want. You have to see it to be it you know? I do know it's hard right now but keep concentrating on the fact that you are in a better place than you were before surgery.

Don't worry about your hair loss because it usually stops at 6 months and you'll be surprised how it will bounce back. Continue to follow your program and things WILL be OK. If you are concerned you should call your surgeon's office and let them know what you are worried about. If anything is really unusual they will let you know. Like I said in my posts before I was in a stall for almost 2 months and then it just started falling off. 13 years ago no one was around to tell me about it and I was sure I had failed at surgery just like I did on every diet I ever did. Now almost 14 years later I am still at goal.

I know it's hard not to beat yourself up but if you are following the rules you will be just fine.

Hugs, Y

no longer losing weight NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the gastric done in Mexico in November and lost 40 lbs but nowe I've been the same weight for a month now, gain 2 lbs lose 2 lbs. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks

Went to see surgeon... NEW
by: sweethime

So I had my 5 month follow up finally. I was very disappointed when they offered no help to my hair loss. And to make matters worse as I explained that I haven't lost weight in over 2 months the surgeons reply was "yes that can happen there are cases where there will be no more weight loss." I am devastated. My number one reason I did this was to beat diabetes. I'm on my own again. And feeling worse than ever.

Sleeved 9/17/14 NEW
by: Laura

I lost 40 lbs right away and have also not lost weight in 2 months. I have however lost some inches. I would take your measurements and see if you are losing inches. I have an appointment the end of March and will hopefully get some answers from my MD.

For Sweethime NEW
by: Yvonne McCarthy (Bariatric Girl)

Make sure and read my last comment carefully because I answered some important questions. There is absolutely nothing your surgeon can do for your hair loss. It is part of the journey...some lose more than others. The important thing is that you are near the time when your hair will stop falling out.

As I said in my first paragraph in the previous post, you will hit stalls from time to time but if you continue to do what you are supposed to it will be fine. If you feel like you have failed you will fail because you won't be in a successful state of mind. It will trigger bad habits and you will not get the most out of the first year. You are never alone. There are hundreds of thousands of outlets to get help from (like here). Be patient, have an attitude of gratitude and believe you will get there. You CAN do this but it does take some work. The way I looked at it was that it's much less work than the thousands of diets I did for 30 years that never worked.

I hope this has helped. Please hang in there and continue to eat properly and try to find ways to move your body.

bamboozled by gastric bypass untruths NEW
by: Diva

Me too I thought I was the only one. I ad a gastric sleeve on 4/23/14 and got very sick. spent a month in the hospital, my surgeon had no idea what was wrong with me. Finally he decided my stomach was not digesting food so after eating i would vomit. He deciced to send me home with a PICC line and TPN which i did for almost two months. I had a gastric bypass on 7/21/14. Mind you before the TPN i had lost 49 lbs. and was down to 160 but on the TPN i gained weight 20 lbs and has been between 180-185b ot losing anything. What im really pissed about is the surgeon is like I dont know what else to do. I truly believe my stoma is too big as well as my pouch. its like i never had surgery. Im back on liquids and soft foods. HELP PLEASE

Lies... NEW
by: sweethime

First, thank you for your support and advice Yvonne. Very sweet of you. Secondly, my surgeon told me that I may not lose any more weight. Going through surgery and only to lose less than 40lbs is horrific. I havent lost any more weight in 4 months. My pouch was left too big in my opinion. I'm going at the end of this month for revisional surgery, if need be. Good luck to all of you going through the same problem.

For Sweethime NEW
by: Yvonne McCarthy (Bariatric Girl)

You are very welcome! I'm glad you are finding answers. Of course there are times when there are problems with the surgery but they are definitely in the minority. I'm glad you are communicating with your surgeon and moving towards a solution. Please keep us posted on your journey when you can.

fustrated NEW
by: Debbi

i had full gastric bypass and in the 1st 3 months i lost almost 50 lbs since then 3 more months and i lost 7 lbs no where near my goal. Now i am panicking because doctor told me biggest loss would b in 1st 6 months. I am eating protein shakes and sugarfreepopcicles i dont know what to do.

Hair Loss after Bariatric Surgery NEW
by: Wittyone87

Biotin is helpful in stopping or slowing the loss of hair. I had friends who had both bypass and sleeve surgeries, and they both mentioned taking Biotin to help with the hair loss, so I started taking it about a month out from surgery, and I don't have any more hair loss than what I already had before surgery (which was minimal).

As for the weight loss, I am there as well, realizing my only real fear before surgery "what if it doesn't work for me?". I am at the end of my 4th week, and I have stopped at about 20 lbs with the hovering gain one, lose one, and it started as soon as I was released to eat solid foods. I have opted to go back to the protein shakes and liquid diet for now to see if that boosts me back into weight loss mode. My shakes are only 160 cal, 3g of fat, 5 carbs, 1g sugar, and 30g protein.

It was explained to me that the food we eat will sit there in our stomach and since we don't have the digestive juices, it's not metabolizing, so it's turning to carbs/sugars before going into our intestines. Not sure if that's the case, but it makes sense. So I am hoping that the liquid phase will assist in getting me back on track.

I go to my first bariatric support group meeting (held by the nutritionist) tomorrow, and I plan to discuss this topic there to see what advice I get. I will post once I get back from that meeting to share with you all!

I'm glad I found this group, so I know that I am not the only one struggling this soon after surgery!

I stop lossing NEW
by: nay

Its been 8 months to the day the first 4 months I lost 60 lbs but then I stop I'm stuck at the same weight and I can't lose anymore. I'm about to go back to liquids for a while and see what happens but its depressing me. I always feel hungry..what else can I do? Does anyone have a diet plan that maybe we can follow that might help us?

liquids helped NEW
by: wittyone87

I've been back on the liquids for almost a week now, and I've started losing again! Between working out and the liquids, I've dropped another 2-3 lbs for the week, and it's only Wednesday! There's hope!!!

reply NEW
by: Billy

Actually, I don’t understand the reason behind your problem. There is no way to happen like this. I think there is something went wrong in your case. Did you consult your doctor saying this problem? If not, please consult your doctor and try to make it clear. ICD 10 Preparation

leave it to sleever NEW
by: Anonymous

You all have valid point , but the truth of the matter is you have to change everything about your life style after the surgery . You have to take drastic measures if need be like working out twice a day shocking your body completely like insanity or power pump classes or hire a personal trainer to help you . in a way you have to become
very addicted to what you want out of this Im going through a stall right now so you no what i did i up my running and my weight training . put in what you want out of it . push your body to the limits I could not run before my sleeve now im down 52Lb and Im running miles and lifting weights after i work out 1 hr and 60 min a day in i put in the work because i have my goal to reach 190 my starting weight was 297 my goal is 190 thats a lot of weight but i cant stop because of what the scale says. We all have made a major sacrifice to do this surgery and yes it was hard and pain full for me to decide to cut out 1/3 of my stomach so I'm going to get mine out of this , how bout you family . we can do this

Not Losing Weight After Bariatric Surgery NEW
by: aria

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