I need weight loss surgery but can't afford it

by Tania King
(Unity, Canada)

I am a 39 yr old who has been desperately needing weight loss surgery but I am cut down every way I turn because I'm told that I don't have a life-threatening illness.

Apparently I'm not being considered because I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure and because I am active.

My partner lost her job, my hours have been cut by 30 per pay period and I cant afford to pay for surgery on my own. I'm also told that I need to see a psychiatrist as I may not be mentally ready either.

I'm told too many differing things and I just want my life back. Is there anyone willing to give me a chance and help me?

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by: Jeff

Hi Tania,

The first step towards determining whether weight loss surgery is appropriate for you and would be approved by any surgeon would be to calculate your body mass index (BMI) to determine whether it is high enough to make you eligible for surgery.

If your BMI is over 40, you do not need to have any serious health problems in order to be approved by your surgeon.

Assuming you have insurance that covers bariatric surgery, the requirements will be similar to those of responsible bariatric doctors, including a BMI above 40 (or above 35 with serious obesity-related health problems), a psychological examination (this is required for everyone, not just for surgical candidates that a surgeon feels is not mentally prepared for surgery or its repercussions), a nutritional evaluation, a recommendation from a doctor other than your weight loss surgeon and proof that you've participated in a clinically supervised weight loss surgery program for a certain length of time. You'll also need to be sure that your surgeon and their hospital is included in your insurance plan's network.

If you don't have insurance or your insurance won't cover it, you have several options to make it more affordable including weight loss surgery financing and/or financial aid for surgery.

You can follow the links above for more information about each topic, and if you haven't done so already, review our Bariatric Treatment section to learn all about weight loss surgery and whether it's truly the right option for you.

Please keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the "click here to post comments" link below.

Take care,


There are ways
by: Mindy

I was in the same boat as you when I first started my weight loss journey , I was "healthy' other than being over weight. I was active, held a job, etc. We were able to pay our bills but that was about it. Our credit was shot so financing was not an option, and I had no insurance.

So what do you do to get a $12,000 surgery?

Here are a few tips I can give you:

1. If your credit is bad, fix it . Easy, huh? Well, yes and no . Pull your credit report. Chances are there is a lot of info on there that is wrong. Dispute it (online never on the phone) As things fall off your credit your score will come up.

2. If you have some small items on your credit score that can be paid off, pay them. Again your score will come up.

3. I got a part time job cleaning houses and all the money I made went to my surgery .

4. Self-pay surgeons are going to be more "flexible" about what you have to do in order to qualify than others.

5. If you can clean your credit score up enough to get financing approved you can finance your weight loss surgery.

Hope that helps a little. Sometimes it takes a while but it's worth the wait - I had to wait for 2 years!

In need of Finanical Assistance for Bariatric Surgery NEW
by: Desperate for help

I am in need of bariatric surgery; and it is an exclusion in my health plan. I am willing to make payments if someone will allow me to set up some sort of payment plan. I don’t understand why its free to folks that are on government assistance who I know has sat at home and regained the weight, in yet the working class that have to get up & move around to sustain their lives are denied. This country is pushing health wellness but yet denying the working class from achieving that goal. I don’t want to die because of health related problems; I am trying to correct it so I can live a healthy productive life

I need help NEW
by: Esmeralda

Im 52 years,my insurance do not coverd my surgery,im very desperate i have diabetis, high blood presion,colesterol, triglicerios diverticulatis, heart problem in the family if you know somebody that can help me please!!!!

my email is alfonso.esmeraldas7@gmail.com

I'm in the same can't afford it boat NEW
by: Anonymous

Please help me if you are a millionaire looking to assist as a philanthropic donation

no life...no hope NEW
by: Hopeless in Mississippi

46yo mother of 2, married, went to college for psychiatry but cannot find a job...extremely overweight and my husband and I have no insurance...extremely depressed much of the time because of this weight...but I do well at hiding it in front of my friends and family...I am addicted to food...I cannot do a job where I have to stand because of my body having so many bone spurs in different places...have already had 2 surgeries to remove clusters of spurs on my heels...I have spurs on my spine...in my shoulder...and they have grown back on my feet...in pain ALL the time...idk what to do...help?

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