I need help paying for weight loss surgery

by Nicole
(Harlingen, TX, USA)

I am looking for a reliable source to help me cover the cost of the Gastric Sleeve procedure. I meet all the requirements for the procedure however my insurance does not cover any part of it.

I do not have the best credit score cause I just went through credit consolidation. Can anyone give me advice?

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Information about Paying for Weight Loss Surgery

by: Jeffrey Quinlan

Hi Nicole,

First, if you receive insurance through your employer it may be worth it to talk with your HR department about adding bariatric surgery to the plan. Before you do, thoroughly review the Business Reasons to Add Bariatric Surgery to Your Company’s Health Insurance Plant (you can also refer your HR representative to that page).

You should also take a look at our Financing Bariatric Surgery page.

It includes several suggestions for paying for weight loss surgery without insurance, many of which you can “mix and match” depending on your situation.

The following pages may also be of interest:

Unsecured Medical Loans
Secured Medical Loans
Free Weight Loss Surgery – Is It Possible? (grants, government assistance and charity care)

Good luck, and please keep us posted by clicking “click here to post comments” below!


Try Care Credit

by: tigerlilly

I’m having the sleeve and I’m one of the lucky ones that my work will take care of it…. but everyone without insurance who I have talked to went thought Care Credit. You can fill out the application online.

Need help

by: Regina

I am in need of help! I have spoken with my dr & she recommends gastric sleeve for me as she had done herself. However my husband has not had stable employment for over a year & I lost my instance coverage. My credit is horrible due to his unemployment so care credit & such is not an option. Are there any options?


by: Sheila

I have had weight issues since I was a teen. I have tried every diet there is. I exercise still nothing. I’m a diabetic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol,. I have depression due to weight. I’ve tried phen phen, phenterimine you name it. If there is any help I pray you choose me. Thank you.

Care Credit

by: Seaching for years

I to have been searching for help for the surgery and everywhere I turned it is a dead end. I do have health insurance but my job has excluded this surgery. I did get approve for credit with care credit but it did not even cover half of the procedure. To say the least, I did not use the credit because it does not cover the entired procedure, so I am right back where I started from. I cant afford to take out several different loans with several different entities. The payment on the small loan from care credit is $349.00 per month, go figure.

I need help

by: Kathy

I am a 44 yr old housewife. I am morbidly obese. I have been to a seminar and found a good Dr but my husbands ins doesn’t cover it. I weigh 348. I am active. I watch my grandchildren. But if I don’t loose weight I won’t live to see them grow up. I have tried so many things trying to loose it. My joints hurt all the time. Plz help me

My life before surgery!

by: Patiently Waiting

I am a 42 year old mother of two children. I started working at the age of 16 years old. I had been a workaholic and have been taken care of my family up until March 2012.I unfortunately got hurt on my job and that is when my whole life changed.I ended up have 2 rotorary cuff repairs to no avail left with hardly no strength in my dominant right arm.I stayed on steroids for long periods of time gaining 70 lbs within 2 years,and in the meantime.I discovered that I had 2 herniated disc and to bulging disk since my incident.My life changed so quickly
.My health has spirilled all the way down. I feel so hopeless.I have never cried and been in such pain before now . I was left with no income,my arm never healed properly,I stayed in constant pain,back issues, emotional eating,depression,anxiety,high blood pressure,high cholesterol,low potassium,and many other ailments. I went from being on 2 medicines to 23 and all with no insurances. I am looking to get my life back.I have tried filing for my disability but I was denied because of my age.I never dreamed of being in this situation. but it has happened.I am asking for a new chance at life with weight loss surgery because I can not continue to live like this.I had a very active life
before my incident. I know that there is a God and I am hopeful that my prayers are answered because I desperately need it.Please help I am trying to fight for my life!


by: Darius Davis

I need help paying for weight surgrey . my insurance won’t cover it . I really need it because I am 392 pounds and diabetic high blood pressure

Obama Care

by: Mike Z

What doesn’t make sense is the Obama Admin. & First Lady Michelle has made such a statement and stressed their concerns on eating right and Obesity but yet our new Obama Care Ins. that we are all mandatory to have ! doesn’t cover the surgery for the people that seriously need it .

can't catch a break

by: Irene

I have been trying to get the weight loss surgery for years now and I just can’t catch a break. I was on my husband’s insurance for a while which the insurance company denied me twice, I got frustrated and I gave up. Then I tried to go thur the insurance with my job, but my job has it excluded. I am a stress eater and I have been going thur alot over the years. I am 375lbs. I have a couple of my friends that had the gastric sleeve and lap band and now my sister is able to get it thur her insruance. The only way I could have it is pay for it myself and I am not able to do that.

Need help paying for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by: Anita jackson

I have been approve for gastric sleeve surgery but my insurance will only pay for half i still need 2,000 dollar i weight 310

21 and almost 500 pounds

by: Shabria Carpenter

I’m 21 and I almost 500 pound and I need help paying for weight lose surgery . when u are over weight people treat u like your ugly with out getting to know you and all I want is to look on my outside how I look on my inside please someone help me

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