Not Losing Weight After Bariatric Surgery

by Jan

I had surgery on October 20th, and in 6 weeks lost 30 pounds. Since then I have been hovering at the same weight (up 2 down 2) and am wondering why it won't go down!

I am getting my liquids, vitamins, and as much protein as possible on less than a quarter cup of food per meal. I am walking at a fast pace 2 times per day for about 15 minutes. WHEN WILL THIS END?? I'm wondering if there is something wrong?

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Which surgery
by: Jeff

Hi Jan,

Which surgery did you have?


not losing weight
by: Jan

Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery

Not Losing Weight
by: Her Moojesty

Maybe if you examine the type of food you are getting. I noticed that I stop losing if I get even a drop of sugar. I had a sleeve in November, lost quite a bit of weight during the clear liquid stage, but once I could get the protein shakes and soft diet stuff, the weight loss slowed.

I ate a lot of sorbet and fruit bars, and the sugar kept me hovering. I'm pretty sure it was the sugar.

In any event, I sure wish you luck, and don't be afraid to contact the surgeon. This is what I worry about, because I got mine done in Mexico, and I sure am not going back there. No doctors around here really want me as a patient.

Her Moojesty

not losing weight
by: Anonymous

thanks for the advise! I will try to watch my sugar intake and see if that helps, although pretty much everything I eat is low fat and unsweetened. I have been told by friends that my body is just adjusting. I'm not sure how a person can eat so few calories and still not lose weight, but I will be seeing the doctor for my 3 month check up in a couple of weeks.

not losing
by: Yvonne McCarthy(Bariatric Girl)

Don't worry too much. Right about the same time as you I went through a 6 week stall and didn't lose a pound!! After that it started falling off again. Do watch sugar. It is horrible but I feel like that if you are not losing (and you are following rules) that you are just in a stall. Not to worry and make sure to drink/eat something for breakfast so you don't throw your body into starvation mode OK?
Hugs, Y

by: jan

Thanks! It's good to know that it isn't hopeless...
I hope it's just a stall. How upsetting is that? It's so good to have encouragement from everyone. Thanks again!

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We are the same! NEW
by: Sue

I had the surgery on Oct 11th, and I too lost 30 pounds but I have been stuck for 3 weeks. I lose 2 gain 1, lose 1 gain 2. I eat about 500-800 calories a day and about 60-70 grams of protein. Seriously, I am depressed, I don't understand how I'm not losing weight. I do not eat any sugar and my carbs (oatmeal) is around 40 carbs a day. I hope I'm in a stall and will get out of it ASAP! Yesterday I walked 3 miles and gained a pound. When you get out of your slump please post when you start losing again. Good Luck!

Same here! NEW
by: Carol

I had gastric sleeve surgery on 10/14. Lost 42 lbs from my first meeting with my surgeon but for the last 4 weeks I've gained 4 lbs. I go up a pound, down a pound. I don't eat anything with sugar in it, keep my protein levels up and am eating 500-800 calories a day. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

Me Too! NEW
by: Anonymous

I also lost 30 lbs (this is the total of before and after surgery) and then went into a stall. I'm on my 2nd week of going up a pound or two and then down a pound. I am tracking my nutrition on so I know I'm getting my protein, watching the carbs, no sugar, and between 600-800 calories. It doesn't make sense, but I hope it will be temporary. It seems EVERY diet I've tried, including Adkin's and Weight Watchers, I hit a stall after 30 pounds. With the other diets, I gave it 3 more months before quitting. Then I would gain back 30 plus another 20. This better not happen with the surgery!

To everyone! NEW
by: Yvonne McCarthy (Bariatric Girl)

If you are following your program don't worry. Like I said in my other message my stall was for 6 weeks straight. After that it starting coming off fast. Just keep doing the right things and the weight will come off. At the same time make sure to form good habits right now because when the honeymoon period ends it's not as exciting so you can fall back into those old habits.

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